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  • 1. Questionnaire:<br />1) Gender:<br />2) Age:<br />3) Occupation:<br />4) How often do you go to the cinema?<br />
    • Once a week
    • 3. Once a fortnight
    • 4. Once a month
    • 5. Once every three month
    • 6. Once a year
    5) How often do you watch Thriller films in the cinema?<br />6) If you had the choice of a Thriller film and another genre would the Thriller be your first choice?<br />7) What makes Thrillers appeal to you?<br />8 ) What sub-genre of Thriller do you most enjoy? (Pick 3)<br />9) Would you prefer to see a male or female lead in a Thriller film?<br />10) What location would you like a Thriller to be set in?<br />11) What would you like to see happen in the first 5 minutes of the opening scenes?<br />12) What is your favourite Thriller movie? & why?<br />13) Do you like action packed and full of violence or a mystery investigation?<br />14) What do you think adds intensity to Thriller films?<br />15) What do you think builds up suspense in a Thriller film?<br />Female responses (4):<br />2) 16-17<br />3) Students<br />4) Once a month – (2)<br />Once a year – (2)<br />5) Once a month – (2)<br />Not often – (2)<br />6) “Thriller would not be my first choice”<br />“Crime would be my first choice”<br />“Yes, thriller would be my first choice”<br />7) Storyline – (1)<br />Twists – (2)<br />Suspense – (1)<br />8 ) Action – (3)<br />Political – (1)<br />Psychological – (3)<br />Drama – (1)<br />Supernatural – (1)<br />Crime – (1)<br />Slasher/Stalker – (1)<br />Horror – (1)<br />9) Female – (4)<br />Male – (0)<br />10) Somewhere tropical – (1)<br />Dark, scary night – (1)<br />Houses – (1)<br />London – (1)<br />11) Something that makes everyone gasp – (1)<br />Someone being killed – (1)<br />Something that builds tension – (2)<br />12) Inception – “because it’s mind boggling”<br />None – “because I’m too much of a scardy-cat to see all of it”<br />The Dark Knight – “the acting and the suspense created”<br />Let the right one in<br />13) Action packed full of violence – (2)<br />Mystery – (2)<br />14) “when you know something that the character doesn’t”<br />“supernatural"<br />“music and lighting”“darkness and music”<br />15) Pace<br />Music – (2)<br />Camera angle – (2)<br />Male responses:<br />2) 16-17<br />3) Students<br />4) Once a month – (2)<br />Once every 3 months – (4)<br />5) Once every 3 months – (4)<br />Once a year – (2)<br />6) Horror<br />Action – (2)<br />Thriller – (3)<br />7) Storyline – (4)<br />Suspense – (4)<br />Twist – (2)<br />8 ) Action – (5)<br />Horror – (5)<br />Supernatural – (1)<br />Crime – (3)<br />Psychological – (1)<br />Stalker/slasher – (1)<br />9) Female – (5)<br />Male – (1)<br />10) London – (1)<br />Woods – (2)<br />Urban city – (1)<br />A deserted place – (1)<br />A house – (1)<br />11) “Introduction to all the characters and their background – likes/dislikes” – (2)<br />“Building tension and something scary” – (1)<br />“Something that engages us. Something that makes us shocked, but confused” – (1)<br />“Someone getting killed”<br />“Screaming, bloody and scary music”<br />12) The Dark Knight – “had a major turning point to keep the audience at suspense throughout the movie<br />The Dark Knight – “it had great twists and created suspense”<br />The Dark Knight – “the acting is really good”<br />Inception – “the storyline is amazing and makes you question life”<br />The Original Texas Chainsaw of Massacre – “it was kind of scary”<br />Paranormal Activity – “the audience is kept in the dark about what is going on until the end and it is left as a cliff-hanger”<br />13) Action packed and full of violence – (6)<br />Mystery investigation – (1)<br />14) Characters death – (3)<br />Music – (1)<br />Lighting – (1)<br />Suspense – (1)<br />Special effects – (1)<br />15) Sound – (3)<br />Music – (5)<br />Lighting – (2)<br />Camera angles – (1)<br />Pace – (1)<br />The female answers:<br />
    • Preferred female leads
    • 21. They think that twists are more appealing in a thriller movie instead of suspense and storylines
    • 22. Action and Psychological are good sub-genre’s for thriller films
    • 23. Dramatic irony, lighting and music adds intensity
    The male answers:<br />
    • They prefer storyline and suspense instead of twists, they find them more appealing
    • 24. Action, horror and crime would suit the sub-genre of a thriller better
    • 25. The woods would be a good location of filming
    • 26. Intensity is added if a character dies
    • 27. Suspense is added by the sound and music used
    All in all the feedback we received from the majority of the audience was that:<br />
    • They to watch thriller movies with a female lead.
    • 28. The sub-genre of thriller that they preferred was action
    • 29. They preferred the location to be in a dark place, such as the woods.
    • 30. In the opening scenes of the film, they would prefer to see ‘Something that builds tension’
    • 31. They would prefer to see action packed and a full of violence film rather than a mysterious film
    • 32. Music, lighting, camera angle and special effects which have been used add intensity to the thriller film
    • 33. They also said that the music and sound adds suspense to thriller films.