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Hfn investor pitch_deck Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Health Freedom Network Mike Noonan | CEO Monday, November 4, 13
  • 2. Our team Text Justin Fiore Content Director Experienced Integrative Medicine Expert: 20 years as advisor to health pioneers. Monday, November 4, 13 Mike Noonan CEO Content Marketing Pro: Techniques and consultation helped make #1 Best-seller Kevin Trudeau $60M and millions for icon Donny Osmond Casey Colvin Sales Director Experienced Business Development For Health-based Multimedia: $7M Sales to Traditional Docs
  • 3. What is the problem? - Consumers have few reliable ways to find and vet holistic experts - Holistic Docs get viritually no referrals & have to generate leads constantly There is no “Web MD” or “Healthgrades” for Holistic docs Holistic docs work on ca$h basis and lack the support (like Group Medical Practice Management) & acumen to market effectively + Paying Holistic Practitioners get more - and better qualified LEADS! + We provide them mainstream VISIBILITY and CREDIBILITY + Patients access preventive healthcare at a time when it costs to be sick Consumers get access to info-products, events, and digital assets + that all provide additional revenue sources! Monday, November 4, 13
  • 4. Our Solution We leverage radio to give our experts and brand credibility, digital assets to funnel leads, and followup and track using email and sms marketing to ensure that: Leads are aggregated, qualified and maximized! Docs get more big ticket payers, locally and nationally! Engagement is continual with consumers to sell more products! Monday, November 4, 13
  • 5. Our advantages Engagement: Holistic Medicine is yearning for the systemized, professional system we’re offering! Experience: We have executed this very model for holistic docs, entertainers, and celebrities! Monday, November 4, 13 Timing: Preventive, holistic healthcare that is practiced around the world is needed in America where sickness is high despite world-leading health spending.
  • 6. The Market Despite decades of lavish spending on healthcare, Americans also lead the world in many categories of disease such as cancer. This population is now paying more for healthcare and getting less coverage in return. The future will see long waiting lists for treatment due to doctor shortages. Preventive health will be a priority for millions. Opportunity #1: $40 Billion America’s world ranking in per-capita healthcare spending. Amount Americans spend annually on holistic health OUT OF POCKET! 40% of Americans are aged 45+ (about 100 Million people!) We are poised to seize this moment of chaos in healthcare, leverage affordable and powerful media channels, capture leads, & drive them to cash practices in need of greater reach and systemized marketing tools. Monday, November 4, 13
  • 7. Product overview Holistic Referrals Made Simple. 1: Consumers are convinced through multichannel content marketing: National Radio Show, 24/7 stream & on-demand audio, publishing and video marketing, social media, app and sms marketing, email marketing. 2: Consumers are captured by texting our shortcode, calling our 24/7 call center @ 888-812DrTV, or directly at www.HealthFreedomNetwork and are connected to a doc by city or specialty (cancer, autism, Lyme, etc.) 3: Consumers are converted from prospect to customer through phone, text, and email followup campaigns. Appointments can be made directly with our affiliated practitioners. Find Your Doc! 4: Customers & prospects alike are contacted many times over to become customers of our practitioners or other products: Info-products, events, affiliate Hear offers, continuity programs, etc. Thursday, November 7, 13 Listen See Vids
  • 8. How will we make money? Fees Practitioner Affiliation Fees 20 practitioners each paying $599/mo. for leads in 10 markets = $1.4M Annual Gross (This is scalable to 100+ markets, more practitioners, & more specialties!) Other Info-products, Events, Expansion Extensive mass media reach, sustained digital engagement, and systemized marketing followup = Live Event Revenue, Ad sales, Info-product Sales, & International Expansion Monday, November 4, 13
  • 9. Competitive Analysis It is not unusual for doctors to use radio for lead gen on the local level. We are unaware of any national networks that use radio in tandem with digital assets to create content marketing for patient lead gen. There are several companies successfully using national radio primarily to reach health consumers. They use it as lead gen for hardline product sales such as supplements: Monday, November 4, 13 There are a handful of companies that target health conscious consumers using multimedia content online. Mercola uses digital publishing to sell branded hardline products, while Gaiam and Natural News use subscription and ad sales models, respectively. Healthgrades and WebMD are two leading ad and subscription supported digital brands. Healthgrades features directories of physicians, while WebMD purports to allow users to “self-diagnose.”
  • 10. Business model Marketing Content Training Capture Media for mass reach & We capture leads by credibility, multi-channel phone, text, & online. All distribution for sustained growth; roads lead to the same Content marketing to build expert strategic sales funnel. status and strong emotional Our techniques are not bonds that mere paid search & the norm in holistic SEO lacks, and lasting outreach & medicine: Consistent engagement that single-use prospect engagement and electronic media and interruption customer up-sells. advertising can’t match. Monday, November 4, 13 Connection Assesment Technology Contact Consumers connect with Paying Practitioners. Our database can be monetized many times over using repurposed content our Paying Practitioners provide to help capture leads in the first place! Practitioners connect with patients while paying lower customer acquisition costs and getting more local, national, and international recognition.
  • 11. Investing Marketing 40% 10% Sales lists, trade shows, cross-country sales calls Media Buys This budget will allow us to expand to 8 markets to ramp up sales. $ 175, 000 Salaries 35% Essential personnel covered for 2 quarters. Monday, November 4, 13 15% Operations & Reserve Studio space, utilities, equipment, etc.
  • 12. Contact Mike Noonan | CEO + 1 877 324 4227 RevolutionaryMediaGroup mike@HealthFreedomNetwork.com twitter.com/NaturalNews4U facebook.com/HealthFreedomNetwork W Monday, November 4, 13 www.HealthFreedomNetwork/Invest