The cullen report 2014 february 10th 2014 -


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Super crime report reveals....

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The cullen report 2014 february 10th 2014 -

  1. 1. “The world must see the Cullen Report be cause it relates to every thing in every ones life. The Cullen Report is ‘astonishing’, ‘amazing’. I want to read it over and over”. says Ray William Cornelius "Your report is a knowledge phenomenon containing the power to unite the world” says Albertan Mohammed . “Each page is gold. The public needs to wake up and realize all that’s proven in the Cullen Report”. RC “The report is not fiction”. “Everything in it is power” ” says Eddy Achem “I don’t care if you are ‘a race car driver’ or ‘the President of the United States’ , everyone needs to read the Cullen Report”. says Ray William Cornelius “I have never seen any report like this”. says Albertan Mohammed “The Cullen Report is mind blowing Truth” says Eddy Achem “You are wiser than President Obama”. says Murray Kipke, “You show real genius Shawn as you make t he most complicated matters simple for all to understand”. says Ray William Cornelius “They pass laws and accuse the public while ‘really’ they have all these skeletons in their closets . They act like they are greater than we are, while really they are the B.S. in society ”. says Ray Cornelius “I show their true colours and they think they can paint pretty pictures out of those colours”. says Shawn “How can any show unjust and careless thoughts towards the knowledge I have written? How can any show a proud or bad attitude towards the knowledge I have written? says Shawn "Any that think there is not greatness in what you have done , are either a liar or a fool” says Cornelius “They are denying a sea of reasoning and the legal Principle Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum states; [ Nothing against reason is lawful ]”. says Shawn Co. Litt. 97. THE CULLEN REPORT Each page of the Cullen Report is an Official exhibit of Law. Thomas Jefferson once said; “There is not a truth ..existing that I fear or wish unknown to the world”. John 15:22; If I had not come and spoken to them they would claim ignorance: (but now they have no cloak)
  2. 2. The following Paramount Report proves the Canadian systems real nature towards youth. I the author spent years investigating to know the truth. I begin in showing (evidence that I caught PM Harper’s Justice Minister) (conspiring to suppress knowledge of one of my older Reports). The motive is that within the old report (the evidence) of the politicians nature towards the youngest teens and preteens (was too clear)!. The following is part of a June 2009 telephone phone-call with the Justice and Attorney General’s DMA, and also the first part of a July 20th 2009 letter from Harper’s Justice Minister. June phone call - Shawn speaks; "All other material before that (June 7th Report) is obsolete”. Justice Minister’s DMA speaks; “Yeah (exactly), you told me that the real thing is the June 7th Report, (nothing) before that" Now the following is the first part of the Justice Minister’s July 20th 2009 federal letter sent to me weeks after that phone-call I had with his DM’s Assistant. Now notice what update the Justice Minister writes of within his July 20th 2009 letter; “Mr. Cullen thank you for your correspondence of (May 13th 2009) in which you enclosed a copy of your Report regarding child pornography”. The Justice Minister did not think I would record my phone instructions to his Office, and so Nicholson chose to commit a scandal in writing of the May 13th (update). The scandal is also seen as ( the Justice Minister did not even acknowledge the June 7th update). Weighing in on that, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Attorney General Robert D. Nicholson knew my Report was ‘not simply’ a Report on child pornography. …………….. When Harper’s Justice Minister wrote acting as if my report was about child porn, the Minister knew it was Paramount Report revealing that it is inherent & common that Politicians & authorities possess and repress hidden desires towards preteen youth. The Minister was hoping I’d foolishly think the way he chose to identify the Cullen Report was near enough to what the report was about. The Minister did knowingly falsely identify the nature of the report, which is damning evidence of guilt repression. How is that not earth shaking news ? Weighing in on that is evidence of PM Stephen Harper and his Conservatives (buying the quiet) of the Premier MP Gary Doer of Manitoba (after Harper finding that I gave a copy) of a 2009 Report to Doer, and was given a letter of thanks a month after doing that. Here is part of the letter I received on July 9th 2009. Office of the Premier, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3C OV8 June 29th 2009 - Dear Mr. Cullen, we have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your (report) correspondence to the Office of the honourable Justice Minister Dave Chomiak to review, Once again thank you.… After the Premier mailed his letter he spoke of the Report with Harper & Nicholson. Who began is a mystery. For two months following that Harper had conversations with Premier Doer. To buy or cause his quiet on August 28th 2009 (‘Harper crossed partisan lines’) to put him in as Canada's Ambassador to the States. If Harper did not then Premier Gary Doer may have said further positive messages towards my report ! ………………..
  3. 3. The following will confirm again the matter of Harper and his body of Ministers, lawyers, and Political followers deliberately using an old report to mislead the public. - In the House of Commons on June 12th 2013 the MP Ted Hsu spoke of Stephen Harper’s Justice Minister willing to use an old report to mislead Canadians. ……………….……….. The matter is about a report prepared for the federal justice department on people accused of serious violent offences, of which part of the title is “Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder”. The MP Hsu said in the House; “The Department of Justice was provided with the initial version of the report… in November of last year. Some of the data in that report was incorrect“. “What is shocking is that the government was provided with a corrected version of the report this past March, and despite having the new report, continued to cite from the old report, misleading Parliament and Canadians. The government went so far as to even table the old report in this place after being informed of the corrected report”. “I could go on at length about the need for evidence-based policies and how we should not be legislating”. “A significantly amended version of the report was provided to the Department of Justice on March 18, 2013...”. The MP said; “the scary sounding statistic that 38.1% of NCR people accused of a sexual offence had at least one prior NCR finding is in fact incorrect. In reality, the number is only 9.5%. The government knew of this fact two months before” (the Alberta oil sands lover) MP Joe Oliver spoke in the House using the old report. ……………………… The MP Hsu then said ; ..”where it gets more baffling is the response from the member.. wherein he stated;… (what is important in this legislation is that prosecutors would have some additional tools)” The MP then said ; “What is important is that this House is not misled”. “I submit that the Minister of Natural Resources (Joe Oliver) misled the House in his interventions on May 27th 2013. Moreover, I submit that the Minister of Justice (Rob Nicholson) misled the House on May 27th, as well.. The MP Hsu then said; “By the Minister's own signature ...he acknowledged that an amended report was given to the justice department on March 18. Therefore, he (Justice Minister Rob Nicholson) misled the House, by stating on May 27th that the “final” report was given to us in November 2012”. MP Nathan Cullen gave the warning that Harper’s government said that almost 40% of those accused of a sexual offence and found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder had at least one prior NCR while Harper’s politicians knew the number was less than 10%. He stated; "sadly, it is not the first time ..the Conservative government misled…Canadians”. ...”the Conservatives purposely used the old & incorrect” (report) to pass the legislation”... “Misleading the House and Canadians is a very serious breach”... “It is Paramount”... (Note: I Shawn Cullen don’t see his use of the word Paramount in the public transcription) The damning records of evidence seen on this page weighs in on the evidence that Harper’s Justice Minister did suppress knowledge of my June 7th 2009 report,. Politicians do not get to claim Parliamentary Privilege for any words spoken at any position. The reasoning Politicians use can weigh in as evidence. If they had absolute immunity then they could confess to or testify of murder or some other crime and be immune. It is of course absurd believing any such so-called privilege. Murray Dobbin who has been a writer for the Financial Post and Winnipeg Free Press wrote that Harper appears to suffer from a mind illness and appears unfit to act as the Prime Minister. November 30th 2010 the former Ottawa lobbyist Cliff Almas Hesby wrote that Stelmach and his political members are "a danger to themselves and to patients". He wrote that the issue is a reason to certify Ed Stelmach and his government under the Mental Health Act to the Alberta Hospital Edmonton!"
  4. 4. In order to prove the real nature of people in all positions of power, and of other people worldwide, I gave host to “great people” found with child porn, which proves the real nature of Politicians, Judges, Police, Security and Professionals. The following are key examples of great people found with child porn (that forms the revelation); ……………………… DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Charles Nunn Frank D. Cochran Jeremy B. Grammer Chris Lacey Michael Niebling DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE David Geering Cymon Paluolgyi Michael Farrel Lance McConnel Brian Stevens DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Vincent Alvarez John O Connor Franklin L. Smith Robert Green jr. Geoffrey Harrries DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Krister Kaj Vilen Michael Vause Ross Frame Chris Bowersox Allan Hoffman DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Chris.K. Bowersox Bob Pankonien Jr. J.A.Hernandez-Romero Anthony Mangione Sidney Fillery DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Stan Nadoraski Jr Luigi Castillo Larry Churchill Craig Stanley DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE DETECTIVE Richard Polk Martin John Kear james haspel Ron Vaughn Jr. Graham Ferguson Georges Zicot Detective Brian Stevens who read a poem at the Ely cathedral memorial service for the murdered 10-year-olds Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, and who was seen as a truly caring and comforting Detective, was later found with child porn. VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Phillip Woolery. Francois Blouin Randolph Grote VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Alan C. Vigiard Tim McPhee Kevin Gray Wayne Paul Mason VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Sean McWhirter Patrick LeBlanc John Dragani Jonathan Kendall VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Noe Yanez Paul Roger Villecourt VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Michael Smith Bryan Herrera VETERAN OFFICER Steve Huggett VETERAN OFFICER Pat Rosney VETERAN OFFICER Brad Jacobs François Blouin Harold Thomas Scott Edward Elliott VETERAN OFFICER Dennis Bell VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Paul Roger Villecourt Daniel Wineski VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Stanley Burkhart Adam Vaughn VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Josh Carrier VETERAN OFFICER VETERAN OFFICER Leo Daniel Haley Amador Gonzalez jr Rod Bretches VETERAN OFFICER James R. Berthold Allan A. Hoffman III SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE Ronald C. Kline Stephen Thompson Rives Kistler is for legalizing SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE Virginia Linder is for legalizing Martha Lee is for legalizing child porn Michael Gillette is for legalizing SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE SUPERIOR JUDGE Paul De Muniz is for legalizing Robert Durham is for legalizing Thomas Balmer is for legalizing
  5. 5. PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Edward Samuels Ronald Ayers Jerry Michael Lanier PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Steve Fierimonte James Lang Larry Lane Bateman Michael J. Decker PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Tzvi Tzfira Lawrence Scott Ward Val Christensen PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Keith J. Tinkler Brian Butler PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Antonia Lasagna Douglas Dohrman Diego Fasolini Michael J. Gellote PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Richard Dyde Liegle PROFESSOR James D. Kent Raymond Ladry jr. Anthony P. Smulders Kenneth Kyle Nicholas Hammond Richard Soule PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Garret L. Van Wicklen Mark Bollone Michael S. Reichert Justin Bradley May PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Jack E. Harclerode James Kuhn III PROFESSOR Balazs Tarnai Chadwick C. Blackwell PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Murdaugh S. Query jr. James Lesner Madden jr. Eric Neil Angevine Thomas E. Ruley PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Jerome Cemy Mark Manion Daryl E. VonNeida PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Grant D. Smith Gamal El-Zoghby David Sibley Gary Doby PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR William Merrill Michael Kehoe Faiz Al-Khayyal Joseph Stenson PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR John Caruso Elton Feliz Manzione Daryl E. VonNeida Kim Fraser PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Michael K. Gilbert Vance Fulkerson Daniel McKee PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Andrew Campbell MacGregor O’Brien Michael Krembel Moshe Gerstein PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Victor M. Z. Taylor Richard D. Lieberman James Aune Michael Luebbe PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Russell Boggs Donald Sachtleben Robert Grimshaw Adam Lynde PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Rodney Hicks Leonard Gaines Alasdair Maclean PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Michael K. Gilbert Nils Claussen PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Richard Pervo Howard L. Kantor Steven Fierimonte PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Richard Keller Barry Simpson John Lewis PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Richard W. Gibbs John R. Henley Robert Britton James Arnt Aune PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR PROFESSOR Michael Kehoe Christopher Bishop Manuel Mares Diane Ross G. Hunninghake Jonathan Hatch PROFESSOR Philip Michael Gray PROFESSOR Taj Mahon-Haft Fred Randall John Ransom William Cockerham Diane Ross was a Scholar of poetry, a chairwoman of her English department, a mother of two, and a Girl Scout troop leader for the community. LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER Neil Cohen Wayne Shirley Joshua J.R.Gessler Moshe Gerstein James C. Kuhn Victor Hissel LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER John Roth Kevin Morford Bradley J. Vance Clarence Dias Eric Gaynor Joseph P. Redd LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER Randy Brackin Marc Norman David R. Atchison LAWYER George Richard Fox James M. Cameron Samuel Hasler
  6. 6. LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER William Wallace Marc R. Warren Robert Groezinger Jeremy Oliver Kenneth Cavin David Kaye LAWYER Ed. M. De Sear LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER Martin J. Rothschild Todd Genger D.Beecher Smith II John Temple LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER Kenneth E. Mateas Emerson Briggs Randy Brackin LAWYER J.E. Grasberger LAWYER Rust-Tiemay LAWYER LAWYER Robert W. Wiley Marc N. Greenberg LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER Robert Mitchell George R. Fox Samuel P. Logan Mark A. Clark Steven Giardini Robert Warren LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER LAWYER David Ogden Dean Boland Leo T. Flynn Eric Gaynor Mark Tilford LAWYER Anthony Cappuccio Attorney Ronald M. Cohen who was also caught was a Director of a Bar Association BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER David Neff Paul Smith James Paul Byrd BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER Tom Mueller Kenneth John Gibson Raphael Farina David G. Zerfoss BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER Chan Ming Fon Chad A. Salvatore Jimmy Myers Brown BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER BANK MANAGER Thomas Corley REAL ESTATE PRESIDENT FIRE CHIEF Timoth T. Campbell Eric Hafen BANK MANAGER Roland Keiser REAL ESTATE FIRM OWNER Richard Fabian FIRE CHIEF BANK MANAGER Claude A. Coleman Paul Chalmers REAL ESTATE COMPANY OWNER Charles Larkin Ables BANK MANAGER J. Lee Anderson III BANK MANAGER Simon Thomas BANK MANAGER Thomas J. Beritelli FIRE CHIEF Martyn Green FIRE CHIEF Bill Bos FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Michael J. Gruber Jamie Geer Ron Uthmann Gary Lee Toler FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Frank Sheehan Wesley J. Slanina FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Bill Wiebertus Harvey Lee Kelley FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF James D. Burton Eric A. Grueninger FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Robb Kidd Stanley Davis Jr FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Alton Bruce Allen jr. Ronald H. Kunzler FIRE CHIEF Glen Lockhart FIRE CHIEF Michael J. Tecklenburg Doug Kavanaugh FIRE CHIEF Troy Leblanc FIRE CHIEF Jack Hanley FIRE CHIEF Anthony M. Cottle FIRE CHIEF Tim Haynes FIRE CHIEF Larry Scott Pearson FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Edwin Boseman Kristopher Mcnew Robert E. Bryant FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Paul Jackson James Mason Joseph Hubbard FIRE CHIEF Larry Sherrill FIRE CHIEF Mark Eubanks FIRE CHIEF Loran Blasdell FIRE CHIEF Daniel Spillman FIRE CHIEF Dennis Hodge FIRE CHIEF Gerald Cheney FIRE CHIEF FIRE CHIEF Thomas Evans Todd German Todd German, who was a fire department founder was seen as ‘a pillar’ of his community. POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF Michael Meissner Charles Childers Darryl Ford accused POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF Bradley Evan Morgan William Jacobs Ken Latimer Mark French POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF Ed Reveesz accused POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF Ray Monk Hilton Cordero Rosario Stephen Charles Pilant POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF Gary Wayerski Van McMillan Gary Reynolds Tony Debois Patrick F. Lynch
  7. 7. CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR John Pilkington Gilbert Benn CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR Martin Fisher Maurice Burgess CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR Michael Angell Kenneth Leadbeater CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR David Crosland Mike Oram CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR Cllr Ben Williams Bob Bate CITY COUNCILLOR CITY COUNCILLOR David Smith CITY COUNCILLOR Ian McKellar CITY COUNCILLOR Leslie Sheppard CITY COUNCILLOR John Leonard CITY COUNCILLOR Mark Golightly Louise Burrows Ed Arnold Toren Smith Alaska Mayor Jack Shay, was on a School Board, and received a "(Citizen of the Year") award. ANTI-CHILD PORN CRUSADER NATIONAL DATABASE EXPERT Robert McKee Vincent Barron Politician Robert McKee sponsored an ACT to collect DNA from people accused and yet he was later found with child porn. Vincent Barron was a senior national database expert for people that he judged. WORLD RENOWNED HEART SURGEON WORLD-RENOWNED DOCTOR Philipp Bonhoeffer accused of sex acts on children John Mark Felton The world renowned Doctor John Mark Felton developed vaccines to fight diseases in Third World countries TORONTO DOCTOR ALBERTA DOCTOR BREAST CANCER PRESIDENT James LeCraw, suicide Michael Graff Sandra Batte This 2013 year the Alberta Doctor Michael Graff was found with child porn, and while he is under investigation and is seen as a possible danger “he is still allowed to practice” said Kelly Eby with Alberta's College of Physicians and Surgeons.. Alberta's Liberal Party interim Executive Director Frank Jannis Kense was found with child pornography. Kense was also acting as a Scouts Canada Official in Edmonton. CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL DIRECTOR CHAIRMAN OF INTERNATIONAL MEDICINE Richard Keller Doctor James Shin The Top Doctor Keller travelled to a child nudity camp just like the child nudity clubs in that politicians scandalously legalize in provinces like Alberta and have hid knowledge of for over half a century. LEADING CANCER RESEARCH DOCTOR CANCER INSTITUTE DIRECTOR CEO Dana Faratian Michael Steven Goldman BRAIN MONITORING MEDICAL DIRECTOR Daniel Joachim BRAIN SURGEON Abraham Stephanopoulos ALZHEIMER'S DOCTOR AND LICENSED SURGEON Psychiatrist Mark Zweifach NEUROLOGIST Robert Kolimas TOP PRODUCER OF THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION (BBC), Jimmy Savile (((with no formal education))), yet possessing great power and influence among others in power, was committing sex acts on retarded, brain injured & detained children within UK institutions for 40 years. TV STATION OWNER RADIO STATION OWNER Peter Mallory Jeff Raynor RADIO STATION OWNER Jamie Clark
  8. 8. NEWS COMPANY OWNER TV NEWS PRODUCTION COMPANY FOUNDER Kevin Skaith Carlos Cruz “A good neighbour lends you a cup of sugar. A great neighbour supplies you with 1.4 million barrels of oil per day.” “A good neighbour cares whether or not a system is committing murderous crimes against the elderly. A great neighbour plots to turn the lives of helpless seniors into oil.” WORLD-RENOWNED OIL INDUSTRY EXPERT NUCLEAR FUEL V. PRESIDENT Liam Gibson Timothy E. Lindstrom SENIOR MANAGER OF SHELL OIL GIANT OIL COMPANY EXECUTIVE Anthony Sturman William Steele QUEEN’S GUARDSMAN QUEEN’S GUARDSMAN ROYAL FAMILY GUARD WINDSOR CASTLE's Simon Davies Christopher Exley Andre Dunn SECURITY CHIEF FOR BUCKINGHAM PALACE HOMELAND SECURITY HEAD David Tracey Steven Metz SECURITY EXPERT SECURITY FIRM HEAD TOP INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Karl Aschhoff Daniel James Clayton VIETNAM WAR HERO Joseph L. Bell GREEN BERET SERGEANT VIETNAM WAR HERO Alan D. Eslinger Hero Wade R. Sanders Truman Wages Sanders was given a Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Medal - T. Wages was also a decorated hero with no criminal history 911 OPERATOR 911 OPERATOR Mark Oscar Coderre Jason Hodson EMERGENCY DIRECTOR 911 OPERATOR Steven Haskell Brandon Simpson 911 OPERATOR 911 OPERATOR EMERGENCY OFFICIAL RESCUE CHIEF James Sorgman James Krause Micah Monroe Argyle Bill F. Cosby Jr RESCUE CAPTAIN AND CPR INSTRUCTOR EMERGENCY MANAGER Jay Mayer Rachel A. Winham HEAD OF LEGAL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM PARTNER Andrew Laycock Edward M. De Sear HUMANE SOCIETY MEDICAL DIRECTOR VETERINARIAN VETERINARIAN Katerina Williamson resigned after her boy friend was found with child porn. Charles Dennis Selig CHILD PROTECTION PRESS SECRETARY CHILD CARE CENTRE OWNER Scott Thompson Al Zimmerman CHILD PROTECTION INVESTIGATOR CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER Stanley Dorozynski David Wigton WORLD LEADING CHILD ABUSE RESEARCHER CHILD PROTECTION EXPERT Christopher Bagley Kevin Pettican CHILD PORN COMPUTER FORENSICS EXPERT CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER George Anderson Jim Bates CHILD PROTECTION ADVOCATE Steven Andrew Larkins Thomas Edwin Koepke PRIVATE EYE ETHICS WATCHDOG Michael Graff Israel Kestenbaum Israel Kestenbaum was an ethics watchdog for a national pastors association, and he also won chaplain of the year for his work at ground zero.
  9. 9. AIRLINE PILOT PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS FOUNDER Todd Steven Ewanko Robert L. Hedrick AIRCRAFT MECHANIC Adam Howe HOUSING CORPORATION PRESIDENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OWNER Russell Harding Paul Benson NEW BEGINNINGS CHRISTIAN MISSION DIRECTOR UNION PRESIDENT James Napier Jaime Enrique Feliciano AMBASSADOR AUDITOR GENERAL OMBUDSMAN Jorge Ritto Jeremy Colman Manuel Abrantes NASA NASA Ernst J. Rohde Russell John Grenning NASA Mark C. Zelinsky PRESS SECRETARY NASA NASA Per Gloersen Christopher B. Wiltsee James R. Robinson WORLD RENOWNED PIANIST & CONDUCTOR OF RUSSIA’S NATIONAL ORCHESTRA MIKHAIL PLETNEV WORLD-RENOWNED ARTIST FOUNDER OF WORLD FAMOUS SFX BOYS CHOIR Graham Ovenden Keith Knowles People in power and their rich secret society friends that spend billions constructing malls, museums, recreation facilities, and fun facilities for youth (conceal sexual intentions towards preteens and other youth)! MUSEUM OF ART SECURITY MUSEUM SECURITY MANAGER Loyd Jeffrey Daron Kearse WASHINGTON’S NATIONAL CHILDREN'S MUSEUM’S CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Robert Singer CANADA’S NATIONAL AGRICULTURE MUSEUM MANAGER Franz Klingender CANADA’S OTTAWA MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY tell all’ sex exhibit for 12 yr-olds. CHILDREN’S MUSEUM SHOPPING CENTER OWNER Jeffrey Shoemaker Felix Caste of Whitehall VICE-PRESIDENT OF SEARS CANADA UNDERCOVER WALMART SECURITY V. Power is under fire for appearing to conspire to allow the Sears stores to sell playboy material to children. Okey Belcher/child porn KMART STORES CORPORATION MANAGING DIRECTOR Guy Russo allowing sexual messages on underwear for little girls. SAFEWAY SUPERMARKET MANAGER WALMART MANAGER Steven Lynn Hines TOYS R US OWNERS AND MANAGERS Kurt Quimby Toys R us is under fire for selling Archie comics about same-sex marriage to children. In that the stores carry the message that ‘Toys R us’ owners and managers believe in teaching children of all ages about anal sex and sexual orientation. ‘Toys R us’ manager Paul Hopes was charged for committing fraud against the public in spending great sums of ‘Toys R us’ money on prostitution services.
  10. 10. To repress and disguise their own sexual desires towards youth the Media Office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines began the formation of an ad-hoc committee warning that they may set charges against shopping mall owners and managers selling pornographic materials related to children. THE PRESIDENTS OF CANADA’S WINTER AND SUMMER CARNIVALS BOARD MEMBERS OF CANADA’S WINTER AND SUMMER CARNIVALS In Quebec, 2003 Presidents and Board members of winter and summer carnivals were under arrest for concealing child prostitution and other offences. AQUATICS RECREATION MANAGER CHILDRENS THEATRE DIRECTOR James Mahan Troy Fisher CITY ZOO RECEPTIONIST CHILDREN’S ADVENTURE PARK OWNER Benjamin Hughes Peter Morphew PRESIDENT OF THE NATURE PRESERVATION COMPANY, A NATURES SANCTUARY Clyde Rudolph Allen Jr BOWLING ALLEY OWNER SKATING RINK MANAGER William O'Rourke PARK POOL MANAGER Jared Surette Fred Rigger FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR OF KID SERVE YOUTH MURALS Anthony Josef Norris YOUNG DEMOCRATS PRESIDENT PRESIDENT OF YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE Benjamin Jakes-Johnson Fred Gonzalez A CANADIAN PRESIDENT OF A CHILDREN'S BASEBALL ASSOCIATION Stephen Lane YOUTH EDUCATION PRESIDENT YOUTH SPORTS PRESIDENT Greg Boyd George Gracely COMPUTER-NETWORK SECURITY VICE PRESIDENT Duane Amity I have proven that the people managing the IWF and the people managing NCMEC do ‘their selves’ repress and possess desires towards certain teens and preteens. The many examples, prove, that bodies such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (could not) and must not be trusted to simply assume positions of storing and handling child porn in the name of investigating the public. They unjustly fallaciously, and so lawlessly and unconstitutionally, began using Photo DNA tracking, and also did not implement the technology on their own servers. …………….. The bodies act as if they are committed to finding children that people in the public take, yet they are not committed to reporting evidence against politicians and officials. ………………
  11. 11. HIGH COMMISSIONER TO CANADA PUT UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR SEXUAL CRIMES DONE TO YOUTH AND CHILDREN. In 1978, the Commissioner to Canada Sir Peter Hayman left a package of sexual material related to children on a London bus. He was under an investigation by police but not put under criminal charges. …………… When police were in his residence they found evidence Hayman was a member of PIE, the UK activist body wanting the age of consent lower. It was founded in October 1974 and torn to separation in 1984. ……………………………… In 1981 the MP Geoffrey Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name the Commissioner to Canada a paedophile, and MP Geoffrey Dickens asked why the Commissioner to Canada had not been prosecuted In 1983 MP Dickens said there is evidence that “people in positions of power, responsibility and influence” practice sexual abuse against young boys and girls, and MP Dickens gave a warning that he would name in Parliament, all those suspicion is towards if Governors and others did not act against PIE. Journalist Danny McGrory wrote about P.I.E. and that in fear of facing publicity high ranking Diplomats cancelled their memberships. MP Dickens said; “top people are diving under ground as fast as they can” Thirty years ago in 1984 MP Geoffrey Dickens handed over a 50-page dossier containing evidence of Governors committing sexual abuse to young boys & girls yet the 50-page evidence file has disappeared from the Ministry of Home Affairs. We cannot speak to Mr Dickens since he died in 1995 at age 63. ……………. MP Geoffrey Dickens spent years collecting his evidence and was certain he gave great evidence of a VIP preteen and child sex network with links to former British PM Margaret Thatcher’s Government, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and top institutions. Publicly MP Dickens said there is (evidence of child brothels) within the suburb of where former British PM Tony Blair lived, and MP Dicken’s said there is evidence the Commissioner to Canada (Hayman) was partaking in the child sex brothels. In May 1984 the Commissioner was sent to prison for sexual crimes against youth. Peter Hayman died April 9th 1992. MP Dickens spoke of Margaret Thatcher’s system. According to witnesses Jimmy Saville supplied kids to UK Prime Minister Ted Heath who’d regularly take boys from care homes away on his boat for weekends. Police began investigations against Saville through 14 UK police forces on the testimony of hundreds of witnesses that said Saville was doing sexual things to ill children and to brain injured children in psychiatric institutions. Witnesses say he also had keys to enter the rooms of young patients. Before evidence began to rise, against warnings PM Margaret Thatcher knighted Jimmy Saville. Lord McAlpine, the ex aide to Thatcher, was accused by numerous children of sexual crimes in the North Wales Child Abuse Cover-Ups. In 2012 Conservative Edwina Currie was saying that Prime Minister Thatcher’s leading MP Peter Morrison had sex with boys. MP Rod Richards said Morrison was at the North Wales children’s care homes of which 650 youth in 40 homes were used for sexual practices for over 2 decades, and he said that as the MP for Chester Morrison didn’t have any obvious reason to visit those care homes at the other MPs constituencies. Towards the past of P.I.E, that the Commissioner to Canada was a part of, public records show that P.I.E. put a 17-page document on the age of consent to the Government’s Criminal Law Revision Committee. It proposed that there should not be any age of consent. By 1978 P.I.E was working with The National Council for Civil Liberties. The General Secretary of the NCCL for 9 years was Patricia Hewitt, who later began serving as Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Health Secretary in 2005. As any may see I have written of the British MP Harriet Harman within other parts of the Cullen Report. In the late 1970s before she was an MP in 1982, Harriet Harman was the legal Officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties.
  12. 12. The former Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work and consultant for the National Children’s Bureau, Peter Righton, was a P.I.E founder. He was put under charges for youth porn 1992. That shows that the repressing sexual desires towards preteens and other youth are the brilliant speakers, and appear as sensitive child protectors. On October 24th 2012 British Politician Tom Watson said in the House of Commons, that the old investigation files into Peter Righton contain clear intelligence of widespread sexual acts with youth, (linked to Parliament). MP Geoffrey Dickens spoke of the matter of P.I.E. in 1981. MP Dickens spoke of the High Commissioner to Canada. He spent years collecting his evidence and was certain he gave great evidence of a VIP preteen and child sex network with links to the British Government and to top British institutions. Three decades later MP Tom Watson is saying that again in another way. In light of the testimony from MP Dickens and his 50 pages of evidence he spent years collecting, and the testimony from MP Watson three decades later, the people of Canada, and the world ought to see that the matter of politicians repressing desires towards preteens and other youth is real. In Canadian Politicians not showing suspicion towards each other after witnessing all of the records inside the Cullen Report , it is evidence that those Politicians are their selves guilty. MP Dickens said there is evidence of child brothels where former British Prime Minister Tony Blair lived. Out of an Operation Ore investigation, early in 2003 the Sunday Times were given a great list of people from British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Government ( found using credit cards to access preteen porn ). By the rule of British PM Tony Blair the names of hundreds of people of political weight were scandalously and illegally hidden using the draconian national security D-Notices policy of forcing 100 years of secrecy. Like denying the existence of a volcanic eruption Blair used the impending war in Iraq as a reason for using the D-Notices to conceal the names of senior members of his government caught. In light of the revelations in the Cullen Report Politicians must reveal the names. It is a matter of national security! Canada’s PM Stephen Harper is a friend of Tony Blair and their wives are friends. Stephen Harper chose to refuse the call to publicize a charge of child abuse against Liberal MP Bill Graham as Harper said the testimony from the young teen Lawrence Metherel is hearsay. Prime Minister Tony Blair did not force secrecy fast enough to hide that his closest personal advisor Philip Lyon was caught with child porn. And we all know about personal advisors from Harper’s scandals. Evidence was also against a Director of a leading construction company, Director of one of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals companies, Director of a beverage company, and chairman of a stockbroker firm! Cathy O'Brien says she was a VIP child sex slave for (PM Pierre Trudeau) and (PM Brian Mulroney). (The Latvian PM) Andris Skeleowner accused of child abuse is ( the owner of a food-manufacturing company ). How in the Hell could any innocent Official or honest person put their head in sand against all these records
  13. 13. The Australian Federal MP Malcolm Turnbull gave the message to media that youth porn may be freedom of expression. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd spoke contrary to MP Turnbull yet reporter Piers Akerman spoke of evidence that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had a part in the shredding of evidence into1988 testimony of child sex abuse in a Youth Detention centre. Official Kevin Lindeberg testified that the destruction of the evidence was illegal. The matter is the Heiner Inquiry. Senator Steve Fielding said that he was once a victim of sexual abuse him self and yet Steve voted against having an inquiry into the cover up. Douglas Ensbey said the Australian Government and justice system is under the control of sexual hypocrites. Official Tim Carmody said in a report that all members of the Goss cabinet were open to a criminal charge for destroying evidence pertaining to child sexual abuse. The liar Rudd was the cabinet secretary at the time. Canada’s Government and justice system is also under the control of sexual hypocrites, and they are using crime laws to possess a disguise and to fortress their desires and unseen practices. The Attorney General Jozsef Petretei stated publicly that he is for legalizing the pornography of youth. In 2003 Canadian PM Paul Martin’s Attorney General Martin Cauchon was against criminalizing youth pornography. Attorney General under Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to viewing the pornography of youth Eric Holder did not fire the Attorney General until two months after the news. - There were not any charges. President Obama chose Harvard law Professor David Ogden for the election of Deputy Attorney General while knowing Ogden wrote a friend of the court brief on behalf of the ACLU to support Stephen Knox’s right to view child porn. Although it was child porn Ogden said the genitals were not clearly visible and therefore ought to be seen as art with full protection by the U.S. 1st Amendment. Such clothing and body positions (do not put any burden on the sexual imaginations of people). They are openly sexual and seducing. ………………… Here the highest heads of the nations justice systems appear as hypocrites , they that also write crime laws. The Senior Crown Prosecutor at the Department of Public Prosecutions Patrick John Piers Power was found with preteen pornography. Power’s was instrumental in promoting and drafting of the Young Offenders Act. The Secretary General Joerg Tauss said the porn raid and investigation against him was politically motivated propaganda. He also protested against legislation that would block youth pornography websites, which he said would set up a technical infrastructure of censorship without judicial review. What Tauss did not confess is that hypocrites are working for the motives of hypocrites. …………… There are many delusional people in society that feed propaganda. (They use force) to protect people from temptations rather than letting the world (overcome) the temptations. They say an eternal future is for people of true honour yet they control and deny freedom of choice (that is for the tests of life to complete ). The same people do not like others testing them and they hide & steer against others seeking to hold them to account. They exercise to be righteous yet (the exercise demagnifies and decreases (the most venomous & poisonous things, and does not destroy them). That is the true nature of the ways they sacrifice their selves. In their delusional nature they (speak of how proud they are that things appear brighter and evils are getting smaller). They then think they have a right using words like family, our children, law abiding and public safety. John Chapter 16 verse 2 warns that they think they are offering God a service. In their delusional nature they think it gives them the right to have a greater stage for what they want to say while they deny the voice of others and deny access to Justice. God does not work that way. Such religious political people or so-called people of the law, are the most dangerous of all. I name such people; “Righteous Rejects”.
  14. 14. Canada’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister MP John Duncan proclaimed on Oct. 26th, 2011 that the Indian residential school system, was not an act of genocide, but “an education policy gone wrong". That message was contrary to Stephen Harper's and Duncan’s 2008 statement of apology. (ITCCS) The Edm. Alta. born, speaker of the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, ‘Mr. Annet’, wrote to Harper’s MP John Duncan, stating; “Just for clarification John , exactly what aspect of federal Indian education policy included the mandatory gang raping of children, torturing them with electric cattle prods, and forcibly sterilizing them at puberty?… Did Canada’s Indian education in your opinion involve (commit to) giving boys and girls as young as five an hour of schooling each day before forcing them to labor as domestic servants to rich white pedophiles?” ... Does the public care? To the syndicated journalist Sarah J. Miller, Kevin Annet of ITCCS said; “Canadians will bear any amount of corruption or murder rather than face any thing unpleasant or controversial”. In other words the public does not care whether or not Canada’s Governors are gang raping, torturing, and murdering children. That shame is why the lives of many unwell canadians and seniors are in peril too. In his interview with the journalist he said he feels like; he was smashed into the ground and that nothing is going to stop Governors in Canada’s system from raping and killing more children when they want. Are Canadian Politicians raping and killing children when they want ? Some say Mr. Annet has shown he is less than honest , yet that does not change that the ITCCS Commission is carrying the message that while it is unknown who if any are innocent, Canada’s Politicians were and are raping and molesting children, and were, and may now be, murdering children to lastingly silence their knowledge of realities. Most of Canada’s public is ignorant of all this and the possible scope of the realities. Claudia Mullen told a US Government committee that the CIA used her as a child sex slave at nine, in a place called “Deep Creek Cabins”, put there to learn how to please men! Mullen told the committee that she was taught to manipulate men into talking about themselves with the use of a hidden camera, and that Clients were people in high governing positions. The nature of what is appearing is seen in revelations telling of the sexual nature of Canada’s Governors in all positions of authority and in society towards preteens and other youth. (Mountains of evidence) confirm that desires towards (certain) youth is an inherent, common and universal part of the nature of the inhabitants of the earth. Knowledge written in this report also gives revelations into the nature of youth, and teaches how to know which people are predators and degenerates. The revelations into the nature of Governors resurrects and raises judgments against the systems laws. How can the nations Governors and Officials Justly have real laws and legislation over people while the Governors laws are denying the existence of and working contrary to proven realities? They cannot ! Claudia Mullen does not believe the public is listening and hearing the testimony she is warning about. Why are many people in unbelief and delusional towards such testimony? … ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………… …………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………... A quote by Dresden James states; “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, then (the truth) will seem utterly preposterous, and its speaker a raving lunatic”. Although not all people, the ITCCS representative said Canadians will bear any amount of corruption or murder rather than face any thing unpleasant or controversial”.
  15. 15. Governors may continue using the airwaves to profile the public, yet what is proven against Politicians shakes, ruptures and condemns the foundation of the systems profiling. What Governors use to take the minds of people in society captive, is media. The author Jim Morrison said, “Whoever controls the media controls the mind”. If people do not realize that, then the World will continue following lies. The propaganda machine controls minds, and people all over the World fail to understand that. Many Politicians appear to serve, yet they use knowledge to commit witchcraft on realities. They deny, as they set a fortress & force against Justice seekers! Language & knowledge is their witchcraft. A muted position is, ‘wallowing witchcraft’, as it [mocks that one cannot bind and bring to justice evil they cannot perfectly see]. The positioning of a muting predator slips through & out of convictions, and so the denier sees ways to cause the greatest harms while not bearing the feeling of danger from convictions. *Denying is to take positions that do not open a way to receive justice, so the one who appears to be bearing & enduring harm may lose their ability to continue searching to receive justice. The matters seen in silence, I name; “Silentious Witchery” Metaphysicians say silence acts as the ultimate control and power over others and that silence or withholding is the most damaging and harmful form of verbal abuse. They say the mistake of thinking verbal abuse needs to be spoken adds to the confusion one is facing from the muting predator. The victim of silence may believe the relationship or social contract is functional because the abuser may communicate functional information, yet the wordless person refuses-through silence to communicate in truly sensitive and faith stepping ways. Dorothy M Neddermeyer Denying the rights of people and denying evidence, and wallowing in witchcraft of silence, is a great matter. To do that people may work as a force. On the Air India bombing matter the lead Council Mark Freiman said Canada’s Government was pretending all was well while it was not. Supreme Court Judge John Major said publicly that “the Government spoke (with one voice) and painted a picture of harmony and understanding”. Gulf War veteran Sean Bruyea was calling for a full public inquiry after Canada’s Privacy Commissioner found that Officials broke the law by spreading his sensitive medical, personal & psychological records in an attempt to discredit him. Sean filed a $400,000 suit against the Fed. Government. Harper put the blame on bureaucrats yet Sean said Harper's Office "completely ignored" hundreds of pages of documents he sent about his case. Canadian Diplomat Brian McAdam gave a report of evidence that Canada has let known criminals immigrate to Canada. The Diplomat also said Chinese agents seduce visiting Canadian politicians and businessmen while secretly recording their sexual experiences. "I was mocked and demeaned"..."I knew what I'd discovered was profoundly important."…“The big question is: Why did Canadian bureaucrats in Ottawa do whatever they could to destroy my work and myself?" "The word is that I am crazy , yet my report speaks for itself." There is a pattern that does prove Canada’s Politicians and Officials lost the legal right to claim others are crazy and legal right to not account to others. Law Professor Amir Attaran told CBC that he seen documents showing evidence that the Government intentionally handed people over to NDS to be tortured, and that blacking out records was and is an illegal secrecy claim to hide crimes of torture and risk. Harper’s Government and his Justice Department lawyers sought to use the courts to count as inadmissible Diplomat Richard Colvin’s testimony about the Government ignoring his warnings about torture and warnings that the Head of NDS Asadullah Kahlid was sexually abusing young girls. - A Federal Appeal Court rejected the conservatives attempt to count Colvin’s words as inadmissible. Oct.6th 2009 Colvin’s lawyer Lori Bokenfohr said the government was using the courts falsely in the name of national security ‘to deny Colvin’s report’. Canada’s Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran gave a warning on national tv, that causing some to appear crazy using false profiling and the spread of sensitive records, “is one symptom of a much bigger problem”.
  16. 16. Using false laws that lure the mob and using mental health labelling is how Politicians hide their secret desires. Under the title; “Stelmach’s Police State”, Alberta Criminal Lawyer Michael Bates wrote; “The Principles of fundamental justice and of a free & democratic society are being actively stripped away right before our eyes. Our Government has positioned itself through the propaganda of fear”. 2010 MP Dan McTeague said Cons are not designing laws to keep people safe, {but to keep them in the dark} The Politician’s false and encoded language is set up as propaganda {to keep the nations public in the dark}. Feb. 28 2013 I was a witness of NDP MP Pierre Nantel saying; “They (the Government) engage in repression ..bad faith.. They say they are champions of accountability but I can only see in their attitude some thing very crooked! They initially talk about transparency & accountability, but clearly they have a hidden agenda! ..We cannot condone a government that has misled us over & over. They were told of a systemic problem.. It is abdicating its responsibilities, leaving them to the provinces…They are hell-bent on doing absolutely nothing... This word accountability...they’ve cheapened it and undermined it! And they simply don’t value it”. I sent emails to politicians towards that. After finding a transcription I found that alarmingly many new words were put in *that Nantel did not say [and his words that I was a witness of were taken out]! Signs are even seen in the Stars. Melanie Griffith left home to move in with the Hollywood actor Don Johnson who was twenty-two. He had an affair with Melanie. Johnson claims 14 year old Melanie was the aggressor in the relationship. ”She pursued me”, he told Entertainment Weekly. Jerry Lewis married 13 year-old Myra Gale Brown. In 2011 the young teen Courtney Alexis Stodden made headlines by getting married to 51-yr-old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison. - Italy’s Supreme Court gave a ruling against a lower & appeal court’s 5 year-conviction of a 60-year-old man for having sex with an 11-year-old. Italy’s Supreme Court said the lower courts failed to take into account their "amorous relationship". The eleven year-old girl told the system that she is in love with the social services worker Pietro Lamberti. The ruling from Italy’s Supreme Court carries the message that consent from a preteen may happen yet that evidence must confirm the preteen has a romantic interest. The social worker was found naked in bed with the eleven year old girl. -conviction-because-11-year-old-was-in-love pedophiles -2013 12#ixzz2s2 mhfwil Whether or not all believe in acting seemly and in the bond of marriage, all need to know what the realities are, and the World need such records of evidence put together to help people quickly prove what the realities are! Facing realities is a part of becoming sensitive towards the deepest harms. A delusional society is an enemy. The lying of Politicians and others is a great whore, that is seen and put to trials in all the knowledge I reveal. The author Jim Morrison once said; “Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth, but it's usually too battered with rules to be heard and bound with pretenses”... In March of 2010, towards revealing knowledge of sexual harassment lawsuits against Canada’s MP’s Paul Szabo stated; “If you identify a member, all of a sudden people could say… ’what’s wrong with this MP’, this member is getting sued all the time.” Now we know there is evidence that Canadian Politicians are seen committing sexual harassment, and Canadian MP’s want knowledge of that hidden from the public! In 2008 PM Harper put Patrick Brazeau in to act as a senator. Within weeks there were accusations of workplace sexual harassment. As the national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal People he had to face a Human Rights Tribunal for the reports of sexual harassment. Harper knew of the workplace warnings yet he put MP Brazeau in as a senator to govern over the safety & well-being of child abuse victims and to govern over foster children. Feb 7th 2013 he was put under charges for, reportedly, touching a woman's private parts in a violent rend while tearing her bra and pants, and grabbing her throat, and pushing her down the stairs.
  17. 17. (In New Brunswick) Canada’s RCMP put to an end a 12-year investigation into the NB Kingsclear Institution that was housing youth offenders and youth who could not find foster homes. People from the communities said the RCMP Officer Clifford McCann took them from the school on outings to force his hands on them for sexual pleasure. Until October 2003 they were investigating that Officer. The only person put under arrest was the institution’s security guard Karl Toft who confessed to sexual abuse. In the end Canada’s RCMP said the testimony & hearsay evidence from the communities did not satisfy for charging their fellow Officer. Testifiers believe the abuse was a deeper matter and that at others in the system were in on the abuse. The Officer says the people from the communities are liars, yet he did not defend himself in civil lawsuits, and so testifiers won by default. The Federal Officer Clifford McCann chose to pay all the money rather than give an account !!! The RCMP Complaints Commission began investigating after witnesses said Canada’s RCMP did not have the right investigating the evidence against their own Officer. Witnesses and others say it appears the RCMP did a cover up. If the RCMP did a cover up of sexual abuse to children, then what position does it leave Canada’s Public at? If the RCMP denies the duty to investigate other matters for the public against the system , then the NB mystery weighs in on why there is not justice. Later in 2004 other testifiers spoke up of abuse happening from the 1950s into the 1970s. Liberal MLA Thomas James Burke was asking the Province to examine that other testimony to confirm the evidence of an RCMP cover-up, yet Harper’s Conservative friend (NB public safety minister) Wayne Steeves said no the NB Province will not investigate , stating; "The federal government is responsible for the RCMP" Mr. Burke then stated; “it's clear the Conservative government want to wash its hands of the scandal against boys at Kingsclear where many were sexually abused over at least 20 years”. On May 28th 2004 in a news conference the MP Goldring said that the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Alberta MP Anne McLellan was sought after to investigate, yet would not. Neither Cons nor Liberals would !!! MP Goldring stated; “Her inaction in the face of such grave allegations amounts to denying the existence of her ministerial responsibilities for which she should be ashamed”. Anne McLellan is a law professor, …………. Canada’s RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli was overseeing the appearing New Brunswick sexual cover-up. Shockingly and alarmingly Stephen Harper reassigned Giuliano Zaccardelli to guard Harper and his family. ……………. (In Nova Scotia) testimony from over a hundred witnesses say the Government did a cover-up of sexual and mental abuse at a Nova Scotia Orphanage. A lawsuit alleges children were sexually and mentally abused by staff at the NS Home for Colored Children over a 50-year period up until the 1980s. Raymond F. Wagner’s law firm claims documents show the testimony from the children was ignored by the Nova Scotia government. and by the Home. The former youth residents of the Government funded Orphanage say the Government ignored them. The last crime alleged is a brutal rape of a 14-yr-old girl on June 6th 1983. (In Newfoundland) former Orphans of Canada’s Mount Cashel Orphanage gave testimony of sexual abuse. Feb 13th 1989 a caller to VOCM's Open Line radio show alleged that Canadian police and government officials covered up allegations of abuse at the orphanage in the 70’s. There have been laws suits from1989 to 2009. ( In Saskatchewan ) In 1992 police officers from two different forces faced over 100 charges for running a Satanic cult called The Brotherhood of The Ram, which allegedly practiced ritual sexual abuse on children at a Devil Church. After an RCMP task force took over the investigation, it concluded the original investigation was motivated by "emotional hysteria." Saskatchewan council members paid severance to First Nations Chief Terrance McArthur after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a teen girl.
  18. 18. ( In Alberta ).Alberta Health's Forensic Psychiatrist Doctor Aubrey Levin who was for many years working with Health and justice officials on child abuse trials was in 2010 put under arrest for sexual acts on male patients. Levin was testifying in Alberta's courts as an expert. Police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell stated; “He is very well known in the justice community.” He was hired through Alberta Health and the solicitor generals Office. That is alarming and horrifying since they had to have known Levin was the Chief Psychiatrist at the infamous Voortrekkerhoogte hospital during the 1970s where he was accused of drug experimenting and electric shock abuse on patients. Alberta’s College of Physicians & Surgeons licensed him. Activist Anne Fox says Alberta’s mental health at risk and child at risk law enforcing (division), contains child sexual predators in positions that subvert using high Officials within Alberta Health and the RCMP. Fox names Stelmachs Deputy Police Chief Norm Lipinsky who was under Mike Boyd, and Inspector Billy Kerr who is the head of the at risk bodies. Fox says witch hunts benefit financially. Fox says they subvert and kidnap by ‘alleging mental illness’ issues and that those they accuse are discredited by that. As most know PM Harper lives in Alberta, and Alberta’s PC Government want to assume 70% ownership of Alberta RCMP infrastructure, giving politicians unprecedented input into how the force operates. The RCMP can’t talk to the media unless they first gain permission from Canada’s public safety minister. Veteran RCMP Exec. Gary Clement said; “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this degree of control that’s been placed on the RCMP” PM Harper put former RCMP Commissioner Julian Fantino in to act as an MP and as (Minister for seniors) on January 4th 2011. Fantino was later put in with Alberta’s MP Laurie Hawn to act as an assistant Defense Minister under Defense Minister Peter Mackay. Now Mr. MacKay is the new Justice Minister. On February 4th 2011 Gerald Guy Brummell filed a 90 million dollar lawsuit against Julian Fantino, on evidence of Fantino partaking in (a conspiracy to use the Judicial system as a weapon), against Brummell and his family. Some think Premier Ed Stelmach was much too busy with the oil sands to act devilishly, yet we know World-Renowned Oil Industry Expert Liam Gibson was found with youth porn. The hypocrite Judge said the Oil Expert did not have to go to jail as long as he didn’t do it again. Liam was found with 50, 000 images. The judge said the reason for no jail time is that Gibson was very cooperative. We also heard in the news that the Senior Manager of the Shell Oil giant was found with youth porn, and we heard that the Oil Company Executive William Steele was also found with youth porn. In June of 2009 Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach ruled that the matter is closed after his MLA Doug Elinski was caught showing a sexual interest in girls of the ages 11 to fifteen, in comments he put on the internet. ………..3780384 In 2001 the Alberta Advocate Louise Malenfant (wrote of a suspicious 6-month detaining of a 10 year-old girl inside of Alberta Health’s Stollery Children's Hospital). Malenfant wrote; “I must warn of serious investigative anomalies and deceptions observed in Alberta’s Edmonton Police Child Abuse Unit.” The Advocate wrote of Alberta’s ‘Edmonton Police Child Abuse Unit’ working with ‘Alberta Health’ in committing that suspicious 6-month detaining of the 10 year-old girl). The Alberta Advocate also wrote in the report, “The Police Unit has no problem with submitting a child to “therapy” when no finding of abuse was made in a court of law.” The Advocate wrote also of the police narrating assumptions without contacting an accused, stating; “It is alarming, to say the least”. “The idea that Detective Spinks feels he can threaten that there will be charges as a result of his convictions about Mr.Anderson, is a frightening one.” The Advocate wrote; “Detective Spinks has already convicted Mr. Anderson in his own mind. This type of tunnel vision is typical of EPS child abuse Detectives”. In the conclusion of the damning report the Advocate wrote that it appears the intent is to lawlessly sit on false or unstable unseen testimony and evidence, to chain the accused to suspicions, which obstructs and subverts their right to justice. That gives a system much time to commit drugging & sexual acts on a taken preteen or taken child. In the conclusion of the report the Advocate wrote also that it appears the to use the nature of the suspicion to threaten to turn the investigation into public knowledge, as a weapon that triggers a public media & mob witch hunt. People may see the Advocate’s truly damning report, and see the conclusion, at
  19. 19. Edmonton’s Stollery Children's Hospital has been under the dark control of Alberta Health’s (Deb Gordon). Alberta Health let Brian Parker counsel children while knowing he sells sex toys such as black leather whips, bondage rope, blind folds, and hoods to entertain the idea of abducting for sexual pleasure. This confirms how dangerous A.H. is. Edmonton’s Zebra Police Centre told me over the telephone that their Officers only investigate violent sex crimes, yet not system exploitation. Brian Parker also said sex education starts at zero. Alberta Health’s (new) 2012 Head of Psychiatry was accused of committing sexual misconduct on a patient. Claudio de Novaes Soares resigned his position. 2012, Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital Doctor Javier Cortes went to trial for sexual acts to 2 young boys. 2009 Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Aide Ronald Sayers was charged for acts to 3 young girls 2011 Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital Nurse Drew Robert Legary was charged for sexual acts to a boy. ………….. Alberta Health did not tell the Father that Legary was accused of sex acts on a preteen in 2010 and that within Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital they let Legary continue working in spite of that. The Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital’s suspicious 6 month detaining of the 10-year-old girl written of in the 2001 report from the Alberta Advocate Malenfont weighs in on all these records. Premier Stelmach’s child advocate John Mould said he won't be a scapegoat after he was found failing to reveal for three years ( highlighted ) reports of possible sexual abuse to Alberta children put in foster care. …………………… Stelmach did not resign and he refused to fire his Children Services Minister Tarchuk after that damning report that his Child Advocate and his Alberta government knowingly left children at (risk) of sexual abuse. ……………. John Mould said Alberta Premier Stelmach and his Government with Dave Hancock, Greg Melchin, and others were aware of other evidence of possible sexual assault and sexual abuse to children, and yet did nothing. ……………. In my investigation into Stelmach’s Solicitor Generals Office I found the Deputy Premier’s assistant Corrina saying that Solicitor General Lindsay did not view any child porn evidence, and then later in the phone conversation after I put the heat on I found she was lying when she admitted he does each day with his mail and with none to supervise him. One of the reasons some politicians fight to win an election is to possess access to child porn evidence. It also gives politicians the power to put their friends in positions over children. (In British Columbia) B.C. Native Council member Frank Martin testified that the Government funded native Chief Edward John ‘is abducting children’ for sexual practices, and controlling police to do it. In June of 1998 New Democratic Party MP Ujjal Dosanjh refused to have a public inquiry into Chief Edward John. Although there were the warnings Dosanjh appointed John on November 3rd 2000 to act as a Minister for Family and Child Services, as part of BC’s provincial cabinet. Are Canada’s native Chiefs supplying kids to the ND’s? On April 14 1998 Dosanjh appointed Hugh Stansfield to be an associate Chief Judge for B.C. In 2004 (Dosanjh left to join the Liberals). Sept.1st 2005 liberal Premier Gordon Campbell also appointed Stansfield to act as BC’s Chief Court Justice, and yet Stansfield was later accused of sexual acts on very young kids. Are Canada’s native Chiefs supplying kids to Liberals? Although he is a liberal who was convicted of a DUI, Harper appointed Campbell to act as Canada's High Commissioner England. Are Canada’s native Chiefs supplying kids to Conservatives? In 2006 MP Carole James stated; "I want to be very clear, documents explicitly show that Premier Campbell and the solicitor General knew that what they were telling the public was not the truth." Solicitor General John Les misled the legislature when he said child deaths were being properly reviewed by the B.C. Coroners Service. MPJames called it a "scandal in the child protection system."
  20. 20. June of 2011 BC’s Government & Public Safety Minister Shirley Bond subtracted the office handling crimes of human trafficking in taking out the Exec.Director position of Robin Pike, and leaving 2 staff members to serve victims in the province. Harper was acting hard on human trafficking while letting the cuts to the BC province where child trafficking happens the most. The reason the Public did not know it was happening in stealth is that PM Harper’s Public Safety & Justice Department (that partly funds the Office) did not let any know. …………………….. (In Quebec) In 2003 Police Director Daniel Langlas gave news of evidence implicating Canada’s Politicians in youth prostitution. The Police Director said the evidence didn’t allow police to charge the politicians. The public has a right to know their names. Among the VIP youth prostitution clients were a radio host, a real estate developer, and *Presidents and Board members of Canada’s winter and summer carnivals in (Quebec) (In Ontario) Cornwall witnesses say Canadian Governors and people of political weight were committing sexual acts on boys over decades. Among people testifying was Ron Leroux who said in his affidavit that he seen Ontario Police Chief Claude Shaver & others committing sexual acts on boys. He said they would meet at the Probation Officer Ken Seguin’s home. Alarmingly and shockingly Ontario’s Provincial Police took and chose to destroy video tapes locked in a suitcase from within Leroux’s home that Leroux said were the property of his friend Ken Seguin. Conveniently, the Ontario police said they did not view all parts of the 20 plus tapes before destroying them. Although Leroux said the tapes were not his, that he did not see them, and did not want any thing to do with the tapes, contrary to reason the Ontario police chose to ask permission from Leroux to destroy the tapes. Public records likewise confirm Leroux was caught willing to lie. The police said there wasn’t evidence in the videos of Governors in sexual acts with boys, yet they did not let Governors or outside authorities confirm that. Politician Garry Guzzo said the video evidence was illegally destroyed. "They were quick to destroy the tapes". said Gary Guzzo (who was also once an Ontario Court Judge). The Canadian Politician also accused Ontario Conservative Premier Mike Harris of committing a cover up of the story after his bill calling for a public inquiry died on the order table at the end of the legislative session” Advocate Irwin Elmin found that over the last decade nearly 1000 children mysteriously died in the care of Ontario’s children’s aid society after they were “deemed in peril”. The Advocate stated; “It is just startling” “From my understanding, this number has been pretty consistent over 10 years”. (Manitoba) we can also add to that since there is the great scandal of Harper with Gary Doer and his Justice Minister Dave Chomiak I have written of inside the Cullen Report. The Cullen Report Suppression Conspiracy. Dave Chomiak is a Ukrainian as is Ed Stelmach in Alberta. It is well known that the Ukraine is a hot bed for politicians that force children into pornography and sexual acts. That was seen in the 2009 Ukrainian Kids Camp Scandal of which witnesses were testifying that Politicians and Parliamentary Deputies were forcing them into sexual acts. The Economics Minister S. Teryokhin was put in as a suspect under hours of questions. Manitoba’s Attorney General Dave Chomiak was also one of the longest running Health Ministers in Canada. Manitoba Politician Darrell Ackman sought a governing position while facing charges of possessing child porn Manitoba Politician Darrell Ackman sought a governing position while facing charges of possessing child porn voyeurism, using teen runaways for videos, and sexual touching. Under the watch of the Federal Government the province of Manitoba chose to let him to run. Claiming his nomination papers had 130 names, and that only 100 are needed in order to run, and on the account that the charges against him were not yet proven Elections Manitoba ruled that Ackman's candidacy could stand. What if it were a member of the public? ………………. Harper’s Manitoba MP Vic Teows did not deny sleeping with his family’s teen baby-sitter from 1986 to1993. They also appear caught conspiring to use spying laws to gain the right to (see) and (copy) child porn. On May 11th 2012 the MP Wayne Easter stated; “Madam Speaker the minister’s bill would allow government agents to enter on an internet service provider when they want, without a warrant, and demand to see absolutely every thing , and even to copy it all”. CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT STOPPING AT EMAILS
  21. 21. UK TV host Jimmy Savile whom the Queen Knighted, was accused of sexual crimes in Psychiatric Hospitals and Care Homes. Russ Williams, caught with photos of himself wearing underwear of preteens, was the Pilot for Queen Elizabeth II &Prince Philip. William Coombes said that in BC, in the fall of 1964, the Queen & Prince Philip took 10 kids after a picnic at Deadman's Creek, who were never seen again. Prince Philip was a close friend of Jimmy Savile. Witnesses say Savile was given the keys to the Broadmoor Hospital in 1988 when Politician Kenneth Clarke was Health Minister. Although we do not know if Kenneth Clarke was working with Saville, today that Health Minister is accused of groping a child star whose name is Ben Fellows. Ben Fellows says the BBC, other TV stations, and the Theatre world, abounds in Paedophiles. The child star Fellow’s stated; “my allegation is that Ken Clarke touched my penis over my trousers. Ken Clarke groped my penis with his hand whilst in a political lobbyist’s office. He thought I was fifteen years old at the time” - Fellow’s said others are lying and conspiring in acting as if it was an issue of mistaken identity? Fellow’s stated; “Please…I know what Kenneth Clarke looks like”. May 12th 2010 PM Cameron put Clarke in to act as the Secretary of State for Justice. On Morning Television towards a list of Politicians under suspicion for sexual crimes against children, Cameron shockingly and interestingly ‘as a matter of evidence’ said he didn’t want suspicions about Governors turning into a witch-hunt against gays. People are now saying the British PM David Cameron is a pedophile who does not truly want to investigate Governors. David Cameron put the man accused of groping a teen, in to rule over the Police, Judges, and Courts. Ken Clarke has been the Minister over Hospitals and Care homes, and since 1997 Clarke has been Vice President of the UK European Movement, sought to pass legislation allowing secret trials in the name of so called ‘national security’, is an attendee of the mysterious Bilderberg meetings, and has done media work for the BBC. Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Alison Redford were also Bilderberg attendees. Alarmingly Gordon Campbell and Nigel Wright were also. http://www.maxfarquar .co m/2012/10/ben-fellows-kenneth-clark e/ According to Abel Danger news, the United States Marine Field McConnell, claims his sister Kristine Marcy helped Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke build a pedophile trusty blackmail matrix. The David hawks cafe group and Abel Danger writers say it appears PM Stephen Harper’s Health Minister for Canada, ‘Alberta MP Rona Ambrose’ is protecting conservative child predators and helping pedophiles into positions of power! Harper’s Minister Ambrose may smile, yet is it not like the smiling from Alberta Premier Redford that was a part of a court trial. Alberta Judge Gord Wong acquitted Stan Chris.Leonard of death threats after he sent emails to condemn Redford’s smiling. In 2012, Alberta Politicians said it appears Alison Redford is covering up that Alberta’s Crown Prosecutors Office out of neglect and denying partook in the sexual assault of a nine year-old. Alberta's Political opposition say Alberta's Courts & Crown did not allow criminal charges continue and did not allow the right of the accuser to be heard in court. Alberta’s Prosecutors Office is accused of failing to care for and of whitewashing evidence there was molesting to a nine year old girl. The person Prosecutors put under criminal charges was facing witness testimony reporting; sexual assault, interference, invitation to sexual touching, & sexual exploitation. Alberta's Deputy Justice Minister Greg Lepp said the charges failed from delays. W.R. MLA Rob Anderson said the charges failing from delaying shows Albertans face “a pathetic excuse for a justice system”, according to CBC News. The MLA told the Globe and Mail; “A justice system that would allow for some thing like this to happen is not a justice system. It is a joke.” In Question Period Rob asked Alison Redford if Greg Lepp was "sent to whitewash the scandal?" The Politician Anderson chose the terms joke and scandal towards the Prosecutors Office and left the message that Alberta’s Crown Prosecutors Office appears guilty of burying sexual crimes to a nine year-old girl. The Liberal’s leader Raj Sherman, also asked why Redford’s Government was covering up deaths of children that were in the Alberta system’s care. The mysterious deaths were after Alberta’s system saying the children were in peril and taking them. After a four year legal battle by reporters Karen Kleiss & Darcy Henton, we know the number of deaths of children were much higher than written in the Government's yearly report. Nov.25th 2013 Sherman said; "To the Premier: Why is your government trying to cover up the deaths of children?" Why are Alberta’s Prosecutors Office under Redford’s Government seen burying sexual crimes to a nine year old girl, and why in Alberta ‘where Harper lives’ is Alison Redford’s Government seen trying to cover up the deaths of Alberta children? ………… The Politician Anderson said; "We can’t live in a province where people are afraid to come forward because they don’t believe the justice system will be there for them.” No, after judges and prosecutors out of neglect and denying commit sexual scandals and health scandals, ‘why would’ people feel they can safely enter and leave Alberta’s court system! Any can see here that Governors said there are reasons for believing people may be afraid to enter Alberta’s courts to find justice. That is alarming ! Although Anderson has said Alberta’s Crown Prosecutors Office and Justice system is “a joke” , that does not confirm the MLA’s position is innocent. Mr.Anderson is a player of propaganda. If it were the time of the Jim Crow Laws people would see him comforting a white woman whose emotions were shaken by a coloured man entering a restaurant. At that time people did not have the same; hospitals, nurses, washrooms, and graveyards. I am not saying he hates blacks. Politicians and all ought to see it as a great interest knowing that at the time of the Crow Laws people were on guard and comforting parents and their children who were hurt by any colored person sharing the same services. That is rich ! That time of the police enforced Crow laws confirms that Psychos may appear protective and travailing yet their emotions are dangerous? Here we see propaganda is real.
  22. 22. U.S. Senator Nancy Schaefer gave the warning that (Government child trafficking and child kidnapping) for sexual pleasure, (*is a growing criminal political phenomenon spreading world wide"). The Senator said it is run by people in the highest positions. Schaefer said that is why people cannot get help from Members of Parliament and others. Senator Schaefer said publicly; ("People cannot trust the system. It does not serve the public. The tax payers actually believe the system is protecting children".) The Senator also carried the message publicly that people Governing are using foster care to traffic them as sexual slaves, and to molest. Schaefer who was a member of six senate committees said the system preys on poor people since they cannot afford a lawyer as others and often have a harder time knowing how the system works. March 26 2010 Senator Schaefer was found dead, and many say it was murder that Governors are guilty of. Schaefer said the Politicians sexual practices with children (is why people cannot get help from Legislators)! Politicians had a duty of defining realities, and in their failure to, they & others began perverting and turning into predators. Records from 13 decades ago are a clue to what is happening. When the first Parliament was in session in 1879 Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald was erecting great plans for North America within the Parliament building (while the age of consent was 10). Although in 1879 Canada had trains and heavy manufacturing, ships, submarines, light bulbs, telephones, skyscrapers etc, within the law the age of sexual consent in North America was for the most part 10 yrs-old. States that had the age of consent at 10 were; Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin & Wyoming. Any State or Province wherein the age was higher had this undeniable evidence next to them. The records show that only 13 decades ago Canadian Politicians & authorities were partaking in consensual sexual contact & practices with ten year-olds, and that it did not end in criminal charges. Does this confirm that all of the Politicians and Authorities Governing today are really predators? Are most people hypocrites? …………………… This is not like a natural desire to steal. The records of today reveal the most knowledgeable, most honored, most heroic, most religious, most serving, most sociable, most lightweight, most serious, most sophisticated, most royal, most law abiding and the hardest working people are found with desires towards preteen youth. In his July 27th 2008 blog Trial Lawyer Norm Pattis wrote; “ For many years the age of consent for sexual contact was far lower than 14. There is something sick about a society that tolerates such rank hypocrisy ”. JW Productions did a video that tells of Governments conspiring to view all men in the world as pedophiles. JW tells of politicians designing laws and cities to view all men as potential pedophiles. Male teens are seen in the same way. Women with small breasts are even banned from magazines to stop feeding the desires men possess towards youth. The laws allow companies to even ban literature pertaining to youth, such as the Bible & Shakespeare. The Production warns that the laws are to limit civil liberties and silence opposition. The following is a revealing public message from the investigator Brian Gerrish towards British Politicians, and Officials. His message was said outside to news reporters towards a child sex abuse court show-trial. “It’ll protect people that possess desires towards youth (provided they are people of status in society). If you are somebody at the bottom of the social spectrum, and you are caught, then the state will throw everything against you ! If you are of the upper echelons or hidden among; the senior police, judiciary, military, whatever, the state will protect you. The state is now attacking its own people. It is obvious the Politicians and Governors not only know what is going on, they are a part of what is going on” ! …………………….…. The investigator and former British naval officer Brian Gerrish carried the message that “it is obvious” that Politicians possess & repress desires towards preteens and other youth while witch hunting the public.
  23. 23. Does the system and society possess a nature that naturally rapes and molests children, and that naturally lies about it? No ! The following revelation teaching shines light on that question; On the net there are many lackingly intelligent images of teens and preteens. Desires towards too much lacking intelligence is to transmogrify or shrink into perversity. Would I say it is possible people would see some teens or preteens as having or possessing a beauteous appearance? Pages of exhibits in the Report reveal and prove that nature builds examples of beauteous and pulchritudinous youth, and the evidence does confirm that inherency is common. Although that abounds or is common most youth do not have or possess intelligence that is beauteous. As I wrote, on the internet there are many lackingly intelligent images but people pass through many images because images (trigger memory) of sexual intelligence. What does that speak of? It is natural that images (remind) of an attraction while never existing as part of it. It is a biological examination triggering at evidence. In other words people do not pass such images based on desires towards immature faces and body forms but as part of a search to find sexual intelligence. What is triggering is sexual pleasure but not from the images. The pleasure is from (inside connections) to certain significant conscience and body metamorphoses that many images trigger memory of. What is switching on is the memory and imagination pertaining to sexual intelligence. The knowledge here shows people are put under a false belief and false profiling. * I name the matter; “The Degenerate Fallacy”. …………….. Now people may see why the Government cannot view all men as JW is saying. Blind and short-sighted people lust and want porn. The report I have written is not about defending a liberty. The report is to reveal a matter of global mind control and to reveal that people are fed into an unreality. The report tells of propaganda, of tentacles of lying that controls the world (like farm animals). The report proves the world is under the control of hypocrites. What I have given in the above teaching is a revelation, for all people to awaken and see, that aging global propaganda is confusing contrary and dividing realities.. Some people act as if it is shame getting to the truth yet they treasure having others acting as Coroners Proctologists, garbage men, and laundry workers. Many people deny that they are living in fiction. Deny! Deny! Hmm? Are people truly awake to the reality that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized virtual youth porn for 250 million Americans? That is a public record ! That is not fiction ! The Supreme Court struck down 18 U.S.C. §2256 (8)(B), which criminalized computer-generated images appearing as youth in sexually explicit acts. That is reality, and out of that record people may prove many things. The Court Ruling carries the message that 250 million residents of the nation next to Canada may want to view virtual youth porn. NY State’s Court of Appeals gave a ruling legalizing real preteen pornography for 20 million people. On May 8th 2012 the senior female Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick wrote; “On the internet it is now legal in the State of New York”… That legalizing is ( next door ) to lying Politicians in Ottawa Canada. The powerful New York lawmaker Vito J. Lopez, is accused of saying that he found a fourteen-year-old intern ‘so sexy' that he wished he lived in a state where it was legal to sleep with the young girls. NY City Housing Development Corporation President Russell Harding who was the aide to the New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani was found with youth pornography. AIan Williams Goddard stated; “A Society whose citizens 'refuse to see’ & investigate the facts who refuse to believe their government and media will routinely lie to them and (fabricate a reality) (contrary to verifiable facts), is a society that chooses…the police state”. (they project a false reality, contrary to verifiable facts, & either madly or insanely refuse to see those facts ).
  24. 24. If people deny a natural production of the mind & body functions then ‘the unreality in doing that’ ‘equates into’ unreal contact with others. There are all kinds of costs that may happen out of that. The truth is seen in the religious beliefs people profess, such as the scriptural record that at twelve years-old the chosen Galilee Mother of Christ was set to wed Joseph while he was in his thirties. Yes, Mary in keeping with the Jewish custom would have been twelve years-old. If people are hearing the truth then God would not have had Mary at twelve seen with Joseph in his thirties, lest it embolden others to sexuality towards young teens and preteens. In the book of Numbers, God gave the command; "The young girls, who have not known men by lying with them, keep alive for yourselves!" Here any can see that God isn’t protecting children but ‘a spirit of conscience’, against (forces) of evil that would take any away from that certain spirit of faith. Proverbs 22:6 says; “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Many falsely interpret that too. People think it means to exercise unyielding unedifying control on youth, and many interpret old as an older child. That is false. Christ ‘chose’ and trained His 12 disciples in the way they should go and even they for a time did deny and left what they were taught. Old is in truth telling of old age or the latter part of the stories of others. 900 BC Proverbs 20:11 taught that youth are not unaccountable as evidence and clues of their intelligence is seen in them, and of them mapping a course to sin. As any can see here, God is not guarding youth ! The Devil uses the false belief that all youth are as holy ground while in truth they are natural ground. Some say the perversion of youth is curiosity, yet by the age of 12 the bodies of girls form fully functioning sexual systems and reproduction systems that give youth great power to lust. It is a lie to say it is curiosity while signs and clues are built in to the bodies and senses of youth. All of these records are edifying. Many know of the young girl Anne Frank who under the rule of Hitler began writing a diary at age 13. Anne Frank wrote; “I know I am a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenty of courage.” “The state must (falsely) declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty, and almost any deprivation” - Daniel Lapin / Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1985 People on the internet have written of the matter of Adolf Hitler saying those words. Are systems the cause of issues such as paedophilia? Yes, and although I’m not saying it is a criminal matter philias that are simply after an age to gain pleasure, and not after sexual intelligence, are polar & perverting. God was using the death of Hitler’s Mother to soften and change his heart yet some are overcome by evil. Adolf Hitler is seen by many as a man who was in love with his young niece Geli Raubal, and as having affairs with teens Maria Reiter and Eva A. Braun, who all committed suicide. Adolph Hitler’s artistic nature turned into the perverted use of technology & media. He named his headquarters “Wolf’s Lair”. There was a spiritual work done in him which is why he was seen as extremely charming and charismatic personally. Unfortunately he sank into barbarity and genocide.
  25. 25. The leader of the Nazi Party was a Fuhrer of propaganda. Today Politicians put the finest suits on their propaganda. Most people within society are following a program that wires the human mind using partial truths. The conscience now works like a resetting trap towards certain knowledge and records. How did Politicians possess power to spread such mind control? First, they control the message through money, and it is as Mark Twain once wrote; “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on shoes.” On March 16, 2012 at 1:46:17 pm I received an email from the world renowned sexologist Dr. Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University. Berlin was emailing to thank me for sending him a pdf update of the Cullen Report. As some know, the Professor has told the world of sexual demonizing. The world renowned Professor was desiring to defend people possessing desires towards youth, like people defend the rights of gays. After awakening to my report giving revelations into his own nature and nature of others, mr. Berlin simply fell into the shadows. - In his email he said; "I really appreciate you sending me this report", and yet it appears he is now hiding. - In the face of the truth Berlin appears like an animal caught in the headlights of car. It shows the power of media, idolatry towards reputations, and the weak stand people have today against lying. The following gives a measure of knowledge towards propaganda. ……………. Propaganda is about the power to embarrass, which is to put another at any position that lures in predators and has the other appear (as if they turned into a lesser creature), as if they did what is known as a shame. It is not simply a matter of appearances. It is about media (planting) part of the witch hunt in the mind. As I wrote; the conscience then works like a resetting trap towards certain knowledge and certain records. Propaganda is about appearances or messages that are unstable yet ‘uncertainly alarming’. Propaganda is about evidence that does not satisfy as evidence for a charge. The people that follow propaganda are social scavengers that see propaganda as The Great Predator. The nature of propaganda is to act as if one must account while in truth there is not any thing to account for since the charge and evidence against them is not any thing other than interchangeable fallacy fragments. When Politicians are spreading propaganda they are calling on (social scavengers) that are (social cannibals). When Politicians are spreading propaganda they are calling on people whose emotions disguise predation. The matter of propaganda calling on social cannibalism, I name ; “The Devil’s Dinner Bell” The nature of the ammunition of propaganda is that it fires at people to control them in a mould, yet not like the Star Wars carbonite put on Han Solo. The ammunition does not mould on a person like the carbonite. The ammunition ( is ) a mould. The ammunition of a propaganda mould is also highly unstable since it puts on people a mould that fluctuates. It is that nature that can cause the deepest harm to people, and can turn others into monsters or criminals. I name the matter; “Propaganda Moulding”. Propaganda about youth is either abusing people or is turning people into monsters & propaganda spreading hypocrites. The ‘one bad apple’ doctrine is not reality. The best apples from the greatest apple trees in the world have records against them. Did you know that. U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s brother in-law Jamie was found with preteen porn? Did you know that Elvis Presley's Lawyer D. Beecher Smith II was found with preteen pornography? The Chief Scientist and Oceanographer William Kenneth Stewart who did the exploration of the sunken Titanic Ship, was later found with preteen pornography and other porn. William was a world leading scientist at one of the most highly ranked marine research facilities in the world!
  26. 26. Others are; the son of the famous Veteran Astronaut Walter Schirra, the Yardbirds drummer’s son, World-renowned child dyslexia Specialist Chris Singleton, National Health Service project manager Christopher Gosling, the President of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Albert Abrams, Gulf War General Raymond Germanos, National Guard Tank Commander Chris Pappas, and Criminal Law Specialist John Temple. The manager for Canada's national Agriculture Museum Franz Klingender was also this last July of 2013. Among many scientists found with youth porn are; Oxford scientist Andrew Lintern, Scientist William P. Patrick, Hospital Scientist Timothy Byrnes, Senior NASA Scientist Per Glo-ersen, leading Alberta Scientist Robin Phillips, State Scientist Michael Drury, Scientist Alfred B. Schutlz, Scientist Jan Wozinski, Scientist Ronald D. Guckenberger, Scientist Jonathan Silverlight, and Chief Scientist David Francis O'Brien. The Scientist, Professor and award-winning author Mary J. Ruwart stated; “Children who willingly participate in sexual acts have the right to make such decisions, even if it’s distasteful to older people personally”. ……………… The British Leader Harriet Harman who likes to speak of violence against women has shown the real nature of all governing women towards preteens when she called on other Ministers to legalize porn videos and images of preteens. Harman is the first ever Minister for Women, and one of the most respected women in the world. Harman who sat on a Cabinet Committee for the welfare of youth led the National (Council) for Civil Liberties that also openly called other Ministers to legalize sexual practices with preteens. British leader Harman has stated; “We suggest that the term indecent be qualified as follows; A photograph or film shall not be considered illegal (a) by reason only that the model is in a state of undress (whether complete or partial); (b) unless it is proven or appears provable from the photograph or film that the making of the photo or film appears to have caused the model physical harm or psychological or emotional disorder. Our amendment places the onus of proof on the prosecution to show that the youth was actually harmed.” After facing some so-called enemy opposition Harman gave another message stating; ”The horrifying truth is that while parents are watching tv downstairs, their children are upstairs watching degrading images of sex and violence. We need to grasp this painful reality.” David Icke, seen by his enemies as a delusional believer in reptilian humanoids, stated towards her words; “What needs to be grasped here, is the depth, the sheer unimaginable depth of hypocrisy and nerve that it took for Harman to write that”. That is a red alert fact ! Harman’s friend MP Hodge is also under suspicion after evidence that a child sex network was committing sexual acts on children in every one of the Islington council’s children’s homes while Margaret Hodge was leader of Council. Later PM Tony Blair put Hodge in to act as his Minister for Children. In 1974 her husband became Chairman of the National Council for Civil Liberties who went on to become a High Court judge. As I have written, the NCCL was working with PIE. station-paedophile-sex-ring-dungeon-scandal/ On June 22nd 1979 a letter and great list of signatures was handed to the Netherlands Parliament and to the Dutch Minister of Justice (demanding) the legalization of sexual practices between preteens and older people. The demand was signed by all of the Jr members of (the Conservative party), and by a Paramount number of (Professors), (Physicians), (Psychiatrists), (Psychologists), (Teachers), the General Teachers Association, the Protestant Teachers Confederation, Liberals and Social Welfare organizations. If people cannot see the truth in all of the evidence, then like farm animals they are under the control of the Politicians. It is madness and a scandal, acting as if the nature of Governors is not seen in the evidence. Hypocrisy is not about whether or not some one is committing a sin. Hypocrisy is to pretend that you are not doing what you claim to be against, or hypocrisy is to bury or conceal that you wish you were doing what you claim to be against , or it is to bury or conceal that you wish you were doing a form of that ! The Lord shall not have joy in their young men, neither shall He have mercy on their fatherless and widows , since every one is a hypocrite ! ISAIAH 9:17 - No mercy , hmm, That sounds damning !