Applications of R in Business contest: 2012


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Applications of R in Business contest: 2012

  1. 1. Revolution ConfidentialApplications of R in Business Contest2012 Winners
  2. 2. Revolution ConfidentialA Direct Marketing In-flight Forecasting SystemShannon Terry and Ben Ogorek Nationwide Insurance (USA) “Such an opportunity to demonstrate the business relevance of R was too important to pass up. With these contest submissions, we are excited to share our favorite applications of R from 2011. The open- source R community has genuinely inspired Nationwide. Thanks to this incredible community, we are generating new ideas and enhancing our analytic capabilities.”
  3. 3. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: a direct marketing efficacy forecastingsystem that shows the incremental benefit of amarketing tactic when only a fraction of the marketingresponses have been observed. This allows marketersto test alternatives, evaluate their relative impact whilecampaigns are “in-flight” and adjust expenditures formaximum return.
  4. 4. Revolution ConfidentialMining Twitter for Airline Consumer Sentiment Jeffrey Breen, Atmosphere Research Group (USA) "I am excited about R because it makes it easy to get real work done. R is like the Linux of analytics, and as a result its used by professionals in a wide range of fields. With their contest, Revolution found a fun way to highlight Rs effectiveness across industries from airlines to health care and finance to foundries."
  5. 5. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: Mining Twitter to measure real-time consumer satisfaction of airlines.
  6. 6. Towards an ideal steel plant - Online Revolution Confidential liquid steel temperature prediction using R HakanKoç and Bengt Maas, Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH (Germany) "The project of modeling the liquid steel temperature along the process chain and its realization in the production control systems is very important to the Salzgitter AG Steel Plant Division and consequently we are very happy to share our results and even get a positive external resonance from the R Community and independent renowned judges"
  7. 7. Melt Databasis of Production Processes: Analysis/Calculations DB-Query Revolution Confidential MeltProcess Data Steel Converter Ladle Metallurgy Continuous Casting Regression Storing Regression-Coeffs. Ident X1 X2 X3 Data • Amounts of: • Casting format 1 100 0.1 Ja • Melttemperatures Regr 4 400 0.3… Ja • Chemical composition - purging gas (slab dimension) Coefs 3 300 0.2 Nein • Time durations - cooling scrap • Stirring energy 2 200 0.5 Nein 5 500 0.4 … - slag 6 600 0.25 … 7 700 0.25 True 9 900 0.1 True Continuous Integration of R in Steel Plant Production Function 8 11 800 1100 0.25 0.5 False Results False 12 1200 0.3 … Prozess Analysis / Data Mining System PresetTemps. 13 14 1300 1400 0.5 0.1 … … Robust Linear Regression with „S“ Scaleand 15 16 1500 1600 0.1 0.4 … … „MM“ Estimator Examplaryresult PredictedTemperature [ C] of robust regressionfor ameassurementpoint in steel plant Foreachmeas.Point Dynamic Recalculation KNV: Converter Temp(x1,..xn)=ax1+…nxn VPL: Ladle Treatment SGA: ContinuousCasting Measured, Temperature [ C]R Application: an online temperature prediction model for steel that calculates optimal defaultmelting, processing, and casting temperatures so that processing conditions remain stableand higher material quality is ensured.
  8. 8. Revolution ConfidentialTime Series Analysis and Order Prediction with R ImreKocsis, KristófGáti, AndrásPataricza, and GáborHorváth, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) "In the industries we work with, R is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for agile data analysis. It was encouraging and educational to see how wide a range of real-life applications R has in other fields."
  9. 9. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: a predictive model that supports visual data exploration and can be used topredict to arbitrarily long horizons in the future.
  10. 10. Revolution ConfidentialPredict the duration of your clinical trial Stephen D. Simon P.MeanConsulting / University of Missouri-Kansas City (USA) "Im not that great at programming, so I was nervous at competing with people who are much better than I am. R produces such nice results that even someone with my limited talents can produce some very polished and professional looking graphs and output."
  11. 11. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: a prediction model for patient accrual in clinical trials, which is a critical successfactor in completing trials on time and on budget.
  12. 12. Revolution ConfidentialQuantifying Uncertainty in IT Estimates Shannon Terry and Ben Ogorek Nationwide Insurance (USA)
  13. 13. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: render accurate estimates of IT work effort, critical for deciding where intechnology a business should invest.
  14. 14. Revolution Confidential knitr: Elegant, flexible and fastdynamic report generation with R YihuiXie, PhD Candidate at Department of Statistics, Iowa State University (USA) "As an old Chinese saying goes, nobody can smell your wine if it is stored in a deep alley, no matter how good it smells. This contest has brought some good wine from peoples backyard to the business world, which makes R smell even better. I appreciate the opportunity provided by Revolution Analytics to make my own wine."
  15. 15. Revolution ConfidentialR Application: save time and human effort when creating reports based on R output byeliminating the need to re-enter figures.
  16. 16. Revolution ConfidentialThe leading commercial provider of software and support for the popular open source R statistics language. +1 (650) 646 9545 Twitter: @RevolutionR