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Introduction to Disciplined Agile Technology
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Introduction to Disciplined Agile Technology


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Durante este Webinar Scott hablará sobre Disciplined Agile Delivery (Entrega Disciplinada de Agilidad), o DAD, es un framework de procesos que brinda una estrategia completa y coherente de cómo …

Durante este Webinar Scott hablará sobre Disciplined Agile Delivery (Entrega Disciplinada de Agilidad), o DAD, es un framework de procesos que brinda una estrategia completa y coherente de cómo funciona en la práctica la entrega ágil de soluciones.

DAD es un framework híbrido, centrado en las personas y orientado al aprendizaje. Utiliza una estrategia dirigida por metas y un ciclo de vida dirigido por riesgo y valor.

Es escalable y está diseñado para satisfacer contextos empresariales complejos.

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  • 1. © Scott Ambler + Associates 1 Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Scott W. Ambler Senior Consulting Partner scott [at] @scottwambler
  • 2. Questions will be addressed at the end of the webcast Warning: We’re going to cover a lot of ideas very quickly! © Scott Ambler + Associates 2
  • 3. © Scott Ambler + Associates 3 Agenda • Defining Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) • Hybrid framework • Lifecycles • Roles • Process goal driven • Enterprise awareness • Scaling and tailoring • Governance • What does it mean to be disciplined?
  • 4. 4 Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is a process decision framework The key characteristics of DAD: – People-first – Goal-driven – Hybrid agile – Learning-oriented – Full delivery lifecycle – Solution focused – Risk-value lifecycle – Enterprise aware © Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 5. Scrum Extreme Programming LeanKanban DAD is a Hybrid Framework © Scott Ambler + Associates 5 Unified Process Agile Modeling Agile Data“Traditional”Outside In Dev. DevOps …and more DAD leverages proven strategies from several sources, providing a decision framework to guide your adoption and tailoring of them in a context-driven manner. SAFe
  • 6. A High Level Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 6
  • 7. Scrum Construction Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 7 A good start…
  • 8. A Scrum Delivery Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 8 …but this is how agile teams actually work…
  • 9. Unbranded Agile Delivery Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 9 …and it’s time to abandon the branding.
  • 10. Governed Delivery Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 10 Disciplined agile teams are guided by senior management…
  • 11. Disciplined Agile Delivery: Basic Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 11 …and realize they work in an organizational ecosystem.
  • 12. Disciplined Agile Delivery: Lean Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 12 DAD doesn’t prescribe a single lifecycle…
  • 13. The Phases Disappear Over Time © Scott Ambler + Associates 13 First release: Inception Construction Transition Second release: I Construction T Third release: I Construction T Nth+ releases: C CT C C TT T . . . …and promotes continuous learning and improvement.
  • 14. Disciplined Agile Delivery: Lean Continuous Delivery Lifecycle © Scott Ambler + Associates 14 A good end goal
  • 15. Roles on DAD Teams • Team Lead – Agile process expert, keeps team focused on achievement of goals, removes impediments • Product Owner – Owns the product vision, scope and priorities of the solution • Architecture Owner – Owns the architecture decisions and technical priorities, mitigates key technical risks • Team Member – Cross-functional team members that deliver the solution • Stakeholder – Includes the customer but also other stakeholders such as Project Sponsor, DevOps, architecture, database groups, governance bodies 15 © Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 16. DAD is Process Goal-Driven © Scott Ambler + Associates 16
  • 17. Disciplined Agilists Take a Goal Driven Approach © Scott Ambler + Associates 17 Goal Issue Advantages Disadvantages Considerations * Option Default Option * Explore the Initial Scope Form the Initial Team Address Changing Stakeholder Needs Source Team size Team structure Team members Geographic distribution Supporting the team Availability Co-located Partially dispersed Fully dispersed Distributed subteams
  • 18. Goal: Secure Funding 18© Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 19. Goal – Secure Funding 19© Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 20. Goal – Secure Funding (cont.) 20© Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 21. Goal: Align With Enterprise Direction 21© Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 22. Goal: Explore the Initial Scope 22© Scott Ambler + Associates
  • 23. DAD Teams Are Enterprise Aware • DAD teams strive to leverage and enhance the existing organizational eco system wherever possible • Implications: – Work closely with enterprise groups – Follow existing roadmap(s) where appropriate – Leverage existing assets – Enhance existing assets © Scott Ambler + Associates 23
  • 24. Context Counts: The Software Development Context Framework © Scott Ambler + Associates 24 The selection factors and scaling factors combined will affect how you tailor your process, team structure, and tooling
  • 25. © Scott Ambler + Associates 25 Governance is Built Into DAD • Governance strategies built into DAD: – Risk-value lifecycle – Light-weight milestone reviews – “Standard” opportunities for increased visibility and to steer the team provided by agile – Enterprise awareness – Robust stakeholder definition
  • 26. What Does it Mean to Be Disciplined? • In general, it requires discipline to follow many agile practices and philosophies • But, it also requires discipline to: – Reduce the feedback cycle – Learn continuously – Deliver solutions incrementally – Be goal driven – Enterprise aware – Streamline Inception and Transition efforts – Adopt agile governance strategies © Scott Ambler + Associates 26
  • 27. Got Discipline? © Scott Ambler + Associates 27
  • 28. Thank You! scott [at] @scottwambler Disciplined Agile Delivery Disciplined Agile Delivery © Scott Ambler + Associates 28
  • 29. DAD Certification: Disciplined Agile Yellow Belt – Indication that the person is new to disciplined agile but eager to learn – Validate basic knowledge via a test Disciplined Agile Green Belt – Indication that the person is striving to be a professional – Potential to be a junior coach – Difficult test and several years of proven experience Disciplined Agile Black Belt – Indication that the person is an expert – Often a senior coach, instructor, or agile transformation lead – Board-level certification © Scott Ambler + Associates 29
  • 30. Recommended Resources © Scott Ambler + Associates 30