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Willbrook greenbiz5

  1. 1. “” The place of excellence”
  2. 2. About WILLBROOKWillbrook is an international corporation, born in UK, offering a full range ofprofessional estate services targeting outstanding individuals and corporations.The company has focused on the opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.Since 1998 we have been developing high end residential, office, retail andindustrial buildings in Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria andTurkey.The company’s mission- develop and sustain unique concepts on the local markets by combininginternational expertise with local design and innovation.- develop sustainably while protecting the environment;- focus on creating business value as well as valuable benefits for our clients’community.- promote developments in five key areas of environmental and human health:sustainable site development, water saving, energy efficiency, materialsselection and indoor environmental quality.
  3. 3. Consequently the company is lately growing through 4 divisions:Willbrook Real Estate – developing a large and heterogeneous portfolio of realestate projects in Europe.Willbrook Property Management – coordinating all customer services related toown and third parties real estate properties, whether they are residential, offices,commercial or mixed-used.Willbrook Hospitality – offering a wide range of added value services for ourresidential and office clients: spas, fitness clubs, restaurants and catering, events.Willbrook Medical Center – adding top medical services to the existing companyoffer targeting own and new clients. The new division intends to care for its clientsneeds through local and international high standard facilities and partnerships.
  4. 4. Green BuildingEco-Eco- Friendly, Premium Business DestinationWe go green. You get the benefits of it- eco friendly office project with innovative ecological strategies for water and energy management andconservation- positive impact on public health and the environment- reduces operating costs- enhances building and organizational marketability and potentially increases occupants’ productivity.Being in line with all EU and US “Green Standards” Platinum is under permanent monitoring in view of aLEED Certificate upon completion.
  5. 5. LocationLocation surrounded by Baneasa forest on three sides, but still in SECTOR 1 of Bucharest; excellently connected with the city center and the airports; 5-7 minutes away from Henry Coanda International airport, few minutes away from Baneasa airport and 10– 15 minutes away from the north side of city center (axis Charles de Gaulle Plaza- Piata Victoriei)Visibility Very generous opening to the main road (DN1) of 120 meters frontline, offering excellent exposure Architecturally landscaped park of more than 4,000sqm directly in front of the building
  6. 6. Platinum – Facts and Details Two(2) state-of-the art buildings, inter-connected by further office spaces; Platinum will provide approx. 38.000 sqm rentable area of Class AAA office space; Unrivalled and state of the art convention facilities of approximately 3,000sqm suitable for more than2,200 guests – offering small, medium and large facilities; B + GF + 5 structure, offering OPEN space planning of approx. 4,000sqm per floor; A total estimate of 1,000 car parking spaces are accommodated on the site, out of which theunderground is providing for approximately 500 spaces; Large atriums; Largest restaurant in Bucharest catering for up to 510 people at a time;
  7. 7. Conference CenterThe newest and most modern Conference Center in Bucharest• brand new, up-to-date Convention Center with 12 conference rooms that can accommodate up to 2 400 seats, with the latest technologies for conference in place.• 6 medium size meeting rooms, 70 seats each,• 2 large halls (with flexible partitioning) that have a capacity of approximately 300 seats each• Mahogany Court that could host up to 1000 guests.• big Amphitheatre hall - of two levels height, sophisticated seats with built-in audio and video conference technology• Walnut Amphiteatre room is equiped with the latest video wall, already, launched internationally and scheduled to be launched in Romania during winter 2010, armchairs with voting system, simultaneous translation and discussion system incorporated. The display wall could project 7 sources in the same time.
  8. 8. Evidence of the use of innovative technology
  9. 9. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresWater efficiency for Landscape and irrigationRain Water Tank: The tank is designed to store a total volume of 923 cubical meters of rain water to be used forLandscape and irrigation purposes.Gray Water Recycling: The Sanitary project was designed to capture the Gray Waters, water for lavatories andsinks, and store them in the “Gray Water Tank” where the water will pass through a sophisticated filteringsystem and ultra-violet treatment prior to be reused.
  10. 10. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresEnergy ModelingElectronic Ballast: The Electrical project is designed to include a T5 Fluorescents with an electronic ballast foreach lighting fixture.Dimming Sensor: The electrical project is also designed to include on-board dimming sensors in the lumensinstalled near the Curtin Walls. A smart lumen is known to exceed 30% in Energy efficiency compared to aconventional one.
  11. 11. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measures Eco-
  12. 12. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresGreen Technology Implementation:Water Efficiency::Underground water resources through a local water wellCollecting the condense water from the HVAC system and reuse it for irrigation and toilets.Directing the Gray water from the sinks to a Gray water treatment station and redirecting it back to theBuilding’s toilets.Using a dry toilet system that requires no water flushing and is not connected to any water source.
  13. 13. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresEnergy Efficiency:According to the U.S. Department of Energy, buildings use 39% of the energy and 74% of the electricityproduced each year in the United States.So far introduced technologies refer to:Free Cooling Chillers, where process of utilizing the low outside air temperature for chilling water in theprocess or air conditioning, rather than part or all of air-cooled chiller plant.Solar Panels for naturally producing hot water. The natural hot water is retained in the Boilers room supplyingthe pre heating station and the Building’s heating system with hot water.Natural water pre heating station for the Boilers to reduce fuselage consumption during the steam production.Smart lighting fixtures with natural light sensors and dimmers.
  14. 14. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresEnvironment and Atmosphere:The Indoor/Outdoor Environmental Quality category promotes strategies that can improve indoor air; as well asproviding access to natural daylight and views, improving acoustics of the working environment and controllingOutdoor pollution.Low Noise Chillers based on screw compressor technology with cast aluminum sickle-shaped fans with highefficiency external rotor motor.Terrace covered with high SRI Gravel as a direct sunlight barrier reducing heat waves penetrating the Building.Optimized Curtain Wall Façade, introducing maximum natural light penetration with minimum heating factor,lowering the consumption rate of the Electricity for lighting fixtures.Introducing Curtain Wall Atriums encouraging natural light into the Building.
  15. 15. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresEnvironment and Atmosphere:Introducing the “Light Shelf” solution, extending the natural light coverage areas.Closed Glass Façade controlling the Indoor Air Quality with a delicate monitored mixture of fresh Air.Usage of no toxic materials.Usage of low limiting materials.Waste reduction technologies during construction by reusing waste material for backfilling and Landscapingdevelopment.Controlled usage of materials introducing recycled, and future recyclable, materials.Smart growth program reducing the “Heat Island Affect”.
  16. 16. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresGreen LEED Goal:The Project is being led by the Owner towards the “Gold” rate according to the United States GreenBuilding Counsel (USGBC) VIA a specialized American company with vast experience in leading Projectstowards the LEED goals.
  17. 17. Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendly measuresGreen Building BenefitsGreen Buildings provides financial benefits that conventional Buildings do not. These benefits includeenergy and water savings, reduces waste, improve indoor environmental quality, greater employeecomfort/productivity and lowers operations maintenance costs with special attention to the full life cycleimpacts of resources which is embodied in such green building and to the resource consumption andpollution emissions over the buildings complete life cycle.Main worldwide costs proven benefits:• 25-30% more energy efficient• Lower electricity peak consumption• Generates renewable natural energy• Reduces electricity purchases by more than 28%
  18. 18. “” The place of excellence” Willbrook International 2 A.P.Cehov, District 1, Bucharest, Romania Phone: +4021 231 7430/31Fax: +40 21 231 7432, Email: office@willbrook.ro www.willbrook.ro