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Buyers Guide to Hearing Aids
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Buyers Guide to Hearing Aids


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Buyer’s Guideto Hearing AidsWhat you need to know.The following information is presented for educational purposes onlyand should never replace the advice of a hearing care professional.© 2013 HearingPlanet. All rights reserved.
  • 2. 2Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Here’s a New Way to get Personal HelpHearing Loss – A Fact of Life For Baby BoomersHearing loss begins gradually, often in the 40s, and many people ignore thesymptoms – hoping they’ll go away. But waiting too long can be dangerous.Any age is too young to feel shut off from life, so take fast action if youexperience any of the symptoms.Yet, many people become confused by today’s wide variety of hearing aidsolutions. That’s why HearingPlanet created this objective Buyer’s Guide. Plus,HearingPlanet has revolutionized the way people solve hearing problems. Inaddition to this guide, we deliver private, in-home help. You can talk by toll-free phone or live Internet chat to your own Personal Hearing Consultant.Your Personal Hearing Consultant will give you unbiased guidance abouta wide range of hearing aids and will direct you to the nearest qualifiedaudiologist center for a hearing test.Now the largest segment of American society, Baby Boomers have endureda greater increase in noise pollution than any other generation. Prolongedor loud noise exposure seems to have overtaken age as the leading cause ofhearing loss.Add to that the fact that Baby Boomers will live longer than any previousgeneration, and you have the largest number of people ever to face thisproblem. In fact, about 40 percent of hearing-impairedAmericans are underage 65.Hearing is essential to fully enjoying and participating in life, but one in 10Americans — more than 31 million — experience some degree of hearing loss.This makes it our nation’s third most prevalent chronic health condition, afterarthritis and high blood pressure.Hearing loss affects1 in 4 Americanhouseholds, and65% of thoseindividualsare below theretirement age.
  • 3. 3Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669a life full of soundand music.hearing aids?aids can provide!Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, a taskresearch articles on the social, economic and psychological effects of hearingloss and the impact hearing aids have on these areas. The 33-page report canbe summed up by one sentence taken from its conclusion: “Hearing aid usegreatly improves adults’ health-related quality of life by reducing psychological,social and emotional effects of hearing loss — an insidious and potentiallydevastating chronic health condition.” The report also adds that hearing aids,when properly fit by a licensed Hearing Professional, are a low-risk treatmentthat consumers can try at little or no cost to address a condition for whichthere is no other “viable treatment.”style, or the tiny In-The-Canal style.Hearing Aid Styles and Technology
  • 4. 4Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Behind-The-Ear (BTE)aid is housed in a durable case that rests on the back of the outer ear. In the latehave actually made a comeback, since they offer wearers and audiologists moreflexibility.This style can address more types of hearing loss than any other. It is muchsmaller and comes in a variety of colors that blend with skin and hair that will work for severe and profound hearing losses. Open-fit hearingaids fall under this style as well.Open-fit hearing aids are now the most popular style of hearing aids. Open-They contain a thin plastic tube that extends over the outer ear and into theear canal. It is virtually invisible. In addition to being cosmetically appealing,the “open fit” tube avoids the occlusion or “stopped up” feeling of in-the-earhearing aids. Many colors and styles are available to suit each patient’s haircolor or fashion desires.In-The-Ear (ITE)hearing aid can fit for the majority of hearing losses. This size is the easiest tohandle for patients whose hands are no longer as nimble as they used to be.Its larger size also accommodates a larger battery, which translates to longerbattery life. Another benefit is that its size allows for more features, such asdirectional microphones and memory programs. This hearing aid is housed ina custom-made acrylic shell.BTE or Behind-the-Ear andAidITE or In-the-EarHearing Aid Aid
  • 5. 5Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669ITC or In-the-CanalIn-The-Canal (ITC)You can think of an In-The-Canal hearing aid as a smaller version of the In-holds all the electronics.sound localization because the microphone placement takes advantage of theexternal ear’s sound-reflecting’s manufacturers are now able to place directional microphones andCompletely-In-The-Canal (CIC)The Completely-In-The-Canal hearing aid is designed to fit just as its nameimplies – completely inside the ear canal. The cosmetic appeal of this styledepends largely on the size and shape of the wearer’s ear canal. Manufacturinglimitations, the shape of the ear canal and patient comfort all factor into thesize of the device.improve comfort and retention because of how deeply CIC aids fit in the earcanal. Their popularity has dropped drastically during the past couple of yearscosmetic appeal.However, there are some advantages beyond cosmetic appeal with CIC hearingaids: Improved telephone use, less wind noise when outdoors and better soundlocalization.CIC orIn-the-Earhearing
  • 6. 6Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669One Hearing Aid or Two?The benefit of wearing one hearing aid, as opposed to wearing two, can usuallybe determined by asking two questions:environments?If the answer to both questions is “yes,” there can be a tremendous benefit towearing two hearing aids instead of one. This is known as a “binaural fitting.”Binaural fittings offer the following advantages:understanding of speech.understanding in diffificult listening conditions. Our brains are designed totimes and intensities before we can make sense of the multitude of sounds andvoices in a crowded room. This can only be achieved with balanced hearing.Binaural hearing also helps determine where a voice originates. As it interpretsthe world, the brain adds together the perception of loudness from both ears.With a single hearing aid, if the sound coming into the ears is unbalanced, thewearer may not be able to determine immediately the location of the speaker.With hearing aids in both ears, this loudness-summing capability meansand patient experience tell us overwhelmingly that wearing two hearing aids isbetter than wearing one. Of course, there are occasional exceptions, but thesecan be determined during the hearing test.
  • 7. 7Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing AidsWhat is a digital hearing aid?Digital hearing instruments represent the most advanced technology availabletoday and allow the most precise prescriptive fitting. More than 95 percentof all hearing aids sold are digital. These instruments contain a tiny customprogrammed chip and offer the best way to match a particular patient’shearing loss with the precise amplification needed. Their unique technologyseparates the incoming sound into discreet bands or channels, each of whichcan be processed independently. Complete flexibility and amazing fine-tuningcapability are among the many benefits.The quickness and ease of fitting, patient comfort, no “stopped up” feelingwhile wearing them and the discreet size makes the open-fit style almostinvisible when worn.This category of hearing aid has been widely available for over 8 years and hasbecome HearingPlanet’s biggest selling style. Originally designed to fit onlyhigh frequency hearing loss, open-fit styles are now even smaller and can fit awide range of hearing difficulty.What is the best hearing aid on the market?This is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked. There are several verygood major brands, but there is no single “best hearing aid.”The best hearing aid is the one that suits an individual’s unique lifestyleand hearing loss. A Personal Hearing Consultant and our local HearingProfessional will be happy to educate you about various options and help selectthe right model.The averagenoticing signs ofhearing loss.
  • 8. 8Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669features that provide greater satisfaction. Our customers, typically, are mostsatisfied with a hearing aid that includes the following features:These improve speech understanding in noisyenvironments by using two microphones to better separate unwantedsounds behind the wearer from the important speech sounds in front ofthe wearer.These react quickly enough to increasethe volume for crucial speech sounds, lower it for louder ambient noisesand protect the wearer from sudden loud sounds like slamming doors.Also called “memories,” these let the wearer changethe manner in which the hearing aid processes sound when movingfrom one environment to another, providing more control over variouslistening situations.This makes listening to speech more comfortable indifficult or noisy situations, as well as reducing wind noise when outside.Noise reduction is available in different levels of technology and can varyin its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to understand that havingnoise reduction in hearing aids does not mean background noise iseliminated.Annoying whistling or squealing are virtuallyeliminated with this digital feature, allowing for greater clarity ofimportant speech.There is truly very little difference in quality or performance when comparingtoday’s major brands. While there are more than 20 different hearing aidmanufacturers, only about seven companies research and design the digitalcircuits on the market.
  • 9. 9Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669We recommend those brands of hearing aids based on proven quality, digitalprocessing and reliability. In every case, our Hearing Consultants and yourlocal Hearing Professional help in selecting the best hearing aid for yourunique hearing loss and personal needs.In the past two years, we have seen tremendous advances in hearing aidfeatures. This has led to consumer satisfaction rates reaching an all-time high.Most consumers want technology to help them hear better when backgroundnoise is present and to minimize feedback.automatic program changes, use of remote control and digital feedbacksuppression. Previous hearing aid wearers should contact one of our Personalif they may be appropriate for their needs.ability to hear. This is true whether or not we use hearing aids.However, research shows that the ability to make sense of what we heardeteriorates more rapidly if the hearing pathway is not stimulated. Therefore, adecision to delay being fit with hearing aids will not cause hearing to becomeworse, but it may make it more difficult to adapt and benefit from hearing aidslater on.This is a very good reason for not waiting until hearing aids are absolutelybuy hearing aids because they feel their hearing “isn’t bad enough.” The expertsat HearingPlanet can help in making this decision.Rediscover theworld of clearbeautiful sound!
  • 10. 10Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Yes, some manufacturers now have integrated Bluetooth systems with theirIf you are interested in using hearing aids with your Bluetooth phone,computer or MP3 player, please call us to discuss your options.How much do hearing aids cost?Hearing aids have a very wide price range and almost 90 percent of peopleare fit with two devices. Pricing depends on the style and technology levelrecommended for an individual’s hearing loss and lifestyle needs. This isdetermined after a hearing test is completed.When purchasing hearing aids through HearingPlanet, you can be assuredof paying the fairest prices for the best hearing aids. Our pricing includes allfitting, as well as a minimum of one year of follow-up services through ourendorsed local Hearing Professionals.We see these same ads in our local paper and realize they are mostly confusingdollars off what price?” and “Why are you doing a study nowhave been done before the devices came to market?” In addition, do you reallythink any manufacturer provides a “free” hearing aid?At HearingPlanet, we do not believe in using misleading marketing tactics togain your interest. Our goal is to educate you toward making a smart buyingdecision that is easy and worry-free.
  • 11. 11Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Frequently Asked Questions About HearingPlanetHearingPlanet?Yes, particularly in the convenience of our process.throughout the entire process, providing a level of service no other companyoffers.Not only does this person take the time to inform you of your hearing aidoptions, but they will also coordinate a local hearing test and all paymentoptions for any hearing aid purchase. Consider your Hearing Consultant asyour “Hearing Concierge.”from testing, to fitting, to follow-up services at a convenient location.When this is combined with the wide selection of manufacturers we offer,HearingPlanet provides a comprehensive package for anyone researching andbuying hearing of the 1,500 professional locations must meet our strict standards forexpertise, quality and care before we agree to partner with them.Because of our high standards, we go out of our way to find experts who arehighly qualified in evaluating hearing loss, fitting and programming hearingaids, and all other aspects of this highly technical field.You can take comfort in knowing that we not only pre-screen the localprofessionals in our nationwide network, but we also continually checkperformance through monthly client satisfaction audits. We consider it asdoing our homework, so you don’t have to.Another added benefit of our nationwide network is the ability to arrangePersonal Hearing Consultant quickly puts the patient in touch with a providerconvenient to wherever the patient happens to be.who…has been tryingwould help my motherhear again…We have spentthousands in the pastdevice that would helpwas very skeptical butwe convinced her to trythrilled with the resultshelp that everyoneconcerned has givenmy mom and my
  • 12. 12Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669me?easy and takes only a few minutes. After the Personal Hearing Consultant asksa few simple questions to learn more about your hearing needs, the Consultantwill assist in arranging an appointment at the location closest to your home orneeding hearing aids?grandparents, or nieces and nephews calling for aunts and uncles. Our PersonalHearing Consultants are trained to work with family members in making allour strongest patient testimonials are the result of family members helpingeach other toward better hearing and better living.Yes. HearingPlanet has Audiologists available by phone five days a week:you call outside those times, leave a message. We will return your call the nextbusiness day.brands of hearing aids. The advantage to this is that we are better able to suit apatient’s hearing loss and lifestyle needs.
  • 13. 13Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669HearingPlanet?The hearing aids, batteries for the trial period, standard manufacturer’s repairwarranty, a loss or damage warranty, 45-day trial period, all fitting fees andpurchase price. There are no hidden costs.through HearingPlanet?Many of our patient testimonials specifically address the thoroughness ofconsultation afterward are crucial to determining the best hearing aid. In manyinstances, a HearingPlanet hearing test will be completed at no charge.In other situations, our local Audiologists, who are classified as medicalproviders, can bill private health insurance, if needed. This can be discussed indetail when arranging an appointment for a hearing test.One of our goals is to make hearing care more affordable and paying forit easier. We accept payment by check and credit card and offer paymentplans. On certain models, options include 12 months interest-free with a lowfixed rate. Whether someone qualifies can be determined over the phone injust a few minutes.period, there are plenty of opportunities to work with a local professional tosee if a particular hearing aid is right. If it doesn’t meet your needs, we canexchange it for a different model. If you choose to return your hearing aids,HearingPlanet will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. Manyother companies charge return or restocking fees. We do not!“You have changed myhusband appreciates youmaking this a smoothknowledgeable and so
  • 14. 14Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Taking the Next Step – A Hearing TestThe first step to take when considering hearing aids is scheduling a professionalHere’s what to expect during the hearing evaluation and consultation:1. Your Personal Hearing Consultant will complete a Hearing Profifilewith you to better understand your daily lifestyle, hearing difficulty andwill then be contacted and a hearing evaluation scheduled.2. While you are at the local hearing test, there will first be a thorough examof the ears. This may reveal excessive earwax, eardrum damage or otherusually can be resolved quickly and easily. At HearingPlanet, our HearingProfessionals always look for the simplest solution first.3. There will be a comprehensive hearing evaluation, including pure tonetesting, speech understanding and other specialized tests if needed.4. Our local Hearing Professional will then discuss the test results,explaining the degree and nature of hearing loss. If hearing loss isdiagnosed, hearing aid options will be discussed and all questions will beanswered.95% ofindividualswith hearing losscould betreated withhearing aids.
  • 15. 15Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669HearingPlanet has prepared the following comparison chart to assist you aschoices are greater than ever before, but remember – there is not one “best”hearing aid.There are other comparison charts available, but we have simplified ours toshow what our patients are requesting and to show what we think is mostimportant for someone’s hearing loss and lifestyle. Many of these featuresused to be reserved only for the premium hearing aids, but many mid-levelfollowing definitions will help you understand the various columns.As noted previously in our Buyer’s Guide, open-fithearing aids are miniature, over-the-ear styles with a thin tube thatear canal by a thin tube or by a speaker (receiver) lying in the ear canal.plugged-up feeling.This technology provides different hearing programsfor the hearing aid wearer to select when exposed to various soundenvironment, while others will need to be changed manually.This unique feature records not only how you use yourhearing aids, but it also records your sound environment. This allows youand your Hearing Professional to further customize your hearing aidswith objective data.Almost all hearing aid manufacturers nowhave Bluetooth connectivity, remote control options, and connectionfor MP3 style devices. If this is an important feature for your lifestyle,models we offer actually include one of these accessories in the price!time to share with youtrying to help my auntcaring and concernedRenee E.,Locust Grove, GA
  • 16. 16Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Bluetooth wireless communication with hearing aids is now commonplace andreliable. HearingPlanet has educated hundreds of people about their hearingaid and Bluetooth options, and has compiled the following chart regarding thekey features of the most popular brands.Most of the manufacturers require an accessory to bridge the communicationbetween the Bluetooth signal (i.e., cell phone) and the hearing aids. Dependingtransmitter option may cost additional. However, with most premiumtechnology purchases, HearingPlanet includes the Bluetooth accessory atno-charge for HearingPlanet patients. Wireless accessories such as this workuses may be available depending on the manufacturer and your needs. Don’thesitate to call us for more information.NeckloopRechargeableTVRemoteControlFunctionPhonak Yes Yes Yes YesSiemens No Yes Yes YesResound No Yes Yes YesUnitron No Yes Yes YesOticon Yes Yes Yes YesWidex Yes Yes Yes YesStarkey No Yes Yes Yes
  • 17. 17Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Certain features of past digital hearing aid models such as channels/bands,noise reduction, directional microphones, and other are now commonplace onvirtually all hearing aids made today. Given this, we are constantly updating thehearing aids we offer to reflect the best mix of quality, features, and value.The following chart is inclusive of the most current and popular models ourpatients are inquiring about and wearing. If you would like more detailedinformation or do not see a model you are looking for, our team of HearingConsultants and Audiologists can assist you with your research and questions.selecting the right hearing aid.
  • 18. Model# Channels(Varies byModel)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty(Varies byModel)VersionsAmbra 20Yes -Advanced5 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICAudeo SSmartUp to 20Yes -AdvancedUp to 5 Up to 3 Years Micro BTEAudeo SMiniUp to 20 No 1 Up to 3 Years Micro BTEAudeoYESUp to 20 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 Years Micro BTECassia 6 Yes 3 2 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICNaida S Up to 20 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 Years BTE ,Micro BTENiosMicroUp to 16 Yes Up to 4 Up to 2 Years Micro BTEMilo 4 No Up to 4 1 YearBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICSolana 16 Yes 4 2 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICNano Up to 20 No 1 Up to 3 Years Micro CICBolero Q Up to 12Yes -Advanced4 Up to 3 Years BTEVirtoYes -AdvancedUp To 3 YearsITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICNaida Q Up to 20Yes -AdvancedUp to 3 years. BTEAudeo Q Up to 20Yes -AdvancedUp to 3 years. BTE ,7
  • 19. Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 20. Model# Channels(Varies byModel)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty(Varies byModel)VersionsQuantum Up to 20 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3BTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICLatitude Up to 16 Yes Up to 3 Up to 2 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC360 Up to 8 No Up to 3 Up to 2 BTEMoxi Up to 20 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3 Years Micro BTETandem Up to 16 No Up to 3 Up to 2 Years BTEShine 4 No 2 1 YearBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICQuantum Pro 20Yes -AdvancedUp to 4 3 yearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CICQuantumMicro CICUp to 20 Yes Up to 4 Up to 2 Years Micro CICMax Up to 20Yes -AdvancedUp to 4 3 Years BTEMoxi Kiss Up to 20.Yes -AdvancedUp to 3. Up to 3 years. BTECall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 21. Model# Channels(Varies by Model)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsAlera Up to 17Yes -AdvancedUp to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICLive Up to 17 No Up to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICSparx 6 No 2 2 Years BTEEssence 6 No 2 1 YearBTE ,ITE,ITC,CICVerso 17Yes -Advanced4 2 Years BTE ,ITECall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 22. Model# Channels(Varies by Model)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsAquaris Up to 16 Yes - Advanced 5 Up to 2 Years BTEPure Up to 16 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 Years Micro BTELife Up to 16 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 Years Micro BTEMotion Up to 16 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,ITE,ITC,CICiMini 16 No 1 3 Years Micro CICPure Carat Up to 16 Yes Up to 5 Up to 3 Years Micro BTENitro Up to 16 No Up to 5 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,ITE,ITC,CICEclipse Up to 16 Yes - Advanced 5 Up to 3 Years CICAce Up to 20 Yes - Advanced 6 Up to 3 YearsMicro BTE,CICCall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 23. Image not found Channels(Varies by Model)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsCharismo Up to 36 Yes - Advanced Up to 6. Up to 3 years. BTE ,CIC ,7Cobalt Up to 16 Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years. BTE ,CIC ,7Onyx Up to 12. Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years. 7Stream Up to 16. Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years. ITE,ITC ,CICPico Up to 16. Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years.ITE,ITC ,CIC,7Insite Plus Up to 16. Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years.BTE ,MicroBTEBridge Up to 12. Yes - Advanced Up to 8. Up to 3 years. BTE ,ITE,ITCDay Up to 6. Yes - Advanced Up to 6. Up to 3 years.BTE ,ITC,CICCall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 24. Model# Channels(Varies by Model)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsGroove 24 No 5 3 Years Micro CICVaricom Up to 12 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICTouch Up to 24 No Up to 4 Up to 3 Years Micro BTEIon Up to 24Yes -Advanced4 Up to 3 Micro BTEVelocity Up to 24 No Up to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICEndura Up to 12 Yes Up to 3 Years BTEFlip Up to 10 No Up to 4 Up to 3 Years Micro BTECall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 25. Model# Channels(Varies byModel)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsWi-Series Up to 16 Yes Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationMicro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICX-Series Up to 16 No Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CIC,Micro CIC3 SeriesYes -AdvancedUp to 3 Years BTE ,Micro BTESoundlensYes -AdvancedUp to 3 Years ITCIgniteYes -AdvancedUp to 3 Years BTE ,ITE,ITC ,CICCall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 26. Model# Channels(Varies byModel)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsAgil & AgilProUp to 10 Yes Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICIntiga Up to 10Yes -AdvancedUp to 5Call for WarrantyInformationMicro BTEDualConnectUp to 10 Yes Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationMicro BTEDual Mini Up to 10 No 1Call for WarrantyInformationMicro BTEChili Up to 9 Yes Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationBTEActo &Acto ProUp to 9 No Up to 4Call for WarrantyInformationBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICIno & InoProUp to 6 No 1Call for WarrantyInformationBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICCall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 27. Model# Channels(Varies by Model)WirelessCapable# ListeningProgramsWarranty (Variesby Model)VersionsClear Up to 15 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICPassion Up to 15 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3 Micro BTEMind Up to 15 Yes Up to 4 Up to 3 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICReal 3 No 3 2 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICFlash 5 No 4 Up to 2 YearsBTE ,Micro BTE,ITE,ITC ,CICCall HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669
  • 28. 26Call HearingPlanet today at 1-800-432-7669Why HearingPlanet?HearingPlanet’s commitment to our clients, coupled with the highest quality,make us a wise choice when shopping for hearing care needs.We hope this guide has answered most of your questions about choosinghearing aids. If you’d like more information, want to share your experiencesor opinions or are ready to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation withone of our local Hearing Professionals, simply call us toll free at 1-800-432-7669. Ask to speak with a Hearing Consultant and you will receive immediate,courteous assistance.The Perfect Fit Promise – Your GuaranteeWe promise you will receive straightforward, personal guidance and experthelp to make your choice of a hearing solution as easy as 1-2-3!That is our Sound Promise to you.1) We will give you informed, unbiased advice on hearing loss, hearing aidsand how to address your hearing needs.provide the best service for our patients.3) We offer you a selection of hearing aids from major manufacturersensuring choice based on your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.4) We will verify your insurance to make sure you take advantage of anyreimbursements or discounts to reduce your out of pocket expenses.5) We will give you 45 days to determine if hearing aids are right for you.We will give you a 100% refund if you decide the hearing aids are notmeeting your expectations.running a business withhigh standards andtreating people withkindness always paysand outstandingtreatment with this whole