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Mobile metrics reverb


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  • 1. Mobile=MetricsMobile Applicaton Analytics and Metrics
  • 2. New UsersNew users show you how well you’re acquiring consumers for your app. You can cut this over custom timeranges, by intervals such as days or weeks, by app version released and by defined custom segment . Mobileanalytics can even show you how you’re acquiring across different geographic territories. Active UsersYour app’s true health is represented by active users, which combines new and returning users into one stat.Whether you can acquire quickly, retain well, or both, this is the number you want to see going up and to theright. As with new users, you can cut this metric by time range, time interval, segment and territory.
  • 3. SessionsSessions will tell you how many times your app is used over a time period. You can grow this stat several wayssuch as acquiring new users, getting existing users to use more often or retaining users longer. Once again, youcan drill down by time range, time interval, segment and territory Session LengthSession Length is a key engagement metric . Although different kinds of apps have different average sessionlengths, you’d like this stat to improve over time with each additional update. In addition to the session lengthdistribution, you’ll get median length, total time spent and variance by geography and segment.
  • 4. Frequency of UseIs your app used several times per day, or only a few times per month? This stat reveals the intensity with whichyour app is used. Combined with session length, you’ll know the total time consumers spend in your app. Youcan also use this stat, for example, to segment heavy vs. light users to gauge loyalty User RetentionRetention is the true measure of how well your app drives repeat usage. We graph new users alongside retainedusers. If you can get this stat to increase, through continuous app improvements and/or content additions, youhave a bona fide hit..
  • 5. Age DistributionUnderstanding your audience composition provides you an advantage when communicating to advertisers, de-ciding new features and planning acquisition campaigns. Our service automatically offers estimates on the agedistribution of your app audience. Age DistributionWe also provide you automatic estimates for gender.
  • 6. Geographic SegementationWhile having age and gender is powerful, once you add geography to the mix, you have the trifecta for howany audience is described.