Best power point evar! [autosaved]


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Best power point evar! [autosaved]

  1. 1. ExpressionismByRebekka NeumannAshlee NeelyJoshua Abraham
  2. 2. •
  3. 3. History• Started in late 19th and early 20th century• Impressionists looked at Nature whileExpressionists looked at inner self• Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch
  4. 4. Edvard Munch
  5. 5. Childhood• December 12th, 1863 – January 23rd, 1944• “Angels of fear, sorrow, and death stood by myside since the day I was born.”Schooling• 1881 – Royal School of Art and Design ofChristiania• Teacher- Julius Middleton and Christian Krohg
  6. 6. PublicPortrait of Karl Jensen-Hjell“It is impressionism carried tothe extreme. It is a travestyof art.”
  7. 7. InfluencesIdeas influencedby Hans Jæger
  8. 8. The SickChild (1886)
  9. 9. The Scream• 4 versions• Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream ofNature) as named by artist• Mona Lisa of our time
  10. 10. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
  11. 11. Influences• World War I• Leader of Die Brücke• Artist friends• Albrecht Durer• Started Die Brücke to fight against astablishedpowers• 1905 moved to Berlin• Hectic life
  12. 12. Schooling• Technisch Hochschule (Technical college) inDresden• Studied architecture in 1901• Painting in 1903 and 1904
  13. 13. Selfportraitas a Solider(1915)
  14. 14. Winter landscape by moonlight
  15. 15. Franz Marc
  16. 16. Franz’s background• First studied for Theology in Munich.• Father was also a painter, but thought hewasn’t talented.• Was depressed for most of life.• Met Wassily Kandinsky while in Paris.• Volunteered for WWII. (died in war)
  17. 17. Key Points of Franz• Went to theBoviarian Alpsand becameinterested inanimal painting.• Was co-founder ofDer Blaue Reiter.• Wanted to createa spiritualrevolution in art.
  18. 18. The Large Red Horses/The Large Blue Horses
  19. 19. Yellow Cow/ Tiger
  20. 20. Emil Nolde
  21. 21. Background• Started painting at 35.• His family was protestant; Read the Bible daily.• Was a member of Die Brücke.• The Nazi included his painting in theDegenerate Art Exhibition
  22. 22. Key Points of Emil• Was influenced by Die Brücke.• Would paint with just a vague idea of what tocreate.• His biblical paintings were among his greatestworks.• Joined the Neue Sezession.• Paintings were banned during Nazi reign.
  23. 23. Emil’s The Prophet
  24. 24. The Painter
  25. 25. Expressionism in Film• Started in 1920.• The first Expressionist film was The Cabinet ofDr. caligari.• Influenced American and French Media.(Alfred Hitchcock)• Lighting, jerky movement, etc.
  26. 26. Expressionism in Film (6:30 – 9:28)
  27. 27. Expressionism in Music• A lot of emotion in the music.• The music tone, pace, and pitch is constantlychanging.• Was also banned during Nazi’s reign.
  28. 28. Arnold Schönberg• Arnold Schönberg isconsidered father ofExpressionist music.• Created the Twelvetone row technique.• The music is atonal.(not set in key)
  29. 29. Example (33:49)