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Quick presentation on Display Advertising, best practices in banner creation, and using Retargeting technology for better conversion rates & brand awareness.

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Re Targeting Webinar

  1. 1. ReTargeting Webinar w/ Arjun Dev Arora
  2. 2. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. -John Wanamaker 1838-1922
  3. 3. Modern Marketing Funnels Mix of SEO/SEM, Public Relations, Social Media, Display Advertising, Blogging, Viral, Email Marketing, Conferences After all this, the average bounce rate for most sites is still a staggering 98%
  4. 4. Optimizing Marketing Spend • SEO  Marketing budgets are shrinking • SEM • Display = need more innovation! Generating Interest • Email • Social • PR  Top of funnel campaigns are important but can be optimized Capturing Interest • ReTargeter • Email  ReTargeting is the missing piece in the middle and will soon help Sale solve the post sale problem  Increase awareness and drive Post • ReTargeter Sale sales by showing up everywhere • Social Media your clients surf
  5. 5. ReTargeter: How It Works  Place a few lines of code on your site – this code drops a cookie on the users computer  We read the cookie in real time across our network and show an ad if we find that cookie  No personally identifiable data is stored or recorded
  6. 6. Visitor Arrives At Your Site I think Hooked on Phonics would be great for my kid …
  7. 7. Visitor Hits A Specific Tab Oh this is great and well priced … but I have to go
  8. 8. Visitor Heads To A Different Site Later Next Day: Just surfing the web ….
  9. 9. Visitor Continues To Surf And Sees Ad Surfing away on the web … Oh yea! I was just reading Click Here for Great about this. Deals! Cool! *click*
  10. 10. Visitor Recognizes Ad And Clicks Back Wow! Glad I saw this ad! Let me buy this for my kid…
  11. 11. Benefits: Why ReTargeter? • Brand Awareness: Everyone will know you! • Convert Lost Traffic to Completed Sales • Test Test Test – Measure reactions to your messages • Maintain Relationships – keep your customers engaged
  12. 12. Tracking: It’s all about ROI. • We can track click and view thru conversions – See what ads inspire action from your customers • Customer Profile: – We saw some interesting results for the sales ReTargeter helped generate: • <10% of the sales were directly from clicks on the ads • ~40% of the sales happened <48 hours after someone saw an ad • The remainder of the sales were generated by someone who had seen an ad more than 48 hours ago
  13. 13. Optimization: Pacing & Ads • Account Manager: A dedicated account manager will track your account and optimize it • Pacing: We can limit the impressions to as low as 2 impressions per user per day • Pacing: We can limit the total number of impressions per day • Ad Optimization: We will find the ads that perform poorly and help improve them
  14. 14. Creating Ads That Perform • We accept five standard IAB sizes • Creativity & specific calls to action help determine clicks & overall campaign success • Multiple iterations help keep messaging fresh & keep customers engaged – It also helps to optimize your ads: only show what works
  15. 15. Best Practices for Banner Ads #1: Keep It Simple! – Have one simple message and a clear and powerful image #2: Buttons Increase CTR – A succinct call to action within a button is ideal #3: Honesty Is The Best Policy – Make your value proposition clear and honest #4: Give It Away – Hold a promotion or have a contest, give away free products #5: Beauty Sells – Shameless but true, a picture of an attractive person increases CTR #6: Be BOLD – Use a powerful headline: get people to think / react & then click #7: No White Backgrounds – They blend in with the page & don’t allow your ad to pop #8: Stay Relevant! – Have ads that are relevant to current events or important new trends #9: Iterate! – Keep trying new ideas & ads until you find one that works for your users #10: Ratios are Golden – 2/3 vs. 1/3 for the two colors you use in the ad
  16. 16. Examples of great ads No animations longer than 15 seconds Accepted Advertising Sizes: 300x250 120x600 160x600 White banners Audio: on user click 728x90 must have a only! 425x600 border
  17. 17. Thank you! Questions?
  18. 18. Testimonials and Case Studies • HomeGain -- HomeGain, a pioneer in helping people find real estate agents online, ReTargeted people that visited their “Find A Realtor” section. These folks arrived via SEO, SEM, WOM, blogs, twitter, but did not complete the online form. ReTargeter found these same individuals across the web (including real estate sites like Yahoo! Real Estate and and presented them with ads that encouraged them to return and complete the sign up process. This solution increased ROI and brand awareness for HomeGain. • ChesterFrench -- ChesterFrench, an up-and-coming rock band, recently sent out an email campaign to thousands of their fans – pre-launch of their upcoming album – and cookied those users as they came to the site. When the album launched, we switched on our ReTargeter solution and those thousands of fans (and others) saw ads for ChesterFrench across the web. ChesterFrench reached #11 on iTunes and has received rave reviews.
  19. 19. Testimonials and Case Studies • LOGIK -- LOGIK, a pioneer in eDiscovery (the processes of finding meaning and specific info from a mountain of data for legal purposes), ReTargeted people that visited their site. LOGIK launched a great new website and incorporated ReTargeter into their new marketing blitz. The ReTargeter campaign generated so much buzz, brand awareness and brand credibility for LOGIK that they jokingly said they should be paying a lot more for our service! • StickerJunkie -- StickerJunkie, a sticker company started by a well known entrepreneur, recently launched ReTargeter as a stand alone marketing test. What they noticed was truly awesome, not only was there an overall increase in brand awareness and conversions directly from the banners, there was also a general increase in conversions across the site. The most interesting result was an increase in high dollar value orders. These customers were taking longer to decide on the purchase and were also visiting competitors sites. These folks eventually decided to purchase with StickerJunkie as they saw the sticker ads everywhere.