The Psychology Behind Banner Design


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Any experienced display marketer can tell you the importance of strong banner design. If our banners aren't designed well, you're virtually guaranteed a failed campaign--even with powerful display tools like retargeting.

In this presentation, you'll learn how:
-Psychology impacts banner performance
-Copy and creative design work together to make or break a campaign
-Creatives should be adjusted to maximize the performance of retargeting campaigns

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The Psychology Behind Banner Design

  1. 1. The Psychology Behind BannerDesignHafez Adel, ReTargeterMike Colella, Adbeat
  2. 2. The Importance of Banner Ads• Don’t underestimate the importance ofbanners.• Your display campaigns rely on well-designed banners.
  3. 3. • Headline• Hero Shot• Call to Action(CTA)Body Copy4 Elements for a SuccessfulBanner
  4. 4. AIDA Formula• A – Attention• I – Interest• D – Desire• A - Action• Crisp Text• GoodContrast
  5. 5. Examples of Good Banners
  6. 6. Example of a Bad Banner
  7. 7. Lesson 2Ad Images, Copy, Psychology
  8. 8. Interruption Marketing
  9. 9. Blend In vs. Stick Out• Blend In • Stick Out
  10. 10. Ad Images• “Selector”Images• Show Emotion
  11. 11. Ad Images• Colors that pop• Button Images
  12. 12. Ad Images• Attractive Woman
  13. 13. Ad Images• Big Images• Eyes Looking Out at You
  14. 14. Ad Images• Hand Written
  15. 15. TEST, TEST, TEST2-3x increase in CTRfrom images aloneAd Images
  16. 16. Writing Banner Ad Copy• First person… “How I lost 20lbs…”• Benefit in headline… “How to Lose Weight”• Avoid listing features… “6 module course…”• Use emotionally charged words… “Humiliated,Embarrassed”• Use numbers…”5 Signs you need…”• Social proof… “As seen on…, Over 50,000 customers…”• Special characters… “fitness & health”• You/Your copy… “Save $$$ on your telephone bill…”
  17. 17. Psychology in Ads• Enter conversation inthe prospects mind– Who are they?– Why would they buy?• Target desperatemindset…– “I struggled foryears…”
  18. 18. Psychology in Ads• Congruency– LP copyrepeats– LP copyfollows
  19. 19. Psychology in Ads• Fear of loss isstronger thandesire for gain
  20. 20. Psychology in Ads• Curiosity• Entertainment
  21. 21. Psychology in Ads• Common enemy… “Secrets *they* don’twant…
  22. 22. Lesson 3Banner Design for Retargeting Campaigns
  23. 23. What is Retargeting?
  24. 24. Traditional Ads vs. Retargeted AdsTraditional RetargetedFirst touch Middle-last touchIntroduce people to your brand Remind people about your brandBroad SpecificGet their attention Convince people to take actionGoal: Awareness & Interest Goal: Desire & Action
  25. 25. Principle #1: Clear BrandingLeverage people’s familiarity with your brand
  26. 26. Principle #2: Rotate CreativesFight banner fatigue by keeping your message fresh
  27. 27. Principle #3: Align Ads w/Buyer’sJourneyMatch messaging to stage in the purchase funnel1. First exposure2. Post site-visit1. Post free-trialsign-upUPGRADE TODAY!
  28. 28. Principle #4: Sequence Your MessagesFight banner fatigue by keeping your message fresh
  29. 29. Principle #5: Make Your Ads DynamicIncorporate data to maximize your ads’ relevanceDynamic Elements:• Photo• Name• Price• Rating• Offers• Related Products
  30. 30.