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Fokkens B., ECRR, Forging targets and solutions for rivers and water ecosystem restoration
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Fokkens B., ECRR, Forging targets and solutions for rivers and water ecosystem restoration


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1. New approach - Time for Solutions …

1. New approach - Time for Solutions
2. 6th World Water Forum priorities, Coordinator for Greater Europe Target 9 - Time for Solutions
3. World Water Forum process
4. Smart targets and wise process

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. FORGING TARGETS AND SOLUTIONS FOR RIVERS AND WATER ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION Bart Fokkens Chairman European Centre for River Restoration21-11-2011
  • 2. NEW APPROACH21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 2
  • 3. 6th WWF PRIORITIES Coordinator for Greater Europe Target 921-11-2011 Time for Solutions 3
  • 4. WWF6 PROCESS • Thematic process • Regional process European target 9 • Political process • Local process21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 4
  • 6. SMART TARGETS AND WISE PROCESS SMART focuses on the relevance of the targets – Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time bound WISE focuses on the process21-11-2011 – Wide-Involvement Stakeholder Exchanges Time for Solutions 6
  • 7. The European process for the preparation of the Forum concerns:  the European Union, Norway and Swiss,  the Balkans,  Eastern Europe,  the Caucasus,  Russian Federation,  Central Asia when concerns.... In general all countries adhering to the UNECE Convention of 199221-11-2011 Time for Solutions 7
  • 8. ECRR Lead TARGET GROUP SOLUTION COORDINATOR Specific Europe Region Priority Target (SERPT) Develop new knowledge and know how on river hydro-morphology, river restoration and protection of water eco-systems. Group: • ECRR ecological restoration • EWA water quality • ONEMA river basin management • WI10/12/200921 November 2011 21-11-2011 wetlandSolutions Time for restoration 8
  • 9. MAIN TOPICS • Promote integration of aquatic ecosystem conservation in land (use) planning • Reach consensus on river restoration good practices • Reinforce public education on river and ecosystem reservation • Improve the link between tourism development and quality of aquatic ecosystem21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 9
  • 10. PROCESS PARTNERS• DLG Netherlands land use• WI European programme wetland restor.• RESTORE EU Life+ project best practices RR• ONEMA France public education• EWA EU Association tourism + water q• IzVRS Slovenia IRBM• ECRR Board / NC’s Exchange RR Info21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 10
  • 11. NEW KNOWLEDGE ON…… • Strategic land use planning / land bank • Good practices of RR • Raising public awareness and education • Sustainable tourism development TO ENHANCE AND ACCELERATE ECOLOGICAL RIVER AND WATER ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 11
  • 12. TIME FRAME• Problem rationale July; ready• Targets descriptions August; ready• Explore / develop solutions Sept. – Nov.• Commit impl. partners Nov. – Dec.• Session proposal report January 2012• WWF6 Session presentation March 2012• Follow-up implementation 2012 - 201521-11-2011 Time for Solutions 12
  • 13. FORGING TARGETS AND SOLUTIONS WITH• RR policy makers, decision takers, practitioners• Stakeholders – Hydropower and Navigation – Farming and Landownership – Fisheries and Hunting – Tourism and Recreation – Urbanization and Industrialization21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 13
  • 14. DRAFT SOLUTION AND TARGETS• Delivery of (EU) water management policy objectives at local to basin scale• Underpinned by shared knowledge and understanding of the best practice approaches to river restoration• Including land use planning, sustainable tourism development and public education• Based on stakeholder owned problem analysis and action plans.21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 14
  • 15. 1. Exchange of information and knowledge• Keynote speakers• Workshops• Field excursion• RESTORE• Info fair and networking 21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 15
  • 16. WWF6 OBJECTIVES2. Recommendations and conclusions – Rationale, draft solution and target submitted – Explore /develop solutions and targets – Search for implementation partners – Commitments for implementation – Milestones up to 2015 – Ideas for WWF6 session program21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 16
  • 17. WORKSHOPS• Introduction of the theme• Case study• Round tables with questions Wedn. and Thursday• Reporting in the workshop Wedn. and Thursday• Reporting plenary on Friday• Moderator• Facilitator• Reporter to be appointed per workshop 21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 17
  • 18. THANK YOU!21-11-2011 Time for Solutions 18