120509 Iasi  RESTORE - Toni Scarr
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120509 Iasi RESTORE - Toni Scarr



Presentation of the international project RESTORE, a partnership for sharing knowledge and promoting best practice on river restoration in Europe.

Presentation of the international project RESTORE, a partnership for sharing knowledge and promoting best practice on river restoration in Europe.



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120509 Iasi  RESTORE - Toni Scarr 120509 Iasi RESTORE - Toni Scarr Presentation Transcript

  • RESTOREpartnership for sharing knowledge &promoting best practice on river restorationin Europe The RESTORE project is made possible with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community and works in partnership with
  • RESTORE PartnersRESTORE is implemented by 7 partners: • Environment Agency ‐ England and Wales, • UK River Restoration Centre (RRC), • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), • Italian River Restoration Centre (CIRF), • Dutch Gov’t Service for Land and Water Management • Wetlands International• NIHWM ‐ Romania
  • RESTORE countriesRegional LeadsN – Finland (SYKE),E – Netherlands/ Romania (DLG),S – Italy (CIRF),W – UK (RRC).Remaining countries viawider media & communication.
  • 3 years ‐ 3 stages• information collection and  collation.  • engagement.  • knowledge transfer.
  • 2009 EU COMMON IMPLEMENTATION  STRATEGY  HYDROMORPHOLOGY• Urgent need to collate information on river  restoration• Develop good practices ecological effectiveness• Develop good practice on costs/benefits • How to include in IRBM plans• Develop further information sharing• Develop knowledge transfer capacities on river  restoration
  • EU RIVER BASINS Delivering River Restoration:    6 Recipes for Success 
  • ECOREGIONS Delivering River Restoration:   7 Recipes for Success 
  • Crossing through 10countries & drainingthe territory of 19 The Lowercountries, the Danube Danubeis the mostinternational river in theworld.
  • Human Pressures80 %  rivers with alterations• Water quality 59 %• Hydrology 41 %• Morphology 38 %• Connectivity 85 %• Multi impacted 47 %• Low land rivers  90 %15 criteria9330 sample sites © BOKU AUSTRIA
  • Is European policyhelping to deliverriver restoration?• Widespread decline in river ecosystems across Europe• < 20% of European rivers in their natural physical state• Do European drivers give us all the policies we need?
  • RESTORE Project review of EU policy drivers• Those which drive the delivery of river & catchment restoration, e.g. WFD, Habitats and Birds Directive, Floods Directive• Those which support the delivery of river restoration, e.g. CAP, Nitrates Directive
  • River Restoration Drivers• Traditional drivers – Legislation  – Policy• New drivers – Flood risk management – Climate change – Urban development – Tourism and recreation  development – New technologies 12
  • obstacles to river restoration implementationPolicy Spatial planning‐ inflexibility ‐ agricultural land use and ‐ alignment of multiple  practices policies ‐ multiple and competing  floodplain usesFinancial‐ limited funding Land use‐ funding arrangements ‐ requirement to purchase land ‐ land use change / planningSocietal‐ Institutional and  Other administrative boundaries ‐ promotion of hydropower ‐ (lack of) capacity building schemes‐ lack of understanding ‐ water quality‐ stakeholder involvement ‐ time scale
  • WFD Timetable• 2000 Directive into force• 2008 Draft IRBM Plan• 2009 IRBM Plan + Plan of Measures• 2010 Introduce pricing policies• 2012 Operational Plan of Measures• 2015 Meet environmental objectives; first cycle• 2021 Second cycle• 2027 Third cycle
  • Member Good Good Change Area of Population PopulationState (MS) Status Status in Good Member of Member density of 2009 2015 Status State State3 MS (pe/ (km2) km2)Bulgaria 37% 88% +51% 110 994 7.5 M 68Czech Rep 12% 14% +2% 78 866 10.4 M 132Estonia 55% 75% +20% 45 227 1.3 M 29France 40% 67% +27% 543 965 62.3 M 115Germany 22% 29% +7% 357 027 82.2 M 230Ireland 44% 81% +37% 70 182 4.5 M 64Netherlands 4% 20% +16% 41 864 16.6 M 397UK 24% 37% +13% 242 514 61.6 M 254Romania ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • Delivering RiverBasin Planning• We are mainly in the investigation stage• Delivering through water company water quality improvements• Fish passage• Your experience?
  • What do we mean by river restoration? Before After
  • What is the approach in the western Europe?Historically single site, single funder and single policy driven • Narrower range of benefits • Smaller scale of impactIncreasing range of relevant EU policy drivers e.g. • Water Framework Directive • Floods Directive • Habitats and Birds DirectiveMore recently increasing landscape scale approaches • Multiple benefits
  • Conflicting Drivers
  • Catchment PlanningHow to do it ? Stakeholder input Multiple sites Planned Spatial scale approach
  • Catchment Pilots
  • Ladywell fields
  • Last ten years
  • Green infrastructure
  • Followingimprovements• visits increased by 73%• People stay longer• Total time spent in the park  increased • 28% of people started visiting  only recently
  • Replacing lost space – flood riskmanagement on the River Rhine
  • Toolbox of measures Delivering River Restoration:   13‐5‐2012 30 Recipes for Success 
  • Thematic Approachin Northern RegionRestoration constructed rivers• Removing dams• Construction fish passes• Construction of habitat  compensation
  • National Strategy for fish passes In Finland13‐5‐2012 32
  • Nature Like By Passes13‐5‐2012 33
  • Urban streamrestoration13‐5‐2012
  • As restore we are looking to reach other sectors. Can our planning system deliver river restoration?
  • Are ecosystem services the answer?
  • Social & health benefits of a quality environment
  • Funding river restoration ?
  • CASE STUDIES ?!The RESTORE database of river restoration projects  is currently being developed www.restorerivers.eu 40
  • RESTORE Outputs• 36 events in over 10 countries• 1200 persons engaged through events• 500 case studies on the WIKI case studies database• 90,000 persons through project outreach• International River Restoration Conference www.restorerivers.eu restore@environment-agency.gov.uk
  • Questions• What do you regard as the principal policy drivers for river restoration in your country and why? E.g. Water Framework Directive, Habitats and Birds, Floods Directive; Land Use Planning, Common Agricultural Policy.• In general what do you regard as the main obstacles, to delivering river restoration?• And what are the opportunities to support you delivering and promoting river restoration?
  • www.restorerivers.eu
  • What would you like to see on theRESTORE Website Relating to the Themes? please pick two• Economics• Flood risk management• Biodiversity and habitats• Social benefits• Land use management (forestry/ agriculture /fisheries)• Spatial planning• Hydropower (renewable energy)