120509 Iasi NIHWM, Mrs Andreea Galie


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Presentation of the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management and their involvement in the RESTORE project

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120509 Iasi NIHWM, Mrs Andreea Galie

  1. 1. Brief Presentation of National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management and its  Involvement in the RESTORE Project Andreea Galie, pHD Head of Water Management and Eco‐hydrology  Dpt.  Regional Communications Manager for Central and Eastern Europe Region within  RESTORE project Elisabeta Cserwid, eng. Head  of River Basin Development Plans  Dpt. Regional Communications Assistant for Central and Eastern Europe Region within  RESTORE project
  2. 2. OverviewNational  Institute  of  Hydrology  and  Water Management – main activitiesExample  of  studies  in  the  field  of         Eco‐hydrology/River Restoration in RomaniaNIHWM involvement within RESTORE project 
  3. 3. National Institute of Hydrology and Water  Management (NIHWM / INHGA) Public  institution,  under  National  Administration  “APELE  ROMANE” (“ROMANIAN WATERS”) umbrella Develops  research  activities  and  provides  services  in  the  field  of  hydrology,  hydrogeology  and  water  management in  order  to  support  decisions  in  IWRM  field  (N.  A.  “APELE  ROMANE” and  Ministry  of  Environment and Forests) About 200 employees (150 universities degree staff, 30 PhD degree) Sources of financing (actual situation) :• 45 % ‐ contracts with Ministry of Environment and Forests• 23 % ‐ contracts with different national beneficiaries • 20 % ‐ contracts with National Administration “APELE ROMANE ”• 12 % ‐ international projects ‐ CE : FP7, Life+, IPA, SEE etc; EEA.
  4. 4. NIHWM ‐ member and active participant to  many international organizationsWorld Meteorological Organization (NIHWM is Romania’srepresentative in the field of hydrology with WMO)National Committee for International Hydrological Program – IHPUNESCOInternational Association of Hydrological Sciences – IAHSEuropean Union of Earth SciencesCentral and Eastern European Network of Basin Organization –CEE NBO SecretariatInternational Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
  5. 5. MAIN FIELDS OF ACTIVITY (1)warnings of dangerous hydrologic events for prevention andmanagement of crisis situations (floods, droughts) ;short, medium, and long term hydrologic forecasts of nationaland transboundary interest ;coordination of hydrologic and hydro-geologic activity atnational level ; data validationwater resources assessment; hydrological studies, impact ofthe climate changes on the hydrological regime ;water resources management, including flood and drought riskmanagement ;
  6. 6. MAIN FIELDS OF ACTIVITY (2) studies for implementation of IWRM national strategies :• elaboration of support studies for River Basin Development and Management Plans;• carrying out of studies for implementation of the WFD 2000/60/EC and Flood Directive 2007/60/EC ;• flooding studies, development of research in the field of eco- hydrology including river restoration, etc. responsible with the accomplishment of commitments resulted from international conventions / agreements in the field of hydrology, hydrogeology and water management in which the NIHWM is part, as well as tasks established by hydro-technical commissions with the neighboring countries.
  7. 7. Examples of studies in the field of eco‐ hydrology / river restorationRestoration Guideline for Hydro-morphologically AlteredRivers (Volume 1 - Steps to implement a RR project –conceptual planning; Volume 2 - Case Studies) – 2011Study on fish migration aids suitable for 15-50 m height ofdams – 2011- a comparative analysis of global practices on fish migration aids;- case studies on the Crisul Repede River (Tileagd and Lugasu dams).
  8. 8. NIHWM involvement within RESTORE project The NIHWM is subcontractor of the DLG Government Service for Land and Water Management (DLG) - The Netherlands which is junior partner within the RESTORE (Rivers: Engaging, Supporting and Transferring knOwledge for Restoration in Europe) Project; DLG is in-charge with: The Eastern European network; Knowledge management; Information management.
  9. 9. NIHWM involvement within RESTORE projectTaskACTION A2: Project management: Monitoring project progress (Eastern Europe)ACTION B1: CREATE COMMUNICATIONS PLANS (one communication plan covering Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria)ACTION B2: RR networks directory (all relevant network organisations)ACTION B4: REVIEW EXISTING EU RIVER RESTORATION PROJECTSACTION B5: IDENTIFY MAIN TARGET AUDIENCE – INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANISATIONSACTION C1: NETWORKING AND MARKETING: RR Best Practice HandbookACTION C3: ENGAGEMENT EVENTS: SECTOR SPECIFICThe principle aim is to target sectors outside the immediately EU policy MTA groups that benefit from/  impact on RR, to communicate lessons from obj. 1, discuss existing RR activities in that sectorOrganise a 3 day event in Rom./ Hun./ Bulg. < 15 participants: ‐ 1 day RR workshop based on best practices from WIKI + field visit  ‐ 2 day river habitat and geomorphology training workshop. Write summary report
  10. 10. NIHWM involvement within RESTORE projectTaskACTION C4: ENGAGEMENT EVENTS: POLICY MAKERS and RIVER BASIN MANAGERSThe principle aim is to engage policy makers and river basin managers within the regions, to communicate lessons from obj. 1, and to discuss existing RR activities affecting policy and river basin wideOrganise one events in Romania, Hungary or Bulgaria with approximately 10 participants: ‐ One training event, 1 day: for example on co‐operation in international river basins or on public involvement and information sharing (PROPOSAL TO BE ORGANISED IN RUSE, BULGARIA in Autumn 2012)ACTION C8: POPULATE RIVER RESTORATION‐Wiki DATABASEACTION E1: MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF COMMUNICATIONS EVENTSACTION E2: TESTING, MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER TOOLS (WIKI database)ACTION F3: LAYMANS REPORT
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention !