Vestry Candidates 2011


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Vestry Candidates 2011

  1. 1. Restoration Vestry Candidates 2011 Cindy Darnell George Patterson While I didn’t come to know the Lord I grew up in a Christian family until my 20’s, in many ways life before knowing about Jesus but once I Christ seems like another lifetime. I’m went to college I only thought not the same person and have grown about him on Sundays, if at all. I and learned so much by His grace and was full of pride thinking that I the blessing of great teachers and knew exactly what I should do and mentors over the past 14 years. I love that I could do it on my own and studying the Word, particularly with did not need anyone to tell me howothers. I joke that “accountability is my love language.” In reality I to live. It was not an “in your face”need others to remind me who I am in Christ and I enjoy doing the look at me, but in my innermostsame for them. self I was the king. My life had been without much personalOver the past six months, I’ve had the privilege in serving on the suffering and that led me to ignorePersonnel Committee and on the vestry as the alternate from last or not think about God.year. I have had much joy being able to serve Restoration in thisway. In many ways I feel like I’ve just gotten started and would After my marriage of twenty years ended in divorce, I felt anlove the opportunity to continue. I bring an eye towards process emptiness in my heart. This suffering humbled me. For someimprovement to the vestry and attention to detail which I have reason I bought a Bible and began reading it. I also joined severalgained in my “day job” at a local software company. I love looking Christian support groups. Gradually, over the next few years Iat the strategic big picture and designing systems and processes realized that only Jesus could fill the emptiness in my help organizations achieve their mission. My undergraduate degree is from Notre Dame and I attendedI had a sense of family that was so refreshing at the Fall Retreat. medical school at University of Kentucky. I am married to AnneMy dream for Restoration is that we’d be a true family in Christ. A Cregger, who has been such a blessing in my that loves one another, challenges one another andgraciously accepts new members. In a world where there is much Restoration is the smallest church I have been a part of and I ambrokenness, I pray that Restoration will be a place of hope, healing honored to be nominated to the Vestry. I believe that I am a goodand restoration. listener and value being a team geopatersn@aol.com703.627.4098 301.801.0630
  2. 2. Restoration Vestry Candidates 2011 Anne Ritchey Santiago Sedaca I was raised in a Christian family and I was born into a Christian home and came decided to follow Jesus when I was quite to know Christ gradually as I grew up. My family moved a number of times between our young. I’ve found that my early native Argentina and the US and Canada, commitment and the gifts and challenges giving me a helpful sense for the wider, it brought have cultivated several desires global church. I went to a Christian college in my current walk with the Lord. One where I learned about integrating faith, has been to revisit my childhood learning and vocation. After a crisis of understanding of God in order to come to identity in my mid-twenties, I came to the a truer, deeper knowledge of who He is. conclusion that life didn’t make sense Another has been to move from a without Christ, and that I couldn’t be a relationship that is primarily focused on Christian without a Christian community knowing ideas about Him to one that is around me.more focused on knowing Him—a God with a personality much I read scripture and pray every day. I hold orthodox theological views andtoo creative and mysterious and loving and alive to fit fully and believe every word we say as a church on Sunday morning. I think thatcomfortably into my concepts of Him. Restoration has been a what I do every day at work is an important part of my faith. I really lovewonderful home in which to do that. my wife and two boys. They are clearly a gift of God.I’ve been so thankful for the church’s vision and its members who I currently lead an international consulting firm and have experience ingraciously and warmly carry it out. My particular passion is for organizational development and management. I hope to help David andcommunicating the truth of who God is in ways that are the vestry think about Restoration’s evolving ministry and its implicationsimaginative and personalized and compassionate, ways that—as I for physical expansion, staff development, resource allocation, and otheram in the process of learning to do—integrate our ideas about strategic issues. Also, I want to help the church develop an ability toGod and our experiences of Him like Jesus did. Restoration is a equip its members to be leaders at work, at home and in our community,place where other people care deeply about this too, and I’ve while keeping a global vision.appreciated the ways it has provided for me to pursue this passion God wants Restoration to be transformative to the benefit of the world,by participating in the service and other elements of the church. the people we relate to everyday, and our lives. I pray that God gives usSo whether as a member of the Vestry or in other capacities, I’m a passion for him as we continue to mature as individuals and as ahonored and grateful for the opportunity to serve in this 571.405.4778703.851.2132
  3. 3. Restoration Vestry Candidates 2011 Mac Wheatley Julie and I came to Restoration in 2009. We love the church family and consider ourselves deeply blessed by this community. For the first time since living in Arlington, we found a church we together call home. My faith in Christ started at an early age by example of my parents, though it was my involvement with a youth ministry, YWAM, that served as the cornerstone for my personal journey. Through this ministry the Lord instilled in me a passion for missions and the importance of intentionalrelationships. The desire to be involved with missions followed me to DCwhere I have led trips to Kenya, small groups and mentored middleschool youth. My heart feels called to live out the example Christ sets forthe church in Acts—not a perfect church, but a church pursuing the rightthings.Working with the American Anglican Council fresh out of college gave mea unique perspective on the important relationship between the Vestry,Pastor, and entire church body. Being in corporate banking now, Godcontinues to show me new ways to use my vocation for His kingdom.My prayer for Restoration is that we hold fast the truth of the Gospel.Thatas we grow physically and spiritually we remain transparent, and thatChrist is reflected in our relationships with each other and each life wetouch. I pray with hope that we are a church that loves God and others--spirit-filled and moving toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.Wheatley.mac@gmail.com703.286.9468
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