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  1. 1. One of the richest heritage cities in India, Hyderabad is known for its culture, cuisines and the royalty. The city is most famous for its Charminar and the Golconda Fort. In addition,Hyderabad is known for its cuisines, which include the sumptuous biryani and kebabs - a treat for non vegetarians. Hyderabad is also a shoppers stop - its most popular items are pearls and fabrics. Visit Hyderabad for a trip through a land distinctly blends traditional and modern.royalty free music jazz
  2. 2. A 400 year old city that has grown its charm as it has grown in years,Hyderabad is undoubtedly the most enchanting and mysterious city in thecountry A marvel for any visitor, the city hasn’t let the NizamiHyderabad fade even as the ultra-modern Cyberabad grew InHyderabad you can see age old wonders like Char Minar and GolcondaFort standing along with Cyberabad, their hi-tech counterpart   Themysterious journey of Hyderabad started with the Qutb Shahi dynastywhen the ruler wanted a new capital out of his earlier Golconda It washere that the foundation of the ever-enchanting Charminar was laid Itwas supposed to be the center of the city
  3. 3. Later the Mughals and then the Nizams added to the glory of thegorgeous city   Charminar is something which no visitor toHyderabad can afford to miss It is a masterpiece of Indo-Islamicarchitecture and is almost synonymous to Hyderabad The balconies ofthe minar give panoramic views of the bustling bazaars that surround it Areminiscent of the pre-Hyderabad era is the Golconda Fort that lies westto the city A mighty fort with imposing granite walls, the fort occupies acircumference of around 5 kilometers
  4. 4. The fort is definitely a must-visit in the city One should try to visit itduring the hours when a light show is held in the premises   Adistinct characteristic of the rulers of Hyderabad has always remainedtheir love for opulence and grandeur This is particularly reflected in themany lavish palaces and other buildings that are present in the city TheFalaknuma Palace in Hyderabad is one masterpiece by an Italianarchitect Picturesquely placed on top of a hill, the palace was taken upby the Nizams as their royal guest house
  5. 5. Interestingly, the palace is designed in the shape of a scorpion with itsstings spreading out towards north Rich in regal items, one of the gemstreasured by Falaknuma Palace is a 100-seater rosewood dining tableAnother such regal residence in the city is the Chowmalla Palace It wasthe royal residence and office of the Asif Jahi dynasty   Thoughpredominantly Muslim, Hyderabad has a cosmopolitan population withBengalis, Coastal Andhraites, Gujaratis, Marathis, the Sikh Community,and the people from different regions residing here A good number ofreligious places are present in the city, which form major touristattractions too
  6. 6. The Mecca Masjid is the largest and the oldest mosque in town MoulaAli Dargah is revered for being the dargah in the memory of Hazrat Ali,the son-in-law of the Prophet Other religious places that attract hugecrowds are the Birla Mandir and Balaji Temple ISKCON Temple and StPaulÂ’s Cathedral are other places that draw people from all faiths
  7. 7. Â Â Food is something that Hyderabad is known for HyderabadiBiryani is something every foodie can die for Mostly known for itsMughlai and Persian style of cuisine Hyderabad has evolved a taste of itsown in these years Typically spicy, the city thrives on vegetarian as wellas non-vegetarian delicacies As the Mall culture has well invaded theplace, one can find several other types of cuisines here too
  8. 8. Â Â A city that has so much to offer that you can royalty free music jazzhardly think of sitting back, Hyderabad is a place where almost anyonewould want to shop for And when it comes to shopping, itÂ’s the pearlsthat grab the fancy of all shoppers Rice pearls and Basra pearls are themost popular here The oldest and most popular market here is the LaadBazaar known for its artifacts, antique paintings, cotton dress materials,handloom cloths, saris, silverware, and unique handcrafts
  9. 9. royalty free music jazz