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  1. 1. Do you have physically challenged people in yourfamily who need help moving about the stairs? Do the elderly people in your family have trouble climbing upand down the stairs? Do you want an easy solution to this problem and allow freedom of movement to such members of your family? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then stair lifts are the solution you have been looking for.
  2. 2. Stair lift is one of the greatest inventions of modern times, and isaimed to facilitate those who find it difficult to move about stairsThese lifts can be installed on any stair case, and there provide asolution to the great problem of climbing the stairs especially by thedisabled members of the family They can use theses stair lifts toclimb up and down the stairs as much as they want without anyhesitation or help from anyone
  3. 3. Stair lifts are a great option, especially for those who are looking fora good solution to enable their family members move about freelyabout the stairs without much difficulty Many people hesitate inasking for help from others as they feel like a burden to them Thesestair lifts ensure freedom of movement and independence to suchpeople and guarantee them peace ofmind
  4. 4. Stair lifts are also great for people looking to provide safety to thosemembers of the family who are incapable of moving about the stairseasily For example, the elderly people find great trouble in climbingthe stairs due to lack of strength and aching joints They may evenfall while climbing the stairs and get hurt badly which is highlyundesirable, especially at such an age when the chances of recoveryare also very slow
  5. 5. Stair lifts can enable such people to move about the stairs withoutany problem at all Some people are incapable of moving aboutwithout the help of a wheelchair It would be a tiresome andlaborious job to carry the person along with the wheel chair,therefore, for such people stair lifts are the best option as there arestair lifts which can carry the whole wheel chair across the stairs aswell
  6. 6. The wheel chair fits onto these stair lifts, and is then carried up ordown the stairs without any extra effort from anyone Stair lifts areavailable in a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes There aredifferent kinds of stair lifts which are designed to cope with somespecial situations
  7. 7. Each stair lift is designed to perfection, and thus provides theoptimum efficiency Many people aren�t aware, but stair lifts canfit on almost all kinds of stair cases They can even be installed intight and narrow stair cases without much difficulty
  8. 8. Many stair lifts are designed to carry the person in a sitting positionThey are mounted on a specially designed metal rod to ensuredurability and security There are also stair lifts available which carrythe person in a standing position, and are generally a good option forthose who don�t have enough room in their stair cases and onlyneed a slight support to stand
  9. 9. Stair lifts can be installed on indoor as well as outdoor stair casesThey are a good solution to multi story houses where elevatorscannot be installed
  10. 10. At least a 3-5 story building is required for an elevator to beinstalled; therefore for such small buildings stair lifts are the perfectoption to facilitate the physically challenged and elderly people Moreinformation about can be found at Churchills
  11. 11.