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The future of marketing: 20 expert predictions for 2014


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We asked 20 analysts, authors, bloggers and thought leaders about what's in store for marketing in 2014. You'll find that everyone is strikingly on the same page: in order to succeed, marketers must …

We asked 20 analysts, authors, bloggers and thought leaders about what's in store for marketing in 2014. You'll find that everyone is strikingly on the same page: in order to succeed, marketers must provide individual experiences for their customers. Read more in our blog post here:

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  • 1. JAN FEB MAR The future of marketing APR MAY JUN AUG SEP 20 expert predictions for 2014 JUL OCT NOV DEC
  • 2. Hello It's that time of year — there's a chill in the air, the holidays are around the corner and the predictions for 2014 are starting to roll in. This year, we decided to tap some of the smartest minds in the industry to get a pulse on what digital marketing will look like next year. As you flip through the pages, we think you'll find that everyone's predictions are strikingly similar when it comes to where marketing is headed: in order to succeed, marketers must provide individual experiences for their customers. And to do this well - and at scale marketers need to orchestrate their communications based on customer data like preferences, behaviors and profile information. What's exciting is that more and more marketers have access to both the customer data and technology to start making this a reality in 2014. We're looking forward to a great year ahead! The Responsys Team For more predictions and digital marketing insights, please visit the New School Marketing blog. Visit the blog
  • 3. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “2014 will be when leading marketers begin mapping their organizations more closely to the customer MAY JUN journey. Marketers will do this by breaking down the silos that exist between departments and channels, so that the customer ultimately receives an experience that's not only cohesive, but tailored to their individual behavior and preferences.” AUG NOV SEP DEC David Edelman Partner, Marketing & Sales Practice at McKinsey @davidedelman
  • 4. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014, marketers will have to stop thinking about social media as a silo and approach it as a social MAY JUN business -- one where the technologies and methodologies are deeply integrated into the core of the business. This means that every employee, customer, and partner will be a marketer -- and you better start giving them the education and tools to enable them to SEP advocate on your AUG behalf.” NOV DEC Charlene Li Partner and Founder, Altimeter Group, co-author of Groundswell @charleneli
  • 5. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “2014 will be a tipping point for the mobile marketing industry. By next year, there will be more mobile devices around the world than humans, representing billions of opportunities to engage with consumers globally. Mobile continues to spark a new world of media in MAY JUN which every object is a medium and every place an opportunity for a message. There is no other platform that is as personal, as pervasive and provides the opportunity for proximity. Marketing’s seismic shift to mobile will only intensify as marketers reimagine their SEP infrastructure andAUGdown silos to ensure that break mobile is no longer an afterthought but the first thought when mapping out a consumer experience. Nothing gets marketers closer to consumers than mobile.” NOV DEC Greg Stuart CEO, Mobile Marketing Association @gregstuart
  • 6. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “The continued convergence of CMO and CIO roles will be key to delivering targeted and seamless customer experiences across channels. The marketing team will MAY JUN become increasingly tech savvy and analytics driven, while the scope of the IT organization will extend beyond system delivery to measuring and optimizing marketing effectiveness. While these functions were once siloed, a strong partnership and unified priorities AUG SEP will prove a competitive differentiator.” NOV DEC Katherine Bahamonde CMO, C. Wonder @cwonderstore
  • 7. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “The “holistic” impression marketers want to leave in the minds of consumers across the growing number of new, traditional, owned and earned media, contrasts sharply with the corporate reality where each of these touch MAY JUN points is typically the domain of a separate silo (marketing, advertising, customer service, etc.). The overall result is often messaging, execution and delivery strategies that are fragmented across touch points, and potentially confusing to consumers. In a continual effort AUG SEP to increase customer loyalty, revenue and internal efficiencies, orchestrating across these departmental silos will be a priority for the C-Suite in the year ahead.” NOV DEC Jerry Wind Marketing Professor, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania @jerrywind
  • 8. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014, two organizational shifts within the marketing MAY JUN department will gain momentum. Marketing will grow to have more native technical talent within its ranks, such as marketing technologists and data scientists. And marketing will adapt more agile management methods to keep pace with accelerated change in the market.” AUG NOV SEP DEC Scott Brinker Marketing Technology Entrepreneur @chiefmartec
  • 9. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014, CMOs are going to realize the critical flaw in how their marketing organizations are structured. Teams organized around siloed channels – like email, mobile, social, display – that are measured singularly on MAY JUN the success of the discrete campaigns they send out are not nearly as effective as those organized around the customer and his or her unique journey with a brand. I predict that in the next year, we’re going to see a dramatic shift in how marketing departments are AUG SEP organized. All with the goal of making their marketing and marketing organizations more orchestrated.” NOV DEC Scott Olrich President, Marketing and Platform, Responsys @responsys
  • 10. JAN FEB MAR “In 2014, we'll see companies up their content efforts in two ways: APR 1) They'll realize that "content" is broader than just things we think ofMAY as “marketing.” (A great JUN real-world example is Virgin’s new pre-flight safety briefing) JUL 2) They'll up their game in orchestrating cohesive content programs (across several platforms and channels) that abandon their corporate-centric AUG SEP messages and focus instead on creating content that people actually want. They'll focus on creating content that's useful, inspired and enjoyable.” OCT NOV DEC Ann Handley Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs @marketingprofs
  • 11. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014 we'll see a more strategic approach to content strategy paying dividends for brands, as they look to MAY JUN integrate marketing across different channels for a more consistent brand experience. As we stated in our Modern Marketing Manifesto, 'customers do not recognise lines and nor should we.' As marketers get to grips with this, more brands will be delivering experiences and marketing without delineation.” AUG SEP NOV DEC Linus Gregoriadis Research Director, Econsultancy @LinusGreg
  • 12. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “2014 is the year of sustainable consumer relationships – where the recent investments in content, mobile, social MAY JUN and big data are finally seamlessly woven together online and offline into an organic consumer experience that constantly seeks new ways to create real value for the consumer and at the same time maximize lifetime value for the marketer.” AUG NOV SEP DEC Matt Wisk CMO, @coupons
  • 13. JAN FEB MAR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV APR “ ‘Mass’ is headed for a mass grave. Reach will be ever more out of reach. The future, and the present, requires aggregating individual relationships at scale. Just like, whaddya call” DEC Bob Garfield Journalist, Author and Broadcaster @bobosphere
  • 14. JAN FEB MAR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV APR “Companies that don’t align and integrate their multi-channel customer interactions to the holistic journeys that buyers want will see their revenues begin to drop in 2014.” DEC Christine Crandell Writer, @chriscrandell
  • 15. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “As the pace of competition continues to accelerate and products converge toward parity more quickly than MAY JUN ever, successful strategies will require a new balance of speed, creativity, and at the same time rigorous thinking. Developing the organizational capability to do so will place increased premium on reinvention with a more intense customer-focus.” AUG NOV SEP DEC Greg Carpenter Marketing Professor, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University directory/carpenter_gregory.aspx
  • 16. JAN APR FEB MAR “Marketing integration will become more important than MAY JUN ever in 2014. Today’s customer has no patience for data silos—a marketer’s relationship with their audience will have to be seamless to thrive, no matter what channel or device the consumer chooses for engagement.” JUL AUG OCT NOV SEP DEC Beth Negus Managing Editor, Chief Marketer @cmbethnegus
  • 17. JAN APR FEB MAR “In 2014, brands get as serious about customer care MAY JUN as they do about marketing in social media. Buying Facebook ads may be de rigueur, but creating true WOM is more dependent on how you respond to customer needs than whether you serve them ads.” JUL AUG OCT NOV SEP DEC Augie Ray Director of Word of Mouth Strategy, American Express @augieray
  • 18. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014, I think we're going to see the growth hacking approach to marketing expand outside startups and begin to resonate within Fortune 500 companies. Run down the list of the web's biggest start ups and you’ll find that because MAYdidn't have access to the many JUN "luxuries" of an ad budget or the burden of proper training, they were able to be creative enough to broaden the definition of marketing to immense advantage. Despite these recent success stories, however, companies still chase the old methods and AUG SEP metrics. The future of marketing is simply going back to its roots and striving to speak to customers in individual and much more effective ways.” NOV DEC Ryan Holiday Author of Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator @ryanholiday
  • 19. JAN APR FEB MAR “2014 is the year that “Big Data” gets wrestled to the MAY JUN ground by “Big Customer Insights.” Strategic creative ideas that address customer behavioral needs will help marketers make sense of the endless stream of trivial data points.” JUL AUG OCT NOV SEP DEC Kirk Chartier SVP of Marketing, Enova International @kikr
  • 20. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “The biggest challenge for brands in 2014 will be to provide a seamless customer experience across all digital marketing channels. For this to happen, basic things like responsive design for email will be crucial. In addition, companies will need to look moreJUN at intently MAY customer data and user preferences to tailor content that is relevant and keeps customers engaged across all channels. Brands will also need to orchestrate their own internal systems in order to create a consistent image and voice across all communication channels. But, this is AUG SEP easier said than done because marketing departments will need to align their efforts and work together in a way previously never seen before. ” NOV DEC Dr. Torsten Schwarz Publisher, Online Marketing Experts @DocS
  • 21. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “Marketers will continue their ongoing shift from talk to action in terms of truly understanding customers and MAY JUN acting on that insight to improve marketing effectiveness and ROI. This includes connecting disparate data sources to build a holistic view of the customer, sending communications that are relevant in terms of content and context, and creating consistent cross-channel customer experiences and interactions.” AUG SEP NOV DEC Ginger Conlon Editor-in-Chief, Direct Marketing News @customeralchemy
  • 22. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “With all the great tools available to generate, publish and amplify content based on customers' behavioral profiles and intent, this will be the year marketers start MAY JUN producing content that maps to the individual customer journey, rather than the standard sales funnel. As Jeff Bezos claims about Amazon, they are not in the business of selling books but in the business of helping their customers buy books. This is the cornerstone of AUG SEP customer centricity, focus on solving your customers' goals and they will help you achieve yours.” NOV DEC Bryan Eisenberg Author, Speaker and Digital Marketing Expert @thegrok
  • 23. JAN APR JUL OCT FEB MAR “In 2014, marketers will increasingly take a more long term, customer-centric approach to email by using it for things like providing targeted recommendations, MAY JUN improving customer service and strengthening brand awareness. And, marketers will begin to realize the potential of combining email with other channels like mobile and display as a way to engage with customers in a more relevant way, throughout their journey with AUG SEP a brand.” NOV DEC Nico Zorn Managing Director, Saphiron GmbH @nicozorn
  • 24. About Responsys Responsys (NASDAQ:MKTG) is a leading marketing cloud software and services company. Our mission is to enable the smartest marketing in the digital world. The most respected brands across the globe use the Responsys Interact Marketing Cloud to manage their digital relationships and deliver the right marketing to their customers across email, mobile, social, display and the web. Our customers gain competitive advantage through the automation, individualization, and coordination of cross-channel marketing interactions at massive scale. Founded in 1998, Responsys is headquartered in San Bruno, California and has offices throughout the world. For more information about Responsys, visit