Building Strategic Alliances


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It’s an adage as old as politics itself. A thread is weak. But twist several threads into a rope and it’s strong. Such is the power of alliances and teamwork. Join Resource Media for a "Building Strategic Alliances" training that describes the practical, systematic steps and case studies you need to know to help you reach new partners and spokespeople. Our presentation will be full of the best advice from conservation leaders around the country with a proven track record of success.

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Building Strategic Alliances

  1. 1. Building
Alliances July

  2. 2. Have a Question? Need Help?
  3. 3. About Resource Media •  Communica9ons
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 •  Environmental

  4. 4. San





 Staff 9
 Offices Bozeman




  5. 5. "Those planet-tonguers over at Greenpeace are building a replica of Noah's Ark to raise awareness about global warming. For a bunch of environmentalists, they're sure cutting down a lot of trees. I celebrate Earth Day because it's America's planet." Stephen Colbert
  6. 6. Forty years after the first Earth Day……
  7. 7. There is broad public support for conservation.
  8. 8. Inspiring people to take action requires trust
  9. 9. “Our issues are not environmental issues, they’re community issues. When the community owns it, you win.” --Tracy Stone-Manning
  10. 10. In the past, the environment was talked about by regular people who lived near the land and cared about its well-being.
  11. 11. Now….paid professional environmentalists are doing the talking
  12. 12. Why build strategic alliances?
  13. 13. Diverse partnerships can help you weather political changes
  14. 14. Public Support = Political Capital Mobilizing a broad face and voice for conservation gives our issues credibility and clout
  15. 15. Build political power and momentum With the right partners, you can do more than just win a single campaign: you can advance an entire policy agenda
  16. 16. How To: The nuts and bolts of building strategic alliances
  17. 17. Lay the groundwork: Align resources •  Build the the capacity •  Invest in outreach •  Create a culture of bridge building
  18. 18. Think it through •  Assess your needs •  Choose allies carefully •  Build relationships to last
  19. 19. Build the relationship •  Find common ground •  Break the ice •  Listen first •  Agree on terms •  Commit to long term
  20. 20. Make it work • Start early and small • Give before you get • Offer to do the groundwork • Share the spotlight or stay behind the scenes
  21. 21. Right-size expectations •  Be patient •  Develop messages together •  Support their work (partnerships are a two-way street)
  22. 22. Set boundaries and respect theirs •  Tune in, don’t cave in •  Find common ground •  Agree on goals and milestones •  Get clear on roles and responsibilities
  23. 23. Work together to tell your story Tell the story •  Leverage partners’ reach and influence •  Choose spokespeople based on audience values •  Share the work and the credit
  24. 24. •  Take advantage of existing networks •  Go for low-hanging fruit •  Move outward in concentric circles Use partners strategically
  25. 25. Use a variety of communications tools •  Radio and newspaper interviews •  Op-eds and letters to the editor •  Editorial board visits •  Action alerts and newsletters •  Direct outreach to policymakers
  26. 26. Harness the power of social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter •  Raise awareness •  Share updates •  Engage supporters •  Build a community
  27. 27. Listen in to gauge public opinion •  Track #hashtags or keywords •  Join existing communities •  Find and engage opinion leaders
  28. 28. Case Studies Saving the Valle Vidal Bristol Bay/Pebble Mine SF Physicians for Social Responsibility
  29. 29. Saving the Valle Vidal Protecting New Mexico’s “Land of Enchantment”
  30. 30. The Campaign •  Formed the Coalition for Valle Vidal •  Defined a clear goal: “No drilling, leasing, period” •  Invested in public outreach and education •  Created a Core Values Statement
  31. 31. Keys to Success •  Broad local support •  Clear goal that came from the community •  Diverse spokespeople •  Investment in outreach
  32. 32. Take Aways •  Focus on grassroots •  Build it together •  Leverage shared values
  33. 33. Empowering People in Bristol Bay The fight to save “America’s fish basket”
  34. 34. The •  Public Education & Organizing •  Legislation Bristol •  Litigation Bay •  Corporate Responsibility Strategy
  35. 35. Big win: Tiffany’s of London signs “No Dirty Gold” pledge
  36. 36. Take-Aways •  Let the locals lead •  Use the jobs argument •  Help people understand what’s at stake
  37. 37. Healthier Food in Health Care Campaign Making sure hospital patients get good food from local farmers
  38. 38. The Strategy: Research, Relate, Engage •  Do Your Homework •  Build relationships and earn trust •  Ask questions •  Create incremental wins
  39. 39. Take-Aways •  Find partners that complement your strengths and address your weaknesses •  Start small •  Focus on values
  40. 40. Summary: •  Strategic alliances are key to short-term wins and long- term credibility •  It’s all about relationships; you have to give as good as you get •  Building partnerships depends on finding shared values
  41. 41. Worth Exploring! •  Social Media 201 – August •  Framing & Messaging – September •  Media Relations – October •  Story Pitching 101 – November •  Blogger Relations – December
  42. 42. Thank You! Nicole Lampe Lynda Giguere Program Director Program Director 503.719.5626 907.771.4020 Published by Resource Media 325 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA 94111 415-397-5000 Copyright © 2010 by Resource Media All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright holder.
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