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SXSW Convergence 2010 Dan Shust

SXSW Convergence 2010 Dan Shust



SXSW 2010 Future15 Presentation from March 15th. Convergence 2010: 10 cool things that could happen this year...or not.

SXSW 2010 Future15 Presentation from March 15th. Convergence 2010: 10 cool things that could happen this year...or not.



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    SXSW Convergence 2010 Dan Shust SXSW Convergence 2010 Dan Shust Presentation Transcript

    • CONVERGENCE 2O1O / 1O COOL THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR...OR NOT. Dan Shust - Resource Interactive’s RI:Lab Twitter: @getshust Hash: #convergence2010 Image: flickr / r.f.m II © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 1
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O1 Social becomes the thread. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 2
    • THING O1 / Social becomes the thread. Social networks (mostly facebook) will solidify themselves as the real-time thread that holds our digital existence together. Our messaging, news, brand interactions, entertainment, search will all be delivered and filtered based on our social graph. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 3
    • THING O1 / Social becomes the thread. Facebook Wall © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 4
    • THING O1 / Social becomes the thread. Mobile Microsoft Xbox Nintendo DSi Visio IPTV Jonas Brothers © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 5
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O2 Location matters. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 6
    • THING O2 / Location matters. Your current location (and location habits) will further enhance the delivery of your digital experiences. Content will become increasingly aware of its surroundings and configure itself accordingly. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 7
    • THING O2 / Location matters. Mastercard Gowalla Foursquare Sit or Squat © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 8
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O3 Entertain me now. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 9
    • THING O3 / Entertain me now. Custom cloud-based entertainment (audio, video, gaming, etc.) will be available in real- time, at all locations and on all platforms. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 10
    • THING O3 / Entertain me now. Onlive NPR Slingplayer Indiana Jones Sirius © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 11
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O4 Birth of the frontchannel. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 12
    • THING O4 / Birth of the frontchannel. Experiences and interactions typically relegated to the “backchannel” will become more important (and engaging) than the original content. People will “tune in” to live events for the “frontchannel” interaction. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 13
    • THING O4 / Birth of the frontchannel. Vizio Internet Enabled TV Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4juwUcbzVc © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 14
    • THING O4 / Birth of the frontchannel. MLB iPad App Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB7_N22xZf0 © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 15
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O5 Commerce atomizes. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 16
    • THING O5 / Commerce atomizes. Along with the typical channels, commerce experiences will be increasingly available in non-traditional locations...social networks, iMedia, gaming, mobile, etc. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 17
    • THING O5 / Commerce atomizes. Carmax JanSport Polyvore Polo Rugby Adidas © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 18
    • THING O5 / Commerce atomizes. 1-800-Flowers Off the Wall Hitman DVD Barnes & Noble Polo Rugby © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 19
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O6 Life is a game. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 20
    • THING O6 / Life is a game. Game theory and mechanics will infuse all our digital activities. We will be increasingly “rewarded” for even the smallest behaviors both individually and as part of a group. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 21
    • THING O6 / Life is a game. MyTown CauseWorld Facebook Friends Gowalla Pins YouTube Foursquare Mayorship Nike+ © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 22
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O7 Interactive Products. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 23
    • THING O7 / Interactive products. We will become conditioned to the expectation of having digital interactions with physical objects. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 24
    • THING O7 / Interactive products. Google Goggles/Shopping Red Laser Blick Magazine Golf Digest The Weather Channel © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 25
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O8 Your reality will be augmented. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 26
    • THING O8 / Your reality will be augmented. The Holodeck? Maybe not, but our immersion opportunities are getting more interesting. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 27
    • THING O8 / Your reality will be augmented. Home Depot Adidas Hallmark USPS © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 28
    • THING O8 / Your reality will be augmented. Lego Yelp! Tobi Fashionista Samsung Microsoft Project Natal Samsung © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 29
    • THING O8 / Your reality will be augmented. Microsoft Bing AR Maps Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QFvfHXkd2o © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 30
    • CONVERGENCE / THING O9 Digital is the new paper. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 31
    • THING O9 / Digital is the new paper. Consumer tablet computers (like the iPad) will usher in a new era of publishing...and the reinvention of paper. (Interactive, social, e-commerce enabled paper that is.) © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 32
    • THING O9 / Digital is the new paper. Apple iPad Sports Illustrated Tablet Concept Sports Illustrated Google Tablet Concept © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 33
    • THING O9 / Digital is the new paper. WIRED Tablet Prototype Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlPzu82Dwr0 © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 34
    • THING O9 / Digital is the new paper. Microsoft Courier Prototype Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmIgNfp-MdI © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 35
    • CONVERGENCE / THING 1O Rise of the connected things. © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 36
    • THING 1O / Rise of the connected things. Convergence you say? When my bathroom scale can tweet my weight to all my followers, we will have converged ;) © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 37
    • THING 1O / Rise of the connected things. WiThings WIFI Scale © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 38
    • THING 1O / Rise of the connected things. MIcrosoft Sync Fitbit Poken Nike+ © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 39
    • Thanks / About Dan Shust - As a leader in Resource Interactive’s research and development lab, Dan is responsible for finding, understanding and applying emerging media for clients in the digital space. His deep knowledge and enthusiasm for evolving trends like the real-time web, distributed ecommerce and hyperconnectivity through mobile and augmented reality—to name a few—helps Resource Interactive’s clients create well-balanced innovative experiences. His unique blend of creative, business and technical experience makes him a favorite among clients where he speaks in real terms about how emerging technology will affect their brands. He is regularly called into projects to drive big ideas for clients such as Victoria’s Secret, VS PINK, Sherwin-Williams, Apple, and a wide array of Procter & Gamble brands, among others. Dan is frequent contributor to the Advertising Age’s Digital Next Blog, and has been featured in other media outlets such as USA Today, Business Week, Internet Retailer and the E- Commerce Times. Additionally, Dan is a highly sought-after speaker, having taken the podium at events for SXSW, National Retail Federation, Online Market World, Internet Retailer, and several Fortune 500 brands. The RI:Lab - The RI:Lab is the innovation nerve center of Resource. Part think tank, part product development arm, it’s a nucleus of multidisciplinary resources and services designed to help clients ideate and fast-track the development of extraordinary multichannel consumer experiences. Resource Interactive - Resource Interactive is one of the nation’s top-rated agencies with offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Palo Alto and more than 300 associates. Founded and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, our Midwestern work ethic keeps us grounded without limiting our global reach. Now in our 29th year, Resource leads Fortune 500 companies around the world through an ever-evolving internet economy. We bring research-driven insights to our work, creating bold opportunities for consumer engagement and competitive advantage. www.resource.com © Copyright 2010 Resource Interactive 40