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Get Networked


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Why are brands leveraging social media during these economic times? And what tactics are leading the pack? …

Why are brands leveraging social media during these economic times? And what tactics are leading the pack?

In this webinar, we talk about the affordable and effective way to connect with consumers, and how to start a dialogue with your most active brand advocates. Klay Huddleston will teach you how to leverage the voice of the consumer to get messages carried further than ad impressions.

Are you ready to network?

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Get Networked: Why Social Media is Crucial for Your Brand’s Success Right Now Presented by Resource Interactive May 27, 2009
  • 2. “ The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” — William Gibson, Author
  • 3. digital footprint
  • 4. agenda
    • The New Consumer Journey
    • Social Media Drives Commerce
    • Get Networked
    • What’s Next
  • 6. AWARENESS CONSIDERATION SELECTION LOYALTY Impact of traditional brand communications at the onset of the consumer purchase journey is decreasing PURCHASE Friends & Neighbors Mass Media message Store staff At shelf/on pack messaging
  • 7. a new consumer journey LISTEN & LEARN BUILD AWARENESS FACILITATE PARTICIPATION SUPPORT PURCHASE REENGAGE & EMPOWER Search result Facebook page Mobile Web site Store visit Facebook fan page Ratings & reviews
  • 8. shopping gets more social as everything gets more social 49% of US connected consumers say they made a purchase based on a recommendation through social media. — eMarketer Social Networks: five consumer trends for 2009 Social network users projection 80M 115M 2008 2013
  • 9. shopping gets more social as everything gets more social STATE OF RETAILING ONLINE 2009: Amongst retailers that are reducing spending, 56% are cutting spending on search engine marketing, while only 24% will cut their social media marketing budget. Amongst retailers that are performing well, 60% will increase spending in social media marketing. — Source: “The State of Retailing Online 2009,” a study
  • 10. shopping gets more social as everything gets more social 82% of US college students used the Facebook social networking site in 2008. — Anderson Analytics, “2009 US College Student Report,” December 1, 2008 Nearly 10% of users worldwide use social network profiles to “Promote a brand.” — Universal McCann, “When Did we Start Trusting Strangers?,” September 2008 There were nearly 116 million US user-generated content consumers in 2008, and 82.5 million content creators. Both numbers are set to climb significantly by 2013. — eMarketer, February 2009 Mobile social networking is growing, thanks to devices such as the iPhone, that provide a better user experience . — Debra Aho Williams, Senior Analyst, eMarketer, February 2009
  • 12. can social media drive commerce?
    • Social media continues to evolve as a marketing tool and is poised to be a significant driver of commerce.
    • Through this evolution, three major themes have emerged in the use of social media as a marketing medium:
      • Research - Insights Gathering
      • Engagement - Advertising
      • Promotional – Drive Commerce
    • We now see brands executing against all three themes, yet typically there is a marked emphasis on one.
  • 13. an open brand Facilitates Relevant Customer Experiences … is for On-Demand Delivers accessible, self-directed and instantly gratifying experiences. … is for Personal Facilitates meaningful interaction with many markets of one. … is for Engaging Deepens attachment through relevant emotional experiences. … is for Networked Taps the exponential potential of individual consumers and online niche communities.
  • 14. Harley Davidson
  • 15. REI Promotion for free shipping is embedded in the discussion stream and deep links to products
  • 16. (1) URL in the discussion stream deep links to relevant content on the YouTube channel (2) Video is designed with integrated product assortment. Rollover state provides more product info (3) From the video, you can click out directly to the assortment page on the REI eComm site and purchase
  • 17. REI
  • 18. dwell
  • 19. SeaWorld San Antonio
  • 20. The Limited
  • 21. Victoria’s Secret PINK (VS PINK Facebook Fan Page) (Victoria’s Secret eComm site) (PINK Nation Registration Page) (VS PINK Microsite)
  • 22. Victoria’s Secret PINK Direct links to promoted items Links to new product introductions (Victoria’s Secret eComm site) (Victoria’s Secret eComm site) (VS PINK Microsite) (VS PINK Facebook Fan Page) (VS PINK Facebook Fan Page)
  • 23. Victoria’s Secret PINK (VS PINK Facebook Fan Page) (VS PINK Facebook EVENTS tab on Fan Page) (On-campus event) fans can learn about upcoming events, RSVP, invite friends, see past events, etc. On-Campus Events
  • 25. marketing evolution Micro blogging 3D Niche Networks M-Commerce User Customized Apps Social Navigation Social commerce TODAY FUTURE/EMERGING YESTERDAY Blogs Social Networking Mobile Widget Social Bookmarking Multi-channel commerce Letter from CEO/Pres Hanging out at mall Pay Phones Off the shelf software Search eCommerce
  • 26. get started
    • Identify team
    • Listen & learn
    • Define strategy & plan
    • Develop voice, tone & guidelines
    • Execute & Measure
  • 28. what’s next? Facebook Connect OpenID Blurring of social media and m-commerce
  • 29. dialog Let’s talk.
  • 30. thank you NEW BUSINESS [email_address] SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Megan Burnside [email_address] PRESS Holly Davis [email_address]