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Ecommerce Watch

  1. 1. Resource Interactive’s tenth annual qualitative review of the online holiday experience. Holi S P E C I A day L FO Ten- Gifting C U S : Year T Retr rends a osp ectiv nd e
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION How time flies. This year a Resource Interactive e-retail team stepped out into the field to evaluate the holiday season e-commerce experience for the tenth year in a row. With a decade of hindsight, our multidisciplinary team of researchers audited 50 top online retailers. This study of the 006 holiday season spanned seven weeks, and involved hours of site browsing, product selecting, purchasing, contacting customer service and visiting brick-and-mortar counterparts. So what did we find? Online retailers ushered in the season by elevating holiday gift guides, trumpeting cross-channel buying options and coming out from behind the shadows of their offline counterparts. Cyber Monday officially moved from industry term to consumer speak, and had the promotional fanfare to prove it. By the week after Thanksgiving, we were already getting “Last Chance for Holiday Savings” emails—setting a tone of urgency for the season. While a few years ago many web sites acted like digital versions of stores or catalogs, this year they leveraged the channel and realized opportunities all their own—much to consumers’ benefit. From sites that integrated the product assortments of multiple brands for one-stop-shopping convenience to product pages that let consumers examine the goods as if they were actually holding them, traditional e-commerce barriers fell away. Although brick-and-mortar retailers continued to edge out pure players in the race for online sales supremacy, the continuously innovating Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 proved the exception with four million orders placed on Gift Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 December 11—breaking its previous sales records. Today Only . . .Until Tomorrow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Brands that tapped into their internet potential fueled a season that saw Smoother Channel Surfing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 online sales climb to $.1 billion—6% more than 005, according to A Shift in Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 comScore Networks Inc., and more than twenty times the $1.1 billion BCC Learning to Leverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Research (formerly Business Communications Company, Inc.) reported in Retrospective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 1997, the year of our first study. Memory Lane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends ©007 Resource Interactive. All rights reserved. SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends and Retrospective
  3. 3. most likely for future purchases. Based on personality cues, Sephora’s Fragrance Finder helped customers find a unique and personal gift by navigating fine fragrance notes. Toys “R” Us’ Toy Guide for Differently- Abled Kids explained how individual toys work, and what skills they help children develop. Beyond gift ideas, retailers continued to offer shoppers a way to give back, announcing that a portion of proceeds would go to a worthy cause. More retailers became virtual middlemen for taking and delivering 01 GIFT GUIDANCe customer donations, with one-third of the sites we reviewed making philanthropic gestures. Williams-Sonoma solicited help for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through a link on its homepage. JCPenney donated a portion of its proceeds to an after-school program. Gift guides were in full force—on homepages, in navigation Target’s online Angel and emails. But while the ideas were plentiful, points of view Giving Tree was a were not. Rather than showcase their expertise, retailers partnership with The repackaged lists of “best sellers” or “what’s hot.” And Salvation Army—an while shoppers could browse by products organization whose with the most popular customer-created tags, few other banishment from Target’s brands leveraged customer favorites or their own research, storefronts (honoring a experience and insight to help shoppers find gifts for the corporate no-solicitation hard-to-buy-for. Among the standouts, Anthropologie’s policy) brought thoughtfully bundled cross-category gifts for “The Snow Giving back: TARGET.COM controversy back in 00. Bunny,” “The Homebody” and “The Globetrotter” invited exploration. Crate and Barrel’s “This and That” paired complementary items for a well-rounded gift, but was AMAzOn’S GIFT ORGAnIzER removed from the site before the season was in full swing. One of the latest Borders’ GiftSquad offered helpful suggestions— if only innovations from the animated instructions that accompanied the experience was the could have been skipped on repeat visits. merging of multiple functionalities to help Kudos to retailers that helped consumers shop outside their customers give during comfort zones and beyond what’s familiar. Gifts for “the the holiday season cook,” for example, are nice in theory, but customers not and beyond. By culinarily-inclined needed a bit more help choosing between keeping track of not a panini press and a griddle. Brands like Giggle and just what customers A gift history hub: AMAzOn.COM that suggested not just what to buy, but why are purchasing, but to buy it increased shopper confidence this season, and whom they’re buying for and why, took steps toward a truly intelligent—and useful—gift guide. SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 5
  4. 4. GIFT GUIDANCe REPACkAGEd nAvIGATIOn Any site that showed its everyday global navigation in green and Fruitless Searches red type, and called that a gift guide (you know who you are) gets While some shoppers go online with specific brands in mind, others our Blind Spot vote. There were so many we stopped counting. might only know that they want the season’s popular argyle sweater. Without the brand recall to go directly to a retailer’s site, these customers relied on search engines to lead the way. Unfortunately, because many of the best (and biggest) retailers didn’t put much effort into global search engine optimization, shoppers went where search engines took them—not necessarily where they needed to go. With nearly 7 billion searches being conducted every month in HELP FOR THE HOLIdAYS the US, having a well-optimized site is now virtually a requirement for selling anything online. As holiday online traffic increases overall, so does the We found that less than half of the retailers we measured were number of new customers visiting your site . Some might implementing search optimization at a best-practice level, and be new to your brand; others might be new to your several retailers had significant barriers that stopped search engines merchandise category . Just as you train seasonal store from indexing their product pages: associates differently, you must also guide seasonal Many retailer sites used highly-dynamic URLs that were not customers differently . A gift guide needs to go beyond search friendly, causing product pages to be unindexable product suggestions, and include confidence-building by engines. input to encourage these shoppers to buy . While retailer product pages often had descriptive copy, there was often very little keyword-rich copy on home, landing or category pages. Paired with the dynamic URLs mentioned above, this left little usable copy for search engines to rank against. Page titling, an important aspect in ranking algorithms used by search engines, was frequently an issue. Who got it right: Bluefly and L.L.Bean used page titling to its LOOkInG BACk: OUR 2003 HOLIdAY STUdY fullest. Bluefly often included sale information in the title, and While today gift guides are a holiday mainstay, it was as recently as 00 that L.L.Bean used highly descriptive titles that were frequently updated. Who didn’t: American Eagle used very short page titles e-retailers first embraced the challenge of helping consumers find the perfect gift. that often lacked effective keywords and were not descriptive of page content. Anthropologie employed the exact same title for every page, missing a critical opportunity to provide accurate, Many more sites featured gift finders, guides keyword-rich page descriptors for products. or idea sections this year, and with increased Recent data from competitive intelligence service Hitwise concludes categorization… Too many sites focused on that one out of every four visits going to a shopping site originated at elementary segmentations—namely gender— a search engine. Without proper search optimization, the opportunity often leaving consumers to click through a to reach a potential customer can be lost. mass of generic “gifts for her.” WE LOOkEd FOR: — E-Commerce Watch 2003 9 Descriptive titles 9 Meta data 9 Search-friendly product pages 9 Keyword-rich copy SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 6 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 7
  5. 5. L.L.BEAn’S HOLIdAY COUnTdOWn CALEndAR L.L.Bean treated shoppers to a new gift suggestion on its site each day. While some daily messages announced promotions, other recommendations were just that—thoughtfully selected, can’t- 0 TODAY ONLY... miss gift ideas. UNTIL TOMORROW At the peak of the holiday season, more than one-third of the retailers in our study reached out to customers every hours. Daily dose: L.L.BEAn.COM Daily contact marked online retailers’ bold attempt to shift consumers’ habits. Formal programs such as Bluefly’s “Steal- a-Day” and Lands’ End’s “1 Gifts of Christmas” promoted SHOO, FLY! habitual site visits. Unfortunately, when combined with urgent “Last Chance” emails, it created unwanted angst about getting Frequent emails are the norm for discount designer goods the best deal. retailer Bluefly. But patience and trust wore thin when daily offers became difficult to distinguish from one another without Some sites used this increased frequency poring over a paragraph’s worth of fine print. With the seemingly to offer inspired suggestions, but far more random promotional cadence, we never knew when to buy…and common—and less enjoyable—were ever- therefore, never did. changing shipping and sales promotions. Overall, this strategy was novel, but everyday deals aren’t on brand for every retailer. The usually elegant gift site RedEnvelope tarnished its brand image with highly promotional emails—nearly 1 days in a row. Big gamble: BLUEFLY.COM Inspiring daily gifts: FREEPEOPLE.COM SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 9
  6. 6. TODAY ONLY...UNTIL TOMORROW PLAY FAIR Detouring Traffic Jams Customers are savvy enough to realize that promotions Perhaps it should go without saying, but you can’t make increase and prices go down as the season progresses . money if customers can’t get into your online store. Yet So not only will they spot a misused sense of urgency several of the 50 we audited—including Wal-Mart, Apple, when you insist “Today Only!” when tomorrow’s deal Urban Outfitters and Macy’s—experienced outages on is better, they’ll also stop trusting you as well . Instead, easily predictable high-traffic days. screeched to a halt at precisely the day and minute it had invited us to inspire customers with key items or promotions that purchase one of the 1,000 Xbox 60 game consoles at the encourage purchase, not make them fearful to do so . “Customer Vote” price of $100. Even better, tell them what the rules of the sale are . And if price adjustments are available for online purchases, Technical difficulties even crossed channels. One Resource Interactive researcher tested Circuit City’s “-minute disclose details for how to get them . in-store pickup” on Black Friday only to find out upon arrival that the store systems were “four hours behind the internet.” Too late to wait on her television for Friday’s big game, she cancelled the order, forfeiting the free gift card that was part of their guarantee. LOOkInG BACk: OUR 1998 HOLIdAY STUdY Want more motivation? As we draw closer to a time when shopping via mobile device will be as second nature as The abundance of promotions from e-retailers this year—with so many daily purchasing off our laptops, the need for effective web emails and updates—is in sharp contrast to their cautionary approach of 199. traffic forecasting tools is critical. Leading the charge to mobile will be Digital Millennials*—Gen Y, tech-savvy shoppers who don’t just expect instant gratification, they The holiday shopping season had little demand it. Sites that have traffic under control will reap the benefits of those disposable incomes, and will be light promotional activity. Most online merchants years ahead of those retailers still refusing to plan. were already overwhelmed by volume and didn’t want to overload their systems during the most critical time of the year. — E-Commerce Watch 1998 Used humor to soothe disappointed customers: URBAnOUTFITTERS.COM *Learn more about digital Millenials at SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 10 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 11
  7. 7. Several retailers used their cross-channel connections to increase customer convenience. Notably, Crate and Barrel announced that same day in-store pickup was a phone call away, while Circuit City positioned “ Ways to Buy” prominently in emails. And Bath Body Works’ Black Friday promotion seamlessly integrated a Resource-created email blast with its web site focus, in-store marketing and television ad. In our work with Wal-Mart, we created online advertising to promote “secret” 0 in-store deals that were unveiled only online. This program helped SMOOTHeR Wal-Mart claim the top spot for online traffic on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. CHANNeL SURFING More brands than ever before reached out across channels to their brand counterparts. Homepages touted multiple ways to shop. Sister brands promoted one another. Web sites supported in-store promotions. It wasn’t perfect, but it was progress. Gap Inc.’s family of brands cross-promoted each other online and in bouncebacks. Although a lackluster execution, Sears Holdings Corporation brought together the combined product selections of its Sears, kmart and Lands’ End brands In-store specials, revealed online: WALMART.COM for one-stop shopping. Crate and Barrel, which also promoted sister home décor brand CB2 on its homepage, perhaps said it best by inviting shoppers to “Think of [sister site The Land of While many online venues gave shoppers great reasons to visit their nod] as Crate and Barrel for kids.” brick-and-mortar destinations, few offline stores returned the favor by sending customers to their sites. Promoting a channel that offers the Best Buy perfected its online- convenience of expanded inventory combined with reduced waiting offline connection with a web seems obvious this time of year. site tool that appeared during its online Thanksgiving Day Another benefit of driving traffic online is that even when the store is sale, and facilitated Black closed, the site is still open. Promotions for Thanksgiving Day specials Friday shopping in-store. kept consumers busy through dessert. After presents were opened, victoria’s Secret PInk used shoppers on Christmas Day were lured online when visions of early sales homepage real estate to send danced in their heads. Retailers including Best Buy, victoria’s Secret customers to stores for a and Eddie Bauer quenched the thirst for a deal, and helped customers limited-editionT-shirt. spend their shiny new gift cards. Promoting the big sale: BESTBUY.COM SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 1 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 1
  8. 8. SMOOTHeR CHANNeL SURFING GAP InC.’S CROSS-PROMOTInG GIFT CARdS Not every multi-brand CHAnnELInG COnSISTEnCY company has a customer More and more retailers have discovered the benefits that shops more than of driving customers online, yet there is monumental one of its divisions. progress to be made when retail store executives are Companies that do can still viewing their own web site as a competitive threat . benefit from making If the only option to promoting your site is a window cross-brand shopping sticker in stores announcing “Shop Online 24/7,” then, easy. each Gap division yes, sales may be the only thing customers think your offered gift cards (both site is good for . It takes broader thinking to embrace the brand-specific and fact that sales goals should transcend channels . Ideas, multibrand) for each of inspiration, comparisons and product information are all its three big sites—Gap, tools customers can use online before making a purchase in store . With Jupiter Research estimating that by 2011 Banana Republic and Pick a card: OLdnAvY.COM nearly half of all U .S . retail sales will be transacted online Old navy. Available all or influenced by internet research, a united front across season long, and done perhaps in an effort to boost lagging sales, the entire business will allow channels to complement the transparency meant convenience for the cross-brand customer. each other, not compete . WILLIAMS-SOnOMA’S WRAP UP Williams-Sonoma stores delighted customers with several pre- wrapped items for ready-to-give convenience. Online, however, LOOkInG BACk: OUR 1999 HOLIdAY STUdY the same items would have cost a $5 premium to look as nice. That lack of consistency was frustrating, especially when one The sophistication of today’s multi-channel experience demonstrates that channel set the bar high, and another failed to clear it. traditional retailers (those who started out as a store or catalog) have expertly reclaimed the edge they lost early on to nimble pure players—Internet-only shops. This holiday, the six best total online shopping experiences were delivered by Internet-only retailers, displacing retail industry behemoths such as,,, and — E-Commerce Watch 1999 Wrapped and ready: WILLIAMS-SOnOMA.COM SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 1 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 15
  9. 9. the lines of communication open. Customers disappointed with the promotion were free to leave comments saying so, without diminishing the program’s popularity. Another important consumer control came in the form of product views, and the retailers who get it, got it big time this year. Eddie Bauer not only let consumers choose multiple views, but edited available views by product 0 A SHIFT IN CONTROL at the index page level, anticipating what customers would want to see. When customers rolled over dresses, the images transformed to show the back view. When browsing T-shirts, shoppers could preview the available color range. Newcomer shoe retailer Piperlime’s thoughtful array of shoe views (matched only by the post-holiday launch of venture made it easy to forget the computer screen that stood between customers and the adorable patent leather platforms. The baseline for the customer experience has increased dramatically in ten years of E-Commerce Watch studies. Consumer-generated product Consumers went from asking retailers whether they could pay reviews moved beyond electronics- online to asking themselves which payment option they’d prefer. related sites to become a key In addition, customers can now determine when to ship orders, decision-making feature. Macy’s and—in some bold instances—which items go on sale. even offered an incentive to leave Rating apparel: MACYS.COM feedback with a sweepstakes entry. pioneered with its “Customers Vote” campaign, evolving its everyday capabilities, which let shoppers vote on their favorite of four items to’s flexibility to allow readers to rate, sort and verify ratings be promoted at a upped the trust and relevance of feedback substantially. Unfortunately, shockingly low price, while cross-category product selling, mobile marketing, customized gifts for later purchase. and RSS feeds were forecasted in years past to become highlights, all Interestingly, it shifted lacked prominence this year, leaving customers with fewer unique options. to an experience that lacked control, as the Viral campaigns invited us to stay, play and pass it on, although in the number of users trying case of Office Max’s 0 unique microsites, felt like more of a distraction to buy the chosen item from the fact that the brand didn’t have much else to promote. crashed the site. In the (Although we will admit to spending entirely too much time “elfing” end, it was quite literally ourselves with the photo-on-a-dancing-elf animation.) a game of chance, with a lottery system implemented to give the lucky few the deal of the season. However, Rocking the vote: AMAzOn.COM kept SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 16 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 17
  10. 10. A SHIFT IN CONTROL HAnd OvER THE kEYS Present Perfect The line between internet-empowered consumers and In our first study ten years ago, we noted that online gift wrap the companies they interact with has blurred . Moving options were limited, and a decade later not much has changed. forward the most successful companies will be those While in the years in-between, customers were offered multiple that share brand ownership with their consumers . In fact, gift wrap options, this year choice was once again limited. Crate many consumers already interact with brands on a variety and Barrel went back to classic black and white, after offering of levels—sanctioned or not (like SlaveToTarget .com, a more colorful choices last year. Target opted for silver. No one blog created and run by customers) . gave shoppers a meaningful choice of gift wrap—not even those retailers who readily offered up a dozen or more gift card designs. Opening the brand to customers can be as simple as Ten months out of the year, we’re inclined to agree with the frictionless transactions and alternate payment options operational decision to limit gift wrap. But at this business-critical or as complex as consumer-generated media and time of year, a choice may be in order. While RedEnvelope’s crowdsourcing . Openness is something brands must classic red box and white bow is appropriate for the holidays and understand, embrace and leverage . In Open Branding, beyond,’s light green paper felt more like spring. our latest Thought Leadership initiative and forthcoming And if all other control-enhancing tactics are logistical nightmares, book (Summer 2007), we examine the benefits of being moving the gift message from the packing slip (as seen with an open brand and the pitfalls of being closed, and lay out Urban Outfitters and Piperlime) to a gift enclosure would be a a strategic framework for how to engage the consumer . tremendous (and long-overdue) start. LOOkInG BACk: OUR 1999 HOLIdAY STUdY Control has long been a theme in analyzing the online customer experience, but while customers today expect to influence their shopping trip from start to finish, in 1999 having control meant substantially less. The best practices to date put customers in charge of their online experience by Seeing green: AMAzOn.COM providing adequate opt-ins and opt-outs. However, consumers should have the option to purchase as a registered member or shop anonymously without account information Impressed with thoughtful embellishments, being saved. if not choices: AnTHROPOLOGIE.COM — E-Commerce Watch 1999 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 1 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 19
  11. 11. LeARNING TO LeVeRAGe ReTROSPeCTIVe So what’s next? While we saw some retailers trying new things this season, the majority of sites we audited lacked true originality—original content, offerings, tools and services. We want to see brands take advantage and even push the limits of technology to deepen customer relationships. We want to be inspired, surprised and delighted in 007. Be the site your customer is looking for. A decade ago, consumers were just beginning to 9 Take cues from the customers’ in-store experience. dabble online via 2800-baud modems, Amazon .com Consider rich internet applications (RIA) that allow for better was a bookstore and Google (well, googol) was just a visualization and customization—bring the product to life. number . That was when Resource Interactive President kelly Mooney decided we should get smarter about the 9 Make the connection from search to store seamless. opportunities for our clients to sell their products online . Leverage search engines through keyword-rich copy and relevant page titles. Since then, we’ve spent thousands of hours browsing, buying, returning, calling and emailing . We’ve seen 9 Bundle thoughtful gifts, including cross-category items that e-retailers do it all . And we leveraged our learnings to complement each other. even better, include a loadable gift educate associates, fuel Thought Leadership and guide card with every purchase to encourage additional site visits our clients . and provide customers with a convenient last-minute gift. 9 Allow customers to check site and store inventory levels. To commemorate a decade of brilliance and blunders, If an item is available in store only, help shoppers find the we’ve highlighted hurdles the industry has cleared, nearest store that still has it in stock. snapshots that capture today’s online experience and innovations that will shape the blueprint for tomorrow . 9 Provide updates via RSS and even mobile communication Like any good history lesson, we hope this leaves for consumers willing to opt-in (likely your best and most you with a better appreciation of the past and an loyal customers). enlightened perspective on the future . 9 Don’t assume that an “abandoned” cart equals a lost customer. Remind them of items left there, update them if the price has changed and alert them when inventory is low. 9 Develop a comprehensive shopping experience for the customer who visits only during the holidays, as well as the one who is with you year ‘round. Until next year, have a happy and prosperous new year! SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 0 SPECIAL FOCUS: Holiday Gifting Trends 1
  12. 12. ReTROSPeCTIVe One Brand, Signs of Trust Help is Here Tell Me More Many Channels Initially, fear and doubt kept FAQs. email forms. Toll-free Retailers’ desire for consumers’ The importance of bricks versus consumers from buying online but numbers. Live chat. So many ways personal information and the clicks continues to be debated, best practices for safe shopping for consumers to find answers. technology to collect and store but the reality, of course, is that no made e-commerce an everyday And after a decade of asking, it has persisted over time. The matter how a company views its convenience. we’re starting to get faster, more value is in what retailers do with channels, customers see one brand. relevant responses. the information. When asked, “Do you sell this item on your web The threat of credit card Customers waited hours Retailers’ data collection THEn THEn THEn THEn site?”, a store employee, fraud and identity theft to get a unique response efforts served their needs with the brand URL were barriers to making to their email inquiries, if more than the consumer’s. emblazoned on his shirt, purchases online. they were answered at all. offered a blank stare. SSL technology and Retailers encourage While brand web sites are well-written, easy-to- consumers to share starting to show evidence find company policies Live chat makes nOW nOW nOW nOW personal information by of integration, stores ease shoppers’ minds, customer service faster using it to enhance and and catalogs still do little while consumer and more human. customize the customers’ reciprocal reinforcement. recommendations are a online experience. key trust factor. Transparent On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn communication and Specialized customer Store employees will consumer-generated service advisors—from the Brands anticipate enhance the brand content—including ratings, brand or the community of consumers’ needs and experience by taking reviews, testimonials shoppers—will be ready to become virtual personal shoppers online to close and open forums—are share expertise via email, shoppers. (and save) the sale. the quintessential trust phone or chat. builders for online brands. SPECIAL FOCUS: Restrospective SPECIAL FOCUS: Retrospective
  13. 13. ReTROSPeCTIVe The Tools to Choose Giftable Cards Follow-Through Measures of Success The web brought a world Moving out from behind their eager to sell online, but lacking Since our first study in 1997, we’ve of options to consumers reputation as the I-don’t-know-you- basic fulfillment capabilities, brick- seen e-commerce evolve from an everywhere—overcoming well-enough-to-buy-you-a-real-gift and-mortar retailers are now taking unemotional, isolated transaction geographical boundaries. But stigma, gift cards have skyrocketed cues from catalogers to meet to a frictionless, inspiring and without the right decision support in popularity and evolved into the consumers’ delivery expectations. empowering experience that tools, more choice can also be highly sought-after present for the leaves consumers eager to more trouble. holidays and beyond. reconnect with a brand. Premiering online as A single, static product paper certificates or The shock of gifts not view and a list of product e-codes, gift cards Success was measured arriving in time to get THEn THEn THEn THEn attributes were all that were first available by the number of new under the tree—or at customers were given to in predetermined customers and dollars all—damaged brands’ distinguish one product denominations and spent online. credibility. from another. redeemable only in one channel. Retailers provide Creatively merchandised Sophisticated filtering order-status updates Success is measured by and available in fun, tools and multiple product and tracking services dollars spent online with nOW nOW nOW nOW customizable formats, gift views help shoppers to boost consumer consideration for customer cards can be redeemed, narrow choices and sort confidence and ensure satisfaction, interaction registered and reloaded in through them. on-time—and even time and repeat visits. any channel. early—deliveries. On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn On THE HORIzOn Retailers offer more Success will be measured Ongoing two-way Retailers will include consumer choices for by the quality of the dialogues between loadable gift cards delivery, including experience, the degree to brands and consumers will with purchases to scheduled ship dates, which consumers interact result in the option to view provide additional, in-store pick-up options, with and impact the brand, tailored assortments. instant gift options. and hassle-free, cost- and the web’s contribution free returns. to overall sales. SPECIAL FOCUS: Retrospective SPECIAL FOCUS: Retrospective 5
  14. 14. MeMORY LANe... The interactive world has come a long way. And we’ve been here through it all. Our favorite moments from over the years are plentiful, but here are just a few highlights (or mishaps) for your added enjoyment. Cheers to ten more amazing years of studying, influencing and improving the e-commerce experience! YOUR InBOx CLOSEd WASTEd TIME: dOn’T MISS EARPLUGS PLEASE: PAUSE-And-PLAY: IS FULL: CHECkOUT LAnE: A dETAIL: (‘99) gave Best Buy, L.L.Bean American Greetings Using the back and Blue nile (‘00) offered toy buyers fair and Gap incorporated sent us an individual button during failed to remember the appropriate size warning by providing the same “save for email confirmation Lands’ End checkout account info upon batteries for selected noise samples . later” convenience for each and every emptied our return visits . toys at checkout . that we fell in love item in our order. shopping cart . with on . ’9 ’9 ’99-‘00 ’99 ’99 ’05 TRY YOUR LUCk: PLEASE STOP EvERYOnE WInS: EARLY GIFTInG: YELLInG: warned encouraged and shoppers that the consumer-generated “image shown displayed return content by entering let customers pick may differ from policy in ALL CAPS authors of product the exact day e-gift actual product with textual errors . reviews into a $2,500 certificates were to appearance .” shopping spree be sent . contest . ’00 ’00 ’00 ’00 ALL OR nOTHInG: TOO LITTLE FOURTH TIME’S SAvE TIME: WAkE-UP CALL: SAY CHEESE: TOO LATE: A CHARM: Target jump-started reminded Circuit City and said if we wanted to delivered site us about stored Black Friday shopping Wal-Mart offered gift-wrap one item in our “in-stock” Furby continually crashed dates and recipient with an early morning personalized photo our order we had to on January 27—after in ’98 . It took us profiles to prompt phone call from the gift cards. gift-wrap everything . we had already taken four tries before we our gift giving, consumer’s choice of down our tree . could order! as well as help us celebrities . manage it . ’99 ’00 ’9 ’05 ‘0-’05 ’05 SPECIAL FOCUS: Retrospective 6 SPECIAL FOCUS: Retrospective 7
  15. 15. North Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 15 ph 61 61 ph 00 550 515 fx 61 61 7 For more information, contact: John kadlic Executive Director, Business Development Resource Interactive For press inquiries, contact: Holly Davis PR Specialist Resource Interactive ©007 Resource Interactive. All rights reserved.