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Resourcd File

  1. 1. What assumptions does society make? Can you also think about what key sociological word (and process) this refers to?
  2. 2. So… Write down a prediction- how does labelling lead to crime? Can you remember any sociological ideas about LABELLING theory? Write down what you can remember in a spider diagram
  3. 3. When is it deviant? A man lives on his own. He hasn’t left the house in 5 years, but no one knows this because he has no friends or family He prefers not to wear any clothes He sometimes sits in the back garden naked when his neighbours are in their gardens
  4. 4. Labelling and Crime • Labelling theorists are interested in how and why certain acts come to be defined or labelled as criminal. • They argue that no act is inherently criminal or deviant in itself- in all situations and at all times. • Instead, it only comes to be so when others label it as such. • It is not the nature of the act that makes it deviant, but the nature of society’s reaction to the act.
  5. 5. Becker: “Social groups create deviance by creating the rules whose infraction (breaking) constitutes deviance, and by applying those rules to particular people and labelling them as outsiders”
  6. 6. So... A deviant is simply someone to whom the label has been successfully applied, and deviant behaviour is simply behaviour that people so label
  7. 7. • Groups of 3
  8. 8. TASK For each key sociologist, read the text and complete the task. Key Sociologists: Cicourel Lemert Jock Young
  9. 9. Cicourel- the negotiation of justice TASK • Draw a picture of someone who fits the typifications that the police hold. • Label the characteristics • Draw a picture of someone who would be less likely to be prosecuted (the middle class boy given in the example). Label the reasons why
  10. 10. Lemert- Primary and Secondary Deviance TASK1. Apart from the example given in the text, think of three other examples of primary deviance. 2. Write a short story (paragraph) to show how someone embarks on a deviant career.
  11. 11. Jock Young- hippy marijuana users TASK Create a storyboard to describe the process of labelling that the hippies went through according to Young.
  12. 12. Going further… • How can we positively evaluate labelling theory? • Pick three evaluation points from the list on page 84 and explain them • How would Marxists criticise labelling theory? • How might labelling theory be linked to ideas about age, class, ethnicity and gender? (this bit is not in the textbook- use your brain!)
  13. 13. To finish… • In pairs, take it in turns to verbally complete these sentences: - According to Becker, deviant behaviour is… - The difference between primary and secondary deviance is… - Young’s study shows the ‘deviant career’ through the example of…