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Resourcd File Resourcd File Presentation Transcript

  • Starter • Consider the following areas. Do you think that women or men experience disadvantage in any of these areas? Employment Healthcare Housing Politics EducationThe home
  • Gender Inequality in the UK – An Introduction To consider what areas of life women or men may be disadvantaged Literacy – To define key terms
  • Essay Questions • These are examples of possible exam questions that relate to gender stratification • Outline the evidence that the UK is a patriarchal society [20] • Outline and assess sociological explanations of gender inequality in the workplace [40]
  • Key Concepts… • Add these to our glossary. You will complete definitions, examples and evaluation as we proceed through the gender topic: • Dual-labour market • Gender regimes • Glass ceiling • Horizontal segregation • Human capital • Patriarchy • Post feminism • Reserve army • Vertical segregation
  • Horizontal Segregation • Horizontal segregation refers to differences in the amount of people of each gender present across occupations.[5] Horizontal segregation is likely to be increased by post-industrial restructuring of the economy (post-industrial society), in which the expansion of service industries has called for many women to enter the workforce. The millions of housewives who entered the economy during post-industrial restructuring primarily entered into service sector jobs where they could work part-time and having flexible hours.
  • Activity • Read over the notes on vertical and horizontal segregation, take notes and definitions of the key terms • Use the data on the handout to evaluate the idea of horizontal segregation. Create links with Parson’s expressive and instrumental needs of society (think back to the family topic) • Now write a paragraph explaining how, if you were the PM, you would deal with each of these issues. You have complete control over the state apparatus.
  • Plenary Match the definition with the key concept Horizontal segregation Vertical segregation Glass ceiling A barrier to promotion that is usually caused by discrimination The idea that men and women are concentrated in different sectors of employment Women occupy the lower levels of pay and status