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Resourcd File Resourcd File Presentation Transcript

  • Feminism WALT: Explore feminist views of the family SRO 2011
  • WILF An evaluation of feminist views on the family Important Sociologists: Key terms/concepts: Young & Wilmott Fran Ansley Germaine Greer Jenny Somerville Triple Burden Patriarchy Dark Side of the Family SRO 2011
  • How times have changed  Work Place  Education  Social Reactions  Family SRO 2011
  • Triple Burden Emotional Support Domestic Duties Paid Work SRO 2011
  • Radical Feminists  See men as the enemy  Family and Marriage oppressing women.  Separatism- The Idea that women should live away from men. SRO 2011 are key to
  • SRO 2011
  • Feminism WALT: Compare different feminist views on the topic of the family. SRO 2011
  • Radical Feminism Functionalist View of the Family Dark Side of the Family SRO 2011
  • Evaluation Question  Why might women become dependent on men?  What may lead to women's problems being ignored within court?  How could you criticise this picture of family life?(Include at least five points)  Why does the family offer to perfect space for the dark side of the family? SRO 2011
  • Greer 2000  Believed in political lesbianism- The idea that women should choose to be lesbians to escape the oppression of men. Patriarchy Women exploited by men: 1)Media 2)Family 3)Work Place are SRO 2011
  • Liberal Feminism Liberal feminists believe that there gender is not a natural thing. They believe men and women should be treated exactly the same. There is no nature of the sexes just human nature. They feel that greater equality within the family would be beneficial for both men and women. SRO 2011
  • Liberal Feminism Liberal Feminists believe that since the 1960s women's oppression is being gradually overcome: Research task Find 3 laws that have been introduced since the 1960s to give women greater equality. SRO 2011
  • Liberal Feminism Liberal Feminists do not see men as the enemy because they believe that changes will benefit men as well as women. How does this prove liberal feminists point? SRO 2011
  • Liberal Feminists What they want to see happen now? Children need to be socialised within the family to see there is no such thing as gender. Needs to be more reforms bought in to bring women greater equality. SRO 2011
  • Marxist Feminism Marxist Feminists believe men are not the enemy but instead capitalism is. Reproduce the Labour Force: Through unpaid domestic labour women are producing the next generation of workers are maintaining the current one. Women Absorb Anger: Ansley (1972) Described women to be takers of shit who soak up the frustration their husbands feel because of the alienation and exploitation they suffer at work. : Reserve Army of Cheap Labour Women can be taken on as extra workers when they are needed. When they are no longer needed employers can let them go to return to their primary roel as unpaid domestic labour. SRO 2011
  • Marxist Family  How can women be seen to serve the economic needs of the country?  What would Marxist Feminists say about domestic abuse? (How is this different from radical feminists)  What would be causing males to feel alienation?  Where have women been used as a reserve army of labour in the past? SRO 2011
  • Main Task On the grid explain what the different feminists would say about each different event. SRO 2011
  • Radical Feminists Male led mother and baby group. Women doing typical male jobs during the war. Domestic Abuse Disney Films which show a Prince and Princess. Liberal Feminists Marxist Feminist