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  1. 1. PSYA3:Gender Evolutionary Perspectives Miss Russell
  2. 2. Evolutionary Approach To Start: Lonely 10 minutes Write a lonely hearts add on the behalf of a male or female looking for a mate to achieve reproductive success with. Base it on what, according to evolutionary theory, men and women look for in the opposite gender. Also think about how you are going to portray yourself in order to attract a response…
  3. 3. Today we will consider… • The final evolutionary concept ; Cognitive Style • How can the evolutionary approach to gender be evaluated in terms of A02? Evolutionary Approach
  4. 4. Evolutionary Approach Task: Read all about it.. 5 minutes Controversy as Women are proved to be better than Men at empathising and interpersonal skills In pairs discuss: How might evolutionary theory explain this headline? Why might females be better than males at interpersonal interaction and empathy?
  5. 5. Evolutionary Approach Cognitive Style: E-S Theory, Baron-Cohen (2002) Women are better at empathising (understanding what other people think and feel). Men are better at systematising (understanding and building a complex set of related things). Empathising-Systematising Theory. This difference may be due to selection pressures. Males develop better hunting strategies than females. Men who can systematise with greatest precision would be at an evolutionary advantage.
  6. 6. Evolutionary Approach Cognitive Style: Tend & Befriend Taylor et al (2000): Women are also better at interpersonal matters and relationships. In ancestral humans females would face more stress than men by having to protect themselves and their young offspring. It would have been an advantage to group together with other family units. In times of stress females tend and befriend. Males become defensive.
  7. 7. Evolutionary Approach Task: Point. Evidence. Explain. Link Create a PEEL for each evolutionary concept: - Division of Labour - Mate Choice - Cognitive Style For each one: 1) Make an evaluative point. 2) Find some evidence. 3) Explain what the evidence suggests. 4) Make a link back to evolutionary theories of gender. When you’ve completed the sheet, jot down synoptic A02 points. 20 minutes
  8. 8. Evolutionary Approach A02 Synoptic
  9. 9. Evolutionary Approach To Finish: Fill in Freud! Freud hasn’t been paying attention throughout the lesson and needs ‘filling in’ on what he’s missed. Each of you must think of one thing to tell Freud about from today’s lesson. Only the person holding Freud can speak. When you have finished, choose the next person, pass Freud over to them and tell them whether to give Freud an A01 or A02 point.
  10. 10. Evolutionary Approach Homework: For Next Monday 25th Read the article and complete revision table for next lesson (Monday!) ‘The Evolution of Gender Roles’ by Lance Workman.