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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. PSYA3:Gender Biological: Hormones & Genetics Miss Russell Part II
  • 2. Biological Explanations To Start: Video 10 Minutes Using the clip and knowledge of last lesson, summaris e the biological approach in five key words or concepts. Make an Acronym/ Mnemonic with the words if you can! atch?feature=player_embe dded&v=gNI9i1Kz86E
  • 3. Biological Explanations Androgyny Androgyny: Behaviours which include high levels of both masculine and feminine characteristics. Some individuals may have been exposed prenatally to abnormal hormones (intersex). For example Batista family – (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome). While the Batista family, support the idea that it is biology which predetermines gender, other studies on androgyny have different views. Could nurture play a role also…?
  • 4. Today we will consider… • What are the key studies for the biological approach? • How can they be evaluated? (A03) • What evidence is there for and against the biological explanation of gender? (AO2) • How can the biological approach be evaluated in terms of A02? Biological Explanations
  • 5. Biological Explanations Task: The AO2 (& AO3) Accelerator! 25 Minutes Read the key studies you’ve been given and think about how they can be used for evaluation of the Biological approach. You can work in pairs for this if you wish. Think about how the studies themselves can be evaluated and how the biological approach can be evaluated as a whole. Make an Evaluation Mobile including: - AO2 Key Studies (Support or Refute) - AO3 Evaluation of studies - AO2 Evaluation of the Bio Approach Biological Approach to Gender Key Study A03
  • 6. Biological Explanations AO2/AO3  +  - Key Studies • Batista Family, Imperato-McGinely (1979) • David Reimer, Money & Ehrhardt (1972) • Deady et al. (2006) • Money & Ehrhardt (1972) = nurture more important. • Hines (1994) A02 • Real world application/implications • Outcomes for individuals with genetic abnormalities result from combination of sex, hormones, rearing and socialisation. • Gender-roles/stereotyping/learning A03 / IDA • Case studies = in depth • Nature • Animal Studies – Generalisable? • Case Studies – Generalisable? Ecologically Valid? • Deterministic?
  • 7. Biological Explanations To Finish: Silent Debate! 10 Minutes Around the room there are arguments from the perspective of the biological approach. You must write a relevant evaluative point underneath the argument. It can be a supporting or contradicting evaluation or using a study! Everyone must write at least one! You must write your name by each of your contributions!
  • 8. Biological Explanations Homework Complete the exam plan for the following practice question: 1) Describe and evaluate the biological explanation for gender development. (24 marks)