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Resourcd File Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Milgram background summarySummarise what you remember about thebackground to Milgram‟s study in 5sentencesExtension: Reduce this to 8 words only.Select the top 3 words and justify why youhave chosen these
  • 2. Core Studies - overviewSocial ApproachMilgram Reicher and Haslam Piliavin Individual Differences Approach Physiological Approach Developmental Approach Cognitive Approach
  • 3. Lesson objectives• Describe the aim of Milgram‟s study• Describe the method of Milgram‟s study• Imagine the feelings of a participant during Milgram‟s study
  • 4. Specific Aim To investigate what level ofobedience would be shown whenparticipants were told by anauthority figure to administerelectric shocks to another person
  • 5. Method Laboratory experiment Any ideas for a strength of this method? Any ideas for a weakness of this method? Data recorded via observation The maximum level of shock the participantsadministered to the learner Most sessions were video recorded orphotographed through a one-way mirror Made notes on any unusual behaviour
  • 6. Sample Recruited fromnewspaper and directmail adverts 40 males Between ages 20 and50 New Haven, USA Conducted at YaleUniversity Paid $4.50 for takingpartSamplingmethod?
  • 7. Draw three body outlines on theleft hand side of your notes
  • 8. Describe each „role‟ next to theoutlinesConfederate Two• The “Experimenter”• 31 year old• Biology teacher• Wore a grey lab coatConfederate One• The “Learner”• 47 year old• Accountant• Mild-mannered andlikeableParticipant• The “Teacher”• Participant wasintroduced to the learner.Drew lots for who was tobe the teacher and thelearner – but alwaysrigged so participant was“The Teacher”
  • 9. Draw and label the contents of the tworoomsRoom one• Contained an electric shock generator• 30 switches (15 to 450 volts)• Descriptions near each switch (i.e.slight shock, strong shock, intenseshock, danger: severe shock and XXX)• „Experimenter‟ and „Teacher‟Room two• A chair• Restraining straps to administer electricshock to the „learner‟• Tape recording of the two responses tothe shock at 300 & 315 volts• „Learner‟
  • 10. Complete the following questionsMake notes on the following: How was it decided who was playing the part of the „teacher‟ andwho was the „learner‟? How was this rigged? What happened after the role of „teacher‟ and „learner‟ wasdecided? What was the learning task? How was the „teacher‟ convinced the shocks were genuine? What happened if the „learner‟ made a mistake? What was the feedback from the „learner‟ at 300 volts? What did the experimenter do if the „teacher‟ didn‟t want tocontinue? What happened after the experiment?Extension: What things did Milgram do to standardise (keepingeverything the same for every participant) the procedure?
  • 11. Imagine you were a participant:Write out a diary entry as if you were participant. Use the questions to guideyour diary entry.How do you think you would feel: When you see the advert in the newspaper? When arriving at Yale University? When drawing lots? When watching the learner being „strapped in‟ and hearing what they hadto do? When you were given the sample shock? When you started reading the word pairs? When you had to give the first electric shock? When the learner pounded on the wall at 300 volts? When the learner stopped pounding on the wall? When the experimenter refused to let you stop and refused to check onthe learner? When you were told that „the experiment must be continued‟? When you found out afterwards that you had been deceived?
  • 12. Homework Complete the diary entry12C - Due Friday 14th September12D – Due Monday 17th September