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Unleashing innovation & 21st century scale - Palindromic Queries
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Unleashing innovation & 21st century scale - Palindromic Queries


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A palindromic query is a statement or question that applies in multiple (sometimes any) context, that will always result in improvement. The search for palindromic queries can unleash genius. They're …

A palindromic query is a statement or question that applies in multiple (sometimes any) context, that will always result in improvement. The search for palindromic queries can unleash genius. They're the secret sauce for growth, innovation and the unearthing of lucrative, immensely scalable 21st century business models.

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  • 1. Introducing:Palindromic Queries
  • 2. A palindromic query is a question or statement you can apply in multiple contexts...
    such as to any area of your business
    (including strategy, structure, plans and process)
    ...that will always
    result in improvement
  • 3. Palindromic queries are
    to innovation
    what breathing is
    to life
  • 4. An example of a palindromic query is...
    ‘What can I remove
    and this still make sense?’
  • 5. Consider…
    …and millions of other contexts
  • 6. will result in improvement
    Applying the question to any (business) area
  • 7. Zoom right in to a product roadmap, production
    workflow, departmental structure or UX design
    Zoom right out until your business is a dot
    Palindromic queries apply across, down and throughout business, strategy and ethos
    Unveiling a design for life
  • 8. Palindromic queries offer a
    pathway to the optimum
    Serving as a hub around which you can
    connect seemingly unconnected ideas
  • 9. Another example…
    ‘The more connections something
    has the more powerful it is’
    or connectedness = power
  • 10. In a network the most connected
    nodes are the most powerful
  • 11. The Law of the Few
    “The success of any kind of social epidemic
    is heavily dependent on the involvement of
    people with a particular and rare set of social gifts” [Malcolm Gladwell]
  • 12. connectedness = power
  • 13. ‘If one style of thought stands out as the most potent explanation of genius
    it is the ability to make juxtapositions that elude mere mortals. Call it a facility with metaphor, the ability to connect the unconnected to see relationships to which others are blind’ [Joshua Cooper Ramo & Debra Rosenberg]
    Palindromic queries
    are the glue of genius
  • 14. The only difference found between Einstein’s brain and that
    of others was the richness of connections between brain cells
    Whenever we think a new thought or explore a topic in a new way (perhaps
    as you’re doing right now) the more connections we make between our neurons and dendrites… the more connections, the greaterour brain
    capacity and potential for intelligent thought
  • 15. The more you unpick, the more obvious
    and fundamental the concept seems
    This is a key characteristic of a palindromic query
  • 16. Palindromic queries are growth’s secret sauce
  • 17. Another palindromic query example…
    ‘Good replicators get replicated’
  • 18. Over 3 billion years ago molecules were created that could make copies of themselves
    The earth’s first replicator was born
  • 19. In Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene [1976], he explored how genes will get copied if they can, regardless of the consequences; and so long as you have variation, selection and heredity, you must get evolution
    ‘Design out of chaos
    without the aid of mind’
    [Dan Dennett]
  • 20. Humans are replicators too...
    copying information (‘memes’)
    from brain to brain
    We’re part of a design process…
    variation, selection, evolution
  • 21. Starfish have a decentralized neural structure permitting regeneration
  • 22. ‘If you cut off a spider's head, it dies; if you cut off a
    starfish's leg it grows a new one, and that leg can
    grow into an entirely new starfish’
    ‘Traditional top-down organizations are like spiders,
    but now starfish organizations are changing the
    face of business and the world’
    [The Starfish & the Spider, OriBrafman & Rod A. Beckstrom]
  • 23. What can you remove from your [business/product/life]
    and it still make sense?
  • 24. How can you put connectedness at the
    heart of your organization?
    How can you help your customers, colleagues, offices, partners, processes, websites, products, services, systems... connect more?
  • 25. How can your [business model/organization structure/marketing] become a better replicator?
    How can you operate in a more
    decentralized way?
  • 26. Palindromic queries unleash creativity,
    innovation and clarity
  • 27. Searching for palindromic queries unearths
    scalable 21st century business models
  • 28. Building a list of palindromic queries is
    also a secret ingredient for revelatory workshops, strategies and proposals
  • 29. How many statements or questions can you think of that apply in multiple contexts…
    …that will always result
    in improvement?
  • 30. Palindromic queries offer a
    pathway to the optimum