Twitter Announces Lead Generation Card


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Twitter Announces Lead Generation Card

  1. 1. 225 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 | | (P) 312.980.1600 Twitter Announces Lead Generation Card May 2013 Background On May 22nd, Twitter announced the beta launch of a new Twitter card, the Lead Generation Card, which will enable lead capture within a Promoted Tweet. The Lead Generation Card is part of Twitter’s larger agenda to build opportunities for deeper engagement within Tweets themselves, rather than driving users off the platform. How it Works Twitter cards are a way to add additional content to a tweet — such as a video, article excerpt or photo — which can be seen when a user expands the tweet. The Lead Generation Card features a lead capture form when the tweet is expanded. To streamline the signup process, the @username and email address associated with the Twitter account automatically populated in the form (currently, these are the only pieces of information that can be collected). All the user must do is a click a button with customizable text in order to submit their information.
  2. 2. 225 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 | | (P) 312.980.1600 The form can be built directly within the Twitter advertising interface prior to creating a Promoted Tweet campaign. As part of the creation process, advertisers must provide specific information such as the URLs to which your leads will be submitted as well as a fallback URL. There are also additional options, such as a key name, custom hidden data values, and more. Once the campaign setup has been completed and campaigns launched, any further communication by the brand or advertiser after lead collection will take place over email; currently the lead capture functionality does not allow retargeting on Twitter. Resolution POV: The Lead Generation Card will likely bring new direct-response focused advertisers to Twitter who in the past may have been hesitant to use the platform due measurement limitations. It will also be a boon to existing advertisers looking to create new use cases for the platform and drive deeper engagement with consumers beyond the tweet. Potential Use Cases: • The form could be used for contests or sweepstakes, providing the first opportunity for advertisers to capture entries within the platform. • Instead of revealing coupon codes in the body of a tweet, advertisers could compel email sign-up to receive the promotion. • Advertisers using Twitter for awareness can now capture emails of consumers interested in learning more about their product at an earlier stage. • One exciting advantage of this form is that advertisers should be able to use the emails they collect on Twitter to retarget via Facebook custom audiences. Many advertisers are not sure their existing email lists are compliant to use on Facebook, but language can be inserted into the privacy policy of the Promoted Tweet to
  3. 3. 225 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 | | (P) 312.980.1600 call out permission to re-use for social advertising. • If Twitter decides to offer an email retargeting option or custom audience capabilities, these emails would be usable for that as well. Streamlining the lead-collection flow to a single click within a tweet will likely result in strong response and conversion rates. And while advertisers are currently limited to collecting emails and Twitter handles only, Twitter would do well to expand the scope of information that can be captured. Allowing for custom fields, for instance, would enhance the usability of the unit for advertisers looking to drive inline job applications, membership sign-ups, and much more. Currently the Lead Generation card is only available to managed advertisers but will soon be available to small and medium-sized businesses as well. Summary The Lead Generation Twitter Card will allow advertisers to have an even more multifaceted experience with Twitter. With some simple setup, advertisers will be able to easily collect leads directly through Twitter. This can be used in a multitude of ways, including sweeps entries, coupon distribution and requests for information. Although the product can currently only collect Twitter handle and email address, it is certainly possible that the product could be amended in the future to include other custom fields. For more information, visit the resources below: Lead-Generation-Card.html
  4. 4. 225 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 | | (P) 312.980.1600 For information about Resolution, visit our website: