Webinar: Offer Free 6 Months Hosting with .COM & .NET Domains


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Webinar: Offer Free 6 Months Hosting with .COM & .NET Domains

  1. 1. How to Boost Hosting NumbersSign up for our Free 6 Months Hosting Promo! Presented by Janki Motasha
  2. 2. Agenda About the Promo Benefits for your Business How this Promo works Upcoming Products Contact Us
  3. 3. About the Program
  4. 4. Offer Free Six Month Linux Hosting with every .COM and .NET DomainWith this promo, you will be able to:1. Bundle Linux Hosting Packages with every .COM and .NET Domain that is registered2. Provide the Free Hosting package for 6 months3. Prompt your Customers to renew/upgrade the Hosting package once the free package expires
  5. 5. When does it begin? Opt-in for this promo on the 13th of September, 2011.Offer Free 6 months Hosting till the 31st of December, 2011.
  6. 6. Benefits for your Business
  7. 7. Improve Hosting Numbers & RevenueWith this Promo, you can: Get Customers to choose your Hosting Services Automatically prompt them to renew/upgrade their Free Hosting package on expiryTo this increased Customer Base, you can: Up sell higher value Hosting plans Earn significant revenue on renewal of Hosting packages
  8. 8. Increase .COM and .NET RegistrationsBy enabling this promo, you can: Offer the largest array of Free Services with every .COM and .NET Domain: Free Six Months Hosting + $127 worth of Freebies Compete with cheaper alternatives like .IN and get Customers to register .COM and .NET Domains
  9. 9. Improve the quality of .COM and .NET Registrations The average renewal rate for Non-Hosted Domains is only 55% On the other hand, Hosted Domains experience a 77% renewal rate!By Providing your Customers with Free 6 Months Hosting, you will: Get High Quality Registrations i.e. More likely to be renewed Earn continuous revenue through Renewals Earn greater revenue by upselling other Products
  10. 10. How this Promo Works
  11. 11. Sign up for Web Services & Create PlansTo be eligible for this service, you have to: Be Signed up for Web-Services: To Sign Up – change the Status of Web Services to Selling in the Manage Products and Pricing Section of your Control Panel. Create Linux Web Hosting Plans: Create plans by defining specific parameters (In case no plans have been created, the Unlimited Linux Hosting Plan can be selected)
  12. 12. Enable Free Six Month Hosting in your SuperSiteEnable this feature from the Settings Tab in the SuperSite Admin Area
  13. 13. Enable Free Six Month Hosting in your SuperSiteSelect the Linux Hosting Plan to be bundled with every .COM and .NET Domain
  14. 14. Changes across the SuperSiteOnce enabled, you will see:A blurb on the SuperSite Homepage highlighting the offer and the Selected Plan
  15. 15. Changes across the SuperSiteBlurb on the ‘Domain Name Search Results page’ highlighting the offer and theSelected plan
  16. 16. Changes to the Check-Out ProcessOur Intelligent Shopping Cart, will: Upsell your Hosting Plans, once the Domain Name is Added to Cart Remove the Free Hosting package if a Customer purchases:  Any Web Hosting package  Any Website Builder or Website Design Package Display the Free package at the last step of the Checkout Process
  17. 17. Upcoming Hosting ProductsUnlimited Domains Hosting:  Multi-Domain Shared Hosting – Host Unlimited Domains on one package  Single cPanel Account to manage all Domains  To be launched within two weeks!Reseller Hosting (Bulk Hosting):  Create Multiple Packages  Give out individual cPanel Accounts per Package  One WHM account with every Reseller Hosting Package  To be launched Mid – OctoberVPS, Cloud Hosting & Dedicated servers:  To be launched within 6 months
  18. 18. Contact Us sales@resellerclub.comproducts@resellerclub.com India: +91 22 3079 7676 www.resellerclub.com