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Reseller Program Overview


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. ResellerClub Program Overview
    copyright © ResellerClub, 2010
  • 2. We Will Cover
  • About Us
    • Part of the Directi Group, a $300 million enterprise
    • 11. Consistently Ranked in the Top 5 Reseller Focused Registrars with over a Decade of Experience
    • 12. Completely Private-labeled Registrar
    • 13. 3+ Million Domains
    • 14. More Than 55,000 Resellers
    • 15. 240+ Countries
    • 16. Awards by Commendable Industry Sources
  • What Can You Sell?
    Domain Names | Web & Email Hosting | SSL Certificates
    integrated with
    Your own brand and prices
  • 17. Domain Names
    • Pricing
    • 18. Domain Portfolio
    • 19. FREE with EVERY Domain Name
  • Domain Names – Pricing
    • 50+ Domain extensions to choose from
    • 20. Lowest possible Prices
    • 21. White-labeled Domain Registrations –
    • 22. A complete suite of Free Services with EVERY Domain Name
  • Domain Names – Domain Portfolio
    .CA .AU .DE .ES and Many More
    Coming Soon
  • 23. Domain Names - FREE with EVERY Domain Name
    A complete suite of Free Services with EVERY Domain Name
  • 24. Flexible Web & Email Hosting
  • Flexi – Hosting Prices
    Linux/Windows Web Hosting Plans
    Email Plans
  • 26. Some Features of Flexi - Hosting
    Advanced Email Hosting platform with 2 GB space per email account
    Design your own Customizable Plans and price them
    Single Domain Hosting per package
    30 day money back guarantee
    99.9% uptime
    Fully Integrated Billing Module
  • 27. SSL Certificates
  • 28. SSL Certificates - Thawte
    SSL Certificates – a Symantec Product
    Available for as low as $24 with a 21 Day FREE Trial
    SSL 123 Certificate
    • Immediate Issuance
    • 29. Basic validation & authentication
    • 30. Basic Web presence
    Web Server Certificate
    • Comprehensive authentication
    • 31. Assures corporate identity
    • 32. Security & client perception
    SGC SuperCert
    • Automatic encryption set-up
    • 33. Highest encryption standards
    • 34. Strongest encryption certificate
    Wildcard Server Certificate
    • One single certificate to secure
    multiple sub-domains of a particular
  • 35. Profit Calculator
    Monthly Profits @ Base Slab
  • 36. How Can You Sell?
    SuperSite| Control Panel | API
    all available
    absolutely FREE of cost!
  • 37. Selling Interfaces – SuperSite
    Option 1: SuperSite
    The SuperSite is a completely private-labeled,
    fully customizable and brandable, FREE Website,
    which can be used to offer Domain Names,
    Hosting Solutions and Digital Certificates
    to your Customers.
    Salient Features:
    • Extend your brand identity to a new business
    • 38. Over 75 pages of marketing content
    • 39. 100% Customizable (CSS, HTML, Images)
    • 40. Instantly kick-start your business online
    • 41. Intelligent Shopping-Cart to upsell Products
    • 42. Completely translatable
  • Check if your desired Domain is available
    Choose your Domain from the options available
    Set the duration, nameservers etc
    SuperSite – Domain Purchase Process
  • 43. The SuperSite upsells for you
    Finally proceed to the Payments page
    The Domain is now successfully purchased
    SuperSite – Domain Purchase Process
  • 44. Selling Interfaces – Control Panel
    Option 2: Control Panel
    Place orders directly from the Control Panel on behalf
    of your Customers. Take control of every aspect of your
    business and ensure that your Customers get the best
    services without any hassles.
    Salient Features:
    • Single buy/manage interface
    • 45. Over 10 years of R&D
    • 46. Completely Branded Customer and Reseller Panels
    • 47. Options to integrate with your SuperSite or your own
  • 48. Choose to link the SuperSite or a URL of your choice to your Control Panel
    Control Panel – Integrate with Shopping Cart
  • 49. Control Panel – Domain Registration
    Products >> Domain Registration >> Check Availability
    This takes you to your Supersite from where you can purchase Products on behalf of your Customers
  • 50. Selling Interfaces – API
    Option 3: API
    You can choose to add our Products & Services to your existing Website, by using the ResellerClub API.
    Our API is:
    • Available in Multiple Languages(PHP, Perl, Java & ASP.NET)
    • 51. HTTP and SOAP based
    • 52. Comprehensive
    • 53. Easy to use
    • 54. Platform Independent
    • 55. Secure and Scalable
    API Managers:We understand our clients’ need for assistance while setting up the
    API, and therefore have API Managers available for your assistance. Their sole
    focus is to guide you through the entire API integration process.
  • 56. How Can You Manage Your Business?
    Your Control Panel
    helps you
    manage everything from sales, payment collections,Customer accounts and your Products
  • 57. Control Panel
    Sales & Marketing
    Manage Customers & Resellers
    Finance & Billing
    Control Panel
    Manage Products & Services
  • 58. Control Panel
    Focus on your core Business
    Your Control Panel is designed to setup and automate every single function of your Business right from setting prices and promos, provisioning orders, configuring payment collection settings (for your web design services as well), managing your Customers as well as managing your Customers’ products.
    Salient Features:
    • Single interface to manage everything
    • 59. Over 10 years of R&D
    • 60. Completely Brandable Control Panels for your Customers
  • Control Panel – Features
    Your ResellerClub Control Panel is the most powerful interface any service provider could offer for business management capabilities…
    • Completely Brand Your Business, including
    • 61. All interfaces - Customer and Sub-Reseller Control Panels + SuperSite and PartnerSite
    • 62. All URLs for the above as well as Signout URL
    • 63. Nameservers + the Whois Lookup output
    • 64. All Emails sent out by the system to your Customers and Sub-Resellers
    • 65. Invoices and Shopping Cart
    • 66. Legal Agreements
    • 67. Select the Products you wish to sell
    • 68. Set your Selling Price & Discounts
    • 69. Set your Slabs
    • 70. Set your generic price for every Product
    • 71. Set specific prices for specific Customers and Sub-Resellers
  • Control Panel – Features
    • Setup Promos to increase your business volumes
    • 72. Apply Tax Rules that may be applicable to your Sales
    • 73. Integrate any Payment Gateway of your choice
    • 74. Automate Payment Collection Mechanisms; including
    • 75. Your Credit Policies
    • 76. Intervals at which payment reminders could be sent out
    • 77. No. of days within which the order would get cancelled, suspended and deleted (if unpaid)
    • 78. Buy and manage all Products from the same interface
    • 79. Manage all your Customers and Sub-Resellers
    • 80. List / Search / Add / Modify / Suspend / Delete Customers and Sub-Resellers
    • 81. Add and / or Utilize funds from your Customer Accounts for Product purchases
    • 82. Send out special offers and announcements
  • Control Panel – Hostex Architecture
  • 83. Is Support 24x7 and Quick and Efficient?
    Try it. Over 55,000 Resellers vouch for it
  • 84. LIVE Support! – Another Industry First
    Live ChatExperience the fastest response times in the business through our Live Chat Support Team which is available 24x7x365 for all our Resellers.
    Write a Ticket Access our comprehensive trouble ticketing system. We will respond within 4 hours. Guaranteed
    Call Us Available 24x7x365 to our Resellers
    Tel (USA): +1 (415) 236 1970 (Dial 3 for Support)
    Resource CenterAccess ResellerClub Marketing Material that you can use to boost your sales
    Demo AccountTry out our comprehensive Reseller system and all its tools and features.
    FAQsSearch through hundreds of KnowledgeBase articles and FAQs.
    Twitter/RSS FeedsLearn about new promos, updates, and happenings. Follow us on: Twitter & RSS
  • 85. To sum it up…
  • 86. What Sets Us Apart?
    • FREE Sign Up
    • 87. No Annual Or Sign-up Fee
    • 88. Fully-utilizable Deposit That Is NOT Time Bound
    • 89. Higher Profits
    • 90. Freedom To Set Your Own Selling Price And Profit Margins
    • 91. No Profit Sharing
    • 92. Some of the lowest prices available in the Industry
    • 93. Free Services with every single Domain
    • 94. Several ongoing Promotions
    • 95. No hindrance to Your Business
    • 96. Completely White Labeled Registrations
    • 97. Private Labeled Interfaces
    • 98. Freedom To Choose The Products You Wish To Sell, and how to sell them
    • 99. LIVE Support!
    • 100. FREE Test Drive
    • 101. Money back Guarantee on Most Products
    • 102. Informative Demos on various Products, Control Panels and SuperSite
    • 103. Demo Reseller Accounts
  • Promos
    At ResellerClub, we regularly announce a host of attractive Promotions on major Domain extensions as well as other Products & Services. We also provide you with a special Promo Engine to manage these promotions and pass them seamlessly to your Customers, thus increasing your volumes and profits!
    Annual Promotions
    • The Big Birthday Bash: Industry lowest prices on ALL Products & Services during February and March
    • 104. Mega Bargains Month:Best slab pricing on ALL gTLD Domain Registrations in August!
    • 105. The Big Holiday Sale: Pricing as low as $7.69 for Registrations, Renewals & Transfer-Ins
  • Start Doing Business
    • Go to
    • 106. Add your personal details and all the mandatory fields
    • 107. Set the Selling Currency & Accounting Currency
    • 108. Set the default Interface Settings
    • 109. Choose your Slab & Add Funds to your Account
    • 110. You’re all set!
  • What Are The Payment Methods?
  • 111. Sign up nowand Add funds to your Account easily and securely via:
    If you aren't happy with our services -
    you can take a Refund of the entire unused amount at any point in time!
    Payment Methods
    The funds you add to your account are:
    • Completely useable
    • 112. Not time bound
    • 113. Not subject to any stipulations
  • Contact Us
    • All deposits are completely usable
    • 114. No Monthly/Yearly Commitments
    • 115. No Minimum Balance required
    • 116. Fully Refundable deposit
    Just deposit $99 – there’s a lot in store for you!
    Contact Us
    US: +1 (415) 236 1970
    UK: +44 (20) 7183 2151
    India: +91 22 3079 7676
  • 117. Thank you