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Safe Data Transmission - Arkadiusz Szczurowski, CEO, SSLGURU.CO.UK


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  • 1. SAFE DATA TRANSMISSION How to protect your customers efficiently with SSL protocol? Arkadiusz Szczurowski CEO, SSLGURU.IN 1/ 20
  • 2. Web users want to feel safe➢ 55% of respondents know they should check presence of green bar ;➢ 60% feel safer seeing green bar in browser;➢ 80% looking for padlock while browsing the webpages;➢ 81% check if protocol has changed to https://.# According to Symantec data 2/ 20
  • 3. If they wont be protected...➢ 82% respondents recognize protecting their data as a top priority;➢ 75% respondents have abandoned online transactions because they felt a website wasn’t secure. it means LOST MONEY# According to Symantec data 3/ 20
  • 4. Why secure attention is necessary?Because communication via Internet may bring manydangers.The main reason of it is the structure of world wide webthat creates a connection using a number of slots.Each one of them may be used to steal a data. 4/ 20
  • 5. Stealing Data? Piece a cake!The MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attack is a form of activeeavesdropping in which the attacker makes independentconnections with the victims and relays messagesbetween them, making them believe that they are talkingdirectly to each otherover a private connection,when in factthe entire conversationis controlled by the attacker. 5/ 20
  • 6. Are you secured from MitM attack?If you...…use open Wi-Fi access or other untrusted connections......log into sites that dont use https:// protocol......use widely available computers...…dont check URLs you click in your e-mail box... …answer is NO 6/ 20
  • 7. There is only one solution….Wherever it is necessary to provide personal information,the site-administrator must ensure the security of datatransmission. The solution is SSL 7/ 20
  • 8. SSL - Secure Sockets LayersSecure Socket Layer is a security protocol that operatesbetween a browser and a website. It providesconfidentiality, data integrity and authenticity bycryptographic techniques. This is used to tell the browserand its user trustworthy information about the website. 8/ 20
  • 9. SSL visibility in browsers Chrome Firefox IEDolphin Opera Mobile Android Native Browser iOS 9/ 20
  • 10. Which pages should have https?- sign-up Wherever we use identification data eg. logins, passwords or- login financial information such as- order credit card numbers.- form On the pages where this kind information is required and we- chat (IRC) do not want or do not need- etc. anyone to disclose. 10/20
  • 11. SSL protocol is getting betterAccording to the new encryption standards since 2011, itshould be done with a key consisting of a minimum of2048 bits.The newest version of SSL 3.0 is TLS 1.2 refined in March2011. This version seeks to remove the imperfections ofthe previous editions. 11/20
  • 12. How to avoid mistakes using an SSL certificates?✔ Choose trusted certificates vendors;✔ Make sure that you properly configured the certificate on the server;✔ Remember about validity date of the certificate;✔ Select certificate according to needs of the service. 12/20
  • 13. Why it is so important?Because many sites equipped with SSL has errors thatmay result in impairment of the level of protection.Qualys analysts checked 1 million pages rankings.Only 9 of these has flawless configuration ofSSL certificate.# Qualys, Inc., SSL and Browsers: The Pillars of Broken Security (2012) 13/20
  • 14. The most common mistakes➢ More than 67% of certificates were incorrectly configured;➢ Nearly 54% still supported SSL v2;➢ About 20% had placed on an encrypted page links without https://;➢ About 54% of the sites did not use SSL to protect user authentication;➢ About 15% were using dangerous cookies.# Qualys, Inc., SSL and Browsers: The Pillars of Broken Security (2012) 14/20
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  • 19. Became a Reseller in IndiaFind out more about our Reseller Program.Visit our webpage:HTTPS://SSLGURU.IN/RESELLERS.HTML 19/20
  • 20. Thank You for your attention +44 20 331 87 787 @SSLguruin 20/20