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Digital Certificates @ ResellerClub


The "Digital Certificate's Significance and Marketing Strategy" webinar focuses on providing tried and tested strategies to improve your bottom line by effectively increasing your digital certificate …

The "Digital Certificate's Significance and Marketing Strategy" webinar focuses on providing tried and tested strategies to improve your bottom line by effectively increasing your digital certificate sales

Published in Technology
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  • 1. The Webinar will commence shortly…
    Thank you for your patience.
  • 2. SSL Significance & Marketing Strategy
    Presented by: Kartik Johari
    copyright © ResellerClub, 2009
  • 3. Agenda
    • About thawte
    • 4. Types of SSL Certificates
    • 5. SSL Market Overview
    • 6. Selling and Marketing SSL
    • 7. thawte SSL Certificates
  • About thawte
  • 8. About thawte
    • Established in 1995 and issued its first SSL certificate in 1996
    • 9. VeriSign company
    • 10. Has a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure which boasts the following:
    • 11. fully redundant server farms in secure data centers located on both the East and West coasts of the USA
    • 12. 5 tier security with optical and biometric scanning environments
    • 13. secure firewall clusters
    • 14. segregated application servers for redundancy
    • 15. regular disaster recovery tested planned and executed under the scrutiny of KPMG
  • Top Brands Use thawte
  • 16. Types of SSL Certificates
  • 17. 2 Main Types of SSL Certificates
    • Domain Validated SSL Certificates
    • 18. Validates domain is registered and someone with admin rights is aware of and approves the certificate request
    • 19. Automated process takes less than 10 minutesSubtype: SSL 123 Certificates
    • 20. Organization Validated SSL Certificates
    • 21. Validates domain ownership, plus organization information included in the certificate (name, city, state, country)
    • 22. Manual process takes 1-2 daysSubtype: Webserver Certificate, Wildcard Certificate and the SGC SuperCert Certificate
  • Wildcard Certificates
    • The SGC SuperCert – The most powerful of certificates.
    • 23. Offers all the advantages of the SSL Web Server Certificate
    • 24. Automatically steps-up the encryption of the client even if their browsers have 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities
    • 25. Wildcard certificates used to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains with one certificate
    • 26. All domains must end with the same 2nd level domain
    • 27. Domains must share one physical server
    • 28. Domains must share same number of levels
    • 29. EXAMPLE: a certificate with *.domain.com as the Common Name can protect mail.domain.com and secure.domain.com but not mail.secure.domain.com (too many levels)
  • Dedicated vs. Shared SSL
    • One single fully qualified domain name per certificate
    • 30. More credibility with the customer
    • 31. Customer won’t experience a domain name change in middle of shopping experience (i.e. go from http://www.mydomain.com to https://sharedssl.com/mydomain or https://mydomain.sharedssl.com if the wildcard method is used)
    • 32. Reduces Risk of low-customer confidence
    • 33. Prevents users from experiencing a domain name change during the most important part of the transaction – when they’re entering their payment information
    • 34. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that uses a dedicated SSL certificate
    The Bottom Line:
    The cost, ease of obtaining an SSL certificate and potential loss of
    revenue from having a shared SSL make having a dedicated SSL certificate critical
  • 35. SSL Market Overview
  • 36. SSL Market Data
    • More than 1.5 million active digital certificates
    • 37. Between 1-2% of Web sites have an active digital certificate
    • 38. 30% annualized growth in number of active certificates over the last 12 months
    • 39. CAGR of 32% since 2002, primarily in low end segment
    • 40. High growth rates expected over the next year
    • 41. Big revenue opportunity as more site owners & web users become educated
  • Bifurcation of SSL Market
  • 42. Online Business Has a Problem
    • The fourth quarter of 2009 saw a rise in the number of hijacked brands to a record 356 in October, up nearly 4.4 per cent from the previous record of 341 in August 2009
  • Consumer Distrust Is Hurting Business
    • Users need help distinguishing legitimate sites from crafty phishing sites
    • 43. Phishing sites fool up to 90% of online consumers1
    • 44. Consumer distrust growing as a result
    • 45. 84% believe businesses not doing enough to protect them
    • 46. 24% don’t purchase online at all2
    • 47. Displaying premium security is an opportunity for online businesses
    • 48. 64% of shoppers who have abandoned a purchase would have completed it if a recognized trust mark were on the site3
    • 49. Users will spend 4% more if they know that privacy is ensured4
    • 50. Nearly $2bn lost in US e-commerce due to security concerns5
  • Browsers Usability enhancements
  • 51. Applications using SSL is Growing
    • Secure browser to Web server communications when collecting financial and personal data
    • 52. eCommerce sites
    • 53. Banking applications
    • 54. User/Member login pages
    • 55. Sign-up pages
    • 56. VPN access
    • 57. Web access to email
    • 58. Intranets
    • 59. Sensitive business information (business partners, remote offices)
    • 60. Secure server to server communications to improve data and network security
    • 61. FTP sites
    • 62. Database and application servers
    • 63. Communication between email servers
  • Selling and Marketing SSL
  • 64. Why Offer SSL
    • Leverage SSL to expand your value add to your customers
    • 65. SSL is a value added product that is a need for anyone conducting eCommerce or passing sensitive data over the Web or wireless devices
    • 66. Additional revenue stream with high margins
    • 67. Fast and convenient to obtain and install
    • 68. Cost effective
    • 69. Customers are getting SSL certificates from someone – why not you
    • 70. Risk losing customers to your competition who are offering SSL
  • Ways to Offer SSL
    • Create a digital certificate store
    • 71. Bundle with other complimentary offerings
    • 72. Domains, Hosting Packages, Hosted Applications
    • 73. Cross sell with other products and services you offer
    • 74. Web Design, consulting
    • 75. Position as a value added service
    • 76. Make the process easy and streamlined
  • Keys to selling SSL
    • Educate and inform
    • 77. Much confusion in market place
    • 78. Large gap between the most expensive SSL certificates and the cheapest SSL certificates
    • 79. Customers need to be made aware of the most important factors to consider
    • 80. Generate the need for SSL
    • 81. Inform customers why security is essential and the many applications that can use SSL beyond e-commerce
    • 82. Talk about threats to online business and how SSL helps
    • 83. Make your product recommendations
    • 84. Sell products that match your customers’ requirements
    • 85. Recommend with justification which product to use
    • 86. If customers are correctly informed they will understand and trust the recommendation
  • How to Market SSL
    • Provide the right choice of SSL products
    • 87. Post product information on your site
    • 88. Promote awareness and applications for using SSL, and risks for not
    • 89. Leverage benefits of the site seal and drive adoption of their use
    • 90. SSL enable your sites
    • 91. Promote up-sell and multi-year options
    • 92. Take advantage of existing marketing communication channels
    • 93. Stay on top of renewals
  • Pricing SSL
    • Match the right certs with the right offering when bundling SSL
    • 94. Mask price within cost of offering
    • 95. Use to upsell to higher packages
    • 96. Charge for other services like generating CSR or installing cert
    • 97. Offer full range of SSL certs when creating a digital certificate store
    • 98. Offer at an attractive discount from CAs retail site
    • 99. Higher margins
    • 100. Higher prices can be charged when offering as a value added service
    • 101. Offer at or near the CAs retail prices
    • 102. Which products you recommend depend on total cost of services provided
  • Key Terms for Marketing SSL
    • Certificate Authority (CA)
    • 103. Trusted organization that provisions and issues SSL certificates
    • 104. Encryption Level
    • 105. Strength of the SSL session supported by the certificate
    • 106. All can support up to 256 bit – most common is 128 bit
    • 107. Browser Ubiquity
    • 108. Level of trust supported by Web and Mobile browsers
    • 109. Site Seals
    • 110. Icons that add layer of trust to consumers
    • 111. Authentication levels and speed
    • 112. The practices a CA undertakes before issuing an SSL certificate
  • Product Comparison
  • 113. Key Take-Aways
    • SSL is not just for eCommerce
    • 114. SSL represents an opportunity to create a profitable revenue stream
    • 115. Factors driving the need for SSL are real
    • 116. Educate your customers and make it easy for them
    • 117. Understand the best model and price points for selling SSL to your customers
    • 118. thawte has an SSL certificates for all your customers
  • Thank you