Driving Profits with Premium Domain Names - Bob Mountain,  SVP – BD & Account Services, NameMedia Inc.

Driving Profits with Premium Domain Names - Bob Mountain, SVP – BD & Account Services, NameMedia Inc.






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Driving Profits with Premium Domain Names - Bob Mountain,  SVP – BD & Account Services, NameMedia Inc. Driving Profits with Premium Domain Names - Bob Mountain, SVP – BD & Account Services, NameMedia Inc. Presentation Transcript

  • Generating NewRevenue Streams with Premium Domains Bob Mountain SVP Bus Dev and Acct Services
  • Agenda •  What  is  a  “Premium  Domain”?     •  Overview  of  premium  domain  a9ermarket   •  A9ermarket  technology   •  Benefits   •  New  TLDs   •  How  can  you  get  involved   •  Q&A  2
  • What is a Premium Domain? •  Domains  are  similar  to  commercial  real  estate:  they  are  a  business’s   “online  store  front”  and  “digital  idenKty”     •  ExisKng  registraKon   •  Short   •  Highly  memorable,  supports    a     business’s  on-­‐line  idenKty   •  SEO-­‐friendly   •  May  have  type-­‐in  traffic  before     being  developed  3
  • Premium Domain Customer "Not only it is easy to remember for our customers and partners, we ranked #1 on page 1 for both Yahoo and Google for the keywords "Chinese teachers" after just one week. Thank you BuyDomains!" — Sheila Sauvage, Founder ChineseTeachers.com4
  • Premium Domain Customer "Find and buy a great domain name," he advises "Our Alexa web ranking has gone from >5 million in October 2008 to 500K currently!" — Joost Bongaerts, President FabulousFlorals.com5
  • Premium Domain CustomersLivingAuthentically.com PearlParty.com PoolClean.com GlobalRenewable.com HotSoup.comRatePoint.com FoodSteps.com SafetyTown.com McCapital.com SteakExpress.com6
  • Why Invest in a premium domain? Key Point Details Legitimacy A good domain name conveys legitimacy and professionalism. Customers will be more apt to do business with you online. ROI The .COM extension is easily the most valuable and sought after extension – and most quality .COM addresses are only available on the secondary market and only for a premium price. Discoverability Domain names are equivalent to online Real Estate. You want a prime location so your prospects and customers can reach you. Search engine Domains with strong keywords can improve your ranking in the strength major search engines Traffic Purchasing a domain with existing traffic can help drive targeted leads/sales and grow your business Previous Domains with previous history are considered more authoritative History in the eyes of search engines7
  • Domain Values Have Increased 72% Since 2009 “This is the first index of ‘virtual real estate’ constructed using the same types of econometric techniques that have been pioneered for tracking prices of ‘real real estate.’ This is a great next step into the new frontier!” — Professor David Geltner, Director ofJune 2009 Dec. 2009 June 2010 Dec. 2010 June 2011 Dec. 2011 June 2012 Research at MIT’s IDNX Index Historical Price (Bloomberg) Center for Real Estate 8
  • Premium Domains Represent a Significant and Growing Market Value of Aftermarket Domain Sales $1,000 $800$ Millions $600 $400 $200 $0 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 129
  • SMBs Need Premium Domains To Be Successful OnlineOnline Presence Growth Scarcity Only of Indian SMBs with a strong web Million .com 5% MSMEs have an presence report: 103+ domains online presence registered Only of SMBs 2x     Growth rate Annual growth33% worldwide 11% rate across all have a website 2x     Revenue increase TLDs of businesses in Increase in sales 2x Hiring75% Asia ran social 8x   volume on marketing Afternic since ‘07 campaigns in ‘1110 Source: McKinsey, 2011
  • Premium Domains are Optimized for SMBs 77%  of  A9ernic  Domain  Buyers  are  Small  and  Medium  Sized   Businesses   Non-Profit Personal 4% 4% Domainers 10% 500+ Employees SMB 1-5 4% Employees 42% SMB 24-499 Employees 15% SMB 6-24 Employees 21%11
  • Afternic Enables Smooth Transition with Fast-Transfer Technology1 Purchase 2 Authorization 3 Transfer Reseller partner Afternic requests Losing Afternic gives Reseller the purchases a domain Registrar to start transfer and get authcode to transfer the domain from Afternic inventory. authcode from Registry. via Registry. Reseller Afternic Losing  Registrar Afternic Reseller Buy Authcode  + Domain.com Owner  info Authcode Transfer Registry Registry 12
  • Who Sells Premium Domains Today Europe   Canada   Caribbean   U.S.   Asia   Oceania  13 21
  • Search Engines Like Shorter Domains •  Older,  more  established  domains  tend  to  be  shorter   •  Long,  exact  match  domains  tend  be  owned  by  spammers   •  Large  corporaKons  invest  into  shorter  names,    more  SEO  and   content   •  Shorter  domains  are  more  memorable  14
  • Search Engines Don’t Like Multiple Hyphens in Long DomainsBill Slawski, the Google patent guru, recently Example: Consider theseidentified a patent that describes how Google alternativesmight handle hyphenated domains: Hotdog.com“… when two, three, or more hyphens are ChicagoHotdog.compresent, this is often an indication that these Chicago-Hotdog.comdomain names are associated with companies Best-Chicago-Hot-Dog-Cart.comthat are attempting to trick search engines intoranking their web pages more highly” . [United States Patent 8,046,350]15
  • Search Engines Love Exact Match Domains •  Exact  match  domains  perform  well  in  search  results;  recent  study   by  the  Open  Algorithm  confirmed  correlaKon  of  exact  match   domains  to  search  query  on  Google     •  Successful    brands  create  new  exact-­‐match  domains,  much  like   Amazon  and  Facebook  16
  • Search Engines Love Exact Match .com Domains17
  • Search Engines Even Like Hyphenated Exact Match Domains18
  • Keyword Match Improves Search Engine Position19
  • New TLDs will Create Huge New Premium Domain Opportunity Today Very Soon In 2-3 Years gTLD extensions In the next few months, New gTLD18     in active use new TLDs are coming: 66 internationalized extensions Internationalized .PW    Professional Web Global brands23 county-code 900 launch their own extensions .SX     Saint Martin extensions country code Traditional New open gTLD250 country-code 500+   extensions extensions available20
  • What’s in it for you? •  New  revenue  opportuni-es   –  Make  profit  on  premium  domain  sales   –  Extremely  high  renewal  rates   –  Premium  domain  customers  have  highest  life-me  value   •  Be?er  user  experience   –  More  domain  choices   •  Customer  reten-on   –  Don’t  let  your  customers  buy  them  elsewhere  21
  • What is Important in an Aftermarket Partner?•  Fast  Transfer  •  High  quality  inventory  –  Quality  is  far  more   important  than  Quan-ty  •  Domain  Integrity  Process  •  User  Experience  –  Best  Prac-ces  Program  •  Scalability  and  Reliability  •  Support  
  • Get Involved: Integrate Premium Domains into Your Service OfferingDomain Search Name Spinning Email Marketing Suggestions23
  • About NameMedia “NameMedia  is  a  leader  in  the  acquisi-on,  development  and  trading  of  digital   real  estate  through  a  network  of  highly  targeted  websites  and  a  marketplace   for  premium  domain  names.”   Brands     SM Afternic is the leading domain BuyDomains.com is the SmartName is a leading domain reseller network in the world, destination website of choice monetization company, spanning four continents and where tens of thousands of generating millions of dollars in serving nearly 1 billion domain businesses buy premium advertising revenue through queries per year.   domains. advanced technology. Investors      24