The Impact Log: A Communications Monitoring Tool


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Presenter: Drusilla David


Drusilla is the communications officer at the Centre for the Study of Economies in Africa (CSEA) in Abuja, Nigeria, presents a case study on the Impact Log, a tool that CSEA uses to monitor its communications. Drusilla possesses communication and writing skills gained from her experience working as a correspondent on various sectors of the economy with a Nigerian daily newspaper.

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The Impact Log: A Communications Monitoring Tool

  1. 1. Measuring the Impact and Success of Communication
  2. 2. OUTLINE Introduction Measuring Communications Success The Impact Log Effectiveness of the Impact Log Sustaining the Impact Log
  3. 3. Introduction To achieve maximum impact, it is imperative that organisations measure the outcomes of their work. The importance of measuring communications Success is to help organisations:  Evaluate growth in communications  Measure the effectiveness of their outreach  Determine the strength/progress of their content In summary, monitoring and evaluation provides an overview of the progress of research communications in an organisation.
  4. 4. Measuring Communication Success Evaluation is a key part of communication process. Developing a communication plan is an essential first step but without an evaluation strategy, you have no way of knowing if your plan is working or whether you need to make adjustments. Measuring communication success is important for longterm success of any organisation. For think tanks, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of research communication helps you know the impact your work has made or is making . .
  5. 5. Why Evaluate? It improves the effectiveness of communication and performance It helps you engage effectively with your audience It helps you allocate resources appropriately
  6. 6. How can we Evaluate? Communications is integral and a continuous activity. for any organisation which intends to improve on the effectiveness of its work. In order to achieve accurate data and information on this process, CSEA employed the use of the Impact Log. The Impact Log is used to measure the progress of the centre’s work, strength or the weakness of its communication activity.
  7. 7. The Impact Log The impact log is a tool used to record and document feedback of output and outcomes of activity(in this case, research) of any organisation Why the impact log?  It is a precise and adequate way of keeping records.  It keeps detailed records and monitors communication activities whilst providing access to feedback information easily.  To assess if research output are efficiently communicated, or if it reaches its intended audience
  8. 8. Description of the Impact Log The Impact Log is a tool used to record and document feedback of output and outcomes. It is a database which contains information about a project, programme, event or any (ongoing) activity of an organisation. CSEA developed an impact log for the purpose of monitoring its research findings and communications activities. The impact log is designed on an excel sheet which facilitates imputing of records or information. It contains different sections where information are gathered. Currently, CSEA’s impact log has four sections: • Meetings • Events • Press releases • Biweekly seminars An example of the Log is shown in the next slide.
  9. 9. Effectiveness of the Impact Log Using an impact log facilitates the assessment of an organization’s communications capacity; A well detailed log helps an organization:  Keep track of its activities  Learn how the audience receives its messages  Measure the success of its output and messages and whether or not it has contributed to policymaking  Measure the effectiveness of its overall communications strategy and plan
  10. 10. Sustaining the Impact Log Evaluation should be a continuous process; it helps form a basis for future strategic planning.  It enables an organization refine its evaluation methods and communications strategy accordingly.  It will also help you identify your evaluation priorities and subsequently work on improving your evaluation method to accommodate other sections for more information or data.
  11. 11. Sustaining the Impact Log cont’d CSEA has identified its evaluation priorities that are most critical to the centres mission and objective The centre also aims to improve on its impact log to accommodate other relevant sections in order to achieve a robust database. These sections include:  Research  Publications  Social Media  Website Analytics
  12. 12. Thank You!