How to Purchase Translations and What to Look For in a Supplier


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An objective guide to managing translation services in the market research industry. Presentation by Patrick Eve, CEO of TranslateMedia. This was part of a webinar in June 2010 with GreenBook.

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How to Purchase Translations and What to Look For in a Supplier

  1. 1. Introduction to Translation Supplier Basics How to Purchase Translations and What to Look for in a Supplier: An Objective Guide to Managing Translation Services in the Market Research Industry.. Date: June 23rd, 2010 Time: 3PM sharp Brought to you by GreenBook and TranslateMedia Narrated by Patrick Eve, CEO TranslateMedia specializes in translations for the multinationals and organizations in both the private and public sectors. 5000 translators are employed, covering over 80 languages and multiple specialisms. TranslateMedia is preferred supplier to many of the leading market research companies, law firms, banks, consultants, advertising agencies and government entities in the world. It is one of a shortlist of agencies to have been awarded the European Standard EN 15038:2006 for quality assurance.
  2. 2. There are bad translations.. Electrolux had their Scandinavian ad slogan translated into English for an American ad campaign.... The result.... “Nothing sucks like Electrolux.”
  3. 3. There are embarrassing translations.. To advertise their leather seats, American Airlines used the slogan “Fly in Leather,” Unfortunately this translated for the market in Mexico as, “Fly Naked.” (‘vuela en cuero’ in Spanish)
  4. 4. And there are machine translations.. Be careful when the machine translation tool crashes.. Perhaps not the name he really wanted for his new restaurant: TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR.
  5. 5. TranslateMedia Credentials London, Munich, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam Over 5,500 accredited translators covering more than 80 languages Member of American Translators Association & ATC in the UK European Standard BS EN 15038:2006 accredited – 3rd Audit Proprietary, integrated workflow & translation memory platform Preferred supplier to WPP and Publicis Groupe, Market Research leaders
  6. 6. Industry Standards Industry Standards
  7. 7. Key Selection Factors Key Factors Category Challenges Supplier Benefits of a single supplier Range of Services Language services & areas of specialism Price Consistent with quality & volume, repetition discounting Quality Assurance Key steps to obtaining Quality Confidentiality NDA-bound translations teams & Security Secure data transfer Scalability & Speed Partner with Global Infrastructure to support demand
  8. 8. Benefits of Single Supplier Removal of fixed in-house costs Improved efficiency amongst staff Negotiated rates across multiple languages Service levels, Speed, Scalability, Industry expertise Security & Confidentiality Translation memory databases – Intellectual Property
  9. 9. Language Services Language Services Interpreting Translation • Transcreation • Onsite ( Consecutive & Simultaneous) • Verbatim • Telephone • DTP & Typesetting (Indesign) • Conference (Booths, Headsets) • Areas of Specialism • Quantitative & Qualitative Work Related Services Online • Transcription • Multilingual SEO (Landing Pages) • Subtitling • Banners, Site Content, Blogs, Social Media • Voiceovers • File formats accepted: XML/XLIFF, HTML • Braille • Sign language
  10. 10. Standard Pricing Translation – charged to the word, pricing per 1000 words, language combination & industry expertise Standard vs. Premium services Express Fees – consistency check Proofreading – Charged by the hour Discounts for volume & repetition Transcription – by the hour and by the word, 5-6 hours work per 1 hour of audio
  11. 11. Translation Quality Translator team recruitment (NDA) Creative Brief Premium / Proofread service Reasonable Deadlines Translation Memory & Glossaries Client Side Review Ongoing Feedback Satisfaction Warranty
  12. 12. Warranty It is always easier, cheaper and more convenient to have an agency correct their work than abandon one agency and employ another to finish a job. They should do this at no extra charge.
  13. 13. Key Technology Technology enables improvements in speed of turnaround, quality assurance management, reporting, data security: A quick overview of technology in the following areas: Client facing tools Project Management & Quality Assurance tools Translation Memory tools Integration with Market Research specific tools
  14. 14. Client Portals Customised Portal 1 2 Choose multiple target languages 3 Choose to translate part of document Choose from various pricing options
  15. 15. Upload a Job…continued Client Side Review Optional Reviewer Stage – Including local client reps in the workflow process
  16. 16. Tracking & Archive Tracking & Storage • Real-time tracking of work progress • Secure document storage • Super-users can monitor tracking of all work on accounts
  17. 17. Reporting Tools Automated reporting tools for any given period: Number of documents translated Time lost / gained per job Total expenditure for the period Total expenditure per user / office / project team / cost centre Register of users and log-in history
  18. 18. Project Management Tools
  19. 19. Quality Assurance Checklist
  20. 20. Translation Memory Tools Original Translation in document progress Glossary, TM database and conversion suggestions Comparison of original with matches in TM database Preview screen Real time progress status
  21. 21. Translation Memory Benefits Cost Savings Faster Turnarounds Consistency of Terminology Reduction in Human Error Business Continuity Intellectual Property
  22. 22. Logispss_www xml_no_dtd n Search Sign in [Skip Global Navigation] Integration with Market Research Tools 2x4 SmartTranslate™ Option 1: Copy text out of SPSS / Confirmit into MS Word or Excel to send to translation company. Paste translations back in. Option 2: If your SPSS / Confirmit tool is able to export and import XML, send XML files to translation company, and import translated XML back in. Option 3: If your translation agency offers this service, send complete SPSS or Confirmit files and receive them back, fully translated. Use of 2x4 SmartTranslate. Tasks Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 In-house copy-paste tasks Yes No No Export & Import XML tasks No Yes No Translation Memory savings possible Yes Yes Yes CMS integration possible No Yes No Extra processing costs No No Yes
  23. 23. Summary • Quality Assurance Certification • Global Presence for 24 / 7 support • Handpicked translator teams – industry expertise & time zones • Workflow tools for client users, project managers & translators • Intellectual Property – Creation of Translation Memory & Glossaries • Content Management –Integration with CMS and DAM • Understanding of Market Research tools such as Confirmit and SPSS
  24. 24. Thanks Patrick Eve CEO TranslateMedia Telephone: 212-976-5636 Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for a more in-depth analysis of key areas