Global and china cigs thin film solar cell industry


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2010 Deep Research Report on Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Industry was professional and depth research report on global and China CIGS thin film solar cell industry.

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Global and china cigs thin film solar cell industry

  1. 1. 2010 Deep Research Report on Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Industry2010 Deep Research Report on Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Industrywas professional and depth research report on global and China CIGS thin film solarcell industry.this report has introduced almost all global and China CIGS projects,included CIGS project background, CIGS equipment sources, CIGS manufacturingprocess, CIGS thin film solar cell product specifications, CIGS module capacity andproduction, capacity expansion,CIGS module selling price, manufacturing cost, profitmargin etc related information. Besides commercial production projects, the reportalso introduced building or planning CIGS projects,in a word, almost all CIGSprojects were included in this report. Then, the report introduced global and ChinaCIGS production,demand,supply and demand relation,average sellingprice,cost,profit margin and 2010-2014 development trend. in addition to this.thereport has introduced CIGS manufacturing process (Co-Evaporation,SputteringSelenization,Printing Selenization,Electrodeposition Selenization etc), CIGSEquipments(several equipment suppliers and their equipment specifications),in theend, we introduced CIGS project Feasibility analysis and related researchconclusions. In a word, CIGS has become best solar cell invested product compare toother PV materials, as time go on, CIGS module efficiency will continue increasingand its 2009 average about 12% which is higher than 2008 about 10%.and somemiddle line product reach about 16%-17%, their commercial product efficiency wasnear crystalline silicon solar cell and the same time, CIGS module cost hasgreatly reduce, some equipment suppliers said that their product line could reducetheir manufacturing cost to about 0.8USD/Watt. and thanks for CIGS technologyimprovement and cost reduction, Japan Solar Frontier hope become global SecondFirst Solar.and Solar Frontier was carrying out their GW class expansion of CIGSbusiness.more and more news showed CIGS is becoming a rare bright spot in thefield of solar energy,as CIGS raw materials equipment module etc related sub-industry chain development,QYResearch believed CIGS would become the bettersolar cell or module with high efficiency low cost and large scale capacity.In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China CIGS thin film solarcell industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from CIGS industry chainrelated experts and enterprises during QYResearch Solar Energy Team survey andinterview.Original Source: CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell IndustryTable of Contents:Chapter One CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Overview 11.1 Definition of CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell 11.2 Classification and Application 41.3 Industry Chain Structure 41.4 Difference between CIGS and Other Solar Cell 5Chapter Two Manufacture Technology and Processes of CIGS Thin Film SolarCell 6
  2. 2. 2.1 CIGS Manufacturing Technology Overview 62.1.1 Multicomponent Co-Evaporation(Vacuum Processes) 92.1.2 Sputtering+Selenization (Vacuum Processes) 122.1.3 Printing (Non-Vacuum Processes) 142.1.4 Electrideposition (Non-Vacuum Processes) 152.2 CIGS Process and Equipment Analysis 172.3 CIGS Equipment List 202.4 CIGS Detection Equipment List 212.5 CIGS BOM(Bill Of Material) 22Chapter Three CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Productions Supply Sales DemandMarket Status and Forecast 223.1 CIGS Productions Overview 223.2 CIGS Global Manufacturer Market Share 273.3 CIGS China Manufacturer Market Share 283.2 Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Demand 293.3 Supply and Demand of Global and China CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell 303.4 CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Cost Price Value Efficiency Profit Margin 30Chapter Four CIGS Manufactuers 314.1 Showa Shell Solar(Solar Frontier) (Japan) CuInSe2 314.2 Global Solar Energy (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 374.3 Würth Solar (Germany) CuInSe2 424.4 Solibro Solar(Q-CELL) (Germany) Cu(lnGa)Se2 484.5 Honda Soltec(Japan)Cu(lnGa)Se2 534.6 Miasolé (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 584.7 Johanna Solar Technology (Germany) Cu(lnGa)(SSe)2 624.8 Odersun(China AT&M) (Germany) Flexible CISCut 674.9 Sulfurcell (Germany) CulnSe2 714.10 AVANCIS(Shell Solar) (Germany) CulnSe2 764.11 Nanosolar (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 814.12 Ascent Solar(US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 874.13 Sunvim Solar (Shandong China) Cu(lnGa)(SSe)2 914.14 SoloPower (US) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 954.15 Jenn Feng New Energy (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 994.16 Sunshine PV(Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1034.17 Axuntek Solar (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1084.18 Ritek Solar (Ritek and Scheuten) (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1114.19 AUO (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1154.20 Daiyang Metal(South Korea)Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 1194.20.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1194.20.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1204.21 HelioVolt (US) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1204.22 DayStar (US) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1234.23 Flisom (Switzerland) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 1264.24 Nanowin (Taiwan) Cu(lnGa)Se2 1304.25 Others 1334.25.1 CIS Solartechnik (Germany) CIS 1334.25.2 Istar Solar (Italy) Flexible CIGS 1344.25.3 Scheuten Solar (Netherlands) CIS 1374.25.4 Shurjo Energy Private (India) CIGS 1374.25.5 Solyndra (US) Tube-Shaped CIGS 1384.25.6 CIS Solartechnik (Germany) CIS 143
  3. 3. 4.25.7 CIS Scientific (Canada) Flexible CIS 1434.25.8 InterPhases Solar (US) Flexible CIS 1454.25.9 ISET (US) Flexible CIGS 1464.25.10 PVflex Solar (Germany) Flexible CIGS 146Chapter Five CIGS Building and Planing Projects 1485.1 Natural Source Energy Systems (Beijing China)Cu(lnGa)Se2 1495.1.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1505.1.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1505.2 GroupSat Solar (Suzhou China) Flexible Cu(lnGa)Se2 1515.2.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1515.2.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1515.3 Guangzhou Huamao(Baiyun District Guangzhou) 1525.3.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1525.3.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1535.4 Huitong Guarantee (Panzhihua Sichuan) 1535.4.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1535.4.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1545.5 ARION(Jinzhou) 1545.5.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1545.5.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1555.6 Weihai China Glass Solar(Weihai) 1555.6.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1555.6.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1565.7 Shanxi Hongshen PV New Energy (Shanxi) 1565.7.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1565.7.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1595.8 Shangke PV (Guilin) 1595.8.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1595.8.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1605.9 Yanyuan PV(Henan) CIGS 1605.9.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1605.9.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1635.10 Suwan Solar(Anhui) 1635.10.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1635.10.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1655.11 Quandong Solar(Nanjing) 1655.11.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1655.11.2 Project Plan and Forecast 1695.12 Chuanghui Optical (Fujian Quanzhou) 1695.12.1 CIGS Project Overvie 1695.12.2 Project Plan and Forecast 170Chapter Six CIGS Equipment Suppliers 1706.1 Veeco (US) 1716.2 Centrotherm(FHR) (Germany) 1726.3 ULVAC (Japan) 1746.4 XsunX (US) 1746.5 Amelio Solar(RESI) (US) 1756.6 Nanowin (Taiwan) 1776.7 GPM (Taiwan) 180Chapter Seven Feasibility Analysis of China New CIGS Thin Film Project 180
  4. 4. 7.1 Opportunity and Risk of China 50MW CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Project 1807.2 Feasibility Analysis of China 50MW CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Project 181Chapter Eight CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Research Conclusions 209Also Browse: Energy and Power Market, Solar Cell Market, Thin Film Market,China Market,Buy Now: Market Research