China wind turbine casting industry


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2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Casting Industry was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on April 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Turbine Casting industry.

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China wind turbine casting industry

  1. 1. 2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Casting Industry2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Casting Industry was publishedby QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on April 2010. It was a professionaland depth research report on China Wind Turbine Casting industry.In the report, the following information will be included: • China Wind Turbine Casting Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment) information; • China Wind Turbine Casting production and demand from 2009-2014; • China Top 12 Wind Turbine Casting manufacturers Wind Turbine Casting Capacity Production Cost Average selling price Production Value Revenue Profit etc information;China Wind Turbine Casting industry development trend and related conclusions;Finally, we conduct a comprehensive summary of China Wind Turbine Castingindustry, including the past present and forecast the future, we also make afeasibility analysis of 20000tons/year Wind Turbine Casting project,we carry out anaccurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability, payback period. In aword, it was a depth research report on china Wind Turbine Casting industry chain.And thanks to the China Wind Turbine Casting marketing or technology experts helpand support during QYResearch Wind Energy team survey and interviews.Original Source: Wind Turbine Casting IndustryTable of Contents:Chapter One Wind Turbine Casting Industry Overview 11.1 Definition of Wind Turbine Casting 11.2 Classification and Application 21.3 Industry Chain Structure 31.4 Wind Turbine Casting Industry Outlook 4Chapter Two Wind Turbine Casting Manufacture Technology and Processes 92.1 Wind Turbine Casting Manufacturing Technology 92.2 Raw materials and equipment suppliers 11Chapter Three China Wind Turbine Casting Productions Supply SalesDemand Market Status and Forecast 133.1 Wind Turbine Casting Productions Overview 133.2 Wind Turbine Casting Demand 173.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine Casting 633.4 Cost Price Value Profit Margin of China Wind Turbine Casting 643.5 Wind Turbine Casting Customer relationship 66Chapter Four Wind Turbine Casting Key Manufacturers 674.1 Jiangsu Jixin Jiangsu Jiangyin 67
  2. 2. 4.2 Wuxi Qiaolian Jiangsu Wuxi 714.3 Huarui Heavy Industry Steel Casting Dalian 002204 774.4 Zhejiang Jiali Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd Jiangsu Wuxi 814.5 Ningbo riyue foundry co. ltd Zhejiang 864.6 Jiangsu Faw Founday Jiangsu Wuxi 894.7 Ningbo Yeong-shang casting Iron Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang 934.8 Henan Hongyu Special Castings Stock Co., Ltd. 964.9 Changzhou Zhuorun Wind Power Equipment Co.,Ltd (Jiangsu) 994.10 Changcheng Suzaki Machine & Foundry Co.,Ltd CSMF Ningxia 1034.11 Xingsheng Casting Liaoning Benxi 1074.12 Shanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd 1104.13 Other Wind Turbine Casting Manufacturers 1134.13.1 Zhejiang Xinfengda wind Accessories Co., Ltd. 1134.13.2 Vestas Casting (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. 1144.13.3 Wuhu Toyama Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Anhui) 1144.13.4 DEC (Deyang) Foundry Co., Ltd. 1154.13.5 Nantong Koizumi Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. 1164.13.6 Qinchuan foundry Qinchuan Machinery development Co.,Ltd. 000837 1164.13.7 Shanghai Changjing Metal Production Co., Ltd. 1174.13.8 Wuxi Lion Wind Energy Tech Co.,Ltd. 1174.13.9 Heibei Guangjin Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Building Project 1184.13.10 Jiangsu Huadong Paper Machinery 118Chapter Five China Wind Turbine Casting Downstream Co-operation WindTurbine Manufacturers 1205.1 Sinovel Beijing 1.5MW 3.0MW 1205.2 Goldwind Xinjiang 750KW 1.5MW 2.5MW 1305.3 DEC 600875 1.5MW 1425.4 Mingyang Guangdong 1.5MW 3.0MW 1495.5 Vestas Denmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW 1565.6 GE Wind USA Shenyang 1.5MW 166Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Turbine Casting Projects1726.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Turbine Casting Project 1726.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Turbine Casting Project 173Chapter Seven Wind Turbine Casting Industry Research Conclusions 176Also Browse: Energy and Power Market, Wind Turbine Market, China MarketBuy Now: Market Research