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“2010 Deep Research Report on China Software Industry” was published by QYResearch IT Research Center on April 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Software Industry.

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China software industry

  1. 1. 2010 Deep Research Report on China Software Industry“2010 Deep Research Report on China Software Industry” was published byQYResearch IT Research Center on April 2010. It was a professional and depthresearch report on China Software Industry.In the report, the following information will be included: • China Software industry overview and development trend • China software market share by application • China operating system database ERP Middleware System Integration software outsourcing etc market analysis and related companies research • China software industry development trend and related conclusions;Finally, we conduct a comprehensive summary of China software industry, includingthe past present and forecast the future, we also make a feasibility analysis of Chinasoftware outsourcing project ,we carry out an accurate calculation on investmentcost, revenue, profitability, payback period. In a word, it was a depth research reporton china software industry chain. And thanks to the China software marketing ortechnology experts’ help and support during QYResearch IT research team surveyand interviews.Original Source: Software IndustryTable of ContentsChapter One Software Industry Overview1.1 Definition of Software Industry1.1.1 Definition of Software1.1.2 The History of Software Industry1.2 The Industry Chain Structure of Software IndustryChapter Two In-depth Study of the Industry Chain of Software Industry2.1 Basic Science Research of the Industry Chain of Software Industry2.1.1 The History of Software Programming Language2.1.2 The Invent Institutions of Programming Language2.2 In-depth Study of Platform Software2.2.1 Windows Operating System Microsoft2.2.2 Mac Operating System Apple2.2.3 Linux Operating System2.3 In-depth Study of Tools Software2.3.1 Tools Software for Application Software2.3.1.1 Visual Studio Microsoft2.3.1.2 Eclipse IBM2.3.1.3 C++ Builder (Borland) Powerbuilder (Sybase) Rational Rose (IBM)2.3.2 Tools Software for Products
  2. 2. AutoCAD (Autodesk) QuartusII design (Altera) Photoshop (Adobe) CATIA (Dassault Systemes) Altium Designer (Altium)2.3.3 Tools Software for Web development2.3.3.1 Flash Dreamweaver Fireworks (Adobe)2.4 In-depth Study of Application Software2.4.1 Database software2.4.1.1 Oracle (Oracle) DB2 (IBM) SQL Server (Microsoft) Sybase (Sybase) Teradata (Teradata)2.4.2 Antivirus Software2.4.2.1 Symantec (Symantec) McAfee (McAfee) TIS2010 (Trend Micro) IBM Proventia (IBM) Documentum Trusted Content Services (EMC)2.4.3 Coordination Office Software2.4.3.1 Office (Microsoft) Lotus Notes (IBM)2.4.4 Common Management Software2.4.4.1 SAP (SAP) Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle) SAGE ERP (SAGE) Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 (Microsoft)2.4.5 Game Software Company2.4.5.1 Nintendo2.4.5.2 Electronic Arts2.4.5.3 Activision2.4.5.4 Ubisoft2.4.5.5 Vivendi SAChapter Three Overview of Software Industry of China in 20093.1 The Market Size and Growth Rate of Software Industry of China3.2 The Export Scale and Growth Rate of Software Industry of China3.3 The Market Size and Growth Rate of Different Software Fields of China3.4 The Software Policy3.5 The Proportion of Software Industry in the National Economy as A Whole3.6 The Current Situation of Software Industry Employees of China3.6.1 The Structure of Software Industry Employees of China3.6.2 The Distribution of Software Industry Employees of China3.6.3 The Main Causes of Brain Drain in Software Industry3.7 The Statistic of Software Industry3.7.1 The Software Industry Income of Different Regions of China3.7.2 The Software Industry Income of Different Cities of ChinaChapter Four In-depth Study of Software Industry of China4.1 The Industry Chain Structure of Software Industry of China4.1.1 Predicaments4.1.2 Opportunities
  3. 3. 4.2 The Market of Operating System of China4.2.1 Definition of Operating System4.2.2 Server Operating System Software Market Overview4.2.3 Server Operating System Software Key Manufacturers of China Market4.2.3.1 Microsoft4.2.3.2 Apple4.2.3.3 Linux4.2.4 Mobile Operating System Software4.2.5 Mobile Operating System Software Key Manufacturers of China Market4.2.5.1 Nokia4.2.5.2 RIM4.2.5.3 Apple4.2.5.4 Microsoft4.2.5.5 Linux4.2.5.6 Google4.3 The Market of Database Software of China4.3.1 Definition of Database Software4.3.2 Database Software Market Overview4.3.3 Database Software Key Manufacturers4.3.3.1 IBM4.3.3.2 Sybase4.3.3.3 Wuhan Dameng4.3.3.4 BaseSoft4.3.3.5 ShenzhouSoft4.4 The Market of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software of China4.4.1 Definition of ERP Software4.4.2 ERP Software Market of China Overview4.4.3 ERP Software Key Manufacturers4.4.3.1 UFIDA4.4.3.2 SAP4.4.3.3 Kingdee4.4.3.4 Oracle4.4.3.5 LangChaosoft4.5 The Market of Middleware of China4.5.1 Definition of Middleware4.5.2 Middleware Market of China Overview4.5.3 Middleware Key Manufacturers4.5.3.1 IBM4.5.3.2 Oracle4.5.3.3 TongTech4.5.3.4 CVIC SE4.6 The Market of System Integration of China4.6.1 Definition of System Integration4.6.2 System Integration Market of China Overview4.6.3 System Integration Key Manufacturers4.6.3.1 TSINGHUA TONGFANG4.6.3.2 Bright Oceans Corporation4.6.3.3 SUNYARD4.6.3.4 TELLHOW SCI-TECH CO.,LTD4.6.3.5 HUNDSUN4.7 The Market of Outsourcing of China4.7.1 Definition of Outsourcing4.7.2 Outsourcing Market of China Overview
  4. 4. 4.7.3 Outsourcing Key Manufacturers4.7.3.1 CHINA NATIONAL SOFTWARE& SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED4.7.3.2 Neusoft4.7.3.3 INSIGMA4.7.3.4 HISOFT4.7.3.5 VANCEInfoChapter Five Feasibility Analysis of China Software Projects5.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Software Project5.2 Feasibility Analysis of Software ProjectChapter Six Software Industry Research ConclusionsAlso Browse: IT & Telecommunication Market, China MarketBuy Now: Market Research