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The Indian wine industry is a nascent but fast growing market attracting a number of domestic entrepreneurs, foreign manufacturers and importers. Consumption in India is growing and expected to …

The Indian wine industry is a nascent but fast growing market attracting a number of domestic entrepreneurs, foreign manufacturers and importers. Consumption in India is growing and expected to accelerate led primarily by metropolitan cities. Domestic production is a major factor in spurring consumption with Maharashtra accounting for maximum volume. Despite high import duties, demand for foreign wines is strong, with France as the leading trade partner.

The report identifies the change in consumer awareness and perception as one of the key drivers as well as various government initiatives to encourage domestic production and consumption. Innovation on the part of producers, and the role of organized retail chains are also instrumental in driving the market. Quality and myriad of state-level government policies are challenges that may have a long term impact on the market.

The report also provides a snapshot of competition in two categories – domestic manufacturers and importers. Data includes the approximate number of players, leading firms and market share.

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  • 1. Wines - India December 2008
  • 2. Executive Summary SAMPLE
      • Drivers: Rising consumer awareness, positive government initiatives, and efforts toward making wine more affordable and available
      • Challenges: Inconsistent quality, variance in state-level policies, and ban on alcohol advertising
    Market Drivers & Challenges Trends Competition
      • Nascent albeit a fast growing industry
      • Estimated worth USD XX mn in 2007 & forecast to reach USD YY mn in 2011
      • Dominated by still wines although a market exists for sparkling and fortified wines
      • A accounts for bulk of production; B and C account for a% of consumption
      • New entrants from India and abroad expected to increase competition
      • Industry is attracting private equity investors with three transactions in recent years
      • Emerging strategies and business models include:
        • Contract bottling
        • Alliances between importers and foreign brands
        • Partnerships with retailers in states permitting sale through supermarkets
      • Three major domestic players dominate b% of domestic production
        • A, B, C and D
      • Top five importers control a% of import market are led by U, V and W
  • 3. Contents
    • Market Overview
    • Drivers & Challenges
    • Trends
    • Competition
    • Key Developments
  • 4. Wine in India is a nascent but fast growing industry with consumption concentrated in metros and in favour of still wines
    • Nascent industry albeit a fast growing one attracting a number of domestic entrepreneurs, foreign firms, and importers
    • Low per capita consumption of A l compared to other countries as well as domestic consumption of spirits and beer
    • Wine drinking is metro phenomenon with Mumbai and Delhi accounting for b%
      • Consumption in other cities and regions is low due to high price relative to beer and spirits as well as distribution hurdles impacting availability
    • ~x% of wine sold is priced below USD XX and y% under USD YY
    • Preferences are largely toward still wines (traditional red and whites) although a market exists for sparkling and fortified wines
    SAMPLE Segments Consumption Volume and growth Source: a% Mumbai b% Delhi c% Bangalore d% Goa e% Others Rose u% Red v% White w% a% z% y% x% > 30 20-30 10-20 < 10 Price points (USD) vs. sales 2008 Z 2009 A 2010 B 2011 Volume Growth a% b% mn litres % U 2004 V 2005 W 2006 X 2007 Y Forecast
  • 5. Drivers and challenges Drivers Consumer awareness and perception Government initiatives Affordability Availability Challenges Inconsistent quality Variance in state-level policies Advertising ban on alcohol
  • 6. Key Trends Trends New entrants from India and abroad likely to increase competition as well as provide more choice to the consumer Emerging strategies such as contract bottling, alliances with importers and partnerships with retail chains Investments made by PE players indicates industry potential
  • 7. X, Y, and Z dominate the domestic market although new entrants are expected to increase competition SAMPLE Market share – Production (2008 est.) 35% 42% Domestic producers a% Company X b% Company Y c% Company Z d% Company U e% Company V f% Others
    • Total number of wineries is estimated to be X with the maximum located in Maharashtra
    • Dominated by three players, which account for an estimated a% share:
      • X
      • Y
      • Z
    • Other major producers include U, V and W
    • Competition is expected to increase with more entrants – domestic and imports
    • New entrants:
      • A, which controls close to b% of Indian alcohol market
      • C and D are other major players
    Source: 9%
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