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The Smartphones Market in India will be boosted by the increase in the usage of mobile internet along with the availability of 3G services and launch of affordable smartphones with versatile features and applications. Smartphones have also gained popularity amongst the youth due to the available features that suits the business and entertainment needs.

The report begins with an overview of the smartphone market in India. It offers a brief description of the exclusive features available on smartphones. This section is followed by the market overview which includes information regarding the market size and growth. Information regarding the most preferred operating system among consumers has been offered including the share among manufacturers. The trends in the download and usage of various applications have also been highlighted.

An analysis of the driver explains growth factors rising mobile internet usage and launch of 3G services, constant reduction in prices, advanced features and applications attracting consumers. The hindrances faced by the market are rising virus, Trojan and malware attacks and low penetration in smaller and rural areas. The trends identified in the market are entry of CDMA, dual sim and dual processor smartphones, increasing number of tie ups in the market and increasing acceptance of smartphones amongst youth.

The competition section comprises of a price to feature matrix, comparing manufacturers based on these parameters. This section also features brief profiles of major players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance, business highlights and their product portfolio, providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario. The key development section provides a brief description of the major happenings in the market. The appendix offers a comparative list of smartphones in India.

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Market Research Report : Smartphone Market in India 2011

  1. 1. Smartphone Market – IndiaMarch 2011
  2. 2. Executive Summary Market in India is estimated at XX mn subscribers in 20-- and is expected to reach YY mn subscribers in 20-- Market penetration of smartphone has increased from C% in 20-- to D% in 20-- and is estimated Market to be E% in 20-- Recent launch of the 3G services is driving the market forward Popularity of smartphones is gradually increasing and with the rising income levels more and more people are opting for these high end devices Drivers: PLE Rising mobile internet usage and launch of Challenges: Rising virus, Trojan and malware M 3G services attacks Drivers & A Constant reduction in prices Low penetration in smaller and rural Challenges S Advanced features and applications areas attracting consumers Entry of CDMA, Dual sim and Dual processor smartphones Trends Increasing number of tie ups in the market Increasing acceptance of smartphones amongst youth Market is competitive as new players are entering this market with innovative products at lower pricesCompetition The major players include player 1, player 2, player 3, player 4, player 5 and player 6 while the other new players comprise of player x, player y and player z SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 2
  3. 3. •Introduction•Market Overview•Drivers & Challenges•Trends•Competition•Key Developments•Appendix SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 3
  4. 4. Smartphones are cellular phones with wide variety offeatures capable of performing advanced operationsSmartphone– Overview LE•A Smartphone is a cellular phone with better, faster and enhanced operating abilities and performance which earlier was restricted to Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) and portable computers only numerous utility features MP Smartphones are best known for their fast processing speed, high speed internet connectivity and the availability of SA It is these features which set it apart from the other feature phones available today in the market Exclusive features Description • In a Smartphone e-mails can be received as push mailsPush E-mail • A push mail is a system in which e-mails can be received like text messages • Wire less LAN/ Wi-Fi is a feature which enables a user to connect to the internet wirelesslyWLAN and 3G and the provision of 3G service increases the connectivity speedIndividual operating • Housing its own operating system, a Smartphone can download and run applicationssystem directly on the mobile • High end Smartphones are enabled with GPS and Geotagging options which can be usedNavigation on the mobile itself SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 4
  5. 5. Smartphone market in India is growing at a steady pace andis expected to grow further in futureSmartphone Market – Overview Market Size and Growth – Subscribers• The smartphone market is showing robust growth in India mn With the rise in mobile internet usage and availability of 50 3G service, demand for smartphones has increased to a 40 large extent The market is witnessing heavy competition, hence the 30 players are forced to offer attractive products at lower prices, thus the smartphone sales is likely to grow 20• Market penetration of smartphone has increased PLE from A% in 20-- to B% in 20-- and is estimated to be 10 C% in the end of 20-- SAM• The market in India is growing at a CAGR of D% and is expected to reach INR E bn in 20-- 0 20-- 20-- 20--e• Constant evolution of technology and increasing demand for smartphones will make the market grow further SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 5
  6. 6. Drivers & Challenges – Summary Challenges Rising virus, Trojan and malware Drivers attacks Rising mobile internet usage and Low penetration in smaller and rural launch of 3G services areas Constant reduction in prices Advanced features and applications attracting consumers SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 6
  7. 7. Key Trends – Summary Entry of CDMA, Dual sim and Dual processor smartphones Trends Increasing acceptance of Increasing number of tie ups smartphones amongst in the market youth SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 7
  8. 8. Major Players in the Market (1/11)Company Snapshot: Company 1Corporate Information Financial Performance RevenueHeadquarters Location 1 Revenue Profit INR bn Profit / Loss INR bnFounded 19-- 3,000 800 600 2,000Products Product A 400 1,000 200Key People Person x 0 0Business Highlights PLE 2007 2008 2009 2010• Company along with its subsidiaries is involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing of computers, mobile SAM communication, entertainment and media devices• The company also sells softwares, services, peripherals, third party digital content and applications worldwide• Online and retail stores of the company are spread world wide for the sale of Apple products• Had A retail stores out of which B were in United States and C spread world wide in 20--• More than D bn applications are downloaded so far from the store SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 8
  9. 9. Thank you for the attentionThe Smartphone Market – India report is part of Research on India’s Information TechnologySeries.For more detailed information or customized research requirements please contact:Gagan Uppal Gaurav KumarPhone: +91 22 4098 7530 Phone: +91 33 4064 6214E-Mail: E-Mail: gaurav.kumar@netscribes.comResearch on India is a product of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. Research on India is dedicated to disseminating information and providing quickinsights on “hot” industries in India and other emerging markets. Track our new releases and major updates in these industries onAbout NetscribesNetscribes is a knowledge-consulting and solutions firm with clientele across the globe. The company’s expertise spans areas of investment &business research, business & corporate intelligence, content-management services, and knowledge-software services. At its core lies a truevalue proposition that draws upon a vast knowledge base. Netscribes is a one-stop shop designed to fulfil clients’ profitability and growthobjectives.Disclaimer: This report is published for general information only. Although high standards have been used the preparation, Research on India,Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. or “Netscribes” is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this document. This document is thesole property of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. and prior permission is required for guidelines on reproduction. SMARTPHONE MARKET IN INDIA 2011.PPT 9