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Market Research Report :Motors Market in India 2013
Market Research Report :Motors Market in India 2013
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Market Research Report :Motors Market in India 2013


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For the complete report, get in touch with us at : …

For the complete report, get in touch with us at :
The new report, ‘Motors Market in India’, states that expansion in the Indian power sector will drive the demand for motors in the Indian market. Motors are a part of the transmission and distribution equipment industry. The Indian motors industry is characterized by the presence of a diverse product range and is a highly fragmented market.
Key hubs for the production of motors are concentrated in selected regions of the country. Domestic demand for motors also varies across the regions.
Export – Import of motors in terms of volume and value varies across the different motor segments. Some specific segments of motors are witnessing a decline in import dependence while some are primarily import intensive.
The development of the motors market is supported by rise in Infrastructure investments in India. Industrial sector growth sector is also expected to stimulate the demand for motors. Developments in the power sector will enhance the requirement of motors. Growth in consumer durables will also aid the sustainable development of the Indian motors industry. Increase in usage of pumps in the agricultural sector will drive the demand for motors in the market. Robust automotive sector in India will fuel the demand for motors in the domestic market. Healthy economic outlook of the Indian economy will support the development of the domestic motors market.

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  • 1.     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Expansion in Indian Power Sector fuelling growth of the Indian Motors market    Netscribes,  Inc.  launches  a  report  on  the  Motors  Market  in  India  2013  covering a  market  with  strong  growth potential. It is a part of Netscribes’ Manufacturing Series.    Mumbai, India – July 24, 2013 – Global market intelligence firm Netscribes, Inc. has released its latest  report on the ‘Motors Market in India 2013’. According to the report, robust growth of the end user  industries is expected to accelerate the demand for motors in the Indian market.    The new report states that expansion in the Indian electrical equipment sector will drive the demand for  motors in the Indian market. Motors are a part of the transmission and distribution equipment industry.  The Indian motors industry is characterized by the presence of a diverse product range and is a highly  fragmented market.     Key hubs for the production of motors are concentrated in selected regions of the country. Domestic  demand for motors also varies across regions.     Export and import of motors in terms of volume and value varies across the different motor segments.  Some  specific  segments  of  motors  are  witnessing  a  decline  in  import  dependence  while  some  are  primarily import intensive.     There  are  several  factors  that  contribute  to  the  growth  of  the  motor  sector.  This  includes  rise  in  infrastructure  investment,  industrial  sector  growth,  developments  in  the  electrical  equipment  sector,  growth in consumer durables, increasing usage of pumps in the agricultural sector, robust automotive  sector, and healthy economic outlook of the Indian economy.     However,  there  are  certain  areas  that  trouble  the  industry.  A  volatile  raw  material  price  deters  the  development of the market. Lack of capacity utilization presents significant hindrance to the growth of  the  industry,  which  is  further  complicated  by a  price  sensitive  consumer  base  adversely  affecting  the  market.    The motor industry in India is witnessing a surge in demand for energy efficient motors. Provision for  adequate customer services is being seen as the key focus area for the players operating in the market.    For more details on the content of each report and ordering information please contact:    Phone: +91 22 4098 7600  E‐    Follow Us         
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