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Water Purifier Market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate as the awareness for water purifier is on the rise and people are becoming more health conscious.
The report begins with an introduction on water purifier and how the global market will grow in next few years. It also highlights the major types of purification carried out by the water purifier. In the market overview section the market size and growth rate in terms of value and volume has been highlighted. Also the purchase criterion for water purifiers has been tabulated. In the next slide the revenue from rural market and urban market has been shown. Further the penetrations in these markets are also depicted. Again, the water purifier market in terms of organized and unorganized sector has been illustrated. Also, the market share among the players has been highlighted in the next slide as per the prevalent technology. Subsequently, the major technologies in the market are also explained. Furthermore, a snapshot of the players is given in the next slide along with insights about the after sales aspect. Major distribution models are also explained along with an indicative requirement for a franchise in this business.
In the next section drivers and challenges has been highlighted. Drivers include increase in urbanization which will call for more use of water purifiers. Also cities with population of more than 1 million are also increasing. Water purifiers have still not penetrated the market in a big way which provides opportunity for the manufacturers. Also these days’ water purifiers are available in various price points which is helping the market to grow. Also the lack of clean water is helping the market to grow as the sources of fresh water are decreasing. Again increase in water borne diseases has paved the way for the increase in water purifiers. The challenges identified are low awareness about water purifiers and the need for the same. Also, an average individual buyer would find it difficult to understand the various jargons related to water purification.

The Edible Oil Market in India is part of Netscribes’ Food and Beverage Industry Series reports. Led by growing health awareness the edible oil market in India is expected to witness robust growth.

The report begins with an overview of the global edible oil market. This is followed by a brief snapshot of the Indian edible oil market. It also includes a segregation of the Indian edible oil market in terms of sources of production. A detailed description of the edible oil manufacturing process has also been included in the report.

The report provides detailed information about the exports and imports of edible oil under specific HS codes in terms of value. It provides country-wise import and export data for the year 2010, mentioning the major countries exporting and importing from India.
Factors driving the growth o

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Market Research Report : Edible oil market in India

  1. 1. Insert Cover Image using Slide Master View Do not distortEdible Oil Market –Edible Oil Market IndiaJune 2012
  2. 2. Executive Summary  Indian edible oil market is expected to grow with a CAGR of  x% over 20‐‐‐‐‐ Market  In 2010, the  share of branded edible oil accounted for x% of the total edible oil market in India Drivers Challenges  Growing Population and Rise in Income • Rising Edible Oil Prices Drivers &   Growth in Retail Market • Low Yield per Hectare Challenges  Untapped Market Potential • Inadequate Capacity Utilization  Awareness of Health Benefits  Vegetable Oil Industry ‐ Status   Edible Oil Import PolicyGovernment   Trade Agreements to Increase Edible Oil Supply Initiatives  Export Promotion and Price Stabilization Export Promotion and Price Stabilization  Subsidized Edible Oil Distribution Scheme  Product Portfolio Diversification  Trends   Import of Foreign Premium Edible Oil  Mergers and Acquisitions Major PlayersCompetition Company 1  Company 2  Company 3 Company 4 Company 5 Company 6  EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 2
  3. 3. •Market Overview • Global • India•Manufacturing Process•Export Import•Drivers & Challenges•Government Initiatives •Trends•Competition•Strategic Recommendations•Appendix EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 3
  4. 4. Indian edible oil market to witness robust growth owing to high expected growth in edible oil demandEdible Oil Market – Overview   Edible Oil Demand• Edible oil market in India is expected to reach x mn  mn tonnes tonnes growing with a CAGR of y% between 20‐‐‐‐ 25 Z% x2• Domestic production of edible oil account for x% of  20 x1 the net availability for consumption 15• In 20‐‐, branded edible oil accounted for INR y bn of  10 the total INR x bn edible oil market the total INR x bn edible oil market 5 0 20‐‐ 20‐‐eMajor Features – Indian Edible Oil Market Market Share – Branded Edible Oil (20‐‐) A B Event Impact on the edible oil sector X% A Point 1 B Point 2 Y% EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 4
  5. 5. During 20‐‐‐‐‐ edible oil production from secondary source is expected… Edible Oil Production– Primary Source mn MT Z% 8 x1 x2 x4 x3 6 a1 a2 a4 a3 4 b1 b2 b4 b3 2 c1 1 c2 f1 g2 c3 g3 c4 g4 e1 g1 e2 f2 d2 f3 d3 f4 d4 d1 e3 e4 0 20‐‐‐20‐‐ 20‐‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ ‐20‐‐ 20– 20‐‐e A B C D E F G• Edible oil production from primary source reached x mn MT declining with a CAGR of  y% during 20‐‐‐‐‐• Production share of A and B grew from x% in 20‐‐ to y% in 20‐‐• Production share of C decreased from x% in 20‐‐ to y%% in 20‐‐ EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 5
  6. 6. In 20‐‐, net edible oil availability for consumption exceeded the domestic availability by x mn metric tons Net Domestic Availability mn MT X1%10 x1 x4 x2 x3 • Net domestic availability of edible oil refers  8 to total production less exports and  industrial use 6 • Net domestic availability of edible oil  4 g g reached x mn MT growing with a CAGR of  2 x1%  during 20‐‐‐‐ 0 20‐‐ ‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐‐20‐‐* 20‐‐‐20‐‐ 20‐‐‐20‐‐ Net Availability for Consumption mn MT Y1% • Net consumption of edible oil refers to the  p 20 y3 3 y4 4 y2 net domestic availability together with the  15 y1 import of edible oil 10 • Consumption of edible oil reached z mn MT  5 growing with a CAGR of y% during ‐‐‐‐ 0 20‐‐‐20‐‐ 20‐‐‐20‐‐ 20‐‐‐20‐‐ 20‐‐‐20‐‐ EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 6
  7. 7. Edible Oil ‐ Manufacturing Process (1/3) A B C DMANUFACTURING E F G H EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 7
  8. 8. Indian edible oil market has witnessed trade balance deficit over the past yearsEdible Oil Industry – Exports under HS Codes (Value‐wise) Country‐wise Exports (20‐‐`) INR bn 2.5 Z% x2 A D 2.0 x1 x1% B E 1.5 x2% C F 1.0 x3 x4 0.5 x6% 0.0 x5% 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ x3% x4%Edible Oil Industry – Imports under HS Codes (Value‐wise) y p ( ) Country‐wise Imports (20‐‐) INR bn x2% 600 Z% x3% A B C x3 x4 x2 400 x1 200 0 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ x1% EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 8
  9. 9. Drivers & Challenges – Summary   Challenges Drivers Rising Edible Oil Prices Growing Population and Rise in  Income Low Yield per Hectare Growth in Retail Market h l k Inadequate Capacity Utilization I d C i U ili i Untapped Market Potential Awareness of Health Benefits EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 9
  10. 10. Growing population and rising income to emerge as a major growth driver for the Indian edible oil marketGrowing Population and Rise in Income Impact• Finding 1• Finding 2• Finding 3• Finding 4 Growing Population  Rise in Per Capita Income bn INR 2.0 X% 80,000 Y% x5 x3 3 1.5 x3 x4 60,000 x2 x1 x2 x1 1.0 40,000 0.5 20,000 0.0 0 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐e 20‐‐e 20‐‐e 20‐‐‐‐‐ 20‐‐‐‐‐ 20‐‐‐‐‐ EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 10
  11. 11. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India governs the mechanism of… Vegetable Oil Industry ‐ Status  (2011) • Finding 1 • Finding 2 • Finding 3 g X Y Z x1 A y1 B x2 y2 C x3 y3 EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 11
  12. 12. Trends – Summary  Product Portfolio  Diversification  Diversification Key  Trends d Import of Foreign  Mergers & Acquisitions  Mergers & Acquisitions Premium Edible Oil  i dibl Oil EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 12
  13. 13. Indian edible oil players are producing a host of new variants…Product Portfolio Diversification (1/2) Point 1 Growing focus  on portfolio  diversification A1 A2 A3 A4 A x1 B1 B2 B3 B x1 C1 C2 C3 C4 C x3 EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 13
  14. 14. Major Public Companies – Summary Profit/Loss (INR mn) 12,000 Size of the Bubble represents Market  10,000 Capitalization in INR mn 8,000 6,000 4,000 x1 2,000 x3 0 2 000 -2,000 x2 -4,000 -6,000 -8,000 Total Income-10,000 (INR mn) -20,000 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 180,000 200,000 Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 The list is not exhaustive EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 14
  15. 15. Public: Domestic Company – Company 1 (1/3)Company Information Offices and Centres – India Corporate Address City 1, Country 1Tel No. 91 ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐Fax No. 91 ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐Website b ‐‐‐‐‐‐Year of Incorporation ‐‐Products and ServicesProducts and Services Head Office Category Products/Services Regional OfficesProducts Product 1, Product 2…… Key PeopleBrand Names Name 1, Name 2 …… Name N Designation D i ti Person 1 Designation Person  2 Designation Person 3 Designation Person 4 Designation EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 15
  16. 16. Public: Domestic Company – Company 1 . (2/3) Financial Snapshot i i lS h Key Ratios K i y‐o‐y change  Particulars  20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ Total Income Profit (20‐‐‐‐‐) Total Income INR mn INR mn  Profitability Ratios Profit / Loss200,000 x4 3,000 Operating Margin ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ x3 Net Margin ‐‐ ‐‐ ‐ ‐ ‐150,000 x1 x2 2,000 Profit Before Tax Margin ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐100,000 1,000 Return on Equity ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 50,000 Return on Capital Employed ‐ ‐‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 0 0 Return on Working Capital ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ 20‐‐ Return on Assets ‐ ‐ ‐‐ ‐ ‐ Return on Fixed Assets ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Financial Summary  Cost Ratios • The company incurred a net profit of INR  x mn in FY 20‐‐, as  Operating costs (% of Sales) ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ compared to net profit of INR  y  mn in FY 20‐‐ Administration costs (% of  ‐‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Sales) • The company reported total Income of  INR y mn in FY 20‐‐,  Interest costs (% of Sales) ( ) ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ registering an increase of y% over FY 20‐‐ registering an increase of y% over FY 20 Liquidity Ratios • The company earned an operating margin of x% in FY 20‐‐ an  Current Ratio ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ increase of x percentage points over FY 20‐‐ Cash Ratio ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ • The company reported debt to equity ratio of x in FY 20‐‐, an  Leverage Ratios increase of y% over FY 20‐‐ Debt to Equity Ratio ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Financial Summary  Debt to Capital Ratio ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Interest Coverage Ratio ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Indicators Value (dd/mm/yyy) Efficiency Ratios Market Capitalization (INR) ‐ Fixed Asset Turnover ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Asset Turnover ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Total Enterprise Value (INR) ‐ Current Asset Turnover Current Asset Turnover ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐‐ ‐ EPS (INR) ‐ Working Capital Turnover ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ PE Ratio (Absolute) - Capital Employed Turnover ‐ ‐‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 16
  17. 17. Public: Domestic Company – Company 1  (3/3) Key Business Segments Key Geographic Segments A B C A D E F x1 100% c4 b1 c3 b2 c2 b3 c1 b4100% z4 d4 a4 z1 d1 a1 z2 d2 a2 d3 z3 a3 y1 y2 y3 y4 50%50% x1 x2 x3 x4 0% 0% 20‐‐ 20-- 20-- 20-- 20-- Business Highlights Description  D i ti News N • Company is among the X  players in India with a total turnover exceeding INR y bn Overview  • It is the largest exporter of A  and lecithin and the largest seller of A  brand in India  • Major export markets of the company include Country 1 Country 2 Major export markets of the company include Country 1, Country 2…. • Company boasts of  x mn retail stores along with y company depots, more than z distributors and more  Network than b sales staff • Along with the traditional business the company is also focusing on development of palm plantations,  New Initiatives New Initiatives mergers and acquisitions, addition of production capacity and green energy initiatives with a view to  mergers and acquisitions, addition of production capacity and green energy initiatives with a view to ensure accelerated growth EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 17
  18. 18. Thank you for the attentionThe Edible Oil Market – India report is part of Research on India’s Food and Beverage Series.For more detailed information or customized research requirements please contact:Phone: +91 33 4064 6214 91 33 4064 6214E‐Mail: sales@netscribes.comFollow us on:About NetscribesNetscribes is a knowledge‐consulting and solutions firm with clientele across the globe. The company’s expertise spans areas of investment &  g g f g p y p p fbusiness research, business & corporate intelligence, content‐management services, and knowledge‐software services. At its core lies a true value proposition that draws upon a vast knowledge base. Netscribes is a one‐stop shop designed to fulfil clients’ profitability and growth objectives.Disclaimer: This report is published for general information only. Although high standards have been used in the preparation,  Netscribes isDisclaimer: This report is published for general information only Although high standards have been used in the preparation “Netscribes” is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this document. This document is the sole property of Netscribes and prior permission is required for guidelines on reproduction. EDIBLE OIL MARKET IN INDIA 2012.PPT 18