The Impact of Music & Artists


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Presentation by: Research Now & Warner Music Group
(presented at the 2013 ARF Re:think Conference)

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The Impact of Music & Artists

  1. 1. The Impact Of Music & ArtistsThe Grammys Effect: A Research Story
  2. 2. RE:THINK THE RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP content business leadership + research expertise• One of the world’s leading music companies – currently owned by Access Industries• Home of legendary artists and current hitmakers• Among the most valuable • An e-Rewards, Inc. company publishing/song catalogs in the • Social. Mobile. Digital. Global. world – Warner/Chappell Music 2
  3. 3. RE:THINK METHODOLOGYtraditional and innovative approaches to capturing data andinsightsResearch Now leveraged the Grammy’s – featuring performances by anumber of key WMG-affiliated artists – as a “data lab” to learn howmultiple modes of digital data collection can be combined to tell amore complete story about consumers.  Research Now has significant capabilities to be a leader in digital measurement  The integration provides unique potential for achieving holistic data collection  Data sources include: 3
  4. 4. RE:THINK EXECUTIONmulti-phase data gatheringThe key was to weave these unique data streams together, andcombine them with WMG pertinent data Pre-Post Awareness,Pre-Post Awareness App Usage, Search and Perceptions Sales Metrics Band Mentions, Site Visits, Grammy Mentions, Search Sentiment Scoring 4
  5. 5. RE:THINK INSIGHTS behind the ratings• Featured artist performances – such as those from the WMG-affiliated artists noted here – had a quantifiable impact on generating interest in watching the Grammy Awards.• Artist appearances were also instrumental in engaging (potential) viewers around social media and attracting key consumer segments.• Compelling evidence that appearing on the Grammy Awards has a substantial and immediate impact on viewers’ awareness, especially for lesser-known artists.• Impacts on search, site visits, and revenue generation.• Respondents who show an affinity for the Grammy Awards also show greater liking for the artists who appear on the Grammy awards, even before the ceremony occurs. 5
  7. 7. RE:THINK WMG & THE BRAND/ADVERTISERRELATIONSHIPtailored engagements around key objectives and expectations 7
  8. 8. RE:THINK THE EVENT 2013 Grammy Awards – the big picture• 28.4M viewers • $850K spent by • 24.8M social reached the 2nd advertisers, on comments biggest audience for average, per 30-the Grammy Awards in second spot – an all- • 2.7M unique the last 20 years time high for the Twitter users show • $30.6M spent on music-related ads, specifically, during the broadcast source: Billboard magazine 8
  9. 9. RE:THINK ADVANCE EVENT INTELLIGENCE audience incidence and anticipated viewership Three-quarters of people were aware of the Grammy’s, while about half usually, or planned to, watch the Awards show.% of respondents who % of respondents who % of respondents who usually watch the heard about this year’s intended to watch this Grammys show year’s show 49 % 53 77 % % 9
  10. 10. RE:THINK IMPACT increased broadcast interest and online/mobile engagement driven by WMG-affiliated artists • Awareness of WMG artist performance at Grammys created increased interest and engagement % of those aware of (any) WMG-affiliated artist % of those aware of (any) WMG-affiliated artistperforming who said planned performance(s) made them performing who said planned performance(s) made themmore / less interested in watching this year’s Grammys: engage with the Grammys online/via mobile*: 3% online / 4% 19% mobile engaged, 23% 47% 27% Much more interested Somewhat more interested Neither more nor less interested Somewhat less interested Much less interested base: aware of scheduled performances by The Black Keys, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, fun., or The Lumineers (net), n= 309 * visited the Grammys website, visited the Grammys Facebook page, ‘liked’ or friended the Grammys Facebook page, followed the Grammys on Twitter, followed the Grammys on Google+, downloaded the Grammys mobile app, or checked-out blogs for information about 10 the Grammys or the artist(s) (net)
  11. 11. RE:THINK IMPACTlifts in awareness, searching, and sales for WMG-affiliated artists % aware of WMG-affiliated artists (net) % aware of WMG-affiliated artists (detail) Pre Post Pre Post 100% 100% 80% 80% 60% 60% 40% 40% 20% 20% 0% 0% WMG Awareness Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E % of those aware of (any) WMG-affiliated artist Sales lifts:performing who said planned performance(s) made them (source: Nielsen SoundScan) search for info. about / listen to music from artist*: searched 100% increase in WMG-affiliated for info. / listened album sales, in aggregate, week-over-week to music, 55% 1.5x lift in WMG-affiliated digital song sales, in aggregate, week-over-week bases: total US respondents age 13+, n= 309 * visited artist website, visited artist Facebook or Twitter page, searched for info. about artist online, listened to songs or watched music videos from the artist online, sampled songs/albums from artist on music download stores, searched for/downloaded songs from artist on P2P sites, 11 or checked-out blogs for information about the Grammys or the artist(s) (net)
  12. 12. RE:THINK CONSUMER TARGETINGreaching coveted demos – and compelling psychographic andsocial segmentsGender: Surveys AGE: Surveys Typical Grammy viewers Fans of WMG-affiliated artists 13-17 4% 5% 13-17 18% 16% 18-24 17% 18-24Typical Grammy viewers 37% 63% 45% 13% 25-34 25-34 27% 35-49Fans of WMG-affiliated artists 32% 68% 35-49 30% 35% 50+ 50+Gender: Social Media AGE: Social Media Typical Grammy viewers Fans of WMG-affiliated artists 18-24 18-24 11% 19% 21% 25-34 25-34 11% 35%Typical Grammy viewers 60% 40% 13% 35-44 35=44 11% 14% 45-54Fans of WMG-affiliated artists 69% 31% 43% 45-54 32% 55+ 55+ PSYCHOGRAPHICS Typical Grammy viewers Fans of WMG-affiliated artists 100% 80% 75% 66% 65% 63% 62% 59% 58% 57% 60% 40% 20% base: typical Grammy viewers n= 680; 0% fans of The Black Keys, Bruno Mars, Ed More likely to Unique sense of One of the 1st to Frequently share Sheeran, fun., or The Lumineers (net), check-out new style check-out new info. about brands / n=158 stores / restaurants devices / services / things into with / brands products friends 12
  13. 13. RE:THINK CONSUMER CONNECTIONS leveraging positive WMG-affiliated artist associations Q: Thinking about the following artist(s), which of the following do you agree or disagree with…? (% agree)Have a fresh sound Songs stuck in my head For someone like me irritating Have an original soundSound great performing live boring Here to stay base: aware of The Black Keys, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, fun., or The Lumineers (net), n=309 13
  14. 14. RE:THINK CONSUMER CONNECTIONS leveraging positive Grammy emotions Understand consumer emotions for WMG artists on the day of and day after the Grammys Band A Band B Band C Band D• As the Grammys approached, and after performances, all bands gained in relative mentions 14
  15. 15. RE:THINK CROSS-PLATFORM MEASUREMENT and ENGAGEMENT social media, online, and mobile monitoring and insights The Grammys launched an extensive social media campaign around the upcoming show. WMG-affiliated artists generated significant buzz and enhanced sentiment. Raw Daily Social Media Counts Social Media Counts Indexed to Yesterday Feb 1-11 Feb 1-115000 10.04000 8.03000 6.02000 4.01000 2.0 0.0 0 Daily Sentiment Feb 1-11 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 15
  16. 16. RE:THINK DATA SOURCINGConsider monitoring web hits as wellThe Grammys have their own website which consumers flocked to on the day of, and dayafter the event, likely to get instant data on the winners Traffic Lift - Day of Grammy Awards Compared to Day Before Ceremony ( 1039% 16
  17. 17. RE:THINK DATA SOURCINGHeaviest search activity for Grammys takes place following the award show 965% 17
  18. 18. RE:THINK DATA SOURCINGSearch activity on artist names increased from the week prior to the week after awards • Band A 59% • Band B 32% • Band C 150% • Band D 364% • Band E 658% 18
  19. 19. RE:THINK DATA SOURCINGSignificant growth in web traffic following the Grammy Awards, lift measured day afterGrammys to Day of Grammys • Band A 211% • Band B 244% • Band C 508% • Band D 161% 19
  20. 20. RE:THINK THE VOICE OF THE CONSUMERIncorporate social media verbatims to hear the real, unprompted words of the consumers,understand the psychographics via the language choices• “After seeing Bruno Mars on # Grammys , Id definitely buy a ticket to the show.“• “That was so epic. Im definitely buying tickets to see the #BeachBoys on tour. #Grammys”• “Does anyone actually go and buy pepsi because it’s a partner of Grammys..”• “I love Bruno mars! I want to see his concert so bad #cometodetroit #runawaybaby #GRAMMYs”• “watching the #grammys and realizing how many people I want to see in concert. #cha-ching” 20
  21. 21. RE:THINK THE VOICE OF THE CONSUMERIncorporate social media verbatims to hear the real, unprompted words of the consumers,understand the psychographics via the language choicesAIDA measured via multimode data integration• Attention • Surveys measured awareness• Interest • Social measured interest• Desire • Site visitation (online and mobile behavioral) measured interest• Action • Site visitation and sales metrics measured action 21
  22. 22. RE:THINK APPLICATIONwhat does it mean…and why does it matter? Each of the data streams yielded helpful data, but utilizing all of them together created synergies that delivered the most complete set of insights. – Survey data, both mobile and online, delivered answers to predetermined awareness and attitudinal questions. – Behavioral data enabled real-time monitoring of visitation and information gathering activities. – Conversational content brought the clarity through the voice of the consumer. Validation and investigation of the data became a welcome addition to the interpretation. – Validating findings using other modes – Investigating unexpected events or scores While survey data is point-in-time and finite, behavioral and conversational data are fluid, enabling investigation. The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts. 22
  23. 23. RE:THINK APPLICATIONwhat does it mean…and why does it matter? The impact of the actual music and artists featured in/on events and in other areas of consumer engagement involving advertiser, brand, or retailer partnerships is demonstrable and measureable. Such partnerships are two-way relationships with associated value being generated by the relevant parties. Pre-, during-, and post-campaign research provides important insights that can be leveraged against immediate as well as future efforts. Intelligence gathered in this way helps us and our partners to make more informed decisions and more successful executions around connecting with consumers. 23
  24. 24. On behalf of the entire RN and WMG teams: Thank you! Melanie Courtright 214.365.5148 Adam Bacall 212.275.1394 Simone Pierce 212.275.1316 24