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The Disruptive Truth: New Shopping Behaviors and Attitudes
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The Disruptive Truth: New Shopping Behaviors and Attitudes


Published on

Presentation by: Steve von Bevern …

Presentation by: Steve von Bevern
(May 2013 Webinar)

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Disruptive Truth: New ShoppingBehaviors & AttitudesAs shoppers embrace mobile, how should we be using mobilebehavioral data and surveys for better insights about the newpath to purchase?Steve von BevernVice President, Mobile Research PracticeResearch Now Mobile
  • 2. 2Today‟s Path to PurchaseIs More Complex Than Ever…DiscoverEvaluateBuyAccessUseGetSupportRe-EngageHow do you capture better insights?Source: 2013 Forrester CEM Model
  • 3. 3Path to PurchaseCustomer touch pointsFirst EventLastEventReview Sites56%Search30%OEM Sites13%Review Sites8%Search6%OEM Sites86%
  • 4. 4Mobile Users are Always On and Multi-tasking
  • 5. 59out of 10mobile searcheslead toactionOver half leadto purchase
  • 6. 6The Reality is: Mobile is a Mainstayof Our Everyday LivesWhich makes it a key path-to-purchase „touchpoint‟Source:
  • 7. 7Make Mobile Devices a Focus of ResearchNot just a data collection toolSource: Pew Research Center
  • 8. 8Mobile‟s Game is On!A Wide Range of Retailer Apps Exist Today…Can youMeasure their Impact?
  • 9. 9Texting18.8%Internet8.2%Email9.3%Social8.4% Phone/voicemail11.5%Games8.1%Utilities15.3%Music6.7%Retail0.8%Other12.9%Source: Passive data for 63 panelists, 69 hours of usageAt Walmart In-Store App UsageShare of time
  • 10. 1068% of thesearches thatmention aproduct namewere branded(e.g. iPad, KindleFire)9% of searches are for aretailer mentioned BlackFriday or Cyber MondayProduct40%Retailer58%Promotions 2%Types ofresearch-relatedsearches83% of the searches for aretailer were navigational(e.g. Amazon, Walmart)How do ConsumersSearch When They Shop?
  • 11. 11Social Listening, Mobile & Online Data „Streams‟ We OfferTo Feed Your Analytic Models & InsightsDATA DELIVERABLESRAW DATAORTABBEDCODED DATAORREPORTGRAPHICSANALYTICS• Pre-test• Inflight adjustments• Post evaluationPREDICTIVEMODELSHISTORICALEVALUATIONADVERTISINGMETRICSSOCIALCONVERSATION• Mentions• Trial, purchase,recommendation,value• Product, placement,pricing, promotionMOBILE + ONLINE• Survey• Awareness• Ad recall• Purchase intent• Persuasion• Behavioral• Clicks• GRPs• TRPs• Impressions• Conversions• Sales lift• Informationrequests• Contact requests
  • 12. 12Survey fieldingNov 19-21, 2012Behavioral trackingNov 19-30, 2012Store visitsWeb-based Surveys Web-behavioral DataMobile Survey &Behavioral Data GPS DataSingle-Source MethodologyA holistic approach suited for today‟s consumers
  • 13. 13Selected panel members receive an inviteto join the mobile panel, with the optionto opt in to the re-targeting panelOpted-in members receive twocookies on their device (for readingthe ad tag and for re-targeting)1Standard adeffectivenesssurvey servedDifferencesbetween controland exposedgroups observed2RN replicates on a smaller scale thebrand media buy via a re-targetingpartnerSpecific ads are served to opted-inpanelists within the re-targetingnetwork* Opted-in Target             * Media impressions specifications TBD based on client campaign goals and re-targetingpartner feasibility requirements and availability.34RN records impression and exposuredata and surveys exposed and unexposedpanelists who meet target criteria5RN reports out on all KPIs and metricsrelevant for campaign evaluation6TargetTargetYYYYSingle-Source Methodology
  • 14. 14Know Your AppRestaurants are one of the most searched industries onmobile devices today0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100Searched a restaurant via a mobile appChose a restaurant to dine at via those search resultsThink Its Important To See A Menu Before They DineThink Its Important To Read The Menu On A MobileDeviceSay Theyre Less Likely To Choose A Restaurant IfThey Cant Read The Menu On A Mobile81%75%80%70%62%Source: April 2013“Study: Restaurants the Most Searched Industry on Mobile Devices”
  • 15. 15Richer Insights to Help Answer “Why”8%3%57%61%32%30%47%42% 42%83%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%None of the above Not sure Studies where Ican be targetedfor a specificsurvey based onthe location ofwhere I amcurrentlyStudies where Ican be targetedfor a specificsurvey based onthe locations Ihave beenStudies where Ican use the voicerecorder on myphone to uploadvoice verbatimStudies where Ican use thecamera on myphone to uploadvideosStudies where Ican use thecamera on myphone to uploadpicturesCommunity basedsurveys whereyou may beassigned dailytasksDiary studies Short/quicksurveysUS Mobile Rep Consumers (April 2013)
  • 16. 16SATQ4bUSA At which time of the day would you prefer e-Rewards to sendsurveys similar to this?0%5%10%15%20%25%07.00 am -9am09.00 am -11am11.00 am -1pm1.00 pm -3pm3.00 pm -5pm5.00 pm -7pm7.00 pm -9pm9.00 pm -11pm11.00 pm -1am01.00 am -3am03.00 am -5am05.00 am -7amTotalUKAustraliaUSAResponse Patterns Remarkably SimilarAround the GlobeAt which time of day would you prefer e-Rewards to sendsurveys similar to this, to your smartphone?
  • 17. 17Results Comparable to Online StudiesIn Validity and ReliabilityComparing survey data (weighted to demos)
  • 18. 18• Incremental sales• Market share leadership• Customer Value• Satisfaction• Loyalty• Marketing effectiveness• Creative (pre-/post)• Marketing efficiency• Media placement• Retail foot traffic• New product testsIf 2013 is the „Year of Convergence‟……are you ready to provide mobile research-driveninsights to your clients and stakeholders?WithEmpiricalInsightsInto:Path To PurchaseIssues
  • 19. 191. Forced exposure to a targeted groupof respondents in a naturalenvironment2. Methodologically consistent andstatistically comparable with onlinestudies3. Industry leading response ratesaligned with Research Now norms4. Deeply profiled panelists5. As compared to othermethodologies, a shorter andmore efficient fieldworkMobile Ad Effectiveness MethodologyTop five advantages
  • 20. 20Research Now New Media SolutionsResearch Now is leading the way in social, mobile anddigital behavioural & survey data collection to poweryour insights.
  • 21. 21
  • 22. 22Home EthnographyHow comfortable are respondents with qualitativeaspects of mobile research?Research Now Mobile invited 3,500 panelists to takepart in a home ethnography study designed tounderstand respondents’ willingness to participate inqualitative parts of mobile studies, particularlymedia uploads.CASESTUDY• 679 completes in 2days, despite the study beinglong & media intensive• 97% scanned barcodes• 99% uploaded pictures• 82% uploaded audio• 80% of those with petsuploaded videos
  • 23. 23Holistic InsightsHow does a digital newspaper use passive datacapture to gain deeper reader insights?A digital newspaper that caters to tablet usersthrough a newspaper app uses Research NowMobile+ to send targeted surveys and overlays thesurvey data with behavioral data fordeeper insights.CASESTUDY• Behavior data like appdownloads, musicplayed, etc. are passivelycaptured.• Survey data is collectedperiodically by pushingsurveys.• Data from repeat surveysand passive data capture aretied together for deeperinsights.
  • 24. Steve von BevernVice President, Mobile Research 612 801 1920Thank you!