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Improving Online Campaign Effectiveness in a Fragmented Digital World

Improving Online Campaign Effectiveness in a Fragmented Digital World



Presentation by: Maria Domoslawska, Research Now and John Kitchen, Intuitive Business Intelligence

Presentation by: Maria Domoslawska, Research Now and John Kitchen, Intuitive Business Intelligence



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    Improving Online Campaign Effectiveness in a Fragmented Digital World Improving Online Campaign Effectiveness in a Fragmented Digital World Presentation Transcript

    • ADimension®Improving Online CampaignEffectiveness in a FragmentedDigital WorldJohn Kitchen, President US, Intuitive Business IntelligenceMaria Domoslawska, VP of Global Digital Strategy
    • Today’s Agenda  5 digital trends that are shaping the digital landscape  Online ad measurement & IAB best practices  How Research Now connects with consumers  ADimension® Dashboard2 © 2012 Research Now
    • Trend 1 Consumer Behaviors & the Social Media Connection 3 © 2012 Research Now
    • The world has changed A day in the Internet If printed, the stack would be as tall as That’s 98 years of 80 Eiffel Towers non-stop cat videos Social Connection Revolution Source: Created by MBAonline.com4 © 2012 Research Now
    • People are in control Source: The Sunday Times, February 13, 20115 © 2012 Research Now
    • 6 © 2012 Research Now
    • 7 © 2012 Research Now
    • Source: Time Magazine, December 26, 20118 © 2012 Research Now
    • Trend 2 Globalization9 © 2012 Research Now
    • Top 10 Internet Properties 81% of unique users are outside USA10 © 2012 Research Now Source: Mary Meeker Web 2.0 October 2011
    • Trend 3 Media Ad Spend vs. Media Consumption11 © 2012 Research Now
    • Total Ad Spend for 2012 is predicted to reach $489 billion “U.S. online ad spending is expected to grow to $39.5 billion this year.” source: Advertising Age and eMarketer Jan 2012- ad spend numbers12 © 2012 Research Now
    • However, the Media Time Spent vs. Ad Spend are still out of whack Source: Mary Meeker Web 2.0 October 201113 © 2012 Research Now
    • Trend 4 Online Advertising Trends 14 © 2012 Research Now
    • Digital media continue to grow users and opportunities to connect Effectiveness of the consumer centric platforms source: Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecasts, 2011 To 2016 (US)15 © 2012 Research Now
    • Media and audience fragmentation Continues to challenge marketers Source: Luma Partners LLC16 © 2012 Research Now
    • Twitter followers How do you find your audience?17 © 2012 Research Now
    • Trend 5 Measurement & Analytics 18 © 2012 Research Now
    • From Fragmentation to IntegrationThe world’s information is doubling every two years. In 2011the world created a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. “Society has reached a pivotal point requiring us to make decisions faster, and do it better and more effectively.”* *Malcolm Gladwell The Tipping Point & Blink © 2012 Research Now 19
    • Analytic tools changing to keep pace with the changes in marketing velocity • Online media moves at speed of light • Decisions need to be made quickly • Old style analytic tools not flexible enough • Rise of self service analytics • Rise of visual tools – see trends, drill down • 73% of employees at large companies using complex BI solutions have no idea what they’re looking at (Forrester study). • Expectation of clients to see near real time analytics over Web20 © 2010 Research Now
    • Online Measurement& IAB Best Practices
    • Online effectiveness methodologies are also affected by the consumer revolution 1. Intercepts river recruitment 2. Panel cookies opt-in recruitment Ad Campaign22 © 2012 Research Now
    • Best Practices from On Online Ad Effectiveness Research Live intercepts Panels opt-in Falling increasingly into disfavor Audience centric can solve for due to: some of the methodological deficiencies of intercept studies but: • Lower response rate – consumers don’t want to be • Need to be properly validated interrupted anymore to meet the campaign • Greater site clutter feasibility requirements • Misalignments between • Single source for multi-media campaign delivery and measurement sample Source: IAB: Best Practices for Conducting Online Ad Effectiveness Research, June 201123 © 2012 Research Now
    • We asked our clients why they work with us? “We recommend Panel over intercept for both philosophical and logistical reasons: Philosophical: Logistical: the panel method is more there is control over Paul Zeman SVP, General Manager "real world" respondents sampling beyond nth are surveyed separately person intercepts and no from the ad viewing need to make deals with measuring the impact of websites for "control" exposure beyond the exposures (and no worry immediate. about the resulting bias)”.24 © 2010 Research Now
    • How Research Now connectswith consumers
    • We are all about the global consumer Over 6 million panelists in 38 countries worldwide Average of 350 targetable variables per individual panelist26 © 2012 Research Now
    • Panel Ad Tracking is a numbers game We can meet the minimum threshold for online ad effectiveness studies Fully opted-in 2 million panel in 11 countries27 © 2012 Research Now
    • What was their audience? “Finding a narrow target is quite difficult and not something we felt comfortable using “River” sampling to find. Paul Zeman SVP, General Manager Audience: Media Plan: The target was very high The media plan was quite income prospects - under robust, (over 1 billion 10% incidence with impressions) (…) exposed and non-exposed RN was able to deliver.” group.28 © 2010 Research Now
    • Quick feasibility check For 100MM impressions we can get 1500 completes Average 5 100 MM Impressions exposures 8% of 240MM 20MM Unique Individuals Total Online 8% 1.1MM 91K Panel Respondents RN Panel 1 in 6 respond 15K Start a Survey to survey 10% 1500 incidence Completes29 © 2012 Research Now
    • ADimension® set up Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Millions of panel Embed tags placed Every time a panelist members opt-in to be in online creative is exposed to your ad, tracked on their ad we log it. exposure Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 We add rich demographic Tailored surveys are sent to Combined data sets profiling data on all exposed and unexposed are delivered for you surveyed panelists panelists to derive insights30 © 2012 Research Now
    • ADimension®Dashboard
    • Impressions, frequency and demo32 © 2012 Research Now
    • Impressions, frequency and demo33 © 2012 Research Now
    • Brand Lift34 © 2012 Research Now
    • In Summary  We need to seek out the best approach in the new relationship economy  Global is the new local  Precision opt-in marketing needs precision opt-in measurement  Results should  Provide interactive visual insights  Be easy to understand  Be available on your schedule over the web35 © 2012 Research Now
    • Thank you!