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Vision management consultants profile

  2. 2. About usMarket intelligence is a prime driver of competitive advantage. Itdirectly affects the organisation’s bottom line. Whether, it is aproduct or a service, a strong market focus is the hallmark ofsuccessful organizations.We take pleasure in introducing Vision Management Consultants- an independent market research consultancy based in theSultanate of Oman.
  3. 3. Our Vision Market research is for discovering what people want, need or believe and also how they act. Once that research is completed, it can be used to determine the strategy to market your product.• Make Vision a benchmark in provision of market research services.• Help budding entrepreneurs in Oman realise their dreams.
  4. 4. Our ServicesMarket research is essential to creating any sound business plan and isthe foundation of marketing. We pride ourselves in providing a completerange of market research services. Our services are monitored for qualityassurance and we believe in delivering an attractive value proposition toour clients.From syndicated data to one-off research assignments, our team ofexperienced bilingual researchers can deliver insights within setparameters or provide you innovative leads by thinking outside the box.In keeping with our vision, our aim is to not just provide data andstatistics but gather real insights for the real world. We can advise you onmarket positioning and brand building. Market entry strategies andmarket expansion strategies form an important component of our serviceoffering.
  5. 5. Research Offerings• Market Studies• Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty surveys• Brand Image Mapping• Identification of Key Market Drivers• Package Testing• Media Effectiveness Survey• Pre & Post Campaign Surveys• Competition Analysis• Market Share
  6. 6. Research Offerings• Youth Marketing• Rural Insights• Economic Data• Social Impact Analysis• Awareness Management• E-Governance• Education• Tourism• Employee Satisfaction• Training Needs Analysis• Job Fit
  7. 7. Research Tools• Face to Face Survey• Telephonic Surveys• On Line Surveys• SMS Surveys• Contest Surveys• Assisted Surveys• Data Mining• Observation Studies• Continuous Feedback• Expert Opinion / Roundtables• Local Networks
  8. 8. Research Tools• Aided Recall• Anthropomorphic• Bench Marking• Biased Questions• Blind Tests• Call Backs• Computer Assisted Interviewing• Concept Tests• Conjoint Analysis• Copy Testing
  9. 9. Research Tools• Random Sampling• Reference Sampling• Rating• Role Playing• Rotation Procedures• Sales Waves• Self Administered Interviews• Triangular Test• Word Association• Local Language Testing
  10. 10. Analytical ApproachSample of Techniques Used• Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys• Use of Observation, Exploratory, Descriptive and Conclusive Research Methods• Customer analytics• Inferential or models-based research• Descriptive or documentary research• Market Basket Analysis to identify Alpha Consumers• Inferential Statistics• Data mining• Correlation & Regression• Trend series• Hypothesis testing
  11. 11. Industry Experience We are experienced researchers (with experience in Oman, UAE and India) who have carried out projects across most industry sectors and have the skills and resources to undertake both qualitative and quantitative market research.• Water Utility Services• Consumer Products & Services (Paints, Food products)• Supermarkets/Malls• Tourism Industry – (Resorts, Sustainable Tourism projects)• Hospitality (Hotels, Hotel Apartments)• Restaurants (Theme based restaurants, Fast Food-Industry)• Training/Education (For major Schools, Colleges and Universities)• Logistics Providers• Construction Industry (Concrete blocks, Crushers & Ready Mix)• Management Consultancy firms (Providing Market survey services)
  12. 12. Specific Experience- Industry demand for Quality and Quantity (water) in Oman – For Majis Industrial Services Company SAOC- Customer Satisfaction Survey for Haya (through Horwath MAK Ghazali company)- Why Not? Campaign effectiveness survey for Jotun Paints (through BDO Jawad Habib)- Brand perception survey for a product of Pepsico (TOP Fruit)- Advertising Industry survey,Signage industry survey,Quick Print opportunity survey,Paper bags opportunity survey for Mazoon- Consumer survey for domestic water heaters in Oman- Concept feedback survey for sustainable tourism at Ramlat Touq for Ministry of Tourism- Customer satisfaction survey – Omani Products/brands- Feasibility study – Tourism products, Construction industry- Market Study for Home Appliances, Security Products, etc
  13. 13. Specific Experience- Market study for demand potential for hospitality industry for NHI- Demand for post graduate courses for Sohar University- Consumer and corporate feedback for proposed new exhibition centers at Muscat, Sohar and Buraimi- Survey of Room tariffs for hotels in Muscat for Ministry of Tourism- Market study for a boutique hotel in Muscat- Market study for a concept café in Muscat- Consumer potential survey for a Chalet Resort at Al Ashkara- Consumer potential survey for hotel apartments in Sohar- Consumer feedback survey for Healthclubs and spa facilities in Sohar- Consumer feedback survey for Insurance products for a UAE company- Consumer potential survey for building materials – Feasibility Study
  14. 14. Our Winning Strategy• Focus• Specialisation• Local Presence & Reach• Creative Solutions• Full Spectrum Offering• Value For Money
  15. 15. Our Team• CEO – Mohammed Al Muttawa• Senior Consultant - Hafidh Al Rubaiey• Project Manager – Madhulika Mohta• Director – Nimit Ramaiya
  16. 16. Code of Ethics• To maintain high standard of competence and integrity in marketing and survey research.• To maintain highest level of business and professional conduct, and to comply with local laws and regulations applicable to our business practice.• To exercise all reasonable care to observe the best standards of objectivity and accuracy in the development, collection, processing and reporting of survey research information.• To instruct, train & supervise our field researchers with study specifications and general research techniques.• To observe right of ownership of all materials received from and/or developed for clients and other information considered confidential by their owners.• To promote the trust of the public for survey research activities and to avoid any procedure which, misrepresents the activities of a respondents, the rewards of cooperation or the uses of data.
  17. 17. Contact DetailsFor any potential research needs, please feel free to call me, Nimit Ramaiya Director P.O. Box 2153, P.C 112 Sultanate of Oman Email : Tel : +(968) 24475382 Ext: 221 GSM : +(968) 96175314 Fax : +(968) 24475291