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Imagine - 2009, Issue 3

  1. 1. Free Latest C Lottery itizen Inside Results . in it to Are you win it? The voice of modern republicanism 2009 | Issue 3 Republic Towns Brand new campaign launched, giving you the chance to make a real difference See page 4 INSIDE Plans for 2012 PLUS Conference report Book your place at the New publications Activist Day! See page 4 Much more... Commonwealth turns against monarchy Republic demands royal finance reform G! Activist Day set to boost local campaigns MU11 A IN GE W PA Back issues and more at
  2. 2. 2 | Imagine Commonwealth turns back on the monarchy 2009 Republic Strategy Survey By now you will have received the 2009 Annual Strategy Survey. To help Republic develop our campaign strategies, we want you to let us know what's important to you, your motivations for supporting Republic and what you think our priorities should be in the year ahead. A national debate is now underway about sweeping constitutional reform. “We also want to find out how The various nations of the Meanwhile a poll in Canada showed much you know about Republic Commonwealth are turning their 65% now backing a move away from backs on the monarchy as they look to the monarchy and toward a Canadian as an organisation - your a more democratic future. republic. Canadian republicans are organisation.” expecting the debate to heat up there Most countries in the Commonwealth when Charles visits the country later are already republics, which may this year. We also want to find out how much explain why a recent survey by the you know about Republic as an Royal Commonwealth society found organisation – your organisation – and online@ how we can help you make the most of your membership. “The Queen has demonstrated that she is a lame duck head of The survey should only take a few At the same time the New Zealand minutes to complete, so please don’t state. It is during crises … that republican movement reports that MPs delay in getting it back to us - using an effective leader is needed.” from both the two biggest parties, the FREEPOST envelope provided - by Labour and Nationals, are organising Friday September 4. that less than a quarter of parliamentary groups to press the Commonwealth citizens want Charles government and opposition to back a to head the organisation after his referendum on the issue. mother dies. Republic called on Britain not to be Australia showed the most support for left behind in the push for reform a royal succession, but even that was throughout the Commonwealth. only 27%. Their Prime Minister Kevin Rudd remains committed to the issue of a republic and looks set to win a Chair of the Republican Movement The Repbublic Blog features all the second term of office either later this of Aotearoa New Zealand Lewis latest views, news and analysis from Holden talks about developments Graham Smith, James Gray and guest year or some time in 2010. down under on page 6. bloggers. Join the debate at
  3. 3. Imagine | 3 So they say... There never was a throne which did not represent a crime. Send your letters to Mark Twain One of the counter-arguments that Why does the BBC always give the — royalists put to me is: Who would royals such an easy ride? Charles It could have been no difficult thing in you want to be president? Windsor has recently been the early and solitary ages of the celebrating 40 years of being “Prince world, while the chief employment of Recent news has shown me a of Wales” and the BBC dutifully go men was that of attending flocks and wonderful candidate, and that is along with it, broadcasting just one herds, for a banditti of ruffians to Joanna Lumley. She is above politics, ‘debate’ on the issue while overrun a country, and lay it under which is what we would want, as well everything else is all about contributions. Their power being thus as being a well respected public celebrating the prince’s “wonderful established, the chief of the band figure. hard work”. contrived to lose the name of Robber in that of Monarch; and hence the Just a thought... Kim Isles origin of Monarchy and Kings. Cardiff Derek Allum Tom Paine Hertfordshire — The English think they are free. They are free only during the election of members of parliament. REPUBLIC TOWNS Jean-Jacques Rousseau — Members have come forward to set up Republic Town campaigns If royalty is an emblem of the state of in the following locations: the nation, then its dysfunction is a symbol of the chronic dysfunction of Hastings & Battle, Middlesbrough, Nairn, Southend, St Albans, Stevenage, Swansea, Winsford and York. the state and the constitution. If you’d like to get involved in these areas or start a campaign Polly Toynbee where you live get in touch at the usual address or find out more Send your quotes to at You can also turn to page 4 for more information Imagine 2012 royal PR operation to The magazine of Republic be challenged by Republic Republic PO Box 69 The 2012 royal jubilee celebrations, almost certainly going to use this Brighton BN50 9GS marking the fact that Britain has had opportunity to promote the royal the same head of state for 60 years, brand and secure support for the 08708 508 825 are to be countered with a strong monarchy beyond the reign of the campaign from Republic. current monarch Back issues of Imagine and more The Board and staff have begun to Under consideration are plans for a information about the magazine draw up plans for how we can counter rally or series of events in London and can be found online at what will be relentless PR from the elsewhere, campaigns organised by palace, coupled with widespread and local activists around the country and unquestioning coverage from the BBC a high profile challenge to the media Members and other media outlets. to balance their reporting with serious Let us know if you would prefer critical analysis of the monarchy and a your copy by post or email. The palace and the government are look at the republican alternative.
  4. 4. 4 | Imagine Republic Towns project to promote local activism over story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover Activist Day on 19th September “Republic Towns” was launched recently and has already attracted a lot of interest from members and supporters. To mark the launch of Republic Towns workshops covering various areas we have organised the very first of such as dealing with the media, using Republic Towns is about you taking what will be a series of Activist Days. the Freedom of Information Act, local action in your local community, to activism and influencing politicians. help build support for a republic right The Activist Day will be on Saturday across the country. 19th September at the Resource Places are limited so book early. Centre, Holloway Road, London (near There will be a £5 door charge Holloway Road tube station). payable on the day. Further details “A Republic Town is any town, are online at Get in touch to book your place. activistday, or you can find out more city or borough that can by calling Graham on demonstrate a certain level of The day will consist of seminars and 07747 608 770. support for a republic.” 1. Have in place an active local Republic will grant your community coordinator or contact person Republic Town status and will 2. Have in your area at least 20 paid organise an event in your area. A Republic Town is any town, city or up members of Republic borough that can demonstrate a 3. Raise at least £250 for Republic But it doesn't stop there! We will then certain level of support for a republic, 4. Have at least three local councillors want the campaigning to continue, through Republic membership, (from District, Borough or County and we'll review the Republic Town political support and campaigning councils) from at least two status each year. activity. different parties signed up to the campaign Already we have members coming This project is about securing real 5. Have evidence of an active forward across Scotland, England and tangible campaigning goals, including programme of writing to the local Wales. Details will be posted in the a minimum number of paid up press next edition of Imagine and online. members, councillors signed up to the 6. Have evidence of local online cause and money raised for future activity, for example comments Find out more at campaigning. and posts on local blogs or 7. Have an online presence, either give us a call on 08708 508 825 For your town to be declared a with an active local Facebook page Republic Town you need to achieve or a local Republic Blog This is your chance to take an active five of these seven criteria, including role in the growing republican the first one: When you have achieved these criteria movement - be a part of it!
  5. 5. Imagine | 5 Republican Round-up Republic AGM ‘09 Republic Day was our best yet. A big editor of the Economist Bill Emmott. thank you to all those members The book will also include some around the country who took pertinent extracts from Paine’s work, campaign actions to mark the event. to show how his ideas still live on in Next year’s is set to bigger and better today’s world. still. We are continuing to work with our This year’s Annual General Meeting Republic was in the news again counterparts in the Commonwealth, will be on Saturday 31st October at following a damning report from a sharing ideas and information and the Resource Centre, 356 Holloway committee of MPs on the running of planning ways to highlight the Road, London N7 6PA. Buckingham Palace. Graham Smith growing support for abandoning the was on BBC Breakfast calling for the monarchy in Australia, Canada and Full details will be sent to all management of the palace to be taken New Zealand. members over the next few weeks, fully under the control of a including details of how to submit government department, answerable Republic has renewed its call for the motions or nominate to be elected to parliament. Duchy of Lancaster to be fully to the Board of Directors. transferred to public ownership after it A new book is set to be published by was revealed that the Queen's income Guest speakers will include Republic, commemorating the 200th from the estate rose by three times Professor Stephen Haseler, expert anniversary of the death of Tom Paine, the rate of inflation to £13.3 million on the monarchy and long-serving one of England’s most famous last year. Contrary to the myth former chair of Republic. republicans. The book will contain a peddled by the Palace, revenue from selection of essays from contemporary the Duchy is not the Queen's private Full details will be posted at republicans, including Michael income. See Mansfield, Peter Tatchell and former royalfinances for more details. Message from the Chair A busy time for Republic John Campbell Welcome to another the conference one of the most Republic's Campaign Manager Graham packed issue of enjoyable and stimulating to date. Smith appeared on BBC, Sky News, ITV Imagine! It's been a and a range of other radio and hectic few months July saw the publication of the official television stations, ensuring the views here at Republic. royal finance reports, our response to of republicans like you and me were which was covered by all the national heard amid the royal spin. Republic Day on June 2nd was our media outlets. Each year the most successful yet, with supporters We've also been busy organising our from across the country taking action very first Activist Day, developing our “Our estimated cost of the in their communities. We're going to e-campaigning strategy, recruiting make community campaigning a monarchy (£183m this year) is new volunteers and undertaking central part of our work in the coming original research into the monarchy. now widely reported alongside months, starting with our exciting new Meanwhile, the Republic Blog Republic Towns project (see opposite). the official figures.” ( has been building a reputation as the place to Then came our new-look Annual Buckingham Palace PR team tries to debate republicanism and the future Conference – a truly thought- hide the massive cost of our of the monarchy. provoking event which explored all hereditary head of state through aspects of our campaign. It certainly evasion and half-truths, so it is We're continuing to make good helped me to focus on my core testament to the hard work of progress – media coverage, motivations for opposing the Republic's campaign team that our membership and money (in the form monarchy and supporting a new estimated cost of the monarchy of donations) are all increasing at a republican constitution. A huge thank (£183m this year) is now widely very healthy rate. Thank you for you goes to Vicky Richardson and our reported alongside the official figures. playing your part in this vibrant and guest speakers for helping to make ever-growing movement!
  6. 6. 6 | Imagine A view from New Zealand Lewis Holden and constitutionally irrelevant enough Commonwealth realms is to convince to appear inoffensive to the general politicians in favour of a republic to public. Of course, republicans turn their words into action. This is The news that Prince anywhere consider a system of difficult because being a republican is William may tour inherited political office as offensive. sometimes more convenient to Australia and New In addition, the Prime Ministers of our politicians than having a republic. Zealand in 2010 has countries appoint, de facto through barely registered in either country. In the Queen, Governors-General who are Being a republican shows vision, and the past such news would have been presidents in all but name. Not only creating a republic requires effort. greeted with widespread interest and does this underline the absurdity of Bridging the gap between vision and fawning from supporters of the the monarchy, it also reflects the way action is the purpose of republican monarchy. The muted response to the in which the monarchy serves our campaign groups. We know long-term upcoming tour (which is officially local politicians. In Australia and New denied) is indicative of the low level of Zealand politicians over every political interest in the monarchy and Royal “The muted reaction… to colour have served in the office of family in the Commonwealth realms – members of the Commonwealth where Governor-General. William’s potential tour shows it the Queen is head of state. will take more than celebrity to “The challenge for republicans save the monarchy.” “It is culturally and in the Commonwealth realms is constitutionally irrelevant the public agree with a republic, and to convince politicians… to turn the general trend is in our favour. The enough to appear inoffensive to challenge is to convert more of those their words into action.” the general public.” who are “undecided” on the issue into republic supporters. We know from Fortunately, the Royal family public opinion polls that the largest Across Canada, Australia and New continually help republicans by group in the undecided camp are the Zealand, the public’s interest in showing that the monarchy is indeed 18 – 25 year olds. Thankfully, this is Royalty has substantially decreased broken, at the very least in a symbolic the group who are meant to be the over the last 50 years. This was sense. Recently Prince William threw most easily swept up by the celebrity confirmed in a recent YouGov poll, his profile behind England’s bid for of the two young Princes. showing fewer than 25% of the 2018 Football World Cup. This Unfortunately for the monarchy, the Commonwealth citizens want Prince apparently trivial action highlights muted reaction of the public to Charles as the next Head of the how the monarchy is “broken” – it is William’s potential tour shows it will Commonwealth. often argued that the Royal family is a take more than celebrity to save the wonderful international family. monarchy. This lack of interest in the William’s actions highlight that this is constitutional functions of Royalty not the case. This is perhaps one of does not translate automatically into Lewis Holden has been Chair of the the reasons why support for the Republican Movement of Aotearoa republican sentiment. The biggest monarchy remains subdued, despite New Zealand since 2006. This post enemy of republicanism in both monarchists believing that Princes was originally written for the our blog countries is not Royalty or its at William and Harry will be the salvation supporters, but apathy from of the beleaguered institution of politicians and the public at large. The monarchy. Go on - visit the shop... monarchy survives in the former British Empire not because it is seen The challenge for republicans in the as relevant, but because it is culturally Do we have your email address? If we haven’t you could be missing out on important campaign news and regular opportunities to help us spread the word and tell the world about what Republic is doing and saying. Email
  7. 7. Imagine | 7 Brown to extend Citizens’ Lottery royal FOI rules The May: £130.80 ~ D Bennington June: £130.80 ~ R Kimber Republic has condemned government latest July: £132.80 ~ W Summers plans to place new restrictions on winners! access to royal documents by amending the Freedom of Information Join the Citizens Lottery to win cash prizes and help the cause laws and has asked “what have the royals got to hide?” Title Name The plans would see a blanket ban on Address and postcode access to all royal documents for 20 years, removing the current public interest test. Bank name Acct name Sort Code Acct Number Pay £ on the first day of each month until further notice. “The government says the [You will be entered for the Lottery draw once for each pound received] monarchy must be secretive in OFFICE USE: Please pay, with immediate effect: Account name: Republic Campaign Ltd; Signature order for our constitution to be Bank: Natwest; Branch: Castle Square, Brighton. Account number: 2712 ; Sort code: 60-30- OUR REF: 100M preserved...” Date RULES: You must be over 16 years old to enter. Each name will be entered for the first full month after receipt of the form. For further details call 08708 508 825. This is a lottery registered with Lewes District Council under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 and promoted by Republic. Graham Smith told the press: “Republic has been successfully using freedom of information to raise questions about royal use of public funds and resources and to question By leaving a gift to Andrew's role as trade ambassador.” Republic in your will, “Our requests are also beginning to you can help expose the extent of Charles' political interfering.” us build a truly “It is already very difficult to obtain democratic future. information on the royal family because of an exemption that is currently in place. Removing the public interest test will make it impossible.” “The government says the monarchy must be secretive in order for our If you leave a gift to Republic in your will you can ensure that your commitment to constitution to be preserved - that's an democracy lives on. Your gift will make a lasting impact on our campaign—and on argument for a new constitution, not Britain’s future. for rolling back FOI laws.” For more information see, call James Gray on 07920 776 329 or email FOI campaigner Heather Brooke, who was instrumental in exposing MPs' Please send me a hard copy of Republic’s wills guide. expenses, added her support to Membership number (if known) Title Republic, saying: “The Royal Family costs the taxpayer a good deal of Name money and it's essential in a Address and postcode democracy that people have a right to see how that money is spent.” Please return to Republic Fundraising, PO Box 69, Brighton BN50 9GS
  8. 8. 8 | Imagine Fundraising news from James Gray Have you made the annual payment, you will never again switch? have to worry about renewing. You'll The best way to keep in touch with also be helping us cut our Republic throughout the day. When is your administration costs - meaning every Join us on Facebook, take part in membership next due penny of your subscription can go on competitions, join for renewal? The campaigning for true democracy. in the debate or chances are you don't know. It's hard just enjoy some friendly banter. to keep track of these things – Already over 40 per cent of our especially when we are all leading members have moved to regular See the website such busy lives. We will write to tell payments. To join them, just visit for details. you, but we know how easy it is to keep putting it off until it's forgotten about altogether. Where there's a will … members! Republic's membership grew by over 10 per cent in July, We've recently updated our guide to thanks largely to widespread media online@ leaving a gift for Republic in your will. coverage of our response to the royal A legacy gift costs nothing in your finance reports. lifetime but will make a real and That's why we're working hard to lasting difference to what we can We've been using a variety of tried and encourage Republic members to sign achieve. tested techniques to encourage new up for regular payments. You can do members to join up, including special this either through our secure online To find out more go to offers and targeted email recruitment FuturePay© system, which or campaigns. automatically charges your credit or request a hard copy of the guide by debit card at a pre-arranged time, or returning the slip on page 7. James Gray is Republic’s full-time by setting up a standing order with Development Manager, with your bank. Membership boost particular responsibility for fundraising and membership development. By setting up a regular monthly or A big welcome from me to all our new Republic calls for Civil List to be scrapped as ICM poll shows 62% want royal finance transparency Republic has called for the Civil List to Of course Republic continues its firm how that money is spent.” be scrapped as a poll carried out by commitment to the abolition of the ICM for Republic, and reported in the monarchy, but believes greater “It is time our head of state was given Sunday Times, has shown 62% of transparency in the meantime will only a salary, and all running costs were people want royal finances to be fully add fuel to the campaign. met directly by a government available for public scrutiny. department that is answerable to parliament.” As Buckingham palace prepared to “It is time our head of state was release its annual report in June the given a salary, and all running “Clearly there is a public demand for poll showed there is a widespread greater transparency in public view that royal expenses must be as costs were met directly by a spending across the board. The time accountable as those of MPs. government department...” when the royals could just spend, spend, spend is over. They must now The call to scrap the Civil List is be made fully accountable for the included in a list of seven reforms Republic told the press recently: “The money they waste on their extravagant being proposed by Republic, aimed at Civil List is completely outdated. It is existence.” making royal spending completely clearly a daft idea to just throw transparent and accountable to millions of pounds at the Queen Republic secured widespread media parliament. without any proper accountability for coverage of its finances campaign.
  9. 9. Imagine | 9 Annual Conference 2009 Republic supporters from across Britain gathered in London this Saturday for Republic's Annual Conference. Titled 'Power to the People', the themes of this year's event were popular sovereignty and radical constitutional change. In his presentation on Republic's “If the Queen chooses to use media strategy, Campaign Manager these powers, there isn’t a Graham Smith argued that journalists were rarely interested in stories about single legal mechanism available republican principles. Instead, they to stop her.” looked for conflict between two clearly opposing sides. Often the only way for Republic to get into the media is to attack the monarchy, Graham said, but national media coverage means many thousands of new supporters are exposed to the positive case for a republic. Guest chair Vicky Richardson speaking on the Charles architecture row. “Claire Fox… urged republicans Charles recently addressed. Vicky provoke a constitutional crisis, Johann described her anger at the deference said, which would be a huge to challenge the prevailing anti- shown by the audience of architects, opportunity for Republic. Johann democratic, anti-intellectual leading her to shout "abolish the described the "cruel" upbringing that monarchy" at Charles. gave Charles Windsor such an culture...” exaggerated sense of his own abilities But Vicky had a warning for and argued that in a real democracy For Peter Facey, and his organisation republicans: tempting as it may be, power runs through voting lines - not Unlock Democracy, the biggest single resist throwing your support behind blood lines. obstacle to popular sovereignty is the Sir Richard Rodgers, Baron Rodgers of "Crown-in-Parliament". Facey described Riverside. Rogers does not argue for the UK as one of the most centralised constitutional change because he wants to bring power to the people, “Genuine popular sovereignty democracies on earth, where 95% of tax revenue is administered by central Vicky argued, but rather because he demands dissent and government. A lively and wide-ranging wants a new elite to take over. Republicans should be opposed to disagreement.” question and answer session followed Peter's presentation. both aristocracy and technocracy, she said. E-campaigning expert Duane Raymond If there was a unified message from then gave Republic supporters a Guest speaker Claire Fox, director of the speakers at this year's conference thorough grounding in the basics of the Institute of Ideas, stressed that it was that genuine popular campaigning online. He went on to popular sovereignty will not be won sovereignty demands dissent and analyse some successful online simply by abolishing the monarchy. disagreement. As if to prove that point campaigns of recent times and She urged republicans to challenge Johann and Claire argued throughout suggested ways in which republicans the prevailing anti-democratic, anti- the question and answer session, might learn from them. intellectual culture which allows the nearly coming to blows over the issue monarchy to flourish. of Jamie Oliver's democratic mandate. The Chelsea Barracks controversy was There was some debate over the unsurprisingly referred to throughout Johann Hari told the audience that question of ordinary people taking the day. Guest chair Vicky Richardson, Charles was the republican responsibility for their own political editor of Blueprint magazine, spoke movement's greatest ally. His views, rather than following celebrity about attending the RIBA lecture that incessant meddling was sure to endorsements.
  10. 10. 10 | Imagine Best of the Blog Republic TALKS Posted by Graham Smith come from the good, ordinary people of these islands, not from one isolated It’s been a busy few days for Republic family, and I am tired of monarchists and an excellent opportunity for us to rubbishing our nation in the name of get on the airwaves and into the defending their beloved royals. papers to make the case for a republic. What has struck me as I’ve 6:30 for 7pm start, 2nd September debated with various monarchists is “We are a strong and talented Hampstead Town Hall what a low opinion they have of the 213 Haverstock Hill country, quite capable of British people. London NW3 4QP building a strong and successful online@ republic.” The first in a regular series of seminars, talks and debates will explore republicanism, religious The two most common put-downs are identity and secularism. “who would we have as president?” It’s time we turned the tables and and the classic “we can only get demanded monarchists recognised the Guest speakers include the tourists if the Windsors are living in great things ordinary people do in this playwright and writer on Jewish Buckingham palace!” country and took pride in the good culture Julia Pascal and Jonathan our society is capable of. It’s time they Bartley, co-director of Christian So monarchists believe that the 60m acknowledged that we do not need the think-tank Ekklesia. people in this country cannot find Windsors, we are a strong and among them a number of good, talented country, quite capable of FREE ADMISSION respectable and eminent individuals building a strong and successful who would do as well as Charles republic. Say you like the Windsors Republic TALKS is a new series of Windsor in the job of head of state. and royalty if you wish, but don’t do- events being held in London and It’s not exactly a high benchmark, yet down Britain in the process. throughout the country. monarchists think this is beyond us. Details will be posted online at Join the debate at as blog. Articles are posted by Graham Smith, James Gray and guest well as in Imagine. “They believe Britain is too dull bloggers. and uninteresting to attract If you would like to suggest topics You can submit articles to the usual for future talks please get in touch visitors [without the Windsors].” email address. at the usual address or email. network‘25 They also believe that the hard work of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in the tourism ≥ industry counts for little, compared with the noble efforts of Liz Windsor and her extended clan. “Tourists only Network ‘25 is Republic’s regular giving club. In return for a monthly gift of at least £25 you will receive: come here to see the royals” the ≥ invitations to regular events where you can meet monarchists cry – telling us all that the Republic team and our distinguished supporters they believe Britain is too dull and ≥ regular reports from Republic’s campaign team, so uninteresting to attract visitors you know exactly what your support is helping us achieve otherwise. ≥ free entry for you and a guest to all Republic’s paid events, including our Annual Conference. In so much as you can be proud of For more information, and to join online, visit our ‘join’ such things I am proud of the good page at and select the my country does. Too often we take Network ‘25 option. for granted the peace, stability and prosperity we enjoy. These things
  11. 11. Imagine | 11 Republic Replies WIN A MUG Q 2009 is the 200th Republic answers the most common anniversary of the death monarchist arguments. of which famous republican? They say: “It is unpatriotic to A oppose the monarchy!” Answers to the usual REPUBLIC REPLIES address or email by September 20th. Patriotism is a love of your country, your fellow countrymen, and the most important values that your country stands for. This country stands for Patriotism is about the people. the values of freedom, democracy, equality and tolerance that, by broad and to provide us with a Head of State. political consensus, are said to be at Republicans have a much more the heart of a modern Britain. The patriotic and positive view of our great monarchy stands for none of these. country - we have an impressive history, a unique culture and have provided the world with many great “Monarchists routinely rubbish names in the fields of politics, arts, our nation by claiming that we music, science, law and so on. Are you following us? Wanting a republic is about wanting are dull and incapable of what’s best for Britain. Find RepublicStaff on managing our own affairs.” We are more than capable of being responsible for our own destiny and It is the monarchists who are least identity - managing our own affairs You can now keep up to date with all the latest news and campaign patriotic - they favour loyalty to a and choosing our own Head of State alerts by following single privileged family over loyalty to from among our own people. It is RepublicStaff on our nation. They routinely rubbish unpatriotic to say we cannot. Twitter. our nation by claiming that we are dull and incapable of managing our own Send your suggestions for Republic affairs - arguing instead we need the Replies to Windsor family to bring us tourists Director Win the Argument for just £3.99! Profile NAME: Suzanne Campbell Win the argument every time with DIRECTOR SINCE: August 2006 the latest edition of How to Win the Argument! Suzanne is an independent financial advisor as well as How to Win the Argument being an delivers clear and concise experienced political activist in responses to the many common Wales. and misleading arguments put forward in favour of the Suzanne has been monarchy. actively involved in Republic for How to Win the Argument has now some time and often speaks at been fully updated - the second edition is now available schools and colleges in south Wales for just £3.99! Order your copy by sending a cheque to the usual and elsewhere. postal address or buy online. In July of 2009 Suzanne became Republic’s new treasurer.
  12. 12. Republic is a campaigning organisation supported by thousands of British citizens around the country. It’s easy to get involved. This regular page shows you some of the simple things you can do to help promote Republic and make the case for change. online@ Start a Republic Town campaign in your area Republic Towns is about you taking action JOINING IS EASY in your local community, to help build Republic’s campaign work relies on support for a republic right across the the support of people like you, country. citizens who are committed to the idea of a republic. If you’re not a A Republic Town is any town, city or member already you can join online borough that can demonstrate a certain or over the phone. level of support for a republic, through Republic membership, political support and - 08708 508 825 campaigning activity. Republic Towns is about securing real TOP TIP tangible campaigning goals, including a minimum number of paid up members, councillors signed up to the cause and money raised for future campaigning. I found the advice on writing * Republic Towns gives you a clear set of local goals and activities to work on. to MPs that Republic supplies * Republic Towns gives your local campaigning focus and direction. * Republic Towns gives you opportunities to meet other supporters, to work really useful. It could also be together to make a real difference. used when writing to local For your town to be declared a Republic Town you need to achieve five of seven councillors as part of our criteria, including having an active local coordinator. local Republic Town campaigns. When you have achieved these criteria Republic will grant your community Republic Town status and will organise an event in your area. From Terry Osman Republic member But it doesn't stop there! We will then want the campaigning to continue, and we'll review the Republic Town status each year. Send your Top Tip to Imagine: how far can yours go? Did you know, this magazine is a You could even leave it lying around valuable promotional opportunity in waiting rooms or staff canteens. waiting to happen? Help spread the word and promote Once you’ve read it, don’t file it in Republic with your copy of Imagine. the bin, pass it on to friends, family Leave your copy around for or work colleagues. someone to discover. Republic Campaign Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee operating under the name ‘Republic’. Registered number: 05891072. Registered address: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR. Find out more at