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  1. 1. Free INSIDE Campaign updates Annual Conference Campaign Map The voice of modern republicanism 2009 | Issue 2 Much more... Real Progress Republic continues to make progress on media, membership and money See page 4 MPs’ expenses row threatens monarchy Scotland steering group set up G! Campaign Map featured on centre pages MU11 A IN GE W PA Back issues and more at www.republic.org.uk/imagine
  2. 2. 2 | Imagine MP expenses row triggers serious reform debate The parliamentary expenses scandal has triggered a wide ranging debate on reform of Britain’s antiquated and unwritten constitution. Discussion in the media has also started to look at the role of the Queen, with some papers asking if she should step in and act by dissolving parliament while others wondered if the new mood of public hostility toward the ruling classes would spread to the palace. “The Queen has demonstrated that she is a lame duck head of A national debate is now underway about sweeping constitutional reform. state. It is during crises … that series of articles from columnists the issue of the monarchy. He said: an effective leader is needed.” exploring all the various possibilities “Those who insist the role is merely for constitutional reform. The ensuing symbolic miss the point. It symbolises The Daily Mail’s Peter McKay online debate was dominated by pro- something extremely corrosive in our suggested “the Crown sits uneasy in republic arguments for wholesale history and culture: the notion that this crisis” and asked if public anger change. your life chances are determined not directed at Parliament could easily spread into a wholesale re-evaluation of our entire constitutional set-up. He online@ “It enshrines the notion that quoted Republic saying: “The Queen republic.org.uk/news power can be unaccountable at has demonstrated that she is a lame duck head of state. It is during crises the very pinnacle of our system such as these that an effective leader Republic supporter Jonathan of government.” is needed who can stand above the Freedland argued in his column for a political fray.” “shift from our current system – which rests on the belief that the crown-in- by what you can do, but to whom you “An elected head of state who is parliament is sovereign – to the were born – which is the very chosen and respected by the people, simpler notion that it is the people cornerstone of a society riddled with and who has the mandate to speak for who are sovereign in their own land.” class prejudice and privilege. the people, would be able to show real Moreover, it enshrines the notion that leadership at this time.” Guardian commentator Gary Younge - power can be unaccountable at the who has just signed up as a Republic very pinnacle of our system of The Guardian launched an extensive supporter - dedicated his column to government.” Republic will be making the Do we have your email address? connection between royal and parliamentary expenses when the If we haven’t you could be missing out on important royal finance reports come out at the campaign news and regular opportunities to help us end of June, arguing that spread the word and tell the world about what Republic accountability must be applied to all is doing and saying. Email enquiries@republic.org.uk. use of public funds.
  3. 3. Imagine | 3 So they say... In Britain, power still belongs at the top – with the crown and the palace of Send your letters to imagine@republic.org.uk Westminster – unless our rulers deign to quot;devolvequot; some of it outward. Maybe this fuss over expenses can with the freedom of information laws be an opportunity for Republic. No that exposed the MPs’ expenses. Jonathan Freedland one has their snouts in the trough as — much as the Windsor family Lawrence Goodall When it comes to the little things like Edinburgh declaring war and peace, dissolving Mike Bickley parliament and ratifying treaties, all Cumbria power lies with the monarch. The information on Republic Day is interesting, but can we make more of Gary Younge I thought the Spring Conference was it next year? Perhaps with more — very enjoyable. I think it would be notice and more information more I think it's one of the greatest myths great if more members can get members will get involved. that the monarchy has put forward... actively involved in the campaign in it's just patently false. The monarchy their local area. Can we use the Can I suggest we provide postcards has immense constitutional power. internet more to put people in touch to all members so they can send with each other? them to their MP for Republic Day Professor Adam Tomkins 2010? I expect we’ll have a lot of — Gillian Craven new MPs by then, so maybe we’ll get One of the notions of a democracy is Somerset some different responses. that you elect those in power and you can remove them if they abuse it. What are we doing about getting The standards campaign is an Fundamentally, it's about local groups organised? Now’s the excellent idea. I can’t believe people accountability. time for action right across the are complaining so much about MPs country! Scotland is a good start, spending taxpayers’ money on moats Imran Khan but we need more groups and and second homes when the Windsor — activists in towns around the UK. family have been abusing the Nominate a quote by emailing taxpayer for centuries. How many imagine@republic.org.uk Bill Emery homes and moats do they have? London I just hope we can get this exposed Imagine Republic Scotland sets up The magazine of Republic Steering Group Republic PO Box 69 Republic Scotland took another step There was a strong feeling that some Brighton BN50 9GS forward recently when a meeting of action needs to be organised as early volunteers and activists established a as possible and the June meeting will 08708 508 825 new Steering Group. work on the details of any proposals imagine@republic.org.uk that come forward. The group met at the University of Back issues of Imagine and more Glasgow and will next meet at a venue Meetings are to be held once a month information about the magazine in Edinburgh in early June. and if any Republic members or can be found online at supporters would like to attend you www.republic.org.uk/imagine. Volunteers have agreed that a number should get in touch with Graham of tasks and jobs need to be shared Smith at the usual address or email. Members out among members, including media Once a Scotland coordinator has been Let us know if you would prefer contact, political lobbying, online agreed contact details will be posted your copy by post or email. activism and events coordination. online.
  4. 4. 4 | Imagine Republic secures increase in support and funds over story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover story . . . cover Royal succession bill helps Republic Republic’s campaigning and fundraising strategies have been rewarded in recent months with a strong rate of growth in funds, members and media coverage. A big thank you to everyone who donated to the various appeals we’ve run over the past year. Income from membership and appeal donations has increased year on year by 75% while membership is up by 55% on last year. We’ve also calculated an increase in press coverage of 100%. This is all the result of increased activity, continued work on developing Republic was mentioned in the Commons debate on royal succession. media strategies and the addition last year of an extra member of staff. Lib Dem MP Evan Harris introduced a point of the monarchy - that it private member’s bill into the discriminates against the whole Commons in March which was aimed country. “We need to see continued at reforming the line of royal succession. Graham Smith debated the issue with growth in funding if we’re to Harris on BBC radio and Republic expand further in terms of staff Harris claimed his objective was not to made clear that while it welcomed any further the republican cause but to opportunity to scrutinise the way the and resources.” end discrimination in the monarchy by monarchy works the bill was clearly a removing the ban on the monarch waste of time. James has been focussing on from marrying a Catholic and fundraising and membership removing discrimination against In a statement to the press Republic recruitment since joining the Republic women. said: “We welcome this bill not team last year and the results speak because we believe the monarchy for themselves. Republic pointed out that unless the should be reformed, but because we monarch herself was allowed to be a believe the more we try to apply Much more work needs to be done Catholic the discrimination argument modern standards to this insane however. We need to see continued was simply misleading, while Evans institution the weaker it will become.quot; growth in funding if we’re to expand was clearly missing the fundamental further in terms of staff and quot;The monarchy discriminates against resources. Recruiting new members us all, not just Catholics and women in and raising major donations are two the Windsor family. The more public top priorities. Our finances remain debate we have about the rules of the challenging and scaling back monarchy the more people will campaigning is not an option. With question the whole institution.quot; the constitutional reform agenda now gaining considerable media attention quot;The content of this bill will change now is the time to be expanding and The Repbublic Blog features all the little of substance. Its importance lies latest views, news and analysis from building so we can continue to make a in the public debate it will generate.quot; Graham Smith, James Gray and guest forceful case for a republic. bloggers. Join the debate at www.republic.org.uk/blog The bill was not passed.
  5. 5. Imagine | 5 Republican Round-up REPUBLIC TALKS Republic has called for a full review of the Prince's Trust for the donation. Andrew's “trade ambassador” role for UK Trade and Investment after a The Sun recently reported that report found only 30% of businesses taxpayers are being charged over a believed it had any impact. Republic quarter of a million pounds a year to www.republic.org.uk/talks told The Telegraph: quot;At a time when protect Prince Andrew's two MPs are being scrutinised over their daughters, despite the security risk Republic continues to visit schools, expenses it would be unforgivable if being assessed as minimal. Republic clubs and societies to give talks and Andrew's £128k bill to the taxpayer told The Sun that this was quot;a presentations on what we do and wasn't also put under the microscope disgraceful abuse of taxpayers' what we stand for. We also following this report.” moneyquot; while Norman Baker MP said participate in organised debates. that the royals quot;seem to regard Republic's Advisory Council met in security officers as some kind of If you would like to invite Republic central London recently. Around status symbolquot;. to give a talk please call Graham twenty eminent and high profile Smith on 07747 608 770. supporters attended, including Yasmin Journalists Suzanne Moore, Francis Alibhai-Brown, Roy Greenslade and Wheen and Gary Younge signed up to In the talks we cover the key issues, Anthony Holden. Republic recently, as did the why we campaign for the abolition playwright Julia Pascal. The Freedom of the monarchy and what the Republic has called for Prince Charles of Information campaigner Heather alternatives are. to make his political affiliations clear Brooke also pledged her support for after the Charities Commission found Republic. Heather is best know for her We also talk about what Republic the Prince's Trust made an illegal work exposing MPs' expenses and has does, how we campaign and what donation of £10,000 to the Tories. pledged to support work to reveal the plans we have for the future. The Commission severely criticised true cost of the monarchy. Message from the Chair Individual action is key to success John Campbell This issue of Imagine developed by Republic's Board and There are lots of other ways of getting comes at a hugely staff with the input of many experts more involved in the campaign, exciting time for from the fields of PR and media. You including a range of volunteering Republic. As you will can read much more about our opportunities. Have a browse of our read about elsewhere 'campaign map', which sets out the website for ideas. in the magazine we content of our strategy, on pages 6 have made excellent progress in the and 7. British democracy is facing its biggest last few months. We are now regularly crisis in generations. For the first time quoted in the national press, even by in decades we've seen serious the supposedly monarchist papers. “If our campaign is to succeed discussion about the need for radical With 'scoops' such as those reported we need ordinary members like constitutional reform. Rest assured on in the Channel 4 Dispatches that Republic will be working hard to programme earlier this year, we are you to take action in your ensure the views of republicans like not simply responding to the story – communities.” you are heard in the debate. Its our we are the story! members who keep us going and its on your behalf that we campaign for a This increased coverage in turn leads Of course, there is only so much the fully-functioning democracy where the to new members, every one of which staff and Directors of Republic can do. people - not the Crown - are makes our campaign stronger and our If our campaign is to succeed we need sovereign. collective voice louder. But we can't be ordinary members like you to take complacent. We won't rest until we action in your communities. Have you I very much look forward to meeting have achieved our goal of persuading thought about writing to your local you at our Annual Conference in a majority of the electorate to favour a paper, for example? It may seem like a London on June 20th. I’m sure it will republic. To do that we work to a small gesture but it's a simple and be a great event. See you there! professional campaign strategy, effective way of spreading the word.
  6. 6. 6 | Imagine The Republic campaign map Republic’s campaign covers a wide range of activities designed to raise our profile, promote greater political and popular support and to raise awareness of the issues. Our ‘campaign map’ has been devised to set out, in a clear and concise way, the various elements that make up a comprehensive campaign strategy. Media Republic works tirelessly to increase media exposure and to raise the level and quality of debate in the media. This includes the press, radio, TV and the internet. As well as responding to stories and news items we work to make the news ourselves, using Freedom of Information requests, research and events to promote the republican debate. Have you signed The media is a vital part of the overall up to our Urgent campaign, giving us access to a wide Response Network? This is audience around the UK. an excellent way to support Republic’s media work. e-Campaigning Campaigning online is of increasing importance in today’s 24/7 world. This part of our campaign is tied in, to some extent, with our media work, but it is also aimed at bypassing the media and reaching people directly via email, websites, blogs and other social networking tools such as Twitter. Po It is v Our blog is increasingly busy with debate and comment Westm and we have a very popular and W Facebook page, with around Check out our 2000 members who actively We ro blog, Facebook engage with us online. page and Twitter suppo account. These camp are lively and camp interactive ways to keep in touch with Republic. Our m this a local
  7. 7. Imagine | 7 Community We are increasingly seeking new ways to engage members and activists, to encourage people to get involved with campaigning in their own local areas. Two projects are being further developed in this area: Republic Towns and Republic Day. Republic Day on June 2nd is all about local and individual action around the country. Republic Towns is Look out for news about Republic designed to get people working Towns and sign throughout the year to build up to this new support for Republic in their area. campaign. It’s a great way to meet new people and support Republic. Development Development is all about the growth of Republic’s resources through fundraising and membership recruitment. We’ve been running a very successful series of fundraising appeals, as well as conducting a process of recruiting high value donors. Our membership continues to grow, and our website has been re- designed to encourage people to You can help us add their name to our database. raise a steady That way we can keep in touch with income by an ever growing support base. signing up to make regular monthly payments online. olitics vital we continue to seek new political support in minster and in the devolved assemblies in Scotland Wales. outinely keep our existing parliamentary orters updated on developments within the Writing to your paign and through a variety of lobbying MP is really important. Look paigns we aim to recruit new supporters. out for our campaign alerts members and supporters play a crucial role in and check out the area of campaigning, writing letters to their website for useful tips. MPs on a range of issues.
  8. 8. 8 | Imagine Annual Conference 2009 LAST TI CKETS Saturday June 20th - 1pm to 5pm REMAIN ING! Directory of Social Change 24 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2DP For the first time Republic is holding a newly styled Annual Conference open to everyone, members and non-members alike. The conference is being held separately from our Annual General Meeting, which will continue to be a members and guests only event in late October. We are delighted to announce that Claire Fox, Director of the Institute of Ideas think tank, will joining guest speakers Johann Hari and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. www.republic.org.uk/annualconference Republic Towns Prince Charles continues to cause As part of Republic’s commitment to concern with string of interventions promoting local activism around the UK a new project called Republic Prince Charles has been in the news has been pointed out that his own Towns is being developed. with increasing regularity in recent Duchy Originals company uses palm months as he continues to insist on oil in its products, a major cause of The project takes its inspiration from interfering in contentious and political rain forest depletion. the Fair Trade Town campaign and is issues. His lectures and comments on aimed squarely at giving a focus for health, the environment and Republic also revealed through its own members and supporters to campaign architecture have proven useful to research that Prince Charles’ charity, in their local area. Republic in raising our profile. The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, invests in oil and gas, further Details are still being worked on (and In April Charles openly opposed plans calling into question his credentials. suggestions are, as always, welcome),. for a new development on the site of It is expected the project will provide the old Chelsea barracks in west Republic has made clear in the press members with a set of targets for their London, favouring a mock-Victorian that while Charles must be free to local area or town. Any town or alternative designed, surely by speak his mind he cannot also locality that achieves these goals will coincidence, by a personal friend of demand the exclusive right to be head be declared a Republic town. More his. The row that ensued reopened of state when his mother dies. details to follow. old debates with architects which had Monarchy and politics do not mix, and been going on for 25 years, since his he has made his position untenable. infamous ‘carbuncle’ speech. We recently told the media: “Charles Vicky Richardson On this occasion he was pointedly cannot be a monarch and still demand a voice in political debates. If his accused of putting jobs at risk and of behaviour continues to be tolerated Journalist and editor interfering in the democratic (if his accession to the throne would of architecture flawed) planning process, and unduly represent a serious threat to British magazine Blueprint, using his personal influence, both with democracy. We would be sent back Vicky Richardson, the public and with the Qatari 200 years to the days when the signed up to Republic developers. opinion of Kings held sway.” after coming out against Prince Charles has also been flying around MASSIVE TAX BREAK FOR CHARLES Charles’ interventions on planning. Europe proposing various ’green’ initiatives and drumming up support Prince Charles received a massive tax- Vicky caused a stir by calling out from politicians, in what can only be break recently after the government “abolish the monarchy” at the end of described as an openly political agreed an exclusive deal. The deal Charles’ RIBA lecture. Vicky said, in allows him to deduct costs of William campaign. His policies on protecting explanation: “the deferential silence rain forests have been criticised by and Harry’s PR office before when 400 architects stood as a mark international rain forest campaigners calculating tax on the Duchy of of respect for the prince was too as inadequate and unhelpful, while it Cornwall, saving him around much to bear.” £700,000 a year.
  9. 9. Imagine | 9 In need of leadership Graham Smith whole expenses debate developing: when confidence in parliament and the whole system is shot to pieces, We are in a crisis. The what should the Queen’s role be? long list of MPs exposed daily in the Make no mistake, despite all the Telegraph over their habits and “gentlemen’s agreements” expense claims, and the Commons’ battle over the Speaker’s future have seen trust in Britain’s political system “If the Queen chooses to use sent into freefall. There are demands these powers, there isn’t a for more resignations , there are calls for a snap election and there are calls single legal mechanism available Crisis has left monarchy exposed. for sweeping reform. to stop her.” powers, there isn’t a single legal It’s been suggested by newspapers that shape our so-called parliamentary mechanism available to stop her. She and even some senior MPs that the democracy, the Queen retains – can dissolve parliament, she can Queen should get involved, either by formally at least – considerable appoint a new prime minister, she pushing the Speaker Michael Martin power. As professor Adam Tomkins could choose to simply sack Brown onto his sword (no longer necessary) points out in an interview for Republic or by dissolving parliament. And here TV, if the Queen chooses to use these we see an interesting aspect of the Continued on page 10 Fundraising news from James Gray 'communications' budget. The monarchy may have a virtually The biggest If you haven't yet made your donation limitless sources of funds (you, the fundraising news there's still time. You can make an taxpayer) but we have the principles since the last issue of online donation at and the arguments on our side. That's Imagine has been our www.republic.org.uk/10kappeal or why we continually punch well above '10k Appeal'. We simply send a cheque to Republic at our weight. With the right level of wanted to raise funds the usual address. funds we can knock the monarchy out specifically to challenge the royal PR for good. machine, which on media promotion The Palace PR machine has been in alone outspends Republic by at least overdrive recently, illustrating just James Gray is Republic’s full-time 33 to 1. how important it is that we have the Development Manager, with particular responsibility for online@ republic.org.uk/fundraising fundraising and membership “At the time of writing we are development. resources to fight back. With your well past the half way mark and help, we can counter the monarchist nearing £6,000 - in just three myths — developing campaigns that expose royal spin, and get republican weeks!” spokespeople into the media. With your support, we can expand our The next big royal PR campaign will be The best way to keep in touch with campaign to the tune of £10,000 and around the release of the official Republic throughout the day. help close that gap – hopefully by Buckingham Palace and Clarence Join us on Facebook, take part in Republic Day on June 2. At the time of House financial reports at the end of competitions, join writing we are well past the half way June. There is much that is excluded in the debate or mark and nearing £6,000 – in just from these reports but they do give us just enjoy some three weeks! That's an amazing a broad overview of what the royals do friendly banter. achievement and shows just how with our money. There are the See the website committed to the cause you all are. extravagant holidays, the luxury travel for details. and of course that all-important
  10. 10. 10 | Imagine monarchists who claim the Queen’s In need of leadership Continued from page 9 lack of power as a virtue, or who entertain the fantasy that she is there to ‘advise and warn’ the prime and not replace him, or replace him monarchy and public cries of “snouts minister. It is precisely at times like with someone from outside the in the trough” will undoubtedly these when a head of state can play a Commons. There are many things she provoke unfavourable comparisons vital role. If our head of state had can do – but what should she do? between the House of Commons and been chosen from among the the House of Windsor. After all, a brightest and best, chosen by the In a sense the Queen is “damned if she £15,000 profit for an MP who ‘flips’ people and for the people, and given does and damned if she doesn’t” – and his second home seems distinctly less public office on the proviso of rightly so. It would be unthinkable scandalous when the Queen blows transparency and accountability, then and scandalous if she were to decide £23,000 of our money on a trip to the to act independently of the prime races. And then there’s her own minister, to begin to wield her feudal second-home allowance, and her third- “Instead we’re left with a powers, even if done so with the best home allowance, and fourth-home charade, a lame duck head of of intentions. Such a move would allowance. trigger a monumental constitutional state and a political crisis crying crisis, setting down a direct challenge As Peter McKay pointed out the Mail out for national leadership.” to the last two hundred years of this week: “The current public anger democratic progress. The monarchy directed at Parliament could easily would overnight become a deeply and spread into a wholesale re-evaluation she could act. Such a figure would politically contentious institution. of our entire constitutional set-up … command the mandate and the moral Serious questions would be asked authority to stand above the about how an unelected, “Current public anger directed squabbles of parliament, speak to the unaccountable hereditary figure could frustrations and anger of the people at Parliament could easily and demand action and resolution. spread into a wholesale re- She could, if all else fails, dissolve “There are inherent PR dangers parliament and give the power to the evaluation.” for the palace should the people to start afresh, full in the knowledge that she too would be monarch get anywhere near … accountable for her actions. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg debates about openness.” called for a written constitution. But can any modern constitution be That is the role the British head of exercise such considerable power. written that protects the hereditary state should play at times like these. Democrats would rightly point out right of one family to provide our Instead we’re left with a charade, a that if there’s a problem that needs heads of state? What began as petty lame duck head of state and a political fixing – and few can deny such a bickering over the perks of our rulers crisis crying out for national problem exists – then it is down to the could bring down the entire rotting leadership. people, not to the Queen, to fix it. edifice.” Such a confrontation between the power of the people and the power of So the Queen remains silent and aloof, Graham Smith is Republic’s the Crown could very well spell the well aware of her own position and Campaign Manager. This article end of the monarchy altogether. The what she must do to inoculate the was originally published on the Queen knows the risks, that’s why she monarchy from any threat that public Guardian website and the Republic Blog at www.republic.org.uk/blog. won’t do a thing to help solve the anger may turn her way. As a result current crisis. It is also why some we are left with no head of state at all, Are you following us? ardent monarchists propose royal at least none worth having. She is, as action, but only in the form of I said, damned if she does and “steadying the ship”, whatever that damned if she doesn’t. For all her Find RepublicStaff on means. formal power modern conventions have rendered her powerless and Moreover, there are inherent PR pointless while the nation’s democracy You can now keep up dangers for the palace should the struggles with a serious crisis the like to date with all monarch get anywhere near the murky of which we’ve rarely seen before. the latest news dealings of parliament and debates and campaign about openness, accountability and This is a damning indictment on the alerts by following scrutiny. Any connection between the monarchy, and a challenge to RepublicStaff twitter.com/republicstaff
  11. 11. Imagine | 11 Republic Replies . WIN A MUG Q What building was first Republic answers the most common described as a monarchist arguments. “carbuncle”? A They say: “Look at Europe, the most stable countries are all Answers to the usual monarchies - so monarchy address or email by July must bring stability!” 20th. REPUBLIC REPLIES The answer to the last competition By ’stable’ monarchists mean that was “the Navy”. The winner was these countries have had a long German republic is very stable. Marjory Smith. history of having the same constitutional system, barring invasion during WWII. When proposing this argument monarchists will cite Germany, Russia, Italy and so on, suggesting that they “It is a nonsense to suggest that are republics with an unstable history. But these are all republics because the stability is a product of their monarchies failed them. Indeed, having a monarchy in place. It all European republics are in essence failed monarchies. And there are is the other way around.” more failed monarchies than there are successful ones. Want to do more for Republic? It is a reasonably accurate observation that these stable countries have Germany is a very stable republic. It Have you thought about joining monarchies, but it is a nonsense to was designed to be after the war. If Republic’s Board of Directors? If you suggest that the stability is a product monarchies are so good at ensuring think you might be interested get in touch with Graham Smith to find out of having a monarchy in place. It is stability why didn’t the Allies reinstate more. Call him on 07747 608 770 or the other way around: they are still the German Kaiser? It’s because the email g.smith@republic.org.uk. monarchies because they have been best guarantee of stability is stable. democracy. The more democratic a country the more likely it is to contain Most monarchies fall at times of instability, war and revolution. At one and resolve divisions and disputes, so they won’t cause the sorts of violent Director time most of Europe was governed by one monarch or another. Those that conflicts and political crises that bring about instability. Profile faced revolution and war fell, those that didn’t survived. So clearly Send your suggestions for Republic NAME: Charles Brooker Replies to imagine@republic.org.uk DIRECTOR SINCE: Aug 2006 monarchy was no source of protection against instability. Charles has served as Vice-Chair for the past two years Royal protection costs criticised and was the first chair of the Policy and Strategy Committee. He Following stories about Prince every two weeks meaning two officers had a career in Andrew’s daughter Eugenie taking fly across the world in business class the Trust round-the-clock police protection with to relieve their colleagues. Company of a her on a lengthy holiday abroad there major clearing bank, where he retired as a manager. has been widespread criticism of the Recent reports have suggested a high growing costs of royal protection. level review is now taking place in the Charles has been a member of a local Met, which is responsible for the royal authority and an active member of Two police officers are with Eugenie at protection squad. the Scout Association over many years. all times. A new shift must take over
  12. 12. Republic is a campaigning organisation supported by thousands of British citizens around the country. It’s easy to get involved. This regular page shows you some of the simple things you can do to help promote Republic and make the case for change. online@ republic.org.uk/takeaction Sign up to Republic’s Urgent Response Network We want you to be our voice, and our eyes JOINING IS EASY and ears. Republic’s campaign work relies on the support of people like you, In today's 24/7 media environment news citizens who are committed to the stories move quickly, so we need to be able idea of a republic. If you’re not a to respond quickly and effectively when a member already you can join online story breaks. or over the phone. By signing up to the Urgent Response www.republic.org.uk - 08708 508 825 Network you can help strengthen our media presence - joining in online debates, sending emails or texts to news TOP TIP programmes, calling radio phone-in debates or writing to the press. With some issues additional parliamentary lobbying can also be important, to quickly reinforce our message to MPs and ministers. Join the Republic Facebook group and get involved in When a story breaks we will ask you to: debates. You can post your Sign up today! own news articles and keep * Join debates on various news websites up with what’s going on in * Sign online petitions or vote in online polls the campaign really easily. * Write to the BBC or other media outlets * Send emails to raises objections to media bias * Write to your local press or selected national newspapers From Yvette Gibson * Write to your MP to raise issues highlighted by media stories Republic member And you can tell us... You can also alert us to stories that break, just send us an email or text if you Send your Top Tip to see something about republicanism, the monarchy or constitutional reform. imagine@republic.org.uk www.republic.org.uk/urgentresponse Imagine: how far can yours go? Did you know, this magazine is a You could even leave it lying around valuable promotional opportunity in waiting rooms or staff canteens. waiting to happen? Help spread the word and promote Once you’ve read it, don’t file it in Republic with your copy of Imagine. the bin, pass it on to friends, family Leave your copy around for or work colleagues. someone to discover. Republic Campaign Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee operating under the name ‘Republic’. Registered number: 05891072. Registered address: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR. Find out more at www.republic.org.uk